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Mimi stood in her dressing room getting ready for her performance. All around her were make up artists and hair stylists getting her ready.

Her hair was back to her natural brown colour. Her first talent agent told her to drop the pink hair to focus on her more natural beauty.

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She wore a stylish and tasteful jeans and jean jacket combo completed with a long scarf. Mimi warmed up her angelic voice and her attendants marvelled at her excellence. The life of an idol was not an easy one but Mimi had gotten used to it. It had been a long hard climb to the top but she was tough and resilient.

"2 minutes Mimi" the stage manger told her. "Be right out" she replied. Mimi sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. She stared at her luscious brown hair and her perfectly formed body.

She had been truly gifted and blessed in her life and now it was time to give back to the world. She strutted out to the edge of the stage. She peered out and thousands of her biggest fans waited patiently in anticipation. She smiled at them for they were so loyal and sweet.

They were not just her bread and butter they were her friends. She nodded and walked out to the stage. Her fans exploded with cheers at the sight of their hero.

She grabbed the microphone and belted her voice out over the auditorium. But it was all a lie. The massive auditorium was a small dingy bar off the highway. Her classy outfit was a tight leather corset. Her thousands of screaming fans a group of truckers and shady tourists their hands full of the lowest bills they could get. The stage much smaller in scale with a long pole in the middle. Mimi strutted her sexy body around the stage thrusting her hips in the customer's faces in perfect time to the music.

She moved gracefully over to the pole and began straddling it. She gave off small innocent moans that drove the customers to cheer. Several 500 yen bills flew on the stage raining down on Mimi. In her mind the bills were confetti shot out of cannons.

In her mind everything was perfect. Her life wasn't always like this it was a slippery slope. An 18-year-old Mimi stood outside the audition room. She is preparing to audition to be an Idol. She was drenched in sweat and couldn't keep her mind from running to failure. She panted heavily. "Just relax you've got this.

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You are beautiful, you can sing, you can dance and you have been preparing for this your whole life. You can do this, you will do this." She told herself. "Next number 72." Mimi smiled and nodded. Her being radiated with confidence. She walked into the room full of judges. The judges all looked at her with cold and calculating eyes. A shiver of fear echoed though her body. She smiled at them and gathered her courage.

"Hello my name is Mimi Tachikawa and I am here to audition to be an idol." The judges begin writing down details. More fear filled Mimi's heart. "Why did I say what I'm here to audition for? They obviously know" she thought to herself. An older female judge glared at her. "So what talents do you possess? "I'm the total package. I'm a fantastic singer, I act, I dance and well you can see my looks." The older female judge looks at her and shrugs her head.

A male judge questions her. "So what is your ultimate goal in this business?


Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?" Mimi freezes on the spot. She hadn't even thought of that. Her whole life was focused on being an idol. She thought that being an idol was all it took. She began stuttering. "Well you know&hellip.I kind of just want to be……popular with the fans and be a sort of…&hellip.symbol for them to get behind." The judges all exchange disappointing glances.

The male judge speaks up. "Well let's not waste any time let's hear you sing." Mimi nodded and grabbed the microphone. She let out a sigh and looked at the judges with a big smile on her face. She began to sing with all of her marvellous voice.

Some of the judges smiled and nodded and some simply made notes in their books. The male judge looked at Mimi with a smile on his face. He watched her mouth open wide for the high notes with a sly smirk on his face. Mimi finished her song and the judges nodded slowly. The older female judge spoke up. "We will discuss it and we will give you a call." "Thank you so much for your time?" Mimi gave a very polite deep bow.

The male judge looked down her top and stared at her bountiful cleavage. Mimi walked out and leaned against a wall outside. She questioned wither she did well enough and would they pick her?

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"You did very well." Mimi turned to find the male judge standing next to her. He leaned next to her and began smoking a cigarette. "Thank you very much sir." "Out of all the girls who came out today I think that you have the best natural talent.

