A yrs old with low self esteem tricked into sex

A yrs old with low self esteem tricked into sex
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The Story of Ann Chapter 8 Learning the Truth from Jack I borrowed Janet's car to drive into town to get Jack. Susan had told me on the phone that he had been there since early afternoon. She explained to me that he just sits there drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Susan also explained when she went to talk to him she did not understand his reply as it was not in English. "Ann, he keeps looking toward the door as if he is expecting someone and from the look in his eyes I think it is trouble he is expecting," Susan said to me on the phone. "Take that bottle from him," I replied to her into the phone. "I tried too but he just shook his head no at me when I did," Susan said.

I told her I would be right there. I drove into town not knowing what or who I was about to face. I hoped it was Jack. The man I was falling deeply in love with back then. However, I was not sure of his past or of him. It seemed that at one time during the Vietnam War he was a different man. He never had explained to me or to grandma about just falling off the face on the earth when he went to Vietnam. He had also done the same thing when he found out I had married Rick. Jack then suffered his wounds and it was almost a year before grandma heard from him.

Where and what was he doing? I thought about Susan telling me he acted as if he was waiting for someone to come through the door at the bar. Those men called the Devils entered my mind along with Captain Bob's words about Jack seeking revenge. Either it was a slow night at the bar or Jack had run everyone out of there. I parked around back entering the bar from the back door.

I saw Jack sitting at his normal seat at the end of the bar. Susan looked at me then looked away as Jack sat there with his back to me. I slowly walked up behind him stopping a ways behind him. I had not made any sound when I walked up to him from behind. I watched as he picked the bottle up in front of him and took a long hard drink. Jack placed the bottle onto the bar as he said, "Xin chào Ann," without turning around to see who it was behind him.

He then asked, "Ban Ä'ã Ä'en uong voi ma guy?" I turned Jack on his bar stool as I asked, "What did you just say to me?" Jack replied, "Hello Ann, have you come to drink with the Devil?" I looked into his eyes and those eyes were not Jacks. They filled with sorrow, despair as well as anger. His eyes did not sparkle or shine as I looked into them. Jack turned back on his bar stool taking the bottle into his hand once more. He took a big long drink then sat it back down in front of himself.

I sat down by him as I said, "Jack, come home I am sorry about what I said." Jack grabbed the bottle again to take a drink. I grabbed it from his hand before he could. He stared at me, which was almost more of a glare than a stare. "If you are not drinking I would like my bottle back Ann," Jack said to me almost sweetly. I saw two shot glasses sitting in front of him and as I reached for one Jack blocked my hand as he said, "Those are taken," as he stood up and asked Susan for another shot glass.

Jack did not sit back down as he said, "Excuse me Ann; I have to drain my lizard." I watched him walk to the bathroom. Jack walked straight and true all the way there. Susan came over with the shot glass and I asked her just how much he had to drink. She told me that bottle was full and was two thirds of the way gone now. I asked her about the two shot glasses in front of him. "He told me he had a feeling someone would be joining him," Susan said.

"I thought he meant you until I called you," She added. Susan walked away as Jack returned and sat down. I poured myself a shot and I kicked it back. It burnt all the way down and I started to cough and gag. Jack smiled and he told me it was an acquired taste. He took the bottle and placed it back in front of himself.

"Jack why did you say, "Men are not punished for their sins, but by them?" I asked him. Jack turned toward me as his started to say "Because of my past," but then his eyes went to the front door of the bar.

His eyes seemed to fill with blackness as he stared at the door. I turned to see the door opening and a man walking into the bar. The man entering the bar was the one who shot him. "Jack," I said turning to him in panic and in fear. Jack got up from his bar stool and he stood in front of me blocking me from the man as he walked toward us.

I looked down to see Jack's good hand clinched in a fist. The man walked over to Jack until he was almost toe-to-toe with him. They stared into each others eyes just glaring at each other.

"Hello, Jack," the man said finally never taking his eyes from Jack. "Hello Daniel," Jack replied. "I would shake your hand but I seem to only have one good fucking arm at this time," Jack added with a lot of anger in his voice as his eyes focused on Daniels eyes. Daniel stepped back from Jack as he hung his head for a few seconds then said, "That is why I am here Jack," "I am sorry for shooting you," Daniel looked around Jack as he added, "I believe I own you an apology as well Miss," looking at me.

Jack stepped up into Daniel's face as he replied, "She has no part in this as it is between you and I." "Then let's have our toast and get on with it," Daniel said reaching for the shot glasses and the bottle.

Daniel poured two shot glasses full. He sat the bottle back down looking at them with his hands on the bar. I thought he was thinking rather to just strike Jack and for go their drink. But then he handed oneshot glass to Jack and took one himself.

He turned to Jack as he held his shot glass up he said, "May the Devil himself fear us when his own ride into Hell," his eyes black as Jacks. Jack raised his shot as he replied, "May all Devils be allowed into heaven someday." The two drank their shots then slammed their shot glasses onto the bar counter.

I saw Susan reaching for the phone. I guessed she was calling the police as it looked like the two men were going to fight to settle the score for the last time.

"Susan, put the phone down there will be no trouble here this night," Jack said to her. "Jack, I am sorry that war turned good men into Devils." "I can only thank you for not pressing charges." "I also wanted to tell you it was not me who shot you but this Devil I have turned into." "I too was once a Devil until I found something worth loving again more than death," Jack replied looking back to me.

Daniel hung his head for a second then lifted it as he looked to me as he said, "Miss, you have a good man here see that he stays that way." Daniel turned to Jack as he added, "So she is the one who purged your soul." "Yes and I returned to Vietnam to purge all of yours souls too," "But it was to late for any of you," Jack replied in a bitter tone of voice.

"Jack, I swear it was not one of us who shot you in Vietnam at least I know it was not me," "If it was one of us I would have killed that person where he stood." "We all were brothers over there Jack with you as the leader of the Devils." "Each of us had a reason for what we did or did not do," "Men are not punished for their sins, but by them," Daniel said holding out his hand to Jack. Jack stared at his outstretched hand, as he replied, ""No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from".

Jack took Daniel's hand into his as he added, "The time has come to put this evil to an end." "That is why I am here Jack," "You led us into that evil and now you must led us from it." "The time has come to disband the Devils and purge our souls as you have," Daniel said to him.

"I was never the leader for men lead only themselves to hell and hope they don't live to regret it," Jack replied. They shook hands then the two big men embraced. As they embraced I noticed Daniel's eyes were not black they were the loveliest shade of blue that went with his long blonde hair.

The men broke their embrace and faced each other again. "You made me realized our souls might belong to the Devil but our hearts never will." "Thanks for not pressing charges as we both know that caging an animal is not the way," Daniel said to him.

"Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of yesterday." "Get the help you need and if you need to talk you know where to find me," Jack replied. Daniel shook his head yes, as he turned walking from the bar.

Jack grabbed the bottle from the bar taking it back to his seat. He screwed the cap back on to it then handed the bottle to Susan as he told her he would not need that any more. "How about bringing me one of my usual instead," Jack said to her. "Make that two of them," he added as he looked to me. "Jack, what is all of this about?" "If I love you and you love me do I not have a right to know?" I asked him.

"You have every right to know and you shall," Jack replied as Susan placed two tall glasses of ginger ale in front of us. Jack lifted his glass taking a sip then said, "Life without love is a shadow of things that might be." "I learned that as a young boy growing up on the streets." I was a boy of seven unloved by his parents and dumped into the streets like garbage.

