Busty cutie gives a sexy ride

Busty cutie gives a sexy ride
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The months went by. Summer approached, and I neared the completion of my junior year of high school. I continued to do fairly well in school, usually getting all A's with an occasional B in phys ed. or music. I didn't have any close friends. To be honest, I didn't want any. I couldn't invite them over for fear of them seeing my Dad, and I didn't have any time to hang around after school, because I had to watch Timmy. Dad's perverse little games continued. Things got worse when he began subscribing to all these smut magazines.

I remember the first time I came across one of his porno mags, wrapped up in some brown paper. I'd been curious about it, but seeing that it was addressed to my father, and that it wasn't a household bill that I had taken the responsibility for writing checks for, I left it alone.

Later the next day, coming home from school, I found the opened magazine, sprawled across his belly as he lay snoring on the living room couch. Curious, I tiptoed to the edge of the couch, leaning forward to take a closer look. "Family Taboos" the title read. Across the front cover, I could see a picture of a young brunette girl, who looked to be in her mid-teens, on all fours on a bed. Towering behind her, an older man had his arms clasped around her waist.

He looked to be rutting into her. "Exclusive photos of father-daughter incest!" the banner read across the cover, artfully shielding the nipples of the girl.

I must have been staring at the cover for a long time, because the next thing I know, when I finally took my eyes off the page, I glanced up to find him staring right back at me. I could feel myself burning red, embarrassed at having been caught looking at his filth.

He gazed at me with an amused look for a brief moment. "So, did you like looking at Daddy's magazine? Does it get you all hot and bothered?" he chuckled?

Furious at myself at having gotten caught, and hating him with a vengeance, I turned around to leave, but his hands quickly shot out, gripping my wrist tightly.

Sitting upright on the couch, he yanked me by the wrist, pulling me onto his lap. "It's okay, Daddy's not angry at your for reading his stuff. In fact, I wanted to show you something I'm sure you'll find very nice." his voice had turned thick. With one arm around my waist, holding me onto his lap, he flipped the magazine over to the centerfold page with his free hand.

"Take a look at this here, Janey," he said, placing the open magazine on my lap. Anything to get this over with, I sighed in exasperation and look down on the picture. It showed the girl from the cover. She was on her back, lying on a bed, with her 'father' above her. Her knees were pressed back towards her head, and her legs were resting on her father's shoulders.

My eyes centered downward, and I gasped involuntarily, seeing where her father's immense penis was splitting her vagina. I swallowed. My thoughts were a blur of confusion. This was the first time I had ever seen the sex act taking place. The centerfold shot was raw and unsubtle. Despite my revulsion over what was happening, I couldn't help but feel a tingle in my loins, at seeing such a graphic display of the sex act.

Collecting myself, I spoke "Dad, I really have to go up and do my homework now." I squirmed in his lap, feeling his arousal poking up at me. Chucking, he tossed the magazine onto the coffee table, relaxing his grip on me. I quickly move up to leave, but his arms quickly recircled around my waist, pulling me back down on him.

"Mmm Janey.did you notice. how much you look like that girl Susie in the picture. Did you see her face--how much she loved it--when she had her daddy's big cock deep up inside her tight wet pussy. She was such a good girl to spread her legs wide open for her Daddy." My heart was pounding frantically.

Daddy had been groping me a lot recently, but he'd never been so open and direct about wanting to fuck me. "Dad! I gotta go!" I whined, twisting on his lap.

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His cock felt huge pressing against my buttocks. "In just a minute." he panted, as his hips began rocking back and forth against my imprisoned buttocks. "You know Janey, you're such a good girl to help Daddy out like this." he panted. "Here you are, helping your daddy satisfy his needs, while yours go on unsatisfied." He punctuated this statement by grabbing at my crotch through my jeans.

"You know, if you're ever feeling lonely or need something to help you sleep better, all's you need to do is come over to Daddy's room, and I'll be more than happy to give you what Susie's daddy gave her." Groaning, he ejaculated in his pants. His lust sated, he released his grip on me. Springing up, I ran up the stairs, sobbing. Damn him! Damn him!

Damn him. I wish he would just roll over and die!! * * * My father's descent into perversion continued, and his sexual overtures to me became more and more obvious. He took to fondling me right in the presence of Timmy. At least once a week, he'd corner me in the living room, and pull me on his lap and start dry humping me. As his liberties with my body increased, I knew it was only a matter of time before he would need something more than dry humping to sate his lusts.