It's too bad the other judges are unsure about you." Mimi's world began to disappear around her. How could they not like her?


"What did I do wrong?" "Well it's not what you did in a manner it's what you will do. A lot of girls your age become idols and they completely lose themselves to vanity and fame. They are completely ignorant because they never suffered and have no sense of shame. They flame out unable to handle the pressure." "I can handle it I can handle anything! Just give me a chance!" The judge smiled at her widely. "I trust you but you are going to have to prove it.

Come with me I'd like to record you and show it to the others." Mimi looked at the judge with hesitation. It seemed odd to her that he was being so caring but this was her dream.

She nodded and got into the man's car. The two traveled to his house. Mimi walked around the house and marvelled at how massive it was. The producer walked over to her with wine. "Oh I can't have that though I'm underage." "Oh come on it's just a glass of wine besides there is going to be a lot of wine and champagne at your photo shoots and concerts so don't worry" "Oh thank you." Mimi took the drink and smiled at him.

He smiled back." "Would you mind if we took some pictures for your modeling?" "Do you think that is ok? I mean I'm not an idol yet." "Trust me it is going to happen. Besides we need pictures for our clients to judge you by." "Oh ok should I find some other clothes?" "No those will be fine." "Ok let's go." The judge grabbed a camera and Mimi smiled.

She stood with her hands behind her back trying to look cute and he began taking pictures." "Go for a little sexier our clients love that and undo a couple of buttons on your shirt." Mimi paused for a moment but did as she was told. She leaded and arched her back. She moved on all fours and flashed her cleavage. She slowly crawled forward very slowly.

A bulge began to appear in the judge's pants. He panted as he photographed her. "Try dancing a little Mimi. I want to see everything that you have." The judge put on some music. Mimi closed her eyes and smiled.

She began to dance around the room gracefully. With her eyes closed she moved around the room as though she knew it perfectly. Her body floated like a feather to the music's beat.

She was completely calm. Dancing always made her feel like she was on another world. The music turned off and she stopped. She opened her eyes to find herself face to face with a massive penis! The judge stood over her completely naked. Mimi screamed and backed up slowly. "What are you doing?" "Celebrating your imminent career. You have shown me that you are beautiful now you need to prove that you can follow instruction." "Well you can forget it!" Mimi moved to the door.

"I was right you give up too easily. You don't have what it takes. You are just a spoiled little daddies girl." Mimi stopped in her tracks. "What do you mean?" "Oh come on Mimi don't be ignorant. To be an idol you need to be tough and put everything on the line for your career. This is a business of giving and if all you want is to get then go ahead and walk out that door.

If you really want to be somebody then get over here and show me that you have what it takes to make it." Mimi stopped and thought to herself for a moment. Could she do this? She was hard worker there was no mistake in that. She didn't want to be seen as a bottom feeder of her parents. It was time to make her own sacrifices. She moved over to the judge.

He smiled and directed her to his massive cock. "Something tells me you know what to do. Now do it!" Mimi slowly reached out and grabbed the cock. It was like nothing she had ever felt it was both hard and soft. It was also more massive then she imagined one to be. Despite all of her popularity and many rumours she had never even so much as seen a real penis.

She moved her hands up and down going faster and faster. The judge glared at her. "That is not what I want you have to suck it bitch!" Mimi flinched. She didn't even know how to do it properly. She remembered watching porn and did her best to mimic the porn stars. She grabbed the cock tightly and lightly licked the tip. The taste was overbearing, a mix of sweat and precum. She stopped only for a moment and forced herself to continue. She began licking the shaft up and down and swirled her tongue over the balls.

The judge smiled and rubbed her hair. She knew what to do next. She put her mouth over the cock and began sucking it slowly. She looked up at the judge with a look of pure innocence. He smiled and forced her head deeper. She struggled to inhale but knew she had to continue. She could not stop no matter what. She sucked up and down as fast as she could ignoring the disturbing feeling. The judge panted loudly and screamed.