I was neglected and beaten as a boy at home if you could call that a home. I was better off on my own in the streets. The streets harden me into an adult without enjoying a childhood quickly as they were my home now. I stole to survive on the streets. The cop who walked that beat at the time was Captain Bob.

He was but a rookie back then and had caught me stealing newspapers that I would then sale on the next block. He was the first person to have showed me any compassion. He took me to breakfast and asked me who I was and where I live.

"They call me Jack and the streets are my home," I replied to him. Officer Bob decided that sending me to the detention center would only harden me more. Instead, he took me home to his place. He was the first person to have ever showed me compassion. I repaid his compassion by stealing his TV when he went back to work. I avoided Officer Bob for about a month before he caught me again. This time he took me to jail. The judge decided I was an orphan of the state, as they could not find my parents.

They sent me to the orphanage where they mistreated me as I had been at home. I ran away every chance I got and if anyone did adopt me I ran away or caused trouble until they shipped me back to the orphanage. After a while, they never showed me to parents looking to adopt a boy.

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When I ran away, I returned to the streets and Officer Bob or one of the other members of the police department would return me to the orphanage. I knew most of the police department by their first names and they were really my only friends.

One day Kim-ly and Dai Dinh my soon to be adoptive parents came to the orphanage. They showed all the children to them except for me. I was sitting on the edge of my bed with my head down as Kim-ly walked by me.

She asked why I not shown to them. "That boy is Jack and he is nothing but trouble," they told her. Kim-ly walked up to me lifting my head as she said, "Blonde hair, blue green eyes sign of devil but I see a loving, caring heart in eyes too." Kim-ly smiled at me as she added, "We take boy named Jack." I went home with two people who were not even Americans I thought.

They talked to each other in a language I did not understand. They took me home and as I was unpacking by belongings I heard them talking in English. "That boy will only be big problem," Dai Dinh said. "That boy strong and be big help on farm," Kim-ly replied. I thought that is why they picked me to use me as a slave on their farm. I did not say anything to either of them. They feed me something I never seen or had, but I must admit it tasted better than what I had been eating. They showed me their farm and told me I would be helping them to run it.

I did not say anything I just followed them until they left me alone. I ran across field after fields trying to get away. I fell into barbwire trying to get over fences or around them. I had no idea of where I was and it was getting dark outside. I saw a barn in the distance and I ran to it. I went inside and climbed up into the hayloft. Your grandfather found me the next morning. He was kind to me and took me inside where I met your grandmother.

He told her look what he found in the barn. "Can we keep him?" Grandma asked him. Your grandfather shook his head no, as he asked me about myself.

Where I came from, who my parents were and my name. I just stood there with my head down; as I did not want to go back to those that I had just ran away from. Grandma's cooking loosened my tongue as I told them they call me Jack. After breakfast and with no money to pay for breakfast your grandfather told me I could work it off and then be on my way. He told me nothing was ever free in life as one way or the other you will pay for it in the end.

As we worked, I told him my story of growing up alone and unloved on the streets of the city. I explained I had lied and stolen while living on the streets. I only did those things to survive. "No one can survive without love," your grandfather said to me. "If you want to be truly loved, you have to first give love in order to receive love." "If you want to be wanted one must never take what they want, only one who gives it to you can give you the feeling that you are wanted and needed." His words took to me as I realized I had never shown any compassion to anyone.

Before we had lunch, I told him who my adoptive parents were and gave him their phone number. He told me Dai Dinh was a good man and his lovely wife Kim-ly would be a good mother to me. He also told me never judge ones who are different from yourself. His words held true as I grew to love them as my real parents and they loved me as well. I also grew to accept your grandparents as my own as mine lived far away.

I knew very little of where my adoptive parents came from other than the few photos they had of their homeland. Kim-ly used to tell me their families would accept me as one of their own as they had. I came home from school one day to find her crying in the bedroom. I asked her what was wrong she told me the North Vietnamese had wiped out their families during the war going on over there.

I remember in a few days telling your grandfather and Frank when I grow up I would seek revenge on those who took her family from her.

Your grandfather told me, "War has a way of changing a man if he gets caught up in all the death." You know I was going to go to college and that I had a sweetheart back then.

She only gave me the push I needed to seek my revenge. I do not believe she played a part, as I wanted to go seek revenge against those who had made Kim-ly cry so I went off to war in Vietnam seeking revenge on those who made her cry. Your grandfather was right about war having a way of changing a man. Between the deaths that I saw, the death I handed out, the injustice from both sides as well as my own injustice it changed me. Nothing he or my own parents had taught me about right or wrong growing up mattered any more to me.

My head and my hands only had death upon them. I no longer had compassion for anyone even myself. I found there were others like me while on leave in country. I met then while in Vung Tau while on a 3 day R&R there. One of them was Daniel and members of his squad most were from around my hometown.

During our R&R, we saw news reports of how returning soldiers were treated. They called us baby killers and spit at us. The news portrayed us to the public as crazed psychopathic killers with no morals or control over our aggression. When I saw that, everything that I knew that was right left me. If that was what they thought us to be then maybe, we were.

Daniel, his men and I formed a group and called ourselves The Devils. We were already in hell so why not become the devil as well. Anywhere the devils went hell was set up it did not matter whether it was in the jungles of Vietnam, in Vung Tau or even back at home. Jack told me of members raping and even killing girls over there. Jack swore to me he never took part in that but that he never stopped or reported it. He explained he took his hate and anger out on the enemy, as he was there seeking revenge on them and no one else.

My year of duty was up and I returned home. I was looking forward to it as grandma had written to me about her granddaughter who was now living with her.

She had told me we had a lot in common. However, I no sooner stepped from the plane to boos, spit and chants of being a baby killer upon arriving in the USA. I thought once that I removed the uniform I could remove the bad taste I had in my mouth and the smell upon me. However, it did not for all I could see was death when I closed my eyes. My mind was pretty much gone by then, as I no longer knew right from wrong. During that party when I took you, I knew it was wrong but I could not stop myself nor did I want too.

Then to know the rubber had broken and I might have placed a Devil baby into you. With as screwed up as I was. I thought your baby would be too. I ran back to where I belonged which was in Vietnam, stuck in my own hell. Upon my return to Vietnam, all I could think about was you. I did not even know your name but I saw your face each time I closed my eyes. After a mission, I would return to my quarters and lie upon my bed hoping you would come to me in my dreams.

Your face was the only sanity I had left. I broke all ties at home with everyone. As I did not want anyone to know what I had become or had done to you. This was my home now for this was hell and it was where I belonged. You were still on my mind and in my dreams. I wrote many letters confessing what I had done to Kim-ly and asked her to find you. However, I never had the guts to mail them. My life in Hell went on and while I was not part of the ones known as the Devils any longer, I still wore their mark.

I would hear of their exploits from time to time. I stopped opening letters from home as I just threw them away until my commanding officer informed me my parents and others were concerned about me. He suggested I write them unless I was crazy and then he would have to ship me home. One of the first letters I opened from home was from your grandma. When I did, the photo of you with Michelle in your arms fell out onto the ground.

I left it on the ground as I read the letter. In her letter, she told me about her lovely granddaughter named Ann. How your life had been a hard one with the struggles you had with your mom and then with your husband. She explained you were divorced now living back there and that you were the one she had written to me about before and wanted me to meet when I was home the first time.

I picked the photo up looking at it. I realized I had met you and had my way with you. When I saw Michelle's eyes, her lovely blonde hair I realized she might be mine. Shortly after receiving her letter my adoptive father died and I returned home. It was no accident running into you two that day at the store. I had been following you two all day long. When I picked Michelle up, I knew she was mine.