I also knew that I was basically helpless-at least for now. There was nothing I could do until I turned 18 and graduated from high school. All I needed was a year's time, and then me and Timmy would be free. Free from my father's molestation. Free of this bleak life.

Free to start a new one. Just me and Timmy. * * * That time never came. I blink back tears now, as I think about how absurd I was for thinking it was ever possible that I could escape the clutches of my abusive father.

Such a fool I was. I think back to that fateful summer. The summer where my dreams were shattered, my whole world crumpled. * * * Summer had arrived, and I had just finished up my junior year of high school. Having no friends, I basically spent every day secluded in my room reading my library books, or taking Timmy to the local playground.

On July 10th, the eve of my seventeenth birthday, feeling all sweaty and dirty from another session with my dad on his couch, I took a bus to the cemetery to visit my mother's grave. On my knees, kneeling before the slab of marble, I prayed fervently for strength. And courage. Strength to thwart my father's advances and courage to maintain my resolve to escape my prison.

I stayed there for over two hours, talking to my mother. That night, during dinner, my Dad announced that since it was my birthday tomorrow, we would all be going to the beach. Timmy got very excited, and kept breaking out in smiles. He started gushing about how he was gonna build gigantic sandcastles, and make entire rivers surrounding it. I smiled to see him so happy. I don't think he'd ever gone to a beach since Mom died, but I guess he knew what to expect from watching television.

Daddy looked at me, and then said. "Janey, you can wear your Mama's swimming suit. You've probably outgrown whatever swimsuit you have in your closet. I also brought down one of her cocktail dresses from the attic, because we're all going out to eat a nice restaurant afterwards.

I'll get them for you after dinner." I held my breath in excitement. Going to the beach would be such a nice break from the dull dreariness of home. And eating out?? Unheard of! My mind was full of excitement of tomorrow's events, as I hummed whiled washing up the dishes. Shortly, dad came up to me, tossing me a bag. "You can wear these tomorrow." In my room, I took the bathing suit and dress out of the bag and examined them.

It was a white bikini that I remember was my mom's favorite. Turning toward the cocktail dress, I saw that it was the cream colored one that my mom used to wear on special occasions. Excited, I quickly shucked my clothes, and put on the bikini. It was a sort of tight fit, since my mom was very petite. Standing before the mirror, I stared. A sexy woman stared right back at me. God!

I look stunning! I thought to myself, surprised and pleased all at the same time. My breasts and hips filled out the bikini very nicely. It wasn't a racy string bikini, but it definitely was not the conservative type either. A lot of my flesh was definitely visible. Trying on the cocktail dress, I saw that it too fitted my slim figure perfectly.


The fine dress transformed me into a mature woman in her twenties, rather than a soon-to-be seventeen-year-old. * * * We got to the beach the next morning by late morning. While Timmy and I immediately sprinted for the waves, Dad began setting up the beach umbrella, and laying out the blankets. It was kind of weird, seeing him actually doing something besides lounging around with a beer bottle.

Maybe he was finally coming back around. Not likely, I thought, remembering the way his eyes had roved over my body when I stepped outside my room this morning in the bathing suit. By noon, the sun was scorching. Rubbing some suntan oil all over Timmy, I did some on my front, and turned to Timmy. "Timmy, help me put some on my back." "Timothy, let Daddy do that. Go on ahead, go start on that sand castle of yours." Dad spoke up suddenly.

Before I could utter a word in protest, Timmy was off and away, with a pail of sand and shovel. "Never mind, Dad, I can do it myself" I said quickly. "Nonsense. Lay down. I'll do it." He ordered, grabbing the bottle of lotion from my hands, and placing his hands on the small of my back, directed me to lie down.

Resigned, I settled back down on my stomach. I felt him straddle himself over me, his hairy legs to each side of my legs. Then he was pouring the oil into his cupped hand, and then his large hands were on my back, rubbing firmly. In circles, I felt him rubbing, first starting at the center of my back, then moving toward the shoulders, then to the small of my back.

I started, as his fingers suddenly slipped under the string of my bikini top. Even as I uttered aloud in surprise, his hands, still under the bikini, had slid to my sides, caressing the sides of the swells of my breasts. "Daddy! Stop it!" I felt his hands slip out from under my bikini top, but I had had enough. "I can manage the rest myself!" I hissed angrily, looking around. Some families were around them, but they were a good distance off, and no one appeared to have noticed, thank god.

"Now now, Daddy was just teasing. No need to get all riled up. Daddy just wanted to see much you've grown. Now let me do your legs, and then I'll be done. Before I could say another word, he squeezed some more oil on his hands, and then began on my legs.

