Girl anal punishment sometimes it takes a stranger to showcase us exactly what we need in

Girl anal punishment sometimes it takes a stranger to showcase us exactly what we need in
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I woke up early so I could get ready to get down to the conference room to set up for the last day of meetings. I was still tired; I had been up most of the night with Leslie.

She loved to fuck all night and in the mornings she still looked fresh as a daisy. Me on the other hand I looked like 40 shades of hell with no sleep. I jumped into the shower, brushed out my long hair, applied some light make-up and slipped into my suit. I grabbed my computer and my bag and headed out my hotel room door. I went to the elevator and hit the ground floor, off into the room downstairs I spotted her almost immediately.

She wore a tight little black skirt that was well above her knee.


She wore a pair of black peek-a-boo heels and a white blouse that was conservative. Her short black hair was spiked up and shore wore stylish glass down on her little turned up nose. I had watched her all day flipping around bending over at just the right time so I had a view of her perky little tits, all day she was a huge flirt, I knew that tonight I was going to nail her ass.

The conference was over, everyone else was going home but we had decided to spend one more night together before she flew back out to her home. We had a nice quiet dinner and then hit the elevator.

"Baby I'm going to go to my room and change and I'll come to your room," Leslie said. "Okay, I think I'll shower, and I'll be out shortly just let yourself in," I told her. I went into my room, after making sure she got into hers. I stripped my clothes off and stepped into the shower.

It felt good to let the water run over my body. I grabbed the razor to shave my pussy nice and smooth for her. When I stepped out I could smell the candles burning in my room, I knew she was there waiting for me. I brushed through my hair, threw on a little eyeliner, some mascara and put on a white fuzzy robe that hung on the back of the door.

I stepped into my room, she had lit at least 12 candles maybe more, and on the big king size bed was a vision in black. She wore a lace bodysuit, thigh highs all black fish net, black heels, her make-up was unusually heavier than I'd seen her in but she looked absolutely gorgeous.

I smiled my approval at her; she held a glass of wine that she sipped from with her red full lips. I walked over to her and took the glass from her hand.

I started to sip it and sat on the side of the bed we made a little small talk when I decided I need to pay attention to her.

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I sat the glass down on the table beside the bed. I leaned over to her and took her leg and pulled her around she giggled, I slipped her black heel off and began to massage her foot she laid back on the pillows. I rubbed her foot and then my hand wandered up her calf. Her legs were slightly spread apart and I could see the outline of her tight little slit.

I continued my massage slipping off her other shoe I rubbed that foot and calf as well. After about 10 minutes I started to rub her thighs, gently kneading them, and she let her legs fall apart so I had access to her pussy. I began to trace the slit from the top of her mound just above her clit down to the crack of nice firm ass.

She took a deep breath and I knew she was indeed excited. I paid close attention to the outer lips of her pussy. I moved up to her belly to just under her perky round tits.

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I slid a strap down off her shoulder and pulled it down her arm exposing her tits. Her breasts were round and firm, and she nice little brown spots with red nipples that were as big as my index finger when they got hard. I leaned down and flicked her nipples with my tongue. She loved it; she moved her hips slowly as I sucked her tits.

I moved up her neck to her full red lips, I kissed her long and slow my tongue moving in her mouth over her tongue. I moved back to her neck kissing and licking slowly.

I was going to make her really want it when I took her tonight. She continued to move her hips, as I slid the other strap from her arm, and exposed her other tit, I continued to suck and bite her nipples and back up her neck to her mouth. The entire time she rolled her hips trying to grind her pussy into anything she could get close to. I worked her lace body suit down her slender tightly wound body. I rubbed both breast, and kissed and licked one to another. Her nipples were so hard; her brown spots had shriveled up to nothing she was so excited.

Her rocking hips continued to get faster and harder, as was her breathing. I slid the body suit down her body and pulled it off her legs.

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She lay naked on my bed with just her thigh highs on her legs. I went down and rolled them down her long legs, now she was perfect. I slipped my bathrobe off and stood naked at the end of the bed. "Touch your nipples and make them hard," she told me. I pinched my nipples on my large breast; they were much bigger than hers. I pinched them and rolled them between my fingers, they were hard almost as soon as I touched them. "Lick them," she said. I pulled one up to my mouth and began to suck and lick my nipple; she watched me as she moved her hand down between her legs and spread her lips apart.

"Don't touch your pussy," I said. "Why not," She asked? "Because baby, you're going to wait for me to fuck you, that's what," I said. She stopped and started pulling her large red nipples. I went back to work on my tits, I sucked first one then the other for her. I finally moved onto the bed, I was aware that my pussy was throbbing; I wanted to come as much as she did.

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I started kissing up her legs, and when I hit her thighs I ran my tongue up to her pussy. She was wet, I could see that juice coming from between her lips, and she was going to be absolutely soaked there was no doubt about it.

