Aviva Rocks und ihre deutsche freundin mit grossen Titten

Aviva Rocks und ihre deutsche freundin mit grossen Titten
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PART 6: Mr. Taylor I MUST WARN YOU, if you're only hear just for the SEX pieces of the story, this isn't for you. Please feel free to read Parts 1-5 of the series if that's what you're here for.

Part 6 is going to be a VERY different kind of read. I actually have a surprise.this series was only supposed to be a 6-Part story. When I wrote Part 6, I realized that is was WAYYYY too long!! I decided to split it up into three parts! So guess what? "Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) is now officially an EIGHT-PART series!!! Since I've written it already, Parts 7 AND 8 will be released VERY shortly following Part 6! To all those that prefer to read stories here with a much larger story-line than just a sex read, I truly hope you enjoy this!

•••••••••• Two months have gone by. Time could not have been ANY slower. But at last, I have finished another year of college! I load up my last few bags from my dorm into my car, and I start my journey back home to San Diego. As I turn into my driveway, I can see my dad mowing the lawn in the front.

When I get out of my car, he stops and greets me. "Hey Lucas! How's my college boy doing?" I embrace my father with a hug and a big smile on my face. "So Happy to be home and out for the summer dad! Really looking forward to dinner as I'm starving!" My dad laughs as he helps me unload my car with bags into the garage. "Your mom is out in the backyard grilling some burgers with the rest of the gang (I have a younger brother in high school and a sister in middle school).

Our new neighbor Violet Taylor is out back as well. Have you met her?" I just nod while I continue to unload. I guess you could say I have met Violet.if only my parents knew how much we have really gotten to know each other.

I get to the backyard and start saying my hellos to the fam. I look at Ms. Taylor sitting down in a lawn chair, looking sexier than ever!

She has on a white sundress which shows off her gorgeous curves. She has put on a beautiful tan and has her hair down all curly.

"Hello Luke. Nice to see you again, hope that school has gone well for you this past year." Violet gets up and shakes my hand, as if we didn't know each other well at all. I understand why she did it though. We both needed to act like we barely know each other, to avoid any unwanted trouble. When my dad gets out back, I continue to talk with my family about how my school year went.

I talk about how my Spring Break was in Cancun. Violet eyes me with a funny smile while I talk about my trip. I then get up to shoot some hoops with my little brother. The rest of my fam and Violet stay in the backyard continuing to enjoy the outdoor barbecue dinner. Later in the evening, I head to the kitchen to grab a drink. As I'm hustling around in the fridge trying to find something, my mom calls for me in the dining room area. I head there to see what's up.

"Yeah mom?" I see her digging through a box marked "MEMORIES" I left on the dining table when I got it out of car. "You never told me that you went to Cancun with our neighbor Ms.

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Taylor." I give my mom a quizzical look when she says that but immediately my eyes widen when I see the picture. It was a photo of me and Violet together by the beach in the sunset. A local photographer took it for us.

Anybody who looked at the picture would immediately think that we were indeed lovers. Thankfully, my mom was showing me the benefit of a doubt. "Oh.THAT! Yeah sorry, I didn't mention the fact that I had the CRAZIEST coincidence ever and saw Ms. Taylor in Cancun with her friend. She actually told me when I first met her right before I left for my trip that she was heading out there as well and that'd it'd be cool to see me. And guess what?

We ran into each other a couple of days later!" I could tell my mom was having a hard time believing me, but she just shrugged it off.

"Interesting.wonder why you or her never mentioned it. But anyways, that's cool. Grab the rest of your belongings for me please and take em up to your room." I obediently do so as I'm told just SUPER relieved that things didn't escalate quickly like the way I thought it would.

I head back down to the back porch just in time for me to see Violet saying goodbye and thanking my fam for inviting her over for dinner. She turns to me and smiles. She gives me a gentle nod of her head, signaling me to follow her to her house.

I wink at her and wait till she leaves to tell my fam that I'm going to run over to my best friend Jacob's house, who lives a couple of miles away from me. I run to her house once the coast is clear. •••••• 15 MINUTES LATER. •••••• "So tell me Luke.did you miss me while you were away?" Violet tries to talk to me while I'm behind her, filling up her pussy with my hungry cock.

DAMN it's been too long since we've last fucked! I grab her waist for support as I bury my cock deep into Violet's tight snatch and pull out repeatedly. "If only you knew how much I've missed you.and this of course," I tell her while I thrust in and out. We were so horny, both of us did not even take the time to fully undress. As soon as I left my house and got to hers, I ran up to Violet's room and just started to kiss her passionately.

She managed to pull down her panties, while I somehow unbuckled my pants. Violet still had on her sundress by the time I shoved her onto the bed and pushed my dick into her. I still had on my undershirt and my pants on, just lowered down to my knees. We did not give a fuck! We were just fucking like pure intimate animals!

"Hmmm.yeah baby. Fuck me harder .mmmm!!!" Violet could not get enough! She just begged and begged for more.

Growing a bit tired from the intensity of our doggy session, I pulled out of her and laid down on the bed. Violet got the memo and immediately stood up and sat on top of me. She reached from behind to grab my member and aligned it with her cunt.

As soon as she was in, Violet took full control as I laid back and watched enjoying the view. She eventually takes off her dress and exposes her bare naked body. I take off my undershirt and toss it to the side of her bed.

I reach and touch her magnificent breasts, as she bounces on my cock. We moan in unison every time she slams her pussy down hard onto my cock, and then rubs her ass all over my crotch. "You like that baby? You like it when I take control?" I just groan and nod, trying to keep myself together. It's been over two months since we've last fucked. I'm trying to savor this moment by not cumming too soon. Violet looks into my eyes and can see the mixture of pleasure and discomfort.

