Horny hungry twinks sucking dick

Horny hungry twinks sucking dick
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Laura, Chapter 6 (Nikki had his first sex with Laura's mother, Rita, and found a way to give her an intense orgasm, and they both fell in love in Chapter 5.

In this chapter Laura's parents become regular visitors, for Laura to have sex with her father and Nikki to have sex with her mother. The relationship between Nikki and Laura grows deeper, with the full approval of Laura.

Also, Richie visits, and it ends up with both Laura's father and Nikki adding ass-fucking of their respective partners to their repertoire.) Rita Davis's discovery of her full sexuality at my hands affected us both profoundly. Before she left me I told her that I had fallen in love with her and if Jack and Laura did not exist I would immediately ask for her hand in marriage, with the full expectation that we would live a happy life so long as we were together.

In reply, she told me that if Jack and Laura did not exist she would accept my proposal immediately. We spent some more quiet time in each other's arms. When my in-laws had left, Laura asked me how I was with her mother. I said that I liked her, and that we had a good time because I was able to bring her to orgasm. Laura, very perceptive, merely said, "I'm glad you can make Mom happy," and she came over to me and held my hand as she looked into my eyes, knowing that I wasn't saying everything.

And that made me love my wife even more. The next time they came over, I got a pleasant surprise. Jack Davis said to me, "Thanks for teaching this old dog a new trick. Rita showed me what you did with her, and I did the same, and I couldn't believe how hot that made my wife.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have my old girlfriend back." I thought about it, and said, "You know, I guess I got brave because I figured that if Richie didn't tear her apart inside with that supergiant cock of his, one finger inside would be okay.

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I guess it worked out, didn't it." My father-in-law came over to me and put both hands on my shoulders and said, "Yes it did. And one of the nicest things was that Rita was brave enough to be honest about it, and it sure showed me that I don't know it all.

I'm really glad I have you for a son-in-law." Laura came over and put her head on my chest saying, "You know how to shut your mouth when you shouldn't be talking. I don't exactly know what Dad is talking about, but you did something with Mom that I don't understand because I wasn't there, but it looks like it really helped her." I caressed Laura and said, "Looks like it did and it taught me to love you both." My session with Rita Davis, my mother-in-law (only seven years older than I but still a mother-in-law), was sublime that night.

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We actually didn't do much fucking. We did a lot of caressing and kissing and stroking of hair. And we hugged so tight sometimes that we practically squeezed the breath out of each other.

For a few minutes she fell asleep in my arms and I caressed her body and her arms ever so gently. And when I dozed off for a few minutes I suspect I got the same. Richie came up in the conversation the next time they were over. Since the folks were so much more relaxed than even two weeks previously, more like good friends than in-laws, Laurie and I talked about our sessions with Richie, where he and I had to do a seesaw between Laura's pussy and ass in order to be able to go in and out, due to the giant size of Richie's cock.

That got Rita and Jack to talking about inviting Richie into a session. Jack had never fucked Laura in the ass. In our short history of sexual encounters, I had never fucked Rita Davis in the ass. Both Jack and Rita thought it would be interesting to try it. So Laura and I got hold of Richie and talked about it, and he lit up. Wow! And sure enough he came by when the folks visited again.

Jack got his first shot at Laura's ass while Richie, in his usual fashion, rammed her pussy. And Jack caught on to the seesaw game pretty fast. Well, it was a new experience, coming in Laura's ass, but he loved it. Next week, it was Rita's turn. Richie was no dummy.


He immediately picked up on the fact that Rita was more fragile than Laura. I was pretty gentle with Rita's ass, using a lot of lubrication, and Richie did not try to even come close to shoving the full length of his cock into Rita. When it looked as if she might be getting uncomfortable he stopped pushing. And then we did our seesaw act, and when Rita came she practically went unconscious, it was so powerful. I didn't notice until I was finished with my cum, which was very strong.

I couldn't help it but I felt as if I was tearing her ass apart. I felt as if I wanted to give Rita a hundred babies, everyone of them looking like her. Then, once I had shot it all into her ass and came down from my cum, I could pay attention to her.

Both Richie and I hugged her very gently, but she wanted more.

