Zam Como se moja le encanta venirse

Zam Como se moja  le encanta venirse
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Steve is checking out the system he put in, going from camera to camera checking each out and readjusting it.

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He sees the limo pull up to the front door and 4 ladies in burkas get out and enter the palace. He follows them from camera to camera, then into Sasha private rooms. All 4 ladies take the burkas off then head into the spa area, they all go around Helen hand her some more tea, put her in the bath, start washing her hair, legs, face then her pussy. Again her pussy has hair on it, dark black hair that matches the hair on her head. The girls rub lotion on, start trimming then put on the clean lotion, wait a few minutes then wipe all the hair off her pussy.

If Helen was not drinking the tea she would have been pissed about her pussy being bare but she looked at it, said it looked great. All 3 woman move around Helen with towels to dry her, she has never been so pampered, she just loves it. Sasha leans over, starts kissing Helen. Helen moves back away from Sasha, they hand Helen a cup of tea to drink then it is Hanna's time to try and kiss Helen.


This time Helen does not pull back put just stands there and let Hanna kiss her. Jane is next, she goes over kisses Helen, she put her hand on Helen head pulls Helen in tight and kisses. Helen is now kissing back, all 3 ladies tell Helen that they are together as one, do things for each other and watch out all of us. Helen says that is great and she will love been part of the group. More tea, more tea and more tea. Helen is feeling great, happy, and would do anything for the group.

Sasha tell her that tonight at dinner Helen will be the one of honor, put she will not be allowed the speak so we will put this ball gag on you, then attach this hose so you can drink her tea. Helen is amazed at it but goes along with it because she wants to be part of the group.

They put her ball gag on, her burka, she is now ready. Omar and Steve are sitting in the banquet room. In come the 4 women in burkas, they sit down in front of the men and say nothing. The music starts, Omar leans over and tells Steve that when he dances with Helen he can dance with anyone of the other woman he wants. The songs go slow, Omar gets up goes over to Helen, extends a hand, she gets up and dances with Omar. Steve looks over at the 3 other woman, walks over extends a hand to Hanna, guides her to the dance floor, starts to dance.

Hanna tells Steve he is going to have to learn about the burka! He says what do you mean? Hanna says these are special burkas custom made for the prince!


She says to move your hand down the side, you will find an opening, put you hand in there and you have complete access to my body. This he does, his hand goes though the outer area, Hanna takes his hand guides it though another slit and another.

His hand is at her pussy now. He moves his finger up and down her slit, she loves it! She then says Steve I have to tell you a secret! The tea we drink has condition our minds, you have complete control over us!

If you tell me to have an orgasm my body will go into an orgasm, if you tell me to suck your cock I will do it. Steve says ok let me try it! Hanna I want you to have an orgasm! She start to shake, holds on to Steve because she can not stand by herself anymore. She move her head up looks Steve in the eyes, he can see how happy she is. The dance is over, he takes her back were she was sitting.

Omar leans over and asks if Hanna told him about the burkas, yes she did! In a few minutes another slow dance, Omar goes to Helen, Steve goes to Jane. Steve put is mouth next to her ear and asks if she is happy? Jane opens the top front part of her burka, give him a kiss, her tongue goes into his mouth, they continue to kiss. Then she breaks the kiss closes the burka and says does that answer the question!

His finger is at her pussy, he tells her to have an orgasm, she does and holds on until she can stand again. When the next slow song starts Steve goes over to Sasha, she gets up and dances with Steve. She can feel Steve's hand looking for the slit in the burka, she move her mouth next to his ear and tells him that there is no slit in her burka.

Omar is the only person that can feel her body, Steve says he is sorry for trying. She says that he has a lot to learn about life here and what they can do. The dinner ends, they take Helen back to Sasha room, takes the ball gag out, ask how she like the dinner. Helen says I want to stay here and marry Omar's brother. Some more tea, Jane and Helen go to bed together, Sasha goes to Omar and Hanna walks to Steve's room.

Knocks on Steve's door, Hanna enters, takes her burka off, and stand there. Steve says that what ever he tells her she will do.

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She says yes master! Steve yes this might be hard for you! I will do anything you ask! Ok I want you to drop the slave thing!

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I want Hanna the person here. Hanna says she does not know if she can do that, she has been a slave for so long I don't know what it is like not being one.

Steve says just try, I will correct you if you slip. Steve takes his clothes off, Hanna is looking very nervous because she is to be doing that. They go in the bath room, Steve turns the shower on, Hanna does not know what do, Steve extends a hand and take Hanna into the shower.

Hanna reaches for the soap, start washing Steve. Steve says no, no, no, Hanna stops and is shaking. Steve says you stand there I am going to wash you.

Hanna stand here very stiff, Steve starts washing her, back, ass, legs, front chest, tits, pussy and the her hair. Hanna is feeling better relaxing more and is melting to Steve's touch. She can not believe how great this feels! Steve turns the water off, gets a big towel, dries her, then picks her up and takes to the bed.

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Starts kissing her, moves down to her tits, sucks, sucks and sucks. He then moves down to her pussy, start licking it from top to bottom. Hanna is going nuts, she has never had anyone do this to her. Steve moves up to her clit, back and forth, up and down. Hanna is going to come! Without someone telling her to come.

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She lets out a big yell, moves her pussy up into Steve's mouth. She can not believe what just happened to her. Steve moves up, Hanna starts kissing, kissing and kissing. Now when we are in bed together you are no longer my slave. Hanna says she is going to have a hard time switching from slave to non slave but she will try.

Ok master! Ha ha. The next day Steve and Omar are talking things over. Steve says that he is getting into finding girls and the money.

Omar says great, as you see the girls are treated great and they think they have their own minds and are very happy at being slaves. One thing Omar! Can I buy Hanna from you! She will be here for you, if you want to take her to the USA we can arrange for you to marry her. That would be great! That night back in Steve's bedroom Hanna is standing there nude, Steve moves up to her, goes down on his knee and asks her to marry him. She is in tears, and says yes, yes, yes.

They go to bed fuck, fuck, suck all night long, the next day Hanna is so happy she give Steve another one of her ass treats. Licking, licking and sticking her tongue in and making him come. Steve is talking to Omar and tells him he wants to marry Hanna, Omar is happy, she is a great girl.

Steve I have something else for you to try! Omar reaches over, give Steve some pills. What are these? Well Steve let say they help your sex life! Steve says he does not need any help with that! No,no it does not act like Viagra it makes your cock grow. You will add inches and inches, both length and girth. Steve says you guys have everything here.

Omar says you do not know the half of the things we have. Steve says goodbye to Hanna, Jane, Helen, Sasha and Omar, heads back to the USA to look for another girl.

He thinks his life has changed! Now he just looks for pretty girls to take to Dubai to sell, this time Omar says that his other brother wants a red head. He wonders how this is going to happen after he marries Hanna.