The discomfort coming from the worry of hitting an orgasm at any moment. Once she sees the look on my face, Violet slows down and leans down into me. We share a deep kiss as I begin to take control. I lock my arms around her back and press her tits against my chest, as I regain my strength and pound her thirst cunt, pushing myself up and down as deep into her as I can get!

"Mmmmm yessss baby!!! I've missed you sooo much!! So sooo soooo much!!! Fuck me harderr LUKE!!! Oh I'm going to cuuuummmmm.ahhhhhhh!!!" Violet begins to shriek as I feel her pussy tensing up while I'm in her. My cock is suddenly engulfed in warm fluids of her juices flowing down on to my crotch. I kiss her with passion, with my tongue fighting to get as far down her throat as possible. Violet continues to moan from her raging orgasm. Speaking of which, mine is so close it hurts!!

"Violet, I'm SO close to cumming! I need you to get up." She does as she's told and stands up. "What do you want to-" Without letting her finish her sentence, I grab her and push her against the wall. Violet gives me a smiley dirty look. "Do whatever you want to me baby!

I am ALL yours!" With that, I spread her legs open and insert a couple fingers into her moist vagina. Violet's mouth opens in shock. She's so wet and VERY sensitive down there. "Awwwwee baby!!! OHHH you're going to make me cum again!!" I finger her pussy rapidly, the entire time I look deep into Violet's eyes.

I watch her expressions go from looks of sharp pain to INTENSE amounts of pleasure. She can't handle the sensitivity! I love it! "AWWWW LUKE I'M GOING TO CUUUUMMMMM!!!!" As my fingers rapidly thrust in and out of her, Violet's eyes roll to the back of her head, as she starts to hit her second orgasm! And it's a FLOOD!

I start to get drenched in her juices, as she SQUIRTS all over me! Violet screams from the intensity of it all! Eventually, I pull my fingers out of her, and immediately grab my dick and ram it deep into her cunt! Violet grunts loudly as I bang her roughly against her bedroom wall. I don't know how I have not hit an orgasm yet, but at this moment, I'm going ALL OUT as I pick up my pace. I grab her waists while I tear in and out of Violet, tearing her tight vaginal walls!

She begs for me to cum as we continue to fuck against her wall standing upright. I begin to get that very familiar feeling deep into my balls. I pick up my speed one last time for the grand finale! "Oh Violet.it's about to GO DOWN!" She grabs my face and kisses me deeply, frantic for my much waited arrival! It's too much for me to handle! I immediately pull out of Violet, and push her down to her knees. Violet sticks her tongue out, begging me for my seed! I jerk myself off into her mouth and release my spunk down her throat.

It's SO much! My jizz splashes all over face, including her eyelids! My cock spits out ropes upon ropes of cum! Violet licks her lips and swallows as much as she can!

She then takes her fingers and rubs them up and down her face to collect the remainders of my load and licks it all up. "Delicious!" she says with a big smile on her face.

HOLY SHIT did it feel GOOD to finally be relieved of such a powerful orgasm!! •••••• We lay down together, after we clean up. I spend time with Violet talking to her about the rest of my school year since we last saw each other.

Violet and I cuddle for awhile as we talk and begin to drift off into sleep. I open my eyes when I hear a cellphone vibrate loudly on her nightstand. Violet sits up and looks at her phone. She takes a moment to look at her screen, and then gasps. She got a text message. Violet then reads her message again, and begins to sit up, typing away a reply. I'm curious as to what's got her so worked up.

"You good?" I ask. Violet looks at me. "Hey sorry I don't mean to be rude. It's really late. I need to get some rest. I had fun tonight." I give her a look of concern and confusion as I'm still trying to register what's happening.

"I'm just as tired as you are Violet, I don't mind resting." Her facial expression IMMEDIATELY tells me that she wants to be left alone. "Sorry Luke, I just need rest.alone." Violet gets another text on her phone. When she reads the text, I see another look of shock on her face.

"Violet, what's going on? You can tell me." She just looks at me with a deep expression on her face. "Luke.don't take this the wrong way. But we can't see each other anymore.like this. I'll always be here for you as a friend, but I need a break. I need you to understand that." Now I'm REALLY surprised! We went from being all cuddled together after an amazing round of sex, to just plain cold "friends." "Violet.what the fuck is going on? Are you ok?" She starts to get a bit upset.

"Luke.I need you to understand.this is for the better. I need you to go home and rest in your own bed and leave me be. For the sake of our friendship, I need you to trust me. Now is not the time for us to have this sexual relationship. I'm sorry that I gave you the wrong impression tonight.but I just need some space.can you please just understand that?" Violet looks me in the eyes. I look back at her and can see how serious she is. With just a simple "ok," I get up and put on my clothes.

I grab my stuff, and leave her house, completely stunned by what just happened. Deep down, I know something is very wrong.

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It must have been those texts she received that put her in a bad, upset mood. It's the only thing that keeps me from being consumed with anger and hurt towards Violet. •••••• 2 DAYS LATER. •••••• I open my eyes to the bright sunlight in my face.

My head is throbbing! I peer at my alarm clock adjacent to my bedside. "12:44PM" it reads. I look down at my body really confused. I'm in boxers with my shirt still on from last night, and one sneaker on. I look at the posters on my walls in my room.

A beautiful beach sunset in what looks to be of somewhere in Cali, alongside other scenic nature posters. I look to my left and see a BUNCH of pictures of people on the wall with thumbtacks and post-it notes. The pictures of what looked to be like friends and families.