I began to rub gently her lips, and I separated them with both hands. As I pulled apart those lips, I could see the wetness all over her clit, and running from her precious soft little hole.


I started on her clit, she moaned softly I looked up at her and her eyes were close as she enjoyed me eating her pussy. My tongue flicked her clit, it was hard and swelled up as I continued to begin to suck it between my lips I held it as I flicked it with my tongue.

She loved it to be rubbed on one side more than the other, that's what I went for. I licked little circles around her spot that felt so good. She moved her hips in the rhythm to my tongue as I continued my relentless licking and sucking.

Her thighs clamped around my shoulders as she came, I moved my tongue into that sweet hole to get all of the nectar that she blew into my mouth.

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She was so good when she came it was sweet, and she shook, her hands held my head as I fucked her with my tongue. I plunged my tongue deep into her, and then I knew she needed more. I took two fingers and slid them into her, she began to buck harder, and I put my mouth back on her clit. I licked and finger fucked her tight pussy, it was losing up as I made her cum two more times. I moved up beside her on the bed, as I watched her chest heave as she tried to get her composer after she had come three times in less than 20 minutes.

She rolled over and faced me; she kissed me on the lips, pressing her tits against mine. I rolled over on my back as she got on top of me.

Her pussy was against mine, as she began to suck both of my tits, she leaned down over the bed and came back up with a big purple vibrator. It was a new one I hadn't seen before, it was big and had a nice clit tickler attached to it. She put it between my legs as she continued to lick and suck my tits.

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She rolled my hard nipples between her fingers. My pussy throbbed I thought I might cum before she ever touched my pussy. She worked her way down my belly to my nice slick smooth snatch. She moved down between my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart. I propped my head up on two pillows so I could see what she was doing. I am always greatly turned on when I can watch what is being done to me.

She spread my pussy lips apart and I watched her tease my clit with her tongue. Her tongue was hot, and very wet she place the tip of her tongue right on the top of my clit. It felt so good I thought that I surely couldn't last two more seconds while she ate my pussy.

She teased me with her tongue; she licked between my inner lips and back up to my clit all with her wet hot tempting little tongue. I nearly exploded into her mouth. She pulled the inner lips apart to expose my hole, picking up the vibrator she slid it between those inner lips which hugged the vibrator nicely as she flipped it on. The middle was full of little beads that worked in a circular motion, it felt like 100 little fingers and tongue rubbing the inside of my pussy.

She moved the clit tickler onto my clit, the vibration on the inside and outside was almost more than I could stand. I started to cum, my legs tightened and I bucked my hips against the vibrator, she grabbed the end of it, and began to shove it deeper into my cunt, and back out, I was upon my elbow where I could see the big thing pushing and pulling into me I came, I exploded actually I could feel the cum running out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass.

Once I had recovered enough I reached between my legs and pulled the vibrator out, it was covered in my pussy juice, I shoved it into her mouth and made her lick it clean. She sucked every drop off the vibrator; I rolled her onto her stomach and raised her legs up to the doggy position.

Her hot little brown asshole was exposed to me. I put my tongue on her asshole and worked it in as my thumb reached under her and I rubbed her clit. She moaned loudly as my tongue continued to flick her asshole and stick it inside her. I pushed my fingers into her asshole, I slipped them deeper and deeper as I continued to rub her clit with my other hand.

She was rocking her as toward me. Once I had her asshole opened up I picked up the vibrator and slipped it into her asshole, she gasped as I moved it in her asshole further. She moaned again, "Fuck me hard baby, fuck that asshole hard," she moaned. I obliged I rammed the vibrator deeper and deeper into her asshole. As I moved it in and out her ass opened wider and wider.

I continued to rub that hard little clit, she was getting close to cumming for me because I could feel her clit getting harder and harder and she wanted that asshole pounded harder. Finally she came, her asshole forced the vibrator out, and her asshole was gaping wide open. It looked so wonderful wide open I slipped my tongue inside she moaned and came again as I slid three fingers into her pussy as I licked her asshole. She came again less than five minutes after the other two times.

I loved the way she felt when she came. She lay down on the bed as I let her rest. We moved up on the pillows together, I held her close, she began to suck my tits, as my hand reached down between my legs, I began to stroke my clit as she sucked. She reached down to her pussy with the other hand. She moved her head up and began to kiss me as we tickled our pussies, I moved over a little so I could watch her long fingers work over her pussy, I was getting wetter by the secondI loved to watch her make herself cum.

Her legs were extended her feet flexed as she continued to make herself cum, she rubbed the hard clit between her fingers pulling it and rubbing it. I rubbed mine as well, when she got ready to cum she rolled on top of me, grinding her clit into my pubic bone, I continued to rub my clit harder and harder, as she rode me, she came I felt the hot liquid run out of her onto my waiting hard clit, I came with her the moment that hot juice hit me.

We collapsed into a heap on the bed, sleeping it off for at least two more hours of fucking.