However, how could I tell you that I had raped you and gave you this child? Kim-ly and your grandma thought Vietnam was on my mind and causing me problems. That was not my problem the problem was you and Michelle and I did not know what to do. Grandma had even told me she thought we would make a cute couple when I talked to her that night. She talked about giving that sweet child Michelle a future like the one another boy was once given.

"I told her that child does not need a coward for her father," Jack said to me.

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I was a coward because I would not face the wrong I had done to you here or the wrong I had turned my back on in Vietnam. There was only one future for me and that was Hell. Once again I did not belong here I belonged back in hell from where I had came. I returned to Vietnam with you on my mind. We went out on a mission upon my return and on the way back to base our helicopter ran into some mechanical problems and we crashed in the jungle. The pilot, co pilot and I were unhurt but hopelessly lost in the jungle.

We stumbled upon a remote village in the jungle. I knew the language so I told them we meant them no harm. They welcomed us into their village where they shared their food and water with us. One of them even guided us through the jungle to where the birds without wings would find us. That was what they called a helicopter. Any chance we got we would return to their village bringing them supplies.

At the time, they were far enough away from the front lines so it was somewhat safe to do. I realized these people had shown me compassion just as my adoptive parents had at home. These people of this village became them to me. They also gave me my own compassion back. I wrote grandma asking about you and your lovely baby Michelle. I wanted to right my wrong of that night. In my next letter to her, I was going to confess what I had done to you and confess my love for you and for Michelle.

However, she wrote back that you had remarried once more. "Men are not punished for their sins, but by them," Jack said to me lowering his head. The punishments for my sins were I was not to hold you or be a father to Michelle. The girl I loved and the baby I had given her would never be mine. After reading that letter, I could only think of you and dream of being with you and raising her together. Jack removed a bit of bandage from his left arm to show a big scar.

He explained there used to be a tattoo of the devil there as it was the mark we all wore as Devils. I removed that mark as I cut it from my arm with my knife. I swore that night I would right the wrongs I had placed upon this earth here in Vietnam and back at home. This war had changed me once maybe it could change me again.


I ran into Daniel and his men as they were doing missions from our base some that I had been their cover fire on protecting them as they withdrew from the jungle. I informed them I was no longer one of them and told them to find a new leader. I explained a girl and her sweet child had purged my soul and I could no longer be an Devil.

Daniel had no problem with that, as he had wanted to be the leader of the Devils in the first place. The other members were not pleased about me leaving as I knew what these men had done. I even heard talk the Devils wanted me dead but I took it as just talk and went on with my duties. Daniel and his men went out on a mission with another group of soldiers one day.

Daniel had wanted us to fly his group and be their cover if needed as well as to pick them up however I talked our pilots in taking the other group in instead as I wanted nothing to do with the Devils ever again. When we returned to pick the group up, they radioed us saying it was a safe zone.

The only team or people in the jungle were Daniel's group waiting for their chopper to come for them. I felt three bullets tearing into my back and exiting my chest that day getting into the helicopter.

It was only when I was in the hospital and my pilot and co pilot came to see me that they gave me this. Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a smashed bullet round. He told me it was an American issued round. He explained there was a chance it had been friendly fire or maybe even a Devil had shot him. He was not for sure. However once out of the hospital he checked around trying to find answers. That was until he was told to just forget it as revenge was something best served cold.

Jack told me most of the Devils had finished their time in the service and got home before he did. Bob had written to Jack asking about a group of Vietnam vets who called themselves Devils who had been causing some trouble in the city.

Jack wrote back to Bob telling him the story of how the Devils had came to be upon this earth. When Jack got out of the army the first place he went to was Phil's bar. Jack had heard that Phil needed a bouncer and he was the man for the job. Jack knew that eventually the Devils would be walking into his bar someday.

Captain Bob had warned him of them tearing up different bars in neighboring cities, as he knew Jack used to be part of that outfit. Jack turned to me and looked deeply into my eyes. "I was going to see that the Devils reign of terror was stopped and finally send them to hell where they belonged, even if it meant I had to join them in Hell," Jack said looking at me. "Jack, I don't know what to say," I said to him wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Say you love me and that someday you will become my wife," Jack replied. "Jack, are you asking me to marry you?" I asked. Jack slipped from his bar stool and got down onto one knee. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box. He flipped the ring box open showing me a lovely diamond engagement ring as he asked, "Ann will you marry me?" With tears streaming down my face I replied, "Yes Jack I will marry you." Jack slipped the ring upon my finger and took me into his arms.

He kissed me deeply and with passion. I returned his kiss as those bells and whistles went out in my head. When we broke our kiss, we heard cheers from the few people and Susan who were present in the bar.

Jack had Susan get him a bottle of champagne. He popped the cork and filled glasses for everyone. With me at his side, he held his glass high as he said, "Here is too righting the wrong of one night and to giving three a future this night." I might have been the only one in that bar who knew what he meant by that. However, to me it was the sweetest toast I had ever heard.

I clicked my glass to his. "I love you Jack," I said to him. "I love you Ann," Jack replied then we drank. Jack told everyone he hates to drink and run but it was late. I looked to the clock to see that it was almost two in the morning. Jack told me to leave Janet's car and he would drive her to pick it up later. Jack walked me to the passenger side of his truck and opened the door.

"You ride I will drive," I said to him taking the keys from his hand. Jack and I left the parking lot and headed home. We had only gone a few blocks when red flashing lights appeared in the rear view mirror. I told Jack I might have been speeding as I pulled over to a stop.

I looked to see Captain Bob getting out of the cruiser. Captain Bob walked up to the driver's window. "Out kind of late aren't you Miss Ann?" Captain Bob asked. He looked to Jack as he said, "You mind getting out of the truck Jack. " Jack got out of the truck as Captain Bob told him to place his one good hand onto the front of the truck. I asked him what Jack did.

Captain Bob told me to never mind and to join Jack at the front of the front. I got out and joined Jack with both my hands on the front of the truck. Captain Bob walked to the front of the truck and he said, "Both of you turn around and face me." Jack and I did as he asked. Captain Bob took Jack's hand and shook it as he said, "Son, it is about time you settled down." He looked at me as he added, "Congratulation Miss Ann, Susan at the bar told me the news and told me I just missed you two," "I sort of figured I could catch you two before you left town." "Thanks Bob," Jack replied smiling.

Jack then asked, "How about you being my best man at the wedding." "Son, it would be my honor," Captain Bob replied shaking his hand again. Captain Bob looked at me as he added, "You have a good man here Miss Ann you take real good care of him you hear." "Oh I will Bob, real good care of him," I replied as I threw my arms around Jack bringing him down to my level as I kissed him deeply.

"You two have better get on home before I have to arrest you," Captain Bob said. "Oh by the way Jack, Daniel stopped in tonight and turned himself in for shooting you," "But we know it was just an accident and I turned him loose after he told me about his meeting with you tonight," Captain Bob added.

"You won't be seeing the Devils no more as their souls have been purged as well as another wrong made right this night," Jack replied as Captain Bob walked away leaving Jack and I standing there. Jack and I got back into the truck and we drove home. Once at home we walked up the stairs and into Michelle's room. She lies fast asleep in her bed.

Jack bent down and kissed her forehead as he said, "Daddies home for good little one." Jack and I went from her room to ours. We opened the door and turned the light on to find Janet asleep in the bed. Jack turned the light back out as I told him lets not wake her. Jack and I undressed and we climbed into bed. Jack rolled over to me as a buzzing sound filled the room.