I look out the large window in front of me which has the sunlight beaming bright right into the room. It's only once I notice the bright pink walls surrounding the room that I realize.I'm not in my room! I quickly turn to my right and I see a body next to me, sound asleep. The body of a tanned sexy babe with a BIG curvy ass and a nice thin waist. She lies next to me completely naked, with some covers on her. I sit up in a hurry, instantly regretting doing so as my head starts to spin.

I look down on the floor next to me and see an opened 6-pack of Miller Lite and scattered beer cans all over the floor. I see a bong on a dresser not too far away and a few opened bottles of Tequila. What the fuck did I get myself into? I slowly start to make my way out of the room and into the bathroom, straight across the hall. I'm all sweaty and my eyes look pretty red. I wash my face with cold water and take a swig of some mouthwash next to the counter. I make my way out of the bathroom to grab my things to head home when suddenly.

"Rise n Shine BITCH!" I'm instantly drenched in ICE cold water. I turn around quickly yelling in surprise, "WHAT THE FUCK????" I'm shocked to see Jacob standing behind me with a bucket, dying of laughter. "Ohhh I WISH you could see your face haha!!" Jacob daps me up in apology while continuing to chuckle. "Bro.you went ALL OUT LAST NIGHT! I honestly thought I'd have to take you to the ER for Alcohol Poisoning after you drank THREE trash cans!

That's not including the joint and the bong hits you smoked AND the tequila shots with the beer!" I look at him, clearly confused as to what he's talking about. "Huh?" Jacob shakes his head with a grin on his face. "Luke.I can't say I'm surprised you don't remember ANYTHING about last night.you were completely shit faced! Do you even recall me inviting you? I told you that me and some friends were going to have a small get together with some sorority girls from the university across town.


Does that ring a bell?" I try to remember all the details he gave to me. I have faint memories of getting to the party.

Drinking. I definitely remember taking some hits from a FAT joint. My super dry mouth is reminding me of that for sure. Still confused I ask Jacob, "Did I tell you why I wanted to come?" He nods. "Yeah.you were pretty bummed out about Violet calling it quits with you the other night. I told you to come with me and the group to have some fun and blow off some steam. You hit it off really well with everyone.especially Alaina. In case you weren't aware.you banged her last night bro!" Jacob tells me that last part with a laugh, as he walks past me.

"I must've been in a REAL slump to have gotten this FUCKED up! Last time I drank like this was when I we went to Greg's grandparents beach house in Santa Barbara." Jacob stops and turns back at me. "Yeah you're in a slump bro. I get it. I mean.FUCK! We fucked Violet together numerous times back at Spring Break.that was some FINE pussy! I'm still jealous you two were fuck buddies Luke! But as they say.all good things come to an end.but this is college. And they're PLENTY of girls out there for you.Alaina is just an example.

Think about that." Jacob gives me a sympathetic smile and continues to walk away. "Grab your things bro, I gave you a ride here and I'll take you home." I stand watching him go downstairs, still completely soaked from the ice bucket.

I then turn and head back to the sexy girl's room, whom I just come to find out her name's Alaina. I walk in and grab my phone, wallet, pants, and my other sneaker next to the nightstand.

As I put on my pants, I hear her clearing her throat. I look at Alaina, who sits upright in her bed looking at me. "So you think you're just going to leave without saying goodbye? Did we not have FUN last night?" She crosses her arms as she stares me down. God, what a gorgeous body she has! Her breasts were a good medium size with perky nipples, nipple rings in each one. "Alaina.right?" She rolls her eyes and nods. "Were you THAT drunk to BARELY remember my name?" Without even thinking twice I tell her, "I honestly don't even remember us fucking.

I have vague memories from last night.looking at you now though I regret not being able to remember.wish I could." Her stern face turns to a laugh. "You should come by more often.

If you can fuck me to an orgasm THREE times in a row, I'd love to see the damage you can do sober." Alaina takes out a piece of paper and jots down her phone number, then hands it to me. "Call me when you're free." I look down at the paper and back at her. I smile and lean into her to kiss her goodbye. I walk downstairs and out the front door to Jacob's car.

•••••• BACK AT HOME. •••••• I get back to my house and run up the stairs to my bathroom. I take a nice, refreshing shower. I put on some fresh clothes and head downstairs to the kitchen. I'm surprised to see the dining room set up with a meal. "Hey mom, are we expecting guests?" I hear my mom prepping in the kitchen.

"Yeah Luke, I invited over Ms. Taylor for lunch. Her husband surprised her yesterday, coming home with a six-week furlough. I decided to make lunch and invite them both over to make him feel welcomed, just like we did for her." My heart sank as soon as my mom said "her husband." What would that do for me?

I mean.how awkward was this going to be seeing him with the fact that Violet and I have a unique friendship? Or at least we HAD one till she broke it off a couple nights ago. I'm starting to see the big picture as to why she got really weird on me.

My mom continues to set up lunch until the doorbell rings. She gets the door, and in walks Violet. Standing behind her, is a tall muscular guy with a deep voice and a stern look on his face. He introduces himself to my mom and then my dad. "Hello my name is Clark, pleasure to meet you all." My brother and sister say their hellos and make their way to the dining area.

Violet offers my mom a hand with the rest of the food. She brought over a pie for desert. They both walk by me heading to the kitchen, Violet giving me a shy smile along the way. "And who might just you be?" I turn my gaze back forward and see Mr. Taylor standing tall in front of me. With his stern look on his face, he extends his massive hand out to me.

"Hello sir, my name is Luke.nice to meet you." He shakes my hand firmly. He looks me in the eyes and then looks toward the kitchen, seeing that I was eyeing Violet when she walked by. This guy was beginning to make me nervous. My dad and Mr.

