Porn Star chokes with HUGE white guard cock

Porn Star chokes with HUGE white guard cock
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As they heard the car pull away, dom and morgan realised what they were about to do. The other day they had sat on the sofa, morgan with her legs around dom's chest and dom with his hands up her top feeling her breasts. They were about to strip when they heard morgans mum pulling up in the car. They had then agreed to meet at charlies house to play. They moved into a room. Dom pulled down his trousers and boxers to reveal a 4 inch erection.

Morgan looked at it, she could see the hair on his ballsack, and his bellend, she imagined it inside her, oh, the pleasure. She took it inside her mouth, all of it and sucked and llicked it.

Dom felt his orgasm coming and then he came, his cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat. She stopped sucking and pulled down her knickers and pushed himonto the bed.

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She sat on his cock and started to move up and down, his cock protested but they carried on, unaware of max standing behind them. He stripped off his clothes and put his cock in her mouth and she started to suck, soon she came to orgasm and the vibrations of her moans sent max over the edge too.

He started to groan as the cum shot out of him into her mouth. Then dom came too and they all lay nude on the bed together the two boys feeling, playing, sucking at morgans tits. Then they decided to have a competiton, who could have an orgasm the quickest, morgan rubbed her tits on their cocks to make them erect and then they started, max won followed dom and then morgan.

Cum was all over them. Then, Vicky came in and she then licked the cum off of them which made all of them feel horny.


Then they took it in turns in pairs to suck/lick each other off. Max and morgan, dom and Vicky. Then max and Vicky, dom and morgan, then max and dom, Vicky and morgan. Chelsea put her bag down and went to the door and closed it. She came over and sat inbetween dom and max.

They smiled nervously at her. 'well come on then.' She said pulling of her blazer and kicking of her shoes. They were about to go swimming in charlies pool. His parents were out and the house was full of boys and girls. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off, sshe then pulled of her bra to reveal her tits which were hard due to the fact she had just stripped in front of two boys.

They both got hard-ons and and pulled their trousers down. She bent down over domm and started to suck him off, meanwhile max went round behind her and pulled down her skin-tight leggings to reveal her kinickers and he pulled them off too, to reveal her tight ass. He put his cock in her pussy and started to move it in and out. When she stood up, with cum dripping from her mouth, she revealed her hairless pussy and turned round to face max, who wasn't yet done.

She lay on the bench and pulled him so that he was sitting on her chest with his cock between her tits, she rubbed them on his cock until he came, all over her tits, throat and face. Dom pulled max off Chelsea and then laid on her. He started to lick up max's cum until his tongue was in her mouth.

He moved his cock into her pussy and they lay there, their tongues exploring each others mouths, fucking each other.

Once they had both come, they stood up and max went over as if to have his go, but Chelsea stood up and put on her bikini to go swimming. Dom shrugged and then him and max both too put on their trunks and went out into the swimming pool.

Emily, becca and Chelsea sat in the changing room alone. They were waiting for jack. Then the fun could start. When jack arrived, Emily got up and made sure that the door was locked so that nobody could get in, or out.


Then Chelsea, who could wait no longer said: 'Jack, why don't you show us that pic that everyone is talking about?' Jack looked uncomfortable. 'yer, come on jack' pleaded the other two girls. Jack slowly got his phone out and started to find the picture, when he found it, he turned his phone round so that they could see.

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Becca moaned in longing, in the picture, Jacks cock stood erect and hard, his foreskin just covering the head of his six-inch cock. Chelsea put her hand down underneath her knickers and started to finger herself. As she started to moan, Emily grabbed hold of her hand and pulled it out of her knickers. ' No! That's jack's job.' When he heard this, jack realised what the girls had in mind for him, as he thought about it, he felt his cock becoming hard just like in the picture.

Becca noticed the bulge in his trousers and put the phone down. She went over to jack and told him to put his hands behind his back, she then tied them together and made him lie down on the floor.

Chelsea unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed her hands over his chest. Slowly, seductively, she moved her hands further and further down until she reached his trousers. The edge of his boxers were poking over the top of them.

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Chelsea grabbed hold of them and pulled upwards, jack yelled out and Chelsea let go. 'so, there obviously is something down there girls.' She said. She undid his belt and slipped his trousers off.

Because of his erection the legs of his boxers were lifted up and his pubes were in plain view for Chelsea. She pulled down his boxers, and the minute it was free from them, jack's cock leapt upwards, hard as rock. Emily leaned down, a razor in her hand, she started to shave off the black hairs which had started to cover his ballsack. When she had finished, he looked just like he hadn't even started puberty. Suddenly becca grabbed hold of his cock with both hands and started to jerk it up and down, as he reached orgasm, jack could feel that this was going to be a big one.

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Suddenly, his cock arched, and cum started to spurt out, it went three inches up in the air before coming down on his newly shaved ballsack. Becca started to lick at it, then Chelsea joined in, then Emily got hold of his cock in her mouth, so that she would get cum straight from his cock.

As she sucked, jack felt himself becoming hard again.

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Then she stopped sucking. Chelsea started to unbutton her shirt, she turned round so that jack wouldn't see her small breasts. She pulled off her tights and knickers and turned round so that he could see her comepletely naked.

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She came over to him and started to ride his cock, playing with her tits as she went.