Fingerdash ao som de venom e os aventureiros Geometry Dash

Fingerdash ao som de venom e os aventureiros Geometry Dash
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This is my first story. Let me know if you want more.


I own and work at a photo studio in a strip mall. I take a lot of photos of babies and small children as well as cover events such as weddings occasionally. It is not a fancy place or a glamorous life, but I am comfortable and enjoy what I do.

I am lucky to have an assistant that helps out with the various office duties as well as some of the shoots. She is a beautiful person both physically and in her demeanor. She is just part time, primarily weekends and part time during the week when her schedule allows. Her name is Ashley and she is freshmen at the junior college just down the block. Ashley has a warm disposition that naturally puts everyone that we work with at ease.

This has been a real asset to my business and I feel very blessed to have her worth with me. Her physical beauty is of course an added bonus and she is definitely a pleasure to look at. She has a young slender body with nice curves on a petite 5'1" frame. She has a nice skin tone and looks fantastic in shorts or a short skirt.

She is definitely someone that gets noticed regardless of where or when you see her, yet she is still down to earth and always modest as if she didn't notice the extra attention she usually received. One evening while we were closing up, Ashley told me that she had a friend that wanted to be a model.

She asked me if I would be willing to take some glamour shots of her. I of course said I would be happy to and didn't give it too much thought. "I will text her and see when is best for her. Her name is Jill by the way." Ashley said somewhat excited that I had agreed.

I had pretty much forgotten about our earlier conversation until Saturday evening about an hour before closing. The last appointment arrived and she was absolutely gorgeous. WOW. This woman was stunning with captivating green eyes, long legs, and an angelic face.

She stood 5'5" and was wearing a loose fitting dress that allowed a very subtle view of her perk tits. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her high heels help draw attention to her perfect legs and round ass.

She was carrying a small suitcase and seemed almost nervous as she walked in.

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Ashley smiled at the woman and warmly greeted her and even gave her a little kiss on the cheek. I soon released that this was her friend we had discussed earlier.

"I am going to start closing up" Ashley yelled back as Jill and I walked back to the studio.

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After a brief introduction we began taking photos. Jill was a natural and soon warmed up to the camera. I took some close ups and standing shots of her in the dress she was wearing. Jill was easy to work with and was flirting with the camera which gave me some great shots.

Ashley soon came back to the studio and stood by me as I took different shots and posed Jill. It all seemed pretty normal yet I could feel the sexual energy starting to rise in the room as the poses became more seductive. I had Jill sit and then lay down for a couple of photos and began to have her show off more of her legs and cleavage.

After about 15 minutes we took a break and looked at the photos that we had taken so far. MMM they were hot. Jill and Ashley both agreed that some of them were fantastic. Both Jill and Ashley liked the more revealing photos and wanted to take more. I could not argue. I was beginning to get turned on and the girls seemed to be in a very playful mood.

"Come and take some pics with me Ashley" Jill said. "There is another dress in my bag that will fit you great." Ashley looked at me and smiled as if to ask if that would be okay.

She could tell by the expression on my face that I was more than happy to photograph her with her friend. Ashley quickly went back to change and both girls came out wearing very sexy evening dresses. Jill had changed into a short red dress and Ashley had a black one. Neither dress left much to the imagination and accentuated their young bodies perfectly. Oh my God were these two girls hot.

The dresses were tight but I could not see any pantie lines. I assumed they were wearing thongs and it was obvious they weren't wearing bras. I was definitely taken back.

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The girls smiled warmly and I began to take more pics. The girls flirted openly with the camera and also seemed to be flirting with each other.

As I took the pics they began to touch each other more and more. It started playfully, as Jill began to grope Ashley and expose more of her luscious body. A bit of tit, then a nipple.

Ashley had nicely rounded breasts with large nipples that were now ticking out like erasers. I was amazed that Ashley was letting Jill manipulate and undress her especially in front of me and the camera. Jill continued pulling at her Ashley's dress exposing her small but round ass and then turned her.

I instantly realized that Ashley didn't have any underwear on. It seemed that Jill had control of Ashley and was doing as she pleased. The dress remained on, but I had photos of Ashley's entire body including her completely shaved pussy. I was extremely turned on at this point, but continued to take pics of the two girls as they continued to play in front of the camera.

To my surprise, the tables seemed to turn and Ashley began to take more control of the situation. You could see the lust in her eyes as she began to emulate some of the poses that Jill had just done with her.

The red dress was quickly pulled to expose soft warm tits that were less round and more elongated and pointed. She definitely had the body of a model. Ashley began to fondle and lick her friend. Starting at her neck and quickly moving to those inviting breasts. A moan from Jill further encouraged her as she began to ravish her friend before my eyes and the camera.

I waited in anticipation knowing that I would soon see Jill fully naked in front of me. Ashley continued her assault on Jill and soon she had pushed her back to the platform on the set where we had earlier taken some very sexy shots on a lama skin rug. I was really surprised that Ashley was being so assertive and taking such a dominate role in seducing her friend. Ashley pulled off her dress and let it fall to the floor and then did the same to her friend.

Now, with both girls fully naked, Ashley crawled on top of Jill. Kissing passionately Ashley began to work her way down the naked body under her once again. Jill seemed to be tingling with anticipation. Her Nipples were pointing out nearly an inch as Ashley began to pull and suck the entire breast.

Jill's legs were open and it was obvious that she was aroused. Her pussy lips were swollen and open with pussy juice beginning to glisten on her inner lips. Similar to Ashley, Jill was also completely shaven. I continued to photograph the even that was unfolding before my eyes.


Ashley had continued to suck and lick Jill's swollen nipples as her hand finally found that moist mound below. Then another moan from Jill as Ashley inserted a finger, then another into Jill's wet pussy. I realized at that point there would be no stopping for these girls and I was in for a visual treat as there playfulness had now completely turned to unbridled lust.

I had always thought of Ashley as a very innocent girl. She was always so polite and somewhat quiet and reserved with me. I now saw a totally different side of her as she continued her sexual assault on her friend. She moved down and with both her tough and fingers, she dove into Jill's dripping pussy.


Jill screamed in ecstasy as she began to orgasm with wave after wave of utter bliss that shook her young friend's beautiful body as Ashley worked her magic. Ashley knew exactly what she was doing and was able to keep Jill in orgasmic spasms until she was ready to pass out. When Ashley finally let up her assault, Jill went completely limp with glazed eyes and a warm glow on her face.

I had thought that both girls had completely forgotten where they were and that I was there. They both seemed so into the moment.

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As Jill simply laid there in a state of euphoria from her series of orgasms, Ashley turned and looked back at me. With pussy juice covering her face, she knowingly smiled at me. "Would you like to fuck her?"

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