Starting on the calves, he slowly worked his hands up my thighs, while I held my breath, counting the seconds until this torture was over. I tensed slightly, as I felt his hands moving higher up my thighs. I clenched my thighs tightly, as I felt him began rubbing my inner thigh area.

Ignoring me, he pressed insistently, and, fueled by the need to just get it over with, I relaxed somewhat and allowed him to part my thighs a bit so that he could get access there. I grimaced as his hands rubbed higher and higher up my thigh.

This continued for a few seconds, and then, with a quickness that caught me by totally off guard, his fingers pinched the crotch area of my bikini bottom and shifted it to the side. I yelped in surprise, as I felt the cool open air against my exposed genitals. Just as quickly, his hand was suddenly there, cupping my pussy. "Dad!" I gasped, quickly closing my thighs. This did little more than to trap his hand between my thighs.

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I gazed quickly around? Had anyone seen what was happening? God, I'd die of embarrassment. No one was close enough to pay any attention. I scrambled to get up, but he was expecting that. I felt his heavy weight on me, as he settled on top of me. The full weight of his broad chest pressed down into my back, lowering me back down onto the blanket.

As I lay trapped under him, I had to twist my head to the side just to breathe. I felt his fingers, wiggling around like a spider, probing into the folds of my vagina. His fingers felt oily from the suntan lotion.

Tears welled up, and I began sobbing, as I felt his fat greasy fingers slip into my pussy lips. It wiggled around the entrance, probing and testing.

I choked, holding my breath, eyes wide, as my father discovered my hymen. "Goddamn! Who'd have thought. A body like this and still a virgin!" he marveled. "With a body like this, you won't be one long," he muttered. The weight of his hips on me lifted, and alarms sounded in my head, as I became aware of him tugging his bathing suit down to his knees. "God, he's going to rape me!". With his weight off my lower body, I tried twisting to the side to get out from under him, but he once again settled down, his naked groin pressed right up against the fullness of my buttocks.

I kicked my legs futilely, but he was too heavy. I could feel the heat of his manhood. It felt so hot and thick, trapped between my thighs. I could feel the whole topside length of his hot bar, rubbing across the oiled lips of my sex. I looked around wildly, but with the loud crash of the waves, we weren't within shouting distance of anyone.

I shuddered, in disgust and fear, as I felt my father begin thrusting up and down, against my buttocks. "Be calm Janey," I told myself. This is just like all the other times. He'll get his rocks off and then it'll be over. But this wasn't like the other times. Before, we'd always been clothed. Now, I could feel his heated penis brushing wetly across the lips of my exposed vagina.

I closed my eyes, trying to think of something else. His bucking grew more frantic, as he panted heavily above me. I knew he was close, and it would be over soon. His hips lifted suddenly, higher than before, and as his hips came downwards, the large knob of his penis suddenly entered my vagina, splitting the lips, and entering about an inch or so.

We both froze. "Oh god, no!" I whispered. Not my virginity! I'll be no good to anyone if he takes that. His body stayed frozen above me, and I could hear him moaning. "God, your pussy's so tight. Oh, god, this is so wrong, but Daddy needs you so badly." He inched forward slowly, and I felt the entire corona of his penis head pass through my stretched pussy lips.

Oh God, it felt like he was tearing me apart--he was so thick. Gasping, I felt a sharp twinge as his cockhead shifted forward, straining against my hymen. "Oh god. Oh god.can't hold it." he moaned. I started, as I felt his cock head swell, and then begin throbbing inside me. A gush of warm wetness flooded my vagina, as he ejaculated.

Shot after shot of his heavy sperm erupted from his geysering cock, splashing into the entrance of my vagina, and overflowing out past my stretched lips, which ringed his throbbing cockhead, to drip downward, matting my sparse pubic hair. He remained lodged in me for a few minutes, as I shifted restlessly under him. After a minute, his weight eased off me, and then the head of his cock was slipping out of me with a wet noise.

I felt his fingers once again tug the crotch of my bikini bottom, centering it back over my crotch. With a final pat of his cupped hand over my crotch area, he gave a chuckle.

Sighing loudly, he flipped over onto his back, tugging his shorts back on. Within minutes, he was snoring loudly. I laid there motionless. A part of me was so weak with relief. I was still a virgin. He had not taken me.

There was still hope. My rejoicing was short-lived, as I considered. How long would I be able to continue fighting him off? If anything, I knew my Dad. Now that he'd gone this far, he definitely wouldn't go back to the fully clothed dry humping sessions.