Taylor begin start a conversation about his service in the Navy. I make my way over to the dining area to sit down with my siblings. I needed some space away from all the drama that was sure to come at the dining table once everybody is seated. Lunch is served and we all begin to eat. My parents share a conversation with Clark about his duties and ranks in the military. My brother and sister are on their phones texting and shit.

I sit silently playing around with the potatoes on my plate. I did not have much of an appetite. Truth be told, I'm still feeling a bit of nausea from last night's hangover. I stare into space just not in the mood to be around people. As I hear the adults continuing to talk, I look over to Violet.

She's doing exactly the same as I am. Playing with her food and staring around, occasionally pretending to be interested in the conversation her husband Clark was having with my folks. We stare at each other with awkward expressions.

This moment was just way too surreal. I stop looking over at Violet when I catch from the corner of my eye that Clark repeatedly stares at me. We both make eye contact, his face is exactly the same as always: very stern. It starts to creep me out. "Luke.are you not hungry?" I look over at my mom. Both my parents and Clark stare at me, seeing that most of my food is still on the plate, while they all had empty ones.

"Oh uhhh.sorry me and Jacob had a late brunch before I got here." My mom starts to tell me to get some tinfoil in the kitchen and leave my plate on the stove for later. As Clark begins to serve himself a second serving of food onto his plate, he starts to make conversation with me, giving me that stern face as usual. "So Luke.tell me about yourself. I hear you're in college. Any goals?" I look at Violet who looks at me with a nervous smile on her face.

With Clark still looking at me and taking notice that I keep staring at his wife, I clear my throat and begin to speak. "Umm.yeah I'm a student at UCLA working on my undergrad. The goal is just to finish school with a degree. Still deciding between majors right now." Clark just gives me nod of approval as he continues to eat his food. He stops chewing as I see him staring to his right at the wall filled with family pictures and portraits. He stares at one in particular. It's a picture of my family on the cruise during my recent Spring Break.

The picture has a large frame surrounded by palm trees and the ocean with a large logo in bright colors reading "EUROPEAN CRUISE TOURS." "That's a lovely picture of all of you.

Where did you go?" My parents thank Clark for the compliment and tell him about their European vacation on a cruise, visiting three countries in a span of a week during Spring Break a couple months prior.

Clark continues to stare at the frame. He then looks at me. "Huh.I don't see ya Luke in the picture. Where were you? Sorry for being so noisy.I'm just a very curious guy." With the stern look on his face eyeing me down, I clear my throat again. "Oh uh.I was away on my own vacation down in Mexico with my buddies." I look over at Violet quickly only to see her staring at her husband nervously. "That's pretty awesome Luke. It's actually kind of funny, because my wife was in Cancun around a couple months ago.

Weren't you honey?" Violet just nods at him with an awkward smile. I really start to feel the tension in the air. I think Clark is onto her. Thinking that things could not get any worse, my mom steps into the conversation. "Funny you should say that Clark, me and Luke were talking about how they ran into each other in Mexico a couple months ago when they first met." Violet and I look at each other completely in shock, and then look at Clark. He turns his eyes to her and gives her a weird smile.

"Hmm.that's very interesting you should say that.honey you never told me that you saw Luke in Mexico when you went with your close friend from work." Violet starts to stutter. "Ohh yeah uh.it was quite an extraordinary coincidence. We first met when he came home to pack for his trip.

I told him that I was also heading to Cancun. We just happened to see each other out there on the beach. We talked for a little while before we all split ways and did our own things." At this point, I just stare at my plate not knowing what to do. My whole family is quiet now as they look over at me, sensing now how awkward and tense the situation at the table was unfolding. I look to my mom, as she starts to see how difficult she just made the conversation by bringing up the fact that we saw each other.

Clark stares at both me and Violet. Before he can say anything else, my dad comes to the rescue. "So Clark, it must be nice to have such an extended furlough.

Any plans yet for the next month and a half?" Clark actually lightens up and surprisingly SMILES while he engages in conversation with my dad. He tells my dad about his hobbies including fishing with some close friends of his.

Violet and I just sit quietly trying to eat our food. My siblings and my mom sit quietly staring at me. They know something is not right. Everybody knows. Clark and Violet eventually leave. Both thank my folks for hosting lunch and say their goodbyes. Once my mom closes the front door, I try to sneak my way up to my room. She catches me at the stairs. "Luke.come to the living room, we need to talk." I take a deep breath and head back down.

I saw this coming from a mile away. My ENTIRE family is in the living room! All of them stare at me as I make my way to the recliner.

My dad starts: "Luke.what the hell was that all about at the table? Is their a reason why Mr. Taylor was acting all suspicious towards you and his wife? I had to save your ass back there before things got out of hand." My mom is next to speak. "Your father is right.

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You need to tell us what is going on." I take a look at each and every one of my family members. My parents and my siblings give me a look of concern. I was trying to think of some kind of excuse or lie to come up with to avoid the truth. After a few moments, I take a deep breath and decide to tell the truth.or a very vague small portion to it with a bit of a lie. "When I ran into Mrs. Taylor in Mexico, we were at a bar on the beach. We hung out for awhile as we were both surprised to actually run into each other even though we knew we were going to be there at the same time in Cancun.

We both ended up having a lot to drink, and ended up have a one-night stand in my hotel room. We hung out multiple times after that. We never talked about it again. When her husband came over, I guess he could sense the awkward tension between us both and just assumed something was up. When you [my mom] mentioned that we ran into each other during my Spring Break, I guess he just put the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together." My siblings excuse themselves to their rooms after hearing what I had to say.