"What the hell?" Jack said with a puzzled look on his face. He looked at me and I told him it was not me. Jack reached under the covers beside him. He pulled a long plastic vibrator from the bed. He turned it off as he shook his head. "Janet gets tense when she is filled with stress, it helps," I said to him smiling. We kissed and Jack held me as I closed my eyes with my head upon his chest. The alarm clock woke me in a couple of hours.

I was still in his arms. Jack turned the alarm clock off as he got out of bed. "Where do you think you are going?" I asked him. "The horses have to be fed," Jack replied as he slipped his jeans onto his body.

"JACK," was all I got out before his lips went to mine. I was going to tell him he needed to rest. Frank and I could feed the horses. Jack broke our kiss as he said, "A little hard work never hurt anyone." Jack was dressed before I was and waiting on me. He was not dressed all the way, as he could not figure out how to slip a tee shirt on over his arm sling.

He finally looked to me as he asked if I could help. I took his tee shirt and ripped it at the shoulder and arm sleeve making it a little bigger. It slipped right over his sling. "WILL you two go feed the horses already, some of us are trying to sleep," Janet mumbled out in a half asleep voice. Jack and I laughed as we went from our room.

We walked down stairs to find grandma and Frank already at the kitchen table. Jack walked over to grandma and took her hand. "Grandma I did something bad last night," Jack said to her. Grandma looked at him with worry in her eyes then he added, "I asked Ann to marry me without asking you first." Grandma turned to me and I showed her the ring upon my finger. She came to me hugging me as Frank got up shaking Jack's hand then hugged him as well. Grandma broke her hug and she went to Jack.

She hugged him tightly as Frank hugged me. "Your grandfather would be proud of you both," grandma said. Frank broke our hug as he said, "Wouldn't that make this incest?" We all looked at him not saying a word as Frank added, "What I am just saying?" Jack and I waited until the following spring to marry in 1979. Jack was 24, I was just a few months away of being 22 years old, and this was to be my fourth marriage.

We wanted just a small simple wedding however; Kim-ly was not going to let that happen. Jack was still in the Army reserves so he worn his military uniform. I worn a lovely white gown that Kim-ly had made herself. Janet was my maid of honor and Captain Bob in his police uniform was Jack's best man. Daniel and two other former Devils even attended our wedding.

They were changed men after seeking treatment dealing with the stresses caused from the Vietnam War. Jack still never spoke much about that war as he just soon not talk about it to anyone even me. We honeymooned in Hawaii then returned to the ranch. Grandma and Frank semi retired and gave us the horse ranch to run.

They told Jack and me they were taking the honeymoon they never had. The two of them globe tottered around the world and the United States. They would return home from time to time and on holidays to be with the family. Jack gave up being the bouncer at Phil's bar as he had the horse ranch to run and within that first year we had raised more winning horse than anyone near us. Jack's mustang, which we named Lucy, was our prized horse, everyone wanted to buy her however she was not for sale.

Lucy was still a free willed and wild animal when not in Jack's hands. That damn horse would nip at my shoulder any chance she got when and if I was near her. I think she was jealous of me being with Jack. Michelle was six soon to be seven years old. She was the apple of her daddy's eyes. Sometimes I thought she was more precious to him than I was. However, I was just happy she had a father she could love and I had a man who loved me as well.

The living arrangement on the ranch changed a little as well. Janet had her own room, as did Michelle. Janet would spend most of her weekends with us when she was not out having fun with some man. Janet just never met the right man for her at least yet. She would in time but her time was not now. Jack and I both turned out to be sex freaks. We had and enjoyed sex any where and at any time of the day or night as long as Michelle was not around us. Anytime that grandma and Frank did return home we took the weekends off from the ranch.

We would drive or fly to a special romantic getaways. During our first getaway in August, we met a couple named Patty and George. We did not know it when we met them just what kind of a couple they were. Jack and I had flown to the Bahamas for a three-day stay at a lovely resort.

We were sitting in the resorts lounge having a drink after dinner our first night there. We both saw this couple walking into the lounge. Patty was hard to miss standing about 5' 9" with long flaming red hair down to her waist, huge 44DD tits and a pair of sexy hot legs and thick thighs sticking out from an off color white tight mini skirt that even had my mouth watering. Patty was not fat just plump where it mattered. She had a nice round ass that I saw Jack checking out as well.

Patty had on nylons, held up with a garter belt that you could see the straps every now and then as she walked while George was dressed plainly in blue jeans and a polo shirt. Jack was staring at those huge tits as she walked by as they bounced and jiggled at the same time. I know because I was looking at them too. George the man with her was about the same size as her but then again she had high heels on her.

He had brown hair, average built and he wore glasses. In a way, I thought maybe she was a high-class hooker out enjoying the evening with her client. Hell, if she was I wondered if Jack would buy me a night with her.

"Nice tits don't you think Jack?" I asked him after catching him staring at her. "Ahh yes I guess so," Jack replied turning a little red.

"Jack it's OK, I don't care if you look at other women," I said to him. "After all I share Janet with you all the time," I added smiling at him. "Janet is different she is like our sister," Jack replied. "Like our sister does that mean it is incest between you and me?" I asked.

"You know what I meant funny lady," Jack replied with a laugh. He reached across the table taking my hand as he added, "There is something I have wanted to talk to you about." "What is that, Jack?" I asked him.

"That women see how she is dressed," Jack said looking to the woman with those huge fucking tits. "Well I like&hellip." Jack added but stopped as if he was afraid to say what was on his mind. "Jack, just tell me, I am your wife and we no longer have any secrets," I replied. "I would love it if you dressed like that Ann." "You know show what you have," Jack said to me smiling. "Jack, you want me to dress like a slut," I replied curiously.

"Yes Ann and I want you to be my little slut," Jack said. "Jack, are you serious?" I asked. "I know you think I am sick or something never mind, Ann," Jack replied. "No Jack I do not think you are sick I just wanted to know why you want me to dress that way," I said to him.


"Because I love showing you off Ann," Jack replied. "I love when men look at you and then lust after you," he added. "Jack it would not be right to tease then not to please the men," I replied.

"If you want you can tease and please," Jack said with a smile. "Let me get this right Jack," I replied. I then added, "You would let me have sex with other men." "Yes as long as I was there to watch, I mean just to see that you were safe," Jack said. "Jack you pervert you want to watch other men screw me," I replied.

"Ann it is just sex and yes damn it I do want to watch other men screw you," Jack said. "I want them to enjoy you as I do Ann," Jack added. "So only after a few months you have grown tried of me," I said fighting back my tears.

"You just want me to screw other men so you can screw other women," I added pulling my hand from his. "No Ann it is not like that at all," "You share Janet with me and that is enough now let me share you with other men," Jack said to me. "Jack, are you sure about this?" I asked him.

"Look at that woman Ann, now look at all the men who have their eyes on her," Jack said to me. "Ann I want those eyes on you," Jack added. "I don't know Jack what if it causes problems between us?" I asked. "Then we stop," Jack, replied. He smiled as he added, "Try it Ann you might like it." "OK Jack but you are going to have to take me shopping," I said to him.

I looked over to that woman and she smiled at me then winked at me. I smiled back to her. Jack and I stayed to have a few more drinks then we went up to our room. I told Jack to get into bed as I had a surprise for him. I grabbed my little bag and went into the bathroom.