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When Richie pulled out for a minute, she bent over to grab his cock and put it into her mouth and lick it. That alone nearly got Richie to coming into Rita's mouth. It gave her an idea and she asked me for a glass. She stood up with the glass over her pussy, and Richie's cum dripped out into the glass, and she drank it down. She thought about it and decided it didn't taste half bad.

So she told Richie she was going to milk him into her mouth, and by golly, she did.

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She grabbed that giant cock with both hands and tried to shove as much of it into her mouth as possible. When he came, it practically choked her, but she had made up her mind that she was going to swallow it all and she did. And Richie really liked Rita. When she had sucked every drop of cum she could get out of his cock, he got down on his knees and kissed her all over her face, rubbed her back, and gave her a bunch of squeezes that she really liked.

Me, I kicked back and enjoyed the scenery. I wished I could have had a movie of that whole scene, and showed it on every movie screen in the United States, with the explanation that it was a good demonstration of real friendship.

In subsequent weeks, Richie wasn't there a lot of the time, and Rita asked for it from me in the ass more and more. And after a while, she liked it better when I didn't use any jelly whatever. She liked the rubbing, and for that matter, so did I. Meantime, the story we got from Jack and Laura was that they both liked it in her ass about half the time, and it was a stronger cum for Jack.

One night we did a foursome together, cock or pussy to mouth. Laura sucked off Jack while Jack sucked off Rita, and Rita sucked me off, and I sucked off Laura.

It just made me fall in love with Rita more, the way she dealt with my cock in her mouth and the way she swallowed my cum. My dear wife, bless her soul, must have eyes in the back of her head. The next day, when Jack was at work, Laura called up Rita and told her to drop by when Jack was on a business trip and I was home, for fuck sessions with me. When I started to object she shut me up. She said, "You and Mom are in love.

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Go for it. Don't worry about it. She's going to return to Daddy. Don't bother feeling guilty. You love me too and I love you and she loves Daddy and Daddy loves her and everything will be just fine." Jack worked for the city and had to go out of town for a few days at a time once in a while. That's when Rita would come over and spend as much as a full day with me alone, except for Laura's making us meals, and it gave us a lot of time to explore each other's body.

We were crazy in love. I swear my cock was stuck inside her pussy half the time. Laura never said a word. After three or four hours together she would come into the room and tell us to get into the shower, that she had put out the big towels, and we should do our kissing and washing and hugging and fucking in the shower, and we did. And when Rita left to go home, Laura explained to me, "I love the two of you so much that if Daddy weren't in the picture, I'd want you to have ten kids with her.

I would be your maid and babysitter and I would help to bring them up, so the two of you could stay together and fuck all day. When I see the fire in your eyes when you look at her, I am so glad I'm married to you. I am so glad you love my Mama so much. I'm so glad she loves you so much. Look, Nikki, if you feel if it is cheating on her to fuck me, it's okay.

I get my twice a week from Dad and plenty from Richie if he's around." I sat around on the bed, just crying. Laura had hit all bases. She was mine anytime I wanted her and she was willing to give up her position for her own mother, and let my cock belong exclusively to Rita. In fact, it was clear that if Jack got wind of this she would be perfectly happy to be Jack's full-time concubine, let Rita move in here with me, and family life would go on as it did in the past.

In fact, the next time Jack and Rita were over for supper, Laura asked Jack in front of the rest of us, "Hey Dad, how would you feel about my pussy and ass being available to you every day?" Jack tried to fathom the deeper meaning of the offer.

He knew that he preferred Laura to Rita anytime, but he would not give his wife a slap in the face in front of others by saying it out loud. So he said, "Well, honey, it's really a nice offer, but I do have a wife, you know." Rita looked down at her hands and said, "Jack, let's try a week with you living here and Nikki living with me in our place, and let's have a friendship day once or twice a week, where Nikki and I come here and we switch and do our lovemaking with our own mates.

We won't lose contact with each other.