Both of my parents were in shock. Eventually, they told me I should avoid talking to Mrs. Taylor and seeing her, especially with her husband in town. They then tell me that as much as it hurt, because they really liked the Taylors, they needed to cut ties with them.

Both my parents, especially my mom, told me how "wrong and disturbing" it was of Violet to "rob me of my cradle." Whatever the fuck that means. •••••• ONE WEEK LATER. •••••• It's been a week since that dreadful day when the Taylors came over for lunch.

As much as it hurt to not see Violet, even though she was just a couple doors down away from me, my parents were right. I needed to stop seeing her. I mostly hung out with Jacob to avoid thinking about her. We mostly took day trips, and then spent the weekend down in Tijuana Mexico getting FUCKED UP!

I did whatever I could to stop thinking about Violet. As I lay down on the couch playing Xbox, my mom asks me to run to the grocery store to get some things she needed to make dinner. Bored not having much to do, as Jacob was working, I obediently step out and head to the store. I make my way to the dairy section to get some shredded cheese for my mom's dish.

As I grab a few bags, I spot a familiar figure to my left. I turn to see Violet grabbing eggs from the fridge. We both make eye contact at the same time, and I gasp! She has a blackened eye, with what appears to be makeup trying to keep it hidden. I make my way over to her to see how she's doing. "Hey Violet." She gives me a nervous smile as she says hi and tries to turn her cart around to avoid talking.

"Violet.what's going on? Are you ok?" She stops and quickly replies. "I'm fine Luke, I got to go. I'm in a bit of a hurry." "Ok, I understand. What happened to your eye?" Before she can respond, I feel a hand grab my should roughly. "Hi Luke, how ya been?" It's Clark of course. I just stare at him trying not to lose my shit in public. I knew deep down that he knew me and Violet had a thing for each other. I just did not see this going down a domestic violence route.

Clark makes his way over to Violet and puts his hand around her waist. "Oh did my wife not tell you about her fall the other day? I came home to find her in the kitchen with an ice pack to her eye.

That was quite a fall you had huh honey?" He stares her down while she lets out a quiet mumble and nod in agreement. Before I can say anything, Clark grabs the shopping cart and her hand, walking away. "Have a nice day Luke," he says to me with a sick smile on his face. Violet turned to me quickly with a look of fear in her eyes. What did I get myself and her into? •••••• THE NEXT DAY. •••••• I get back home from the gym.

I had to relieve some stress with a few hours of working out to take my mind off of the scary but sobering fact that Violet is in danger. She's in danger because of me. Because of us. Her husband Clark is a jealous man. I actually try to convince myself that Clark is not such a bad guy. He could of just had a quick mental breakdown after he suspected his wife, who he has not seen in months, was cheating on him.

He is in the military and might be having a rough time back at home.maybe he's seen some shit that totally fucked him up for life.

PTSD is real and it's scary. I've heard true horror stories about men coming home to their wives all fucked up in the head from the shit they have seen and dealt with in combat.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT defending Clark's reaction to hitting his wife. Domestic violence is NEVER okay.

I want to beat the SHIT out of him for doing so! I just want to believe that Clark just had a TERRIBLE moment in which he overreacted and immediately apologized to her. I want to hope that Violet is not in any danger, that's all.

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I take a quick shower after the gym. As I'm changing, I hear the sound of a familiar car with a sporty engine drive by. I look out my window just in time to see Clark drive by in Violet's Corvette with his large arm dangling out the window.

It's only once I see him make a turn leaving the neighborhood down the street that I run downstairs and out the door! I run to Violet's backyard and knock on the back porch door. I wait for a few moments, and see her walking towards me. I see her with the same look of fear in her eyes as she stares at me.

She talks through the screen door, not opening it, mouthing to me "what am I doing here?" I signal to her to open up the door. "I just need to know that you're ok, and I'll leave.I promise I won't bother you after this if you don't want me to." Violet hesitates, but eventually opens up the screen door and steps out onto the porch to meet me.

"Luke.I think we both know why we cannot be seen together. I miss you.I'm sorry that things have to be this way.but you know why." I nod quietly taking a deep look at her. She had no makeup on. Her blackened eye was almost gone. Through all the chaos she's been through this last week, she was still drop dead gorgeous! I just wanted to kiss her so bad! "Violet.please just tell me what's going on, and I'll leave you be. I don't want to put you in anymore trouble." Violet sighs and gives me the scoop: After the night that we had sex when I first got back home for the summer, she received a text from her husband saying that he was on his way home on furlough.


She wanted me to leave and just to stay "friends" to avoid any suspicion from her jealous husband. The next day when Clark arrived, they had sex. After that, Clark found my undershirt on the floor of the bed which I COMPLETELY forgot about!! He questioned her at first but let it go. However, during the lunch when she took him over to my house to meet the family, Clark began to notice both of us acting weird. Once it was confirmed to him that we "ran into" each other in Cancun, he slapped her out of rage when they arrived back at the house.

Violet kept to herself after that to avoid any trouble, and was told to never see me again! After hearing all this, I embraced Violet. "I'm so sorry I've put you through this.had I known, I would have done ANYTHING in my power to make sure he didn't know about us.I would've skipped that dreadful lunch at my place.I'm so sorry Violet." She tensed up when I embraced her.

Eventually she let go of the fear, and we stood there hugging for awhile. I look into her eyes and lean down to kiss her. She kisses me back with the sweetest passion yet.