Janet and I had gone shopping before our little trip. I had picked up some sexy lingerie to wear at nighttime for him. I first did my hair up nicely and put a little make up on which included some bright red lipstick onto my lush lips. I opened my bag and pull out a red lace bustier which had sexy panties and red nylons to go with it. I slipped into the bustier getting my big tits just right in it. I sat on the toilet seat as I slipped the red nylons over my legs. I fastened them to the bustier then slipped the panties on, as they would be the first thing to come off.

I stepped into a pair of white high heel shoes. I checked myself out in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. The bustier pushed my 40 c tits nicely into the air. The red nylons made my shapely legs even sexier. The red panties cover my pussy but not much of the hair around it, which was OK as Jack, loved my pussy hairy.

The panties were more like a thong as there was just a thin piece of red material running up between my butt cheeks.

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"Damn Ann, you do clean up nicely," I thought as I looked into the mirror. I turned the light out and opened the door walking out into the bedroom. Jack was sitting at the edge of the bed waiting patiently. My high heels made a clip clop sound as I walked across the small part of tile floor leading from the bathroom. Jack turned toward me as he heard my high heels. Jack jumped from the bed as he said, "Hot damn girl you are hot and sexy," as his eyes took me in from head to toe.

I stopped and posed for him as he stood there. I bent over so he could see my big tits flowing from the bustier.

I turned my back to him bending over placing my hands onto the floor. I shook and wiggled my ass as I looked at him from between my legs. Jack's cock was limp and soft when I had entered the room. However, it was standing tall and dancing in front of him now.

I stood back up turning back toward him. I walked a sexy walk toward him and pushed him back onto the bed. "You be a good boy and just watch me," I cooed sexily to him running my tongue over my bright red lush lips.

Jack placed his hand a little ways behind his back leaning into them watching me. I danced as I rubbed at my tits and at my pussy. I rubbed both hands on my thighs slowly bringing them up to my hairy pussy.

I pulled the red panties to the side showing Jack a patch of my thick pussy hair. I ran my finger under the panties shoving one up inside of my pussy.

I stirred my finger then removed it licking at the wetness on it with my tongue. I ran my hands to my tits where I rubbed and played with them through the bustier. I scooped one tit out then the other letting the girls hang in front of me.

I pinched and pulled at my nipples making them grow big and hard. I cupped my breasts in my hands lifting them to my mouth. I slowly ran my tongue over one nipple then the other. Jack was watching me intently from the bed with his cock dancing and even growing harder. His big curved cock was over his belly button and almost touching his abdomen. I licked at one tit then sucked at the nipple of the other. I felt my own pussy flexing as I did. I dropped my tits from my hands as I slowly rubbed at my pussy through the panties.

I pressed harder with my fingers so the juices dripping from my pussy coated them. I slowly removed my panties as I showed Jack my ass.

I stepped from my panties turning to him. I brought my panties to my nose sniffing at the sweet smelling juices I had placed into them. I tossed them at Jack hitting him in the face with them. He pulled them from his face then rubbed them against his nose as he breathed in deeply. I did a sexy walk to our suitcase and opened it. I pulled out a 7-inch long rubber dildo with a set of balls attached to it. I had purchased it at the same time I had the lingerie.

I walked back toward Jack on the bed. His eyes grew big and were wide open as I got there. I kissed, and then licked at the dildo before slipping it into my mouth. I sucked at it as if it was a real cock. I removed it from my mouth making sure it was wet with my own spit as I rubbed it between my tits.

I started to pump the dildo between my tits and flicking my tongue at it each time it came from between my tits. Jack's one hand went to his cock as he slowly pumped at his cock. I placed one on my feet up onto the bed beside his thigh.

I ran the dildo down to my pussy. I ran it over my hair then between my pussy lips. I slipped it between my pussy lips for a while as I watched Jack stroking his big cock. Watching him stroking his cock to me made my pussy drip onto the dildo. My juices were running down it as I brought it up to my mouth. I licked at my juices then moved it to Jack's mouth. His tongue licked my juices from it. "Suck that cock and make it wet for my pussy," I said to Jack holding the fake dick dildo in front of his mouth.

Jack wrapped his lips around the dildo sucking at it as I slowly worked it in and out of his mouth. I made a mental note to ask him about that later as it seemed as if he knew how to suck cock. I pulled the dildo from his mouth. I ran it back between my legs then shoved it up into my hairy pussy. I started to run it in and out, as Jack went back to stroking his cock.

I worked the dildo in and out until I had the fake balls banging against my ass cheeks. With the dildo buried deeply into my pussy, I removed my foot from the bed.

I straddled Jack's leg right above his knee. I sat down pressing the balls of the dildo into his leg as I started to hump the dildo. It did not work to good so I stood back up squeezing my pussy tightly around the dildo as I did. I was standing with the dildo still firmly buried into my pussy. I parted my legs as I left the dildo slowly slip from my pussy.

It made a wet squishy sound as it fell from my pussy onto the floor. I dropped to my knees in front of Jack as if I was going to pick it up from the floor. However, I pushed his hand from his cock as I slipped my mouth down onto it. I placed my hands onto his thighs as I slowly moved my mouth down onto his cock. I had a little trouble getting all of his cock into my mouth. I think he was so excited it had made his cock grow an inch or so.

I finally managed to take all of his cock into my mouth. I slowly ran my mouth up and down the full length of his cock. I sucked hard at it as I pulled my mouth up the full length of his cock. I slipped my mouth back down his cock taking it all into my mouth. I bobbed my head until Jack pulled my head from his cock. "Get up here with me and 69," Jack suggested with a smile.

I pushed him back onto the bed as I crawled up to him. I kissed him briefly then spun around until my pussy was over his face. Jack's hands went to my butt cheeks as he pulled my pussy to his mouth.

He pulled at my hanging pussy lips with his mouth then ran his tongue along them. His tongue wiggled into my open pussy as my mouth enclosed around his cock.

I sucked wildly at his cock as his tongue wiggled inside my pussy. I pulled my pussy from his face. I reached down off the bed and picked the dildo up giving it to him. I told him to use it as well. I went back to sucking on his cock and I felt his tongue digging back up inside my pussy. I felt Jack sliding the dildo up and down between my butt cheeks.

He must have sucked at it first because I could feel wetness on it as he did. "AHHhh Jack," I moaned out as I felt him pressing the head of the dildo against my asshole. I gave another little grunt as he shoved just the head of it into my asshole. Jack held it there as he tongued at my pussy.

I went back to sucking on his cock. I wrapped one hand around his cock and pumped at it as I teased the head of his cock with my tongue. After a while, I started to move my ass back toward the dildo trying to take more of it into my ass.

"AHHhhhh Jack, fuck my ass with that toy," I cooed out as I started to move my ass back and forth. I closed my eyes and I pictured another man fucking my asshole as Jack licked at my pussy. In less than a minute, my pussy started to twitch. As it did, Jack removed his tongue as he slipped two fingers up inside of my pussy. He pressed them against the membrane between my pussy and my asshole.

"AHHhhhhhh Jack, I can feel your fingers and that toy," I moaned out as my orgasm came over me. I used both my hands on Jack's hard cock pumping wildly at it as my pussy shook and my asshole gripped at the toy.

I gave a couple quick squirts from my pussy splashing Jack in his face. Jack buried the dildo as far up my ass as it would go as I felt those fake balls pressing into my pussy from behind. "AHhhhhh Shit Jack I can't hold it," I screamed. My pussy convulsed as it released a long steady stream of my golden pee.

Jack just pressed the dildo hard into my asshole. It caused me to pee even more as I had not gone to the bathroom after drinking so much. I could not stop the flow of pee if I had tried. "AHhhhhhhhhhh ANN," Jack moaned loudly. I felt his cock swell in my hands then start to throb.

