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NOTE: This was just something that I felt as I woke up one morning and I needed to write it down. I am sorry if it is not to your liking. Perhaps it should have been listed under INFORMATION or ESSAY rather than FICTION but it is from my own thoughts as are all of my other stories.

You might place it with other things that make you say DUH. Fbailey story number 281 Why Girls Love Girls Just why do girls love other girls?


We men may never know the real reason. After all most of us men don't understand women in the first place and most of us don't want too either. Have you ever seen two girls holding hands walking down the street and the guy you are with says, "Fucking dykes.

I could turn them straight in about ten minutes." Then he grabs his crotch and says, "All they need is a good piece of me." You both laugh but afterwards you realize what a jerk that guy is and you plan to spend less time with him. Well I gave it some thought. Just why do girls love other girls?

Other girls understand them. When girls are growing up and their bodies are changing it is their mothers and girlfriends that are there for them. When they are worried that their breasts will never grow because all of their girlfriends have them already, that they are embarrassed because they have breasts and none of their girlfriends do yet, or that their breasts are not the same size as the other girls breasts are it is another girl or woman that comforts them.

Menstrual cycles or periods are probably the scariest things for young girls. Some are prepared in advance by caring mothers, sisters, and girlfriends but still nothing prepares you for the day that it really happens to you. You are in school and you get a funny feeling that you just peed your pants, you ask to be excused, and then you go to the girl's bathroom only to find out that you are bleeding from your pussy.

Now imagine what it is like for the girl that is not prepared. She is crying hysterically while other girls are trying to comfort her and take her to the school nurse so that she can explain the facts of life to her. Meanwhile she is making a spectacle of herself to the whole school that may haunt her for the rest of her life.

Then along with periods do you need dimes or quarters for a sanitary napkin dispenser or does your school provide them for free?

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Do you take some to school in your backpack just to realize that in your school you have to have clear backpacks to prove that you are not carrying a bomb or a gun to school? How embarrassing! Then boys at that age are complete jerks and make fun of you just because you are having a period. The side effects are even worse since your breasts get so tender that you can hardly wear a bra, you get irritable for no particular reason at all, and you are so horny that you can hardly stand it.

Your hormones are in turmoil and ragging like a volcano about to erupt. That is when you get annoyed with everyone especial the entire male population.

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You have to wonder why girls are punished like that. You remember how in church you learned about Adam and Eve and how she was the one that got them thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Your grandmother refers to your periods as "The Curse." Your silly Aunt calls it "My 'Friend' Came For A Visit." Your own mother refers to it as a "Visit from Aunt Flow." Then your father simply says that you are "On the Rag." Not only do have to learn what to do about your bleeding in the first place but you also have to worry about irregular cycles, missed periods, and abnormal bleeding.

It isn't enough to have a period and just get it over with. To top it off there are a hundred different sanitary napkins out there to choose from.

There are thin for light days, thick for heavy days, with wings, sticky on one side, not to mention tampons. Then Tampons have different absorbency ratings. How often should you change your pads or tampons? Can you go swimming? Then after your period stops what do you do? Feminine Hygiene! What's better a hot bath or a vaginal douche or both? Then of course the douches are scented and flavored, so what do you pick. You are bombarded with feminine hygiene from the odor all the way up to wiping the shit from your ass into your pussy and giving yourself some infection.

You are not even supposed to try on a bathing suit in the store unless you are wearing panties under it. Along with puberty you start growing hair in new and unusual places. Here in America you are almost required to shave your underarms, your legs, and to trim around your pussy so that no hair sticks out of your bikini.


Then the older you get and the more hair that you develop and have to hide, the smaller your panties and bikinis get so that you have to trim even more. So once you start to develop into a woman and get pubic hair on your pussy you are expected to shave it off and continue to look like a little girl instead of the woman that you are growing into. That sucks! As girls we are supposed to be able to apply makeup perfectly, part our hair right down the middle to make pigtails, Keep a tight rubber band in our ponytail that gives us a headache just so that we look pretty.

When we wear pretty blouses that the boys just want to look down, when we wear short skirts the boys just want to look up them, and then you have the problem of keeping your thong panties up tight while not pulling them above your blue jeans.

Boys are cruel and will pull on them or snap your bra strap just to make you wish that you were never born a girl in the first place. Then of course there are the boys. All they want is everything that you will give them. They want to play with your tits, pinch your ass, and grab your crotch but can you do anything to them, hell no.