A wave of semen burst from his penis. Mimi's mouth filled with the spunk and the horrible taste was too much for her. She spit it out all over the floor. The judge grew angry and smacked her hard.

"Damn it do you know how much that carpet costs? You are going to need to learn to swallow." "I'm sorry it just tasted so bad." "Don't worry you will get used to it." "What do you mean?" "Do you think that this will be the only time? I'm going to need a lot of thanks for everything I am going to do for you.

Now I am willing to forgive the carpet but now you are going to have to up the ante." Mimi looked at him in confusion. He looked down at her sexy body and smiled. "No I've never done that. I can't do it!" "Well then forget it. You can go on back home and let daddy take care of you." Mimi winced at the thought of going back to her father.

He believed in her so much. He couldn't let him down. She stood up with tears in her eyes. She sat on the edge of the couch and began slowly taking off her clothes. She undid her shirt and took off her bra. The judge smiled.

"My you have real assets please continue." More tears rolled down her eyes and she couldn't bring herself to go any farther. The judge became angry. "Oh damn it here I'll do it." The judge ran over and flipped her on her stomach. He ripped off her shorts and panties in one violent tear. He gazed at her perfect untouched pussy and smiled. "My you weren't kidding about never doing this before.

Oh I've been waiting for a girl like you." Mimi let out a shallow breath. It was at this time in the porn that the man would lick and finger the woman's pussy making her feel as good as she made him. However this wasn't a porn it was real life! The judge stuck his penis into her as fast and hard as she could. Mimi was unable to scream the pain was unbearable. Blood leaked from her vagina and the judge once again smiled. He began pounding her harder and faster. Mimi tried to form words but nothing came out.

She merely let out small pants of pain. It felt wrong so wrong. Was this the glorious act of sex she had been told about? There was no pleasure just pain and humiliation.

With every thrust of her forcer she felt whatever pride and dignity melt away. It was as if she was losing all sense of her former self. Ten minutes went by that felt like hours. Finally the judge let out another loud scream.

He pulled out of her fast causing her to feel as though part of her flesh had been ripped off. He shot a load of semen all over her ass.

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He smacked her ass hard but she barely felt it. Her whole body had reached the limit. She lay on the couch unable to move. She panted shallowly. The judge put back on his pants. "Sorry for denying you my load but I can't afford to have you get pregnant." Mimi merely let out an inaudible scream as a response.

The judge's phone rang. He went and answered it. He moved over to Mimi and began fingering her still sore pussy. "Oh hello Mary. Yes I have reached a decision and I think that Mimi would make a perfect idol. She has everything going for her. Ok great call her tomorrow I think she will be tired after today.

Ok thanks bye. Looks like I just got your big break you're welcome." That was the first time Mimi gave up her body and dignity to move her career forward. It would not be the last. Throughout her career she would continue to sleep with her agents, managers or even an occasional investor. As the judge told her she did in fact get used to it. She learned to swallow cum without any hesitation.

She learned to take penis like a true porn star. However no matter how many times she had sex she never had an orgasm nor did she ever enjoy the act. She had to learn to fake moans well the men used her. She was good at it. True to his word the judge made her an idol. She became one of the most sought after women in Japan. She was on the cover of every commercial magazine in the country.

She was finally living her dream and if that meant a little bit of shame behind the scenes then so be it. She was finally happy. Then everything changed. Mimi walked into her agent's office to find a pretty young girl with pigtails sitting in front of him. Mimi looked at him with confusion on her face. "Who is she?" Her agent smiled. "Mimi this is Yoko. She is our new model." Mimi smiled and sighed in relief. Yoko got up and hugged her.

"Oh my god I can't believe that I am meeting you. You are like my hero I want to be just like you!" Yoko replied in a very ditsy manner. "How old are you anyway?" "I'm like 15 and two quarters?" Mimi laughed. "What is she going to be modeling dolls?" Mimi's agent became uncomfortable. "Well she is going to be doing a few things you know pink, tatami stuff like that." "Wait those are all my clients." The agent became even more nervous.