I pumped at it wildly as cum started to erupt from the head of his cock. They were huge powerful shots as they streamed from his cock. Some landed in my hair, some on my face and on my hand. I just kept pumping at it his cock until I had milked all of it from his cock. Jack pulled the dildo from my asshole, which almost gave me another orgasm as he did. Jack pulled my ass down toward his face as he snaked his tongue in and out of my open asshole. He then ran his tongue from my asshole to my pussy licking at the droplets of pee dripping from my pussy lips and from the hair down there.

Jack's cock started to go soft and I pumped and squeezed at it. "AH Ann you might not want to do that as I have to pee too," Jack said to me pulling his face from under my pussy.

"Do it Jack pee for me." I said as I shook his cock. I was pointing his cock this way and that way. However, nothing was happening as no pee came from it.

I pointed it toward my face and wham a warm stream of piss streamed from his cock hitting me squarely in my face. My pussy twitched as his warm urine splashed against my face. I opened my mouth and filled it letting it flow back from my mouth back over his cock. Jack's cock seemed to pee forever but then slowed to just a drip. I shook the last bit from his cock and I spit his pee from my mouth back over his cock.

I engulfed the head of his dick into my mouth. I started to suck and lick at it as Jack pulled me from his cock. "That tickles," Jack yelled out as he started to laugh. He pulled me around until I was facing him. I was laughing to as I had just found a sensitive spot on my man. I had my head just above his as I looked down into his face. His eyes sparkled and shined, as they never have before. Jack brushed my piss wet hair from my forehead as he said, "Ann, I love you." "I love you too Jack," I replied as I moved my lips to his.

After our kiss, Jack rolled me from on top of him as he got out of the bed. He looked at the bed as we had gotten it all wet with our pee. It was a good thing that our room had two double beds in it as we at least had a dry bed to sleep in that night.

Jack picked me from the bed taking me into his arms he carried me into the bathroom where we showered then went to bed. The next day we were up early. It was a warm day so I slipped into a thong, a pair of tight shorts and a tank top with a built in bra. Jack was sitting on the bed pulling his shirt on over his head when I walked from the bathroom.

I bent over in front of him to grab my sandals. My tits hung nicely from the tank top. They did not fall out but you could see way down into the valley between my 40 C's tits. I then turned and stuck my butt right into his face. My shorts were white and you could see the black thong I had on under it plainly. I turned back to Jack as I asked, "Is this sluttish enough for you? Jack smiled as he replied, "That will do for now," as he got up from the bed and took me into his arms. Jack pressed his lips to mine and kissed me.

His kiss was hot with passion and it breathed fire onto my pussy. He slipped his tongue into my mouth as I slipped mine into his. Our tongues battled for minutes as we stood there kissing. Jack's hands were roaming all over my ass pulling at my butt cheeks. My pussy was twitching as my hand went to the front of his shorts he had worn. I rubbed at his big hard cock with my hand. I finally broke our kiss as I said, "You better stop or we will never get out of the room today." I looked down to his shorts as I added, "You might want to splash some cold water onto that as well." "Just because I am showing does not mean you can show your stuff off to the other girls." Jack reached down into his shorts did some adjusting and replied, "Ok I am ready now." We spent most of the day shopping for clothes for me.

We only picked out revealing stuff. Tops that showed my tits, short mini skirts that showed my shapely legs and tight shorts that gripped at my ass. We purchased all colors and shades of nylons and crotch less pantyhose to wear under the skirts and dresses as well as a few pairs of high heels. We also picked up some new style push up bras which showed my tits very nicely however they had wire in them and they sort of hurt but I got them anyways because Jack liked how they caused my tits to overflow in them.

While we were shopping, I also gave Jack and a few other men a little show. At the one shop we were in there was an older man about in his fifties. I told Jack to go stand over there while I tease him. The man looked bored as he walked with his wife through the store following her like a lost puppy.

I made my way close to him and when I saw he was looking at I me I dropped the article of clothing I had in my hand. I bent over to pick it up right in front of him. As I bent over my tits hung nicely in my tank top. I decided to give them a little jiggle for him however when I did they both fell from my tank top. I stood up and smiled to the man before I slipped them back into my tank top. I went back to Jack and he grabbed me into his arms.

His lips pressed against mine as he kissed me deeply. I broke our kiss as I fanned myself with my hand. I felt as if I was in heat from his passionate kisses. I could also feel his hard cock pressing into my pussy as we kissed. "Jack, what has gotten into you?" I asked smiling at him. "God I love you as a slut," Jack replied. "Look at the boner you gave the old man," he added.

I turned to looked at him. The man was standing sideways and you could see his hard cock tenting the front of his pants. My pussy twitched in my shorts as I stared at his cock. We walked to the check out as I thought I might just like being the slut as well. As we were standing in line to check out that older man and his wife was checking out next to us. The man walked over to Jack as he said, "Son if that girl is your wife you are the luckiest man on this earth." Jack smiled back at him as he replied, "She is and I am." As to myself, I was a little embarrassed as his wife gave me one of those you fucking slut looks.

However, I felt my pussy twitching as Jack and that man talked. I was sure I was going to enjoy being his slut. That night for dinner, I wore a black low cut tight one-piece mini dress that barely covered my butt.

I had a pair of tan crotch less pantyhose beneath it. My bushy hairy pussy filled the crotch of them. My tits heaved up high and overflowed the top of my dress with that new push up bra that I had also worn. I walked out to Jack and stood it front of him.

"Well do I look good enough to eat?" I asked him. Jack looked at me then turned his head a little sideways as he replied, "No something is missing." I was checking myself out as Jack walked over and he added, "This belongs around that pretty little neck of yours," as he showed me a sparkling diamond necklace.

Jack went behind me slipping it around my neck as I said, "Jack that had to cost you a fortune." "Money has no meaning unless you can spend it on the ones you love," Jack whispered into my ear. I looked into the mirror and Jack was right that something was missing from my outfit.

That diamond necklace sparkled and shined making you not to see the diamonds around my neck but the tits on my chest. It was perfect to drawing your eyes to my best asset. I turned to Jack and threw my arms around his neck pulling him down which was not too far as I had on 5 inch heels as well.

I rubbed my nose against his nose then planted light kisses upon his lips pecking at his lips with my lips I kissed him fully as I said, "Thank you Jack the necklace is lovely." By the time, we made it down to have dinner the other quests were already at their tables.

Jack walked me into the room with a big smile on his face. I had never seen so many heads turn and do a double take in my life. My pussy twitched with each step I took knowing that everyone was looking at me. Men and women noticed me as Jack pulled my chair out for me to sit down. As I sat down, I saw that woman we had seen the other night the one with the long flaming red hair and those big fucking tits.

She and her husband were sitting across from us. Her husband had a good view of me as I sat down. I smiled at him as I gave him a full beaver shot of my hairy pussy by spreading my legs wide open for him to see up into.

The man's eyes grew big and he touched his wife's arms. I did not close my legs as she stared up my dress giving her a full shot of my hairy pussy as well. The woman smiled and waved at me. I waved back as I closed my legs. I used the menu to fan myself. "Is something wrong Ann?" Jack asked. I explained what I had done as he had pulled my chair out for me. Jack turned and looked at the couple. They both held their glasses up to him. Jack smiled grabbed his and toasted them back.

Jack and I order and as we sat there more than a few couples walked by and stopped. The women would all tell me what a lovely necklace I had around my neck while the men stared at my pushed up tits. I reached across the table and took Jack's hand as I said, "You were right I do like being the slut," smiling at him. After dinner, Jack and I went into the lounge. We found ourselves a table near the dance floor.