Sooner or later, he would catch me at a disadvantage, and rape me. The lips of my crotch throbbed, a dull aching reminder of the recent encounter. I could feel the sticky wetness of his hot spunk against my crotch. My whole pussy was soaked in a swamp of his sperm. A chill of fear swept through me, as the possibility of pregnancy came up.

Even though he hadn't torn my virginity, he'd ejaculated right into my vagina, and I knew enough to know that there was a real danger. Glancing over to make sure he was asleep, I got up, a bit shakily. I needed to wash off. Heading toward the waves, I walked tenderly. With each step, I imagined I could hear and feel his slimy gruel as it sloshed around in my pussy, sealed and contained by my clinging bikini bottom.

Near the water, the beach was packed full of people. I noticed Timothy shouting at me. He was with a whole bunching of little kids, all of them running around with little pails and shovels, working feverishly on one big lopsided castle. I waved back, mostly to acknowledge him, and waded into the water.

Once neck deep in the waves, and making sure no one was watching me, I adjusted my bikini bottom, pushing the material to the side of my crotch, and massaging my crotch, trying to wash out any traces of my dad's cum.

When I felt that I had done the best possible, I rejoined Timothy.

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Seeing him play with kids his own age, so carefree and in such happiness, brought tears to my eyes. "Soon Timmy." I promised him silently. You'll be able to build your won castle whenever you want.

The afternoon and evening past by quickly. We quit the beach in the early evening and made the two-hour trip back home. During the long ride, Dad didn't mention anything about what had happened earlier today. But I was accustomed to his habits. Once he was sated, he would act like everything was normal.

It was only when he got horny that I needed to be on alert. The problem was, I could never predict when he struck. We reached home, and everyone then got dressed up to go the Providenci Manor. After putting on my gown, I helped Timothy into his little suit, one I had saved up enough money last summer to buy for him. It fit perfectly, since I had bought it slightly larger, and altered it as he had grown.

Providenci Manor was an extremely expensive and very fin Italian restaurant, and throughout the course of dinner, with musicians strolling around the room playing their violins, and the breathtaking presentation of each of their orders, I found myself wondering for the umpteenth time how my father had gotten the money to pay for it.

Throughout dinner, I was aware of his eyes on me.on my body. Wisely, in a roomful of people, he didn't do anything more than look. By the time we arrived home, it was near midnight, and Timmy was snoring in the car. I felt bushed too. Gently shaking him awake, I led Timmy upstairs to his bedroom.

Afterwards, I headed toward my room to change and go to sleep. I was dead-tired. Instead, I heard Dad call for me to come downstairs.

Remembering his lustful looks at the restaurant, and what he'd done at the beach, I descended the stairs with leery suspicion. Better to get it over with. Dad wasn't the kind to take no for an answer.

Dad greeted me in the kitchen with two champagne bottles- -one in each hand.

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He'd changed out of his evening suit, and was dressed once again in his 'normal attire'-a boxer short and an undershirt that appeared to be falling apart at the seams.

"I've been saving this bottle of Dom Perignon for just a special occasion like this one. It's not everyday that a daughter gets to celebrate her seventeenth birthday. In just a year, you'll be legal." He made no sense. But I guess he wasn't paying attention to his own words either. His eyes never stopped roving my body, even as he held a glass toward me.

"Daddy.I'm really tired! I'll drink it another time. I just want to sleep now." I said. I turned to head back upstairs. "Nonsense! The bottle's already opened. I paid a hundred fuckin' bucks for this bottle. Least you can do is show your appreciation and drink a glass!" his voice was slurred. Flinching at his tone, I turned back around. Putting up the best smile I could muster, I held up my hands to accept the glass. I noticed then that he'd already finished half the bottle already.

"No wonder he's acting like such a dick," I thought. Holding my breath, I held the wineglass up to my mouth, and in one gulp, downed the entire glass. "There!" I plunked the glass onto the table, turning to leave. My exhaustion must have made me brave, or foolish, for I would never have dared otherwise to talk back to my father like that. He must have not heard me, for he made no move to stop me as I headed up the stairs. I almost thought I heard him chuckling, but I was too tired to pay attention.

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By the time I reached my room, I could feel the buzz in my head from the alcohol. I'd never drunk alcohol before, but I'd seen my dad enough to know nothing good could come of it.


"I hope I don't get a hangover," I thought, as I sluggishly got out of my evening gown. I went into the bathroom, to brush my teeth. It was getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open.

That alcohol, combined with me sheer exhaustion, was really taking