Teen beauty screwed by a senior captain

Teen beauty screwed by a senior captain
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Katy normally was very plain. She didn't put a lot of effort into how she looked or what she wore. Her makeup selection was minimal at best. Her body type was not impressive. She slouched as she walked, her breasts hadn't really developed and her hair always looked unkempt.

That is, before she put on the dress. As she slipped the dress over her head and let it fall naturally, she turned towards the mirror hopefully. Nervous butterflies flew around in her stomach as she did this. A second passed. Ten seconds. Thirty. A minute. The hope faded from her face, but the butterflies didn't disappear. In fact, they seemed to be growing. She looked down and touched her stomach as the fluttering changed to a heat deep in her stomach. The heat changed to a fire and she cringed and hunched over slightly.

Her eyes were closed tightly and she was hugging her stomach tightly.

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"Aaah!" she let out uncontrollably. The fire began to spread throughout her torso. Her mind was trying to race through all of the possible scenarios, but it suddenly began to feel as if it were splitting apart.

Her brain ached, her thoughts were centered completely around making the pain stop. The fire kept moving outward, ignoring her mental pleas. Her body was a furnace from the end of her toes to the top of her head. It finally brought her to her knees as she let out a whimper. Without any apparent reason, it suddenly began to go from a raging heat to a dull burning. She slowly peeled her eyes open and gradually let her arms fall away from her stomach.

She looked down at her hands, gasping. They were changing in front of her eyes. The fingers were becoming slighter, the nails shinier. Her hands were more petite now.

They had gained some color and lost their clammy paleness. Something began to invade her lower peripheral and she bent her head down slightly to see her breasts beginning to grow larger. She looked up excitedly to see them in the mirror. Her breaths were becoming more rapid as she saw her bra finally being filled out. She noticed that her bra had changed from black to white and had changed sizes. She looked up to see a confused stranger staring back at her.

She was stunning. She lifted one of her beautiful hands up to her face slowly and touched her now flawless skin. She stood up with her hands still holding her new face. Her gaze moved to her legs to see a brand new pair.

The muscles stood out from them perfectly, not excessively. Her butt was more defined.

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Her thighs curved gently to her smaller waist. Her excitement was obvious as she let her hands explore her new body. She had become perfect in her mind. In her mind, it was as if it had been torn in half. One half was her old past which suddenly ended when she put the dress on. The other was her new past; what had happened to her throughout life as she grew up to be this beautiful girl in front of the mirror.

She heard a somewhat frantic knock at the door and saw it open before she said anything. She let her hands fall from her body as her brother stuck his head in and looked around the room. She noticed a mixture of confusion and worry on his face. "You good, sis?" he asked. "I thought I heard you yell something and then fall." She stared at him for a few seconds before answering.

"Do I look the same?" she asked, not noticing his question. There was a dreamy tone to her voice.

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He got a funny smirk on his face as he decided to step into the room. "You look like you always do. Why?" "I was just wondering." "You look beautiful, as usual." He wondered to himself why this all actually seemed different than usual.

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He brushed the thought aside as he playfully added, "just like me, remember?" She rolled her eyes and responded, "you realize we aren't identical. Remember?" He smiled as he saw her become her regular self. "Wait! Are you saying that my body isn't as rocking as yours?

Because I think I'm actually pretty good looking? Do you not?!" he asked mockingly. She laughed and said, "get out!" as she started to push him out the door. He was playfully struggling the whole time. As the door finally closed, she let out a sigh and looked around the room. It had changed just as much as she had. Everything was lighter and organized differently. She had to organize her memories to remember where everything was and how it was arranged. She moved towards the closet to hang the new dress up and get ready for dinner with her family.

---------- That evening, she prepared to take a shower as usual. She was so nervous just to take a shower. To see her new body. To touch her new body. She slowly started to disrobe in front of the mirror in the bathroom. As she got down to her bra and panties, her hands began to shudder. She reached back to unclasp her lacy white bra.

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It slowly fell off of her body to finally set her perfect breasts free. She reached up to her chest to feel them, her breathing ragged and quick. She massaged them gently, paying special attention to her right breast first, then her left. They felt so amazingly soft. She instinctively began to lift a finger up to her lips and slowly licked it before bringing it down to her right nipple and pinching it gently.