We no sooner sat down than that red head and her husband walked over to us. "May we join you?" The woman asked me bending down in front of me. Her huge tits almost bounced off my nose as she leaned down at me. My eyes fixed on her massive big tits hanging in my face. I have always loved to play with another woman's tits and was aching to play with hers. "Sure," "My name is Ann and this is my husband Jack." I replied.

"I am Patty and this is my husband George," Patty replied smiling. George and Jack shook hands then George said, "Thanks Jack those rocks hanging around your wife's neck are going to cost me plenty," as he gave a little laugh. "I told you honey something was missing from my outfit," Patty said smiling. "With those lovely breasts of yours, you need no jewelry to brighten the view," I replied smiling at her. "Thank you my dear and may I say that you are sexy and hot as well," Patty said smiling to me.

George looked under the table for a second then looked to Jack as he said, "Hey nice boner Jack." Patty gave him a look then John added, "What I am just saying," "I meant it as a joke." We all broke out laughing which was a wonderful way to break the ice so to speak.

The four of us talked and we found out they had been married for over a year and they were just now taking their honeymoon. We explained we had only been married four months. As we talked, we kept our drinks flowing as well. Patty reached her hand across the table to mine as she asked, "You two don't happen to be swingers are you?" "No, I am just his slut," I replied without thinking.

Jack gave a little laugh as he said, "She means that with the utmost respect as well." Jack explained he just loved showing me off to others. He told them it turned him on knowing other men lusted after me. With a body like hers, it should not be covered but shown off to others Jack told them.

"So you just tease then," Patty said to me. "OH, I can please as well," I replied. "It is our first time doing anything like this so it is new to us both," I added. "Let us break you two in then," Patty said with a smile. I looked to Jack and he nodded his head giving his approval as I asked, "Where do we start?" "First let me show you how to tease a man," Patty replied. She looked to Jack as she added, "Dance with me big boy," shaking those huge tits at him.

Jack stood up and went to Patty helping her from her chair. It was a slow song playing and Jack wrapped his arms around her neck. Patty looked at me and smiled as she pulled Jack's one hand from her shoulder and placed it on her ass. George pulled his chair over next to mine as he said, "She will be gentle with him." I looked at him as I replied, "It is not him I am worried about," smiling at him.

As Patty danced with Jack, she brushed her huge tits against his chest. Every now and then Patty would rub her thigh against Jack's cock as they danced. Patty pulled Jack's head down and whispered something in his ear. Jack danced her over near our table. Jack's hand lifted the back of her mini dress slowly to reveal Patty's lovely rounded butt as she had no panties on under her dress. As Jack did that I saw Patty's hand go between them as they danced. Patty looked to me as she said, "He is a big boy," smiling at me.

They danced away from our table with Jack staring down at Patty's tits. I left my napkin from my drink fall to the floor. I scooted my chair from George's as I bent over to pick it up from the floor. George's eyes went to my tits as I jiggled them in their bra. "Those sure are some perky tits you got there," George said to me smiling. I sat back up as I parted my legs placing one foot onto the brace of the chair leg.

I spread my legs giving him a close up view of my hairy pussy in my crotch less pantyhose. I flexed my pussy muscles at him as he stared into my pussy. If you would like to see me flexing my pussy muscles, email me and ask me for a video of that. "Was your pussy just talking to me?" George asked with a little laugh. I scooted my chair back next to him as I replied, "Yes it was." "It was telling you to touch me." I felt George's hand on my thigh as he worked it up to my pussy under my mini dress.

The table had a tablecloth around it so no one near us could see what he was doing under the table. His fingers tease at my hair then brushed against my hanging pussy lips. They parted as one of his fingers entered into my pussy. I wrapped one arm around his neck pulling his face to mine.

I pressed my lips against his as he started to slide his finger in and out of my pussy. I squirmed in my seat when he added another finger to my pussy. I moaned softly into his mouth as I kissed him. I slipped my free hand under the table to the front of his pants. My hand encountered his hard cock pressing his pants outward. I rubbed and squeezed at his cock as he fingered me. I broke our kiss as I moved my mouth to his ear.

"AHHhhh George," I moaned softly into his ear. I closed my thighs tightly around his hand as he worked his two fingers in and out of my pussy.

I did so I did not have a powerful wet orgasm. Instead I dripped a little bit of juices onto his fingers and hand as I orgasm at the table. George pulled his fingers from my pussy. He held them in front of us showing my juices on them.

"Let me taste those fingers," Patty cooed sexily. I had not even realized her and Jack had returned to our table. Patty leaned over taking his fingers into her mouth. She sucked at them seductively as she looked to Jack who was sitting beside me now. I reached over under the table to the front of his pants. Patty had teased him well as his cock was hard and throbbing.

I brushed the palm of my hand on his hard cock as Patty teased him by sucking my juices from her husband's fingers. Her huge fucking tits hanging once more in front of me just asking to be felt. I could not help myself as I moved my one hand to her hanging tits. I caressed her nipple through her dress. Her nipple grew long and hard poking from her dress. I took it between my index finger and my thumb. I pinched and pulled at it milking it as if it was a cow's teat. A wet spot formed at her dress near her nipple as I pulled my fingers away.

Jack and I both stared at the wet spot as it grew bigger then dripped a milky liquid from around her nipple. Patty stood up and smiled as she said, "We had our first child a few months ago and I breast feed him." Jack's cock throbbed and danced in the palm of my hand when he heard her say that.

Patty went and sat beside Jack placing her hand on top of mine in his lap. We both squeezed at his hard cock with our hands. I moved my hand back to George's hard cock in his pants. I rubbed at his and Jack's cock as I thought about having them both at the same time. Jack reached down and removed our hands from his lap. "Girls you keep that up and I am going to have a wet spot in my pants," Jack said smiling at us.

We all had a little laugh then Patty added, "Now that is how you tease," smiling at me. "And now lets go please," I replied smiling back at her. "Your room or ours?" Patty asked. "Better make it yours as our spare bed is a little wet right now," I replied with a little laugh.

Patty and George walked us to their room. We entered and George turned some music on as Patty pushed Jack to the bed. George climbed up into the other bed as their room also had double beds. Patty came to me and wrapped her arms around me. Her big tits pressing tightly against my mine own. "Let's give the boys a little show," Patty whispered into my ear. Patty and I danced to the music as we kissed. Her lips were soft and gentle on mine as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue went into mine as they ran together in our mouths.

Patty unzipped the back of my dress as I unzipped the back of hers. Patty slipped my dress from me letting it fall to the floor as she danced me out of it. I was only in my push up bra and my pantyhose as I danced her out of her dress. Patty had on just that garter belt on underneath her dress as well as a nursing type bra.

I saw that one of the flaps to her nipple had come opened or maybe she had opened it. Her long thick nipple and the dark color areola stuck out the opening in her bra. I looked down to her pussy, which was covered in bushy red hair. Patty turned me so I was facing the bed where the boys sat. With herself behind me, she moved both hands to my breasts. Patty cupped them, squeezed them and pinched at my nipples through my bra.

She kissed at my neck then worked her mouth down my back to my bra. I do not know how she did it but she unhooked my bra with her teeth as my bra fell forward from my tits into her hands under each tits. I slipped my arms through the bra straps as Patty left it fall to the floor. Her hands caressing my breasts as her own tits rubbed into my back.