On a date you are expected to let them molest you and then you are supposed to suck their dirty unwashed cock and like it. They grab two handfuls of your hair and fuck your face causing you to gag and choke. To top it off they feel insulted if you don't swallow their precious cum. They won't lick your pussy though because they say it is gross. When you do finally consent to sex, the boy practically rapes you, shoves his cock into your virgin hole so hard that your hymen breaks causing you quite some discomfort or even a lot of pain.

No matter what, he cums, but you certainly didn't enjoy it enough to have an orgasm.

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But it doesn't matter as long as he cums. You may go years or even a lifetime without ever knowing the joy of a cock induced orgasm. So you continue to masturbate after sex because your husband doesn't give a shit if you enjoy sex or not. After all he is your husband and he will take it if you don't give it to him. However, if you do find a man that considers your pleasure, you better not let your husband find out about it or he'll be pissed.

Just suppose that you get pregnant in school while dating a boy. First off it's entirely your fault. He may possibly deny that it is his, basically calling you a cheap tramp that sleeps around…whether or not you are. His parents will fight for him even after the DNA test comes back positive and their precious little son has to pay you child support for the next twenty-one years.

Of course you are the one that is pregnant walking to class with the big belly that says, "I'm pregnant" to everyone. The girls laugh at you but are honestly glad that it isn't them.

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The boys laugh at you because they know who the father is and they think that he is some kind of a God to be worshiped because he knocked you up. You get to have morning sickness all day long, spread your legs for an endless group of men doctors in the office, and have to pee every few minutes because your bladder has no where to expand. You can't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or even take your allergy medicine for fear of harming your baby.

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You go to Natural Childbirth classes with your mother and parenting classes too. You have to worry about baby clothes, baby furniture, and breastfeeding. You have to get up in the middle of the night to change their diapers, feed them, and put then back to sleep. If you are really, and I do mean really lucky you just might graduate from high school. So just why do girls love other girls? It's really quite simple. They know what you are going through, have gone through, or what you will be going through.

They cannot get you pregnant even if they want too. But most importantly.they know what you like during sex because they like it too. The way they kiss you with their soft lips is so much better than a boy smashing his into you. Their sweet tongue dancing in your mouth gently turns you on. Their hands caressing your breasts and tracing tiny circles around your nipples sends chills up your spine.

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They don't bite your nipples too hard either because they wouldn't want you to do it to them. They know that a slow gentle finger on their clit for an hour can relax you into a state of peacefulness that could put you to sleep and not expect any more than that.

When they finally do go down on you they bring new meaning to cunnilingus. Other words in your past come to memory such as dine at the Y, muff diving, hair pie, and carpet muncher. What ever they call it still feels as good.

She knows how to pull your pussy lips open gently and tickle your clit with the tip of her tongue, you bit your lower lip, and secrete some fresh vaginal fluids for her to lap up. She may poke a finger or two into your opening but not in a greedy way like boys do.

She may even use a carrot, a wax candle, or a banana. With any luck she will share that banana with you afterwards too. Some girls will share a double-ended dildo with you if you feel that vaginal penetration is what you desire. For the most part a gentle round of oral sex is the best. You can just lay there and enjoy for a while and then pay them back if you want too.

Sometimes a good sixty-nine works too but then you are expected to give as well as you receive and it is hard to concentrate on your own orgasm if you are concerned about giving them one too. Most girls do not brag about having had lesbian love with another girl around school, so your reputation is much safer. Boys get very excited just thinking about two girls being together. Lesbian love is much better received by the county's population than two gay guys.

Sales clerks think nothing about two girls going into the same changing booth together. Your mother is totally behind you having a girl friend spend the night and sleep in your bed with you. Most of your father's pornography collection contains two women having sex together. As to the percentage of population that has had a lesbian experience it is hard to find some data because some study the term gay rather than lesbian and gay. However in: Australia, 8.6% of men and 15.1% of women reported either feelings of attraction to the same sex or some sexual experience with the same sex.

Half the men and two thirds of the women who had same-sex sexual experience regarded themselves as heterosexual rather than homosexual. France, 4.1% of the men and 12.6% of the women had at least one occurrence of intercourse with a person of the same sex during their lifetime.

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Norway, 3.5% of the men and 3% of the women reported that they had a homosexual experience sometime in their life.

United States, 4.9% of the men and 4.1% of the women responded that they had a homosexual experience within the last 18 years. The End Why Girls Love Girls 281