"Listen Mimi our company is focused on keeping up with modern trends. A new trend has stared in the west and 15 is the new 18. Listen you had a great run as a model but it's time for you to move on." "You're firing me!" "No Mimi it's just we feel it's time for you to use your skills for something better.

I'm sure that you will be big in whatever you do." But he was wrong. Mimi tried to become a dancer but the world had changed. What passed for dancing was little more then people pretending to have a seizure. The world had no respect for those with proper training deeming them too "old fashioned." She moved into acting however it would seem like the world of film and television had no respect for models feeling that they relied on their looks.

The world of singing had changed as well and teens ruled the scene. Only 22 years old and already she was washed up. One year later she was still trying desperately to become a star. She sat underneath her agents desk sucking his cock well he worked on the phone.

Sucking cock had become second nature to her now as automatic and thoughtless as brushing her teeth. Her agent hung up the phone and smiled. "Mimi I have great news." "What is it?" She asked well still sucking his cock.

She had handled so many big ones that her mouth could fit anything and still function. "I just got you the role in a feature film." "Oh my god are you serious? This is fantastic." Mimi began to jump for joy. "Yes I came through for you again. You know what that means." Without any hesitation or thought Mimi lay on his desk and pulled off her panties.

Her agent began to attack her body acting as though he was rocking her world. In truth Mimi felt nothing she merely stared at the ceiling and focused her mind on the word "star". Later that week Mimi and her agent arrived on set. A genuine childlike excitement filled her again. She walked into the set and found only a bed with a naked white man getting make his hair ready. "What is this?" She asked. Her manager smiled. "This is your film. It's a little film called Eastward and Down.

You play the sweet Japanese schoolgirl whose life is changed by a visiting American tourist. You fall madly in love with him and he opens you up to a whole new world of sexuality." "Wait is this a porn film?" "Yes it's the best I could get for you. Now I know you may think that this is beneath you but trust me this is merely a first step. Some big name actors got their starts in porn." Mimi hesitated.

Porn was the lowest form of entertainment. She looked at the actor and then at her smiling agent. She sighed. After all what did it matter? Sex was just a natural part of her life. She might as well officially be paid to do it.

She agreed and became a porn star. Over 20 porn films and still no real acting jobs came her way. As with modeling in porn you age out quickly.

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Mimi's career was over. She found herself without a job and no real skills. She found herself stripping and served herself out to prostitution just to pay for food and a hotel room. An overweight disgusting customer pounded her hard on her hotel room bed.

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He panted like a wild animal and kept telling her how much he loved her. Mimi simply stared at the ceiling waiting for this horrible act to be over. Finally the man finished. He collapsed beside her and panted even louder. He rubbed her breasts and smiled at her. "For a performance like that I should be charging you huh?" Mimi didn't even look at the man or acknowledge his pathetic attempt at humour.

"Your time is up if you want to go again it's going to be another 6000 yen." "Oh can't get enough of me huh? Well not today but I'll be back." The man kissed her on the lips she only allowed it because she earned extra money that way and every yen counted.

The man left and Mimi continued to stare at the ceiling. She wanted to cry out in sadness but she couldn't. She had lost her ability to cry a long time ago. Instead she called out to the darkness. "Father I am so sorry." She wanted to go home but she knew it was useless. Her father had disowned her after her first porn film. She was alone. So there she was stripping and fucking for survival. Her only defense was the lie that she made herself believe. The lie that told her that she was still living her dreams.

Her concert finished and she went back to her dressing room. She picked the bills out of her corset but in her mind a fan had given her flowers. She got dressed and headed out back hoping not to run into any crazy groupies. A voice sounded from behind her. "Hey long time no see." Mimi turned and smiled. "Good to see you old friend."