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We'll all remember what it was like. If we want to switch back, we'll switch back." Jack said, "Come on outside and let's talk a little bit." Caressing Rita, he gestured toward the door and they walked out in each other's arms. Ten minutes later they were back and kissed each other like lovers. Jack said, "I'll sleep here with you, Laurie." Wordlessly, Rita and I went back to Rita's home and got changes of clothing for Jack, and brought them back, so he could have a full complement of clothing for at least that week.

And then, wordlessly, Rita and I went back to Jack and Rita's home, with a few changes of clothing for me and my laptop and books. When the clothing was hung up and the books and laptop put in place, then, Rita and I looked at each other and held hands. Our lips drifted toward one another and then I kissed the most beautiful woman in the world, even prettier than Laura.

Very gently, I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her shoulders. I unclasped her bra and removed it. I unbuttoned her skirt and slowly removed it. I gently took her shoes off. Then I slowly removed her pantyhose, exposing her heavenly vagina and that terrible scar marking where her uterus had been removed. And then she gently unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

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She pulled my T-shirt off. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down. I stepped out of them. She unlaced my shoes and took them off and she took off my stockings. As we stood there in the nude we held each other with incredible gentleness and gently placed our lips together. And then the passion began to come in waves. Our tongues gently licked each other. As my cock brushed against her clitoris the feelings drifted down, speeding up our hearts.

Our arms encircled each other's bodies. I said, "I love you. I am crazy in love with you." She answered, "I would die for you in an instant." We lay down in bed and ever so gently moved fingertips over the other's body everywhere, head to toe, barely touching lips, ribs, eyes, thighs, and of course, the central focus of it all, breasts, penis, and vagina. And when we were ready, we slowly inserted me inside her and then we held each other motionless, just kissing.

The remainder of that night was like a dream. All of the past lessons learned about turning up Rita's flames to white heat, to match the ardor emanating from me, they all came into play.

This was not just a matter of feelings. We were both burning with love. And when I suckled on that beautiful breast and inserted my finger into that beautiful vagina, my lover caught fire.

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It was pure selfishness to bring her to this stage of lust. Watching her body contort -- it was almost too beautiful for my eyes. And when I inserted myself inside her and felt the raging inferno I was unable to contain myself, and poured my inner being into her body, kissing her with great passion, unable to speak. And as we lay there, preparing for the next, and the next, we didn't know what to say. We had lost the power of expressing the depths of our love. Before she fell asleep, Rita said, "You won't be able to wake me up.

Please Nikki, please, if you want more or need more, fold me up and stuff it in the back and make me have a million babies." And she drifted off to sleep. I tossed and turned. I got up to look at her. Once in a while I bent down to kiss her. I ran my fingertips up and down her body. And then I lay down behind her, pressed up against her, and drifted off to sleep.

About six in the morning I woke up and had to get to the bathroom fast, because I was ready to pee. And when I came back, my beautiful lady lay there on her side, deep asleep. I couldn't get back to sleep. Finally I did exactly what Rita had told me to do. Wetting myself with saliva, working at it for a while, I stuffed my cock inside her ass and pressed up against her.

This gave me such a feeling of peaceful calm that I fell asleep buried inside her. I had a wonderful dream. A goddess had taken a liking to me and allowed me the privilege of sex.

While going through the act of intercourse, electricity emanating from my penis went all over my body. I touched her breast and electricity jumped through my hands and arms and completely engulfed me in an orgasm so powerful that I immediately shrunk and fell inside her and became her baby.

I awoke about 9 a.m. to Rita standing over me, brushing my forehead, saying, "Hi! You were out like a light. You don't remember anything, do you?" I said, "I'm supposed to remember something?" She said, "I awoke to find you deep asleep, but you were stuffed in my backside, so I decided to do you a favor.

I grabbed you with my butt and began moving back and forth, and in a little while you started moaning and became hard, and you put a hand on my breast. I wasn't going to let you slip out. I kept working at it and finally you screamed a little bit, and you had a giant cum inside me, and you bit the back of my neck, which I didn't mind, because I thought you might be having a heart attack, but it was just a giant cum." I got up, concerned, and looked at Rita's neck, and it certainly had bite marks.


I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I think I did a little bit of both. (There will be more, but I think I'm running out of stuff on Laura, so maybe one more chapter and I'll kick back for a while.)