As she played with my tits, I left a hand run down to my hairy pussy. I rubbed the palm of my hand against it between my crotch less pantyhose. "Ahhh Patty," I moaned softly as she kissed at my neck then the side of my face.

Her fingers pulled and twisted at my nipples as a small orgasm came over me. It was just enough to get my juices flowing. Her hands fell from my tits as I spun around getting behind her. I used my hands to unhook her bra from behind her. I slipped it from her as I kissed at her neck. I looked to Jack and George upon the beds.

They both had slipped from their clothes. They were naked upon the bed with their backs against the headboard. They both had their hard cocks in their hands pulling on them as they watched us.

I danced Patty between the two beds and toward Jack as I cupped my hands around her huge breasts. Her big fucking tits barely fit into my hands as I caressed and teased her hard long nipples with my fingers. I moved both my hands around just her areola and her nipples. I squeezed gently and pulled at this area. "AHhhhh Ann," Patty moaned softly. Warm tit milk started to drip and coat my fingers as I played with her tits. It went from just a drip to a stream of milk shooting from her tits.

I aim her milk spray toward the cock in Jack's hand.

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Patty's milk splashed against his hand and cock as he kept pumping at his cock. Jack moved his hand from his cock licking at her milk on it as I moved her toward George on the other bed. I milked her tits over top of his cock as well. Her milk was flowing freely as it coated his coat. Patty turned in my arms facing me with milk dripping from her tits. She placed her hands to the back of my head kissing me once. She then pulled my face into her tits.

My hands wrapped around her tits as I squeezed them again bringing forth her milk. I licked at the milk dripping from her huge tits.

I placed my mouth around her tit as I started to suckle upon her tit. Her warm milk filled my mouth in fact it over flowed my mouth spilling from the sides of my mouth. I went from one tit to the other suckling and squirting her warm milk into my mouth and onto my face. My pussy twitched as my juices dripped from my pussy lips. Patty lifted my face from her tits. She kissed me and licked at her milk upon my face.

Her hand went to my pussy as mine went to hers. We kissed deeply as our fingers went between our pussy lips. We fingered each other as we kissed. We both were pumping our pussies into the others finger until we added another finger into our pussies. Her two fingers went to my G spot as mine went to hers. "AHHhhhhh Ann," Patty moaned into my mouth. "AHhhhhhh Patty," I moaned into hers.

Our fingers dug at our spots at the same time. We had orgasm at the same time with our pussy juices squirting onto the others fingers and hand. We enjoyed our pleasure kissing as we removed our fingers.

Patty broke our kiss as she turned me toward George. "You take him and I will take him," Patty said turning toward Jack. George lay there with his cock still wet from her milk. I climbed onto the bed taking his cock into my hand.

I licked her milk from his cock then pumped at his cock with my hand. George moved down in the bed grabbing me and placing me so we were in a 69. His tongue licked at my pussy as my head bobbed on his cock. George's cock was of average length about six inches long. It was a little thicker than Jack's cock but I still managed to wrap my lips around it. I wrapped my hand around his cock just under his dick head. I squeezed at it with my hand as I milked his pre- cum from his cock.

I licked at it with my tongue letting it string from his cock to my tongue. I played with his pre- cum then took his cock fully into my mouth. I worked my mouth down until I had my nose pressed against his body. I started to move my mouth up and down on his cock taking it almost all the way out of my mouth before running my mouth back down on it. "AHHhhhhhh Jack," Patty moaned loudly. I glanced over to see him between her legs never taking George's cock from my mouth. I knew he was doing his ABC's on her pussy with his tongue.

My pussy twitched knowing he was giving her pleasure. George was bringing me to my first orgasm with his tongue. I rocked my pussy against his face as my pussy gave him a little taste of my juices.

George pulled his face from my pussy as he asked, "Can I take you doggy?" I pulled my mouth from his cock giving it a little lick on the head of his cock as I did.

I got onto my hands and knees sideways in the bed. George got off the bed and stood behind me as I watched Patty pushing Jack's face from between her legs as she told him she had enough of his lovely tongue and wanted to sit upon his cock. George took his cock and ran it between my pussy lips a few times before he stuck it up inside me.

His cock slipped easily into my wet dripping pussy. He started to fuck me from behind. With each stroke, he increased the speed and the depth to which he fucked. Patty was now on top of Jack kissing him as she rode his cock. This woman could ride a cock as well. She pulled her pussy up until only the head of his cock was in her pussy. Then she slammed it back down upon his cock. Jack's cock became juicy with her white cream from her pussy as she rode him.

"AHhhhh George," I moaned as I felt his thumb slip into my asshole. He started to slam his cock into my pussy from behind as his thumb fucked my asshole. His hard cock started to knock the air from my pussy from behind. My pussy started to fart long and loudly with each stroke of his cock. I buried my head into the bed embarrassingly as my pussy farts filled the room. "Yeah made her pussy talk," Jack cried out from the bed. I raised my head and looked at him.

He was smiling at me as Patty was now sitting upon his cock bouncing up and down on it. I smiled make at him as I mouthed I love you to him. He mouthed it back to me then we both went back to fucking Patty and George. Jack grabbed Patty's tits and started to milk them with his hands.

Boob milk splashed against his face as he pulled on her tits. My pussy convulsed tightly around George's cock as her tit milk streamed from her tits. I pumped my pussy at George's cock as he buried it deeply up inside of me.

He wiggled his thumb wildly in my ass setting a powerful orgasm off in me. "AHhhhhhh fuck Ann," George cried out as I felt his cock throb in me.

His cock shot three short blasts of cum up inside me as he wiggled that thumb around I in my ass. I moved forward pulling his cock from my pussy as it squirts some of its own juices. My juices soaked him and the bed as my orgasm seemed to go on as long as he wiggled his thumb in my ass. "AHHhhh Jack give me your cum," Patty screamed as Jack's hand went to her butt.

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Jack started to fuck her from beneath. He was driving his cock hard and fast up into her as she rode his cock. He slammed it fully up into her and moaned. I knew he was shooting cum deeply in her pussy. Patty looked down into his face as she said, "I love you Jack," before she kissed him with passion.

I just stared at them as she kissed him. George's cum started to run from my pussy dripping onto the bed. He removed his thumb from my ass and joined me on the bed. I just stayed on my hands and knees staring at Jack and Patty. I had not been concerned as she sucked and fucked Jack however I was concerned about her words of "I love you," to him.

Patty rolled from top of Jack and sat at the edge of the bed looking at me with her legs spread wide. Cum was dripping and flowing from her pussy. Patty stood up then bent over taking my face into her hands, she kissed me deeply as her pussy farted loudly as cum ran down her thighs. Patty broke our kiss as she said, "I love you too Ann," smiling at me. That made me feel a little bit better however I saw that night that I did not care for another woman telling Jack she loved him even if she told me the same.

In my time of sharing Jack with Janet she never had said those words to him at least that I could remember. I was concerned if this was jealousy forming in my heart. Was this woman in love with Jack after only one fuck? Did Jack enjoy her as much as she did him? Was our first night of sharing with another couples to be our last? Those thought raced through my head as we dressed and left their room. That will end this chapter. Those questions answered in my next chapter.

This chapter is long especially in the beginning as it dealt with Jack's problem, which everyone thought was Vietnam however you as I did found out his problem was me not that war. I told of it because it filled in some of why he did want he did also because it will play a part in future chapters as well.

As always write to me at my email which is in my first chapter, when you do ask to see me in that red outfit I wore for Jack during our sex at the resort as I have pictures posing in it, my lush lips painted red to match my outfit.