I then leave after that. Not before telling her that everything was going to be ok. I promised her I would find a way to make sure she was safe. About a few hours later, my phone rings. My phone reads "PRIVATE CALLER" and I answer out of curiosity thinking it's a telemarketer. "Hello?" "Do you care about her?" I'm confused. I didn't know who I was speaking with. "Excuse me?" "Do you care about Violet, Luke??" Immediately I recognize the sound of Clark's voice.

My heart begins to beat rapidly and I start to shake. I'm nervous.for her. I clear my throat and take a deep breath. I find the courage to say what I need to say. "Of course I care about her. I don't want her to be in any danger Mr. Taylor. I don't want to hear about any more "accidents" she's had at home." There's a pause. "Let me make this very EXPLICITLY clear to you Luke.my wife is in absolute NO danger.

I do need you to stay away from her though.that's for YOUR safety! If you care about her as much as you say you do, you'll avoid speaking to her or seeing her! Do I make myself CLEAR??" As soon as I say "Yes sir" the phone clicks and the call drops. I then erase any kind of false hope I have of Clark being a decent man. This man is dangerous! And now I was not only in fear of her safety.I had mine to worry for as well. The fact that he called me hours after I discreetly visited Violet after he stepped out made me realize that somehow he had to have known.

I did not know what I was going to do. Should I call the cops? Should I tell my parents?

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I end up tossing and turning all night in bed. The hour or less of sleep I was able to get involved nightmares with Clark. •••••• DAYS LATER.

•••••• The rest of the week flies by surprisingly. It's Friday afternoon and I do not know what to do by myself this weekend. My family decided to fly up to San Francisco to visit my cousins. I decided to stay as my relationship with my fam has been very tense and distant after they found out about me and Violet. I decided to just chill and lay back at home and possibly hang out with Jacob.

I wake up from a nap, when I hear my phone vibrate. I received a text message from Violet! "Hey Luke.please come over. Don't worry.Clark went fishing with his buddies for the weekend. I really need to see you.I don't want to be alone." It took me a few minutes to respond back.

As much as I would LOVE to run over to her house and be with her, I knew that it's still a VERY risky decision to make, with or without Clark being there. After all, he does seem to know when I'm with her.

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I decided thought to risk it.she didn't want to be alone so I replied back with a "See ya soon." I grab an overnight bag, and pack some clothes.

I had no plans of coming home tonight. If Violet wants me to be there for her, then I will be there. I arrive at the doorstep, and open the front door to her house. She texted me to just walk in as she left it unlocked. I see her standing by the stairs. "Did anyone see you coming?" She asks. "Not that I know of.when did Clark leave?" "Early this morning. He won't be back until Sunday evening.I did not know what to do all alone.I wanted to see you." I look at her. She looks amazing!

She did her makeup, her hair was still a bit wet as she had just showered. She has on a bathrobe, exposing a lot of cleavage. She even had that same familiar smile on her face I once knew.only this time: no fear! I continue to stare at her. "Violet.I miss you. I miss us. But I don't want to put you at risk. If Clark wants to hunt me down and threaten me.then so be it.

But I could NEVER forgive myself knowing that by seeing you right now.I'm putting you in harm's way." Violet makes her way over to me. She puts a finger to my lips and shushes me. She whispers into my ear. "It's ok Luke.I don't ever want you to blame yourself for being here. I'm an adult. It's my choice if I want to risk being with you. Right now, you don't have anything to worry about.right now.all I want is YOU." Violet starts to kiss my neck.

Her soft hands reach down my waist towards my crotch. My dick is so hard it hurts! Without thinking twice, I lean into her and kiss her deeply. We both kiss frantically as she does her best to undress me. She tosses my shirt to the side, as I reach down quickly to throw my pants off.

She takes my hand and we head upstairs to her room. I disrobe her and gently lay her down onto the bed. She has on sexy black lingerie.

God, she's so BEAUTIFUL! She's like an angel from above! All the times that we've fucked, it could not compare to this VERY moment.something felt completely different. We were passionate lovers right now, not just fuck buddies. I undo Violet's bra and remove her panties.

She lays down with a smile on her face. It's been awhile since I've seen her this happy! "Oh I've missed you baby!" She exclaims.

I smile as I lean down to kiss her again. As our tongues collide, I use my hands to passionately touch her delicate body. I felt how smooth she was from her breast to her naval area. She smelled so beautiful and her skin was silky from some kind of body lotion she applied after her shower.

I make my way down her body kissing her. I spend some time massaging her breasts and sucking on her enlarged nipples. Violet lays back breathing very heavy. She massages my head in the process. I make my way down lower to her naval area. Her vagina is freshly shaven! The smell was so fresh and seductive, I immediately begin to work my lips down to her goods. I use my hands to massage her boobs while I begin to make out with Violet's pussy. She continues to breath heavily enjoying this moment.

My tongue slips its way into her clit, and dances around her inside. Violet begins to moan aloud now. "Oh yes baby.oh I've missed this so much! Don't stop.don't stop!" I stay in the same place as I continued to tongue fuck her slowly. I take my right hand and eventually take two fingers and slip them into her as well. "OHHHHH FUCK!!

Oh I'm going to cum baby!!! Yes LUKE!!" My fingers thrust in and out of her pussy very slowly while my tongue never leaves. As Violet reaches an orgasm, I reach for my cock and lean up toward her. I lean down to her face and gently push her face to mine. She opens her eyes and gives me a gentle smile. She pushes me close to her and we embrace into another deep kiss. Violet enjoys the taste of her sweet nectar as we slowly tongue each other never letting go.

My hand continues to play with my dick as I try to multitask and find her vagina. Eventually, success! My dick slides easily into her wet and inviting pussy. Violet and I moan together as we never let each other go from our lustful kiss. I push myself slowly up and down into her. It's not even a full two minutes before I ejaculate!