She let out a small moan. It was so sensitive. She glanced down to see that her white panties had a small wet spot on them. Reluctantly, she took her hand and moved it down to her stomach. Sliding it down, she slipped it under the strap of her panties to feel the wetness. The sensation was so new to her. She had never done this in her other past.

She brought her hand back up to her face to smell the musky flavor. She was so hot. She had to get in the shower now or she never would. She quickly turned the water on, slipped her panties down and stepped into the large shower. She was happy to feel the water flowing over her body.

It was the perfect way to end a day filled with so much strangeness. She washed her luscious hair and used some new products on it that she never would have thought to use before. She reached for the soap to wash her body and began to lather it into her skin. It felt so sensual rubbing it all over herself. As she slipped her soapy hand between her legs, a new electric feeling ran up her stomach.

She had never really experienced being horny before because of her disinterest in people but this new body was so excited to feel something rub all over her pussy.

With her hand still rubbing her pussy, she leaned against the cold wall to stabilize herself. She didn't even notice the cold feeling as her finger rubbed up and down her slit. "oooohhhmygosh!" A knock at the bathroom door woke her up from her horny dream. "Come on, sis! Other people need to take a shower tonight!" she heard her brother yell through the door. "Shit," she muttered to herself. She needed to get off right now and now she didn't have the time.

She got done washing, turned the shower off and dried herself.

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After she brushed her teeth and got ready for bed, she put on a robe and went back into her room. ---------- She laid on the bed and sighed. She was still so horny. To take her mind off of this situation, she rolled over to get her diary out of the drawer of the bedside table.

She opened the drawer and stopped. Her new memories popped into her head as she saw that her diary was not in the drawer. It was full of papers and pictures from her friends at school. And suddenly she remembered the other item in there. She dug to the very bottom of the drawer below everything and pulled the prize out. It was a gift that an older cousin that she was close to had given her as a joke. She took the cloth from around it to reveal a thin six inch vibrator. She held it in her hand and stared at it.

It had never been used. She reached up with her other hand to twist the bottom of it to turn it on to its lowest setting. It started to vibrate in her hand and she twisted it back quickly to turn it off. She set it down next to her and laid on her back. She grabbed the rope that held her robe together and tugged on it. She opened her robe and lay there naked, unsure of how to proceed.

She slid her hand down her stomach and between her legs again. She found her vagina ready and waiting.

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Her fingers ran down the slit until she felt her juices on her fingers. Then she took her hand away and reached for the toy beside her. Her hand held the vibrator and began to slip towards her pussy one inch at a time. She let out a slow breath and then finally touched herself with it. She was cautious at first, but timidly began to move it back and forth along her slit. Her breasts were moving up and down a little quicker now and her other hand moved up to one of them.

It grabbed hard and moved it all around before starting to pinch the nipple. The pressure she put on her nipple made her other hand unintentionally apply some extra pressure. The tip of it pushed into here hole and surprised her, "Oh!" She took it out quickly and looked down to see it.

She brought it up to her face and saw the tip shine with her wetness.


She brought it closer and without even considering, moved it to her lips. She rubbed it around her lips a couple times then slipped it into her mouth.

"Mmm," she let out. She moved it back and forth in her mouth a couple times until it was decently lubed. Then she took it from her mouth and down to her hole once again, sliding it up and down. Finally, she slowly applied the pressure to insert it into her begging hole. The groan she let out was much louder than she expected. It was not going to take long for her to cum. She pushed the vibrator as deep as it would go into her and let out a very loud cry.

In the back of her mind she realized that someone was bound to hear so she tried to be quieter. She started to twist it as it went in and out and accidentally turned it on and forgot completely about being quiet, "Goooooodddd mmmmmm!" She was getting so close to cumming.

Her pussy was throbbing. Her legs were squirming. Her chest was heaving. She closed her mouth and bit her lower lip as she prepared for her explosive orgasm.


Suddenly her moment was ruined by yet another knock on her door. Her movements were fast as she slipped the toy from between her legs and turned it off.

She closed her robe and hid everything that needed to be hidden. "What!" she yelled. He opened the door with a sly grin and she glared at him, "what do you want John." "Sorry to interrupt you, but I need a ride to school tomorrow.

Cool?" She grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door as it closed quickly.

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"Jackass!!" she yelled at him through the door. Her evening was ruined. To be continued