Nasty beauty gets cum shot on her face gulping all the jism

Nasty beauty gets cum shot on her face gulping all the jism
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I had overheard two high school girls talking about a party so I decided to crash it. I didn't really think I would get in being only 13 so as opposed to being embarrassed when I failed going with a friend I decided to go alone.

I told my parents that I was going over a friend's and asked if it was alright if I stayed the night. My school work was done so the grudgingly agreed. I put on a nice top and skirt but not too nice. I didn't want my parents to think I was going to a party and I headed out.


It took me almost an hour walking to get to where the party was but arrived when it was still kinda light outside. I walked nervously up to the door expecting to be turned away at any moment. Not only was I not turned away I was basically ignored.

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I walked right into the house through the open doorway. Then I saw a guy headed toward me, beer in hand. I thought "yep, here's the bouncer" but all he did was hand me the beer and say "drink up, enjoy." He turned and left and I continued to walk in.

I have had some beer before, never a whole one, but enough to get a bit of a buzz to know what a buzz was like. So I started on this beer. I walked around a while, bored as hell because everyone was talking but not to me.

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My beer buddy was headed toward me beer in hand. He started to take my beer but stopped and said, "you need to finish that so you can have this one." I guzzed the last half of the beer and he replaced it with the one in his hand and said.

"hey, I'll be back in just a couple of minutes. My shift as deliverer is almost over, ok?" I said ok and he took off again. I started in on the next beer drinking a little bit faster than before.

All of a sudden I was feeling like I was going to fall down. Not like a buzz just couldn't stand. I felt an arm go around my waste and one grab my elbow. "Hey you feeling ok?" It was my beer buddy.

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"I think I drank my beer to fast." "Let me get you someplace where you can sit down for a few minutes." I let him lead me to who knows were. He set me down on a bed and I just fell backwards. He went over and closed the door. I wanted to say something but couldn't. He turned around and smiled at me.

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Not a nice smile but a one with a dark meaning behind it. I tried to lift a hand but it felt like it weighed a ton. I tried to turn my head to see if anyone else was in the room but it wouldn't move either. He came over and talked to me and told me how pretty I was.


But I was scared. I tried to tell him I couldn't move. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to a seated position. I felt like a ton weight but he lifted me up easily. Then he grabbed my top and started pulling it up.

I tried to yell at him to stop but nothing came out. He stopped for a moment and I thought he would put it back down but he was only stopping to grab my bra on the way up. As my top and bra cleared my head I fell back onto the bed. I wanted to move my hand to cover my breast but my arms were too heavy to move.

I wanted to yell at him but all I could do was cry.

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No sound came from me but I felt a tears well up in my eyes. He reached up and started playing with my breast telling me how cute and small they were. Then he started sucking on them and rubbing them and between my legs under my skirt.


He lifted my legs up and pushed them over my head. He grabbed my skirt and panties and pulled them off. My shoes were gone but I didn't remember them being taken off. He spread my legs and started kissing and licking my pussy. I could feel him but could do nothing. Then he lifted my legs again and move them onto the center of the bed. He pushed my body up toward the top of the bed. I could then see him undoing his belt. He moved my legs apart and got between them.

He kissed me and told me how beautiful I was. I could feel his hand playing with my pussy and he held himself above me. Then I felt his cock rubbing up and down my pussy. Then I felt him push into the opening. It hurt but he didn't care. Then he rammed all the way into me. I wanted to scream but all I heard was a whimper.

He started calling me a slut and whore and telling me how much I loved his cock fucking my cunt. He kept ramming into me and my body kept moving up till every time he rammed into me my head would hit on the bed's headboard.

He get going pushing harder and harder and faster and faster. Finally he stopped, it felt like all his weight was on my pussy. I could feel his cock pulsate in me and then I could feel his cum flood my pussy. He dropped on top of me and I could hardly breathe. He sat up and I felt his cock come out. He look down and got a huge grin. "fucking ya, you were a virgin! Now you're a real woman. You fucking better thank me." He got up and I heard him put on his pants.

He opened the door and said, "hot one in her, I got her cherry!" I heard the door close and thought I was alone but heard footsteps. I could see his top half and that he was moving taking his pants off. Without saying a word he got on the bed and moved between my legs and pushed himself into me and started pushing in and out. He stopped after a short time and sat up.

I thought he was done but he lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders. He pushed them toward me and I felt my butt come off the bed. He pushed into me again for just a few times and pulled out again. He leaned forward making my butt go higher. He slid his cock up and down my pussy a couple of times then pushed it against my asshole.

I tried to beg him not to but nothing would come out. He pushed into my ass and started fucking it as hard as the first guy had fucked my pussy. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down toward him and my head stopped hitting the headboard.

I didn't know you could feel a guy cum in your ass but I did. His cock didn't get soft like the first guys and he started pushing into me again. He was going and going and then pulled out.

I could see him grab his cock and stroke it as he move beside me and turned my head. He opened my mouth and pushed it in. I could smell and taste the shit from my own asshole.

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He started fucking my mouth and I could hardly breathe. It didn't take him much longer before he came and I got my first taste of cum. He got out and pushed the cum dribbling down my check into my mouth put his pants on and I heard the door open.

Then I heard a deep voice saying "she needs to have a real man." I saw a big guy, and he didn't look like he was in high school or college for that fact. I saw him strip completely and he kept calling me a fucking cunt and little whore. He came over and I could see his cock was huge.

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He reached down and grabbed my nipple and twisted and pulled them. Then he slapped my breasts each in turn and twisted and pulled my nipples again.

He grabbed my throat cutting off my air. Then he reached down and put his fingers in my pussy. I don't know how many he put in but it felt like he tried to get them all in. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard pulling my head back and my mouth fell open. He leaned over and spit several times into my mouth.

He got up on the bed between my legs and back to alternately slapping and squeezing my breasts and nipples till they burned.

Then he slapped my pussy a few times and asked if I was ready for a real man. He pushed into me and it was the first time since I got in that room I could hear myself. It was not a real scream but louder than the wimpers I had been hearing up till then.

He told me how much I must like having a real man in me. He fuck me hard and fill me with his cum. He pulled out and it still hurt he forced me over on my stomach and started spanking my butt. Each swat hurt more than the previous one. When he stopped I knew what he was going to do.

He grabbed my hair and pulled back keeping me from moving forward under the pressure of his cock against my asshole. It took him a little while to get in but once he was in he filled me. I thought I would pass out from the pain. I remember thinking the bed would break from how it bounced with him fucking my ass. I was relieved when I felt him cum knowing or at least hoping he would pull out. He lay on me for a long time before pulling out and I heard him putting his cloths back on.

The door opened and he left. The next thing I knew I was being turned back over. There were 2 guys there and they were ready for their turn. I heard other in the room but I was feeling hazy.

I know I was fucked many more times but I don't know if each guy was different or if some had raped me before. It was dark before I could start to move. When I could I put my cloths back on and left the house and headed home.

I still felt like I weighed a ton but I could move. I got into the house and got to my room. I crawled into bed and cried. My mother found me the next morning curled up in bed. She asked why I was home and I said I got sick and came home. She felt my head and told me to rest. I never told my parents.