This is the fastest I've had an orgasm ever fucking her! "Mmmm.oh yes baby.don't stop! Fill me up! Don't stop Luke, I'm begging you!

Keep going!" Violet nibbles on my ear and sucks on my neck as my orgasm starts to subside. I can hear the creaminess of my spunk each time I thrust deep into her. Balls deep each time I slide in! It's a very difficult thing to do, as I've NEVER done it before. To not pull out after an orgasm and to keep fucking her is way harder than I thought it'd be!

It actually hurt! But I somehow managed and continued to slowly fuck Violet. I started to feel a bit faint as we continued. "YES LUKE! THAT'S IT BABY!

Make me cum again.ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Violet's eyes roll to the back of her head as her next orgasm hits hard! I feel the pressure within, and pull out slowly. Immediately, she begins to gush like a faucet, soaking me with her juices! Violet is gasping for air trying to catch her breath from the sheer force of her squirts! "Thank you Luke! Thank you!" I lean and kiss her with passion again.

We then lay there for hours in bed just talking. I've missed her so much! Eventually, we're both exhausted and doze off.

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We cuddle and before she passes out, the next words she says to me leave me in a shock that keeps me awake for a couple hours: "Thanks for coming by Luke.I love you. You are my world." She kissed me goodnight and fell asleep in my arms. It was only after she was sound asleep snoring lightly that I could then declare my love for her. "I love you Violet Taylor." That night I've slept better than I ever had in a long time. •••••• NEXT WEEK. •••••• I spent the entire weekend with Violet.

We never left her house, but we did everything together. We cooked, watched movies and some cheesy sopa operas, drank plenty of wine, and of course had lots of passionate sex! After we both decide we loved each other, the sex we had was love-making, no longer just casual fucking. In all the time I've known Violet, I've never seen her THIS happy.

It felt great to see her with such joy after seeing the fear she had in her because of her husband. That whole weekend just did not feel real at all! We were no longer just friends, we were lovers! Somehow someway, we decided we were going to continue seeing each other, despite the risks. Unfortunately, the weekend did end. Everything went back to normal.

Clark came home. I stayed away from her. She avoided me. It was all like it never happened. My folks even asked me once they got home from their weekend away, if I had seen Violet. Of course, I lied. Days go by. Not a word from Violet nor Clark. I end up going to the mall with Jacob one late afternoon. We didn't do any shopping. Just walked around talking and flirting with different chicks that walked by.

We grabbed some food from the food court and then chill for a little bit. "So Luke.how ya been lately with Mrs. Taylor? You've been very quiet about her lately." I shrug my shoulders and lie. "I haven't seen her since the day she and her husband came over for lunch. We both mutually decided that it's best to not see each other as he's very jealous and has suspicions that we had some kind of thing going on the side." Seeing that I was a bit uncomfortable talking about the subject matter, he drops it and we move along.

We exit the mall and part ways. He had to pick up a relative at the airport. I walk down the parking lot towards my car, as the sun is beginning to set.

The parking lot was relatively empty as the mall was going to close soon. As I open up my car door, I hear the sound of a car pulling up close by. I hear that same familiar sporty engine sound.

I turn just in time to see Clark slam the car door to the Corvette. He makes his way over to me with a smile on his face. "Hello Luke.it's been awhile." He greets me sarcastically. Before I can say a word, he quickly lunges at me and strikes me hard in the stomach. Completely in shock I hit the ground on my knees, as Clark right kicks me hard square in the face. I fall back hard with my head smacking the asphalt.

I hear Violet's faint voice in her car. "STOP CLARK! You're going to kill him! Leave him be!" Clark shouts at her. "Shut the FUCK UP VIOLET! I warned his little ass to NEVER see you again! He had this coming!" Clark then strikes me hard with his foot, burying it into my ribs. My vision is blurred at this moment. My ears are ringing. I can barely hear the cries of Violet begging her husband to stop.

I look up and see Clark holding a picture in his hand. Even though it's difficult for me to see, hear, or breath, I know EXACTLY what the picture is. I'm able to slowly sit up. "Clark.please stop this. I'm sorry.just don't hurt her.please!" I look towards the car and I'm able to see Violet.her face was bruised up pretty bad. I had spoken too soon.

The damage had been done and was only going to get worse. Especially now that Clark is holding the piece of evidence that confirmed his suspicions about us. In his hand are the picture(s) of me and Violet together inside the movie theater photo booth the last night of my Spring Break.

The night we and her sister Linda went out to the movies after the intense sex we all shared together. We all took pictures together inside the photo booth. Of course the ones he had, were of me and Violet alone. It was 6 pictures of us goofing off, smiling, and kissing.

"Forgot about these pictures huh? You see.the thing about going about sleeping around being sneaky with married women Luke.is the fact that the husband will ALWAYS find out. The truth will out no matter how 'discreet and secretive' you think you can be." Clark then rips the picture into pieces and throws them at my face.

He leans into me on the ground and whispers. "Oh.I know about your little get-together you had with my wife this weekend.

I could kill you right now if I wanted to.but I'm going to give you one last chance. You best believe me when I tell you that there won't EVER be another chance if you fuck this up! Stay.the FUCK.away from Violet! I promise that if you don't, it'll be YOUR safety you should fear for, not hers! Don't let me catch you in ANY kind of contact with her again.otherwise.nobody will EVER find your body!" The last part he whispers to me, he takes his hand and shoves it hard against my ribs where he kicked me.

I gasp aloud trying to catch my breath. Clark then asks for my wallet. Slowly I reach into my pocket handing it over to him weakly. "You are to tell your folks that you just got mugged by a couple of thugs. They took all your cash and left you here beaten.

You best tell them you do not want to press charges.understand??" I nod. With that, Clark gets back into the car and drives away. Not before Violet sobbing gives me a sympathetic look of apology as the car speeds out of the parking lot. As soon as I begin to stand up, my vision immediately begins to blacken and my head spins. The last thing I remember was the ground greeting my face as I fall face first unconscious. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "He's waking up." "Mom, Dad he's up!!" I hear a bunch of commotion and open my eyes.

The room is very bright. I look around me. I'm in a gown lying in bed. I feel my ribs, which felt sore. They were bandaged. I feel my forehead, as it's wrapped around with some kind of bandage or gauze as well. I'm in a hospital. My last memory being passing out after Clark attacked me at the mall. "Oh Thank God Luke!" I see my parents rush to my bedside with a look of relief flooded on their faces.

"How long have I been here?" My mom smiles at me with a look of concern and relief. She rubs the back of my head. "Luke it's been three days. You had a pretty bad concussion. Your ribs are bruised up pretty bad. You also have a black eye." Before I can say anything, my dad speaks up.

"Luke, what HAPPENED?? Some Good Samaritan at the mall found you by your car completely passed out from the injuries you received, and called the cops!" I remember what Clark told me to say and tell my parents that I was mugged by some thugs in ski masks wanting the cash in my wallet.

Before I could get away, they ambushed and attacked me. I also told them that I did not want to press charges. Both my parents and my siblings in the room stood in shock that I didn't want to do anything about what happened to me. My dad tried to convince me otherwise, but then let it go. They were just all so relieved that I was okay. The next day, I'm discharged from the hospital and given some preion pills for my concussion and given a follow-up appointment a couple of weeks from now to check up and make sure everything is ok.

The local police were just as shocked as my parents that I refused to press charges. After I gave my statement about who my alleged "attackers" were, they told me to call them if I decided to change my mind or if I had any additional details to add to the report.

With that, they let me be. I got home, and began to rest up and recover. •••••• DAYS LATER. •••••• My recovery process was going well. The swelling in my brain was going down from my concussion, I was not nauseous or dizzy anymore from walking around. My ribs are still bruised but the soreness went away. My eye was still a little black from getting kicked hard in the face. I spent the last few days most resting up and drinking plenty of water.

I was told by the doctor that hydration was key in the recovery process. I had Jacob come visit me. Even Tim and Ethan drove down from San Francisco to visit me! All of them just could not believe that I was mugged! Jacob seemed to be the only one though not really believing my story.

And for a good reason too. He was not parked that far away from me in the parking lot when he left the mall AND he already knows of Clark and how jealous he is.

Luckily, he never asked me questions or questioned my story. Eventually I'm strong enough to step out of the house and run some errands for my family. Through all the chaos and shit I been through the last week after the incident at the mall, I never heard from or have seen the Taylors. My dad gave me a "Get Well" card from them both. That's all I got. I knew Clark had to be behind that so he could stay on the down-low and not get caught. If only that asshole knew how bad I wanted to kill him!

My parents eventually stopped asking me about what happened and why I didn't want to press charges. Even though they gave up, I could tell they were both still very concerned about me. My siblings too were concerned saying I was acting very "weird and secretive" about the whole situation.

I told them all I just wanted to move on and that was that. They all eventually dropped the subject and let me be. •••••• ONE WEEK LATER. •••••• I get home after working out at the gym. My strength has returned and I'm able to do some weight training.

When I get out of the shower, I get a text from an anonymous phone number. It reads: "Hey Luke, it's Violet! We need to talk! I heard that you're doing better now and I'm glad! I'm texting you through a prepaid phone I bought to avoid Clark finding out. I know he's tracking me! I need you to meet up with me at a secure location on the other side of town.

Do not worry about Clark, he's out of town. Please, it's urgent!!" I'm very nervous about replying back.I don't want to put her in anymore danger. And I know that Clark will probably try to kill me just for being in communication with her now via text. It does not take me long to change my mind though.

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Call me stupid, but my love for Violet is so strong! Strong enough for me to risk my life and possibly Violet's just to see her again. I reply back: "Give me an hour.

Where to?" Violet texts me back with an address to a motel in a rough side of town. I quickly finish getting ready, and tell my folks I'm going out. It's about a 45 minute drive to get to the motel. I finally get there and I see Violet's car in the lot. "I'm here" I text to her. Moments later she replies back: "RM 321" I get out of my car and walk towards the run-down building. This shithole looks like the kind of place to be when locating cheap escorts in the classified ads.

I walk up the stairs and up to the third floor. It's the kind of motel where the rooms are like apartments and no need to walk into the lobby. I get to Room 321. I take a deep breath and knock quietly. The door opens and I'm greeted by a musky smell of old carpets and cigarettes.

The room is dark with only the sunlight from the back window shining in. I assume that Violet is behind the door to avoid being seen, so I walk in quietly and quickly.

What happens next is a complete blur. I see Violet gagged up and handcuffed to the bed while she looks at me with her eyes widened screaming at me. I see a shadow near me and quickly step up behind me. Before I can turn, I feel a cold piece of metal strike the back of my head, sending me to the floor. Before I black out, I hear some more of Violet's muffled screams and the door behind me close.

END OF PART 6 To all that have been reading my series so far, I apologize for taking a long break on the story! I'm currently doing my best to conclude the series within the next few weeks! Be patient with me, as I promise, it only gets better from here! Let me know how you like the stories as I LOVE feedback! PART 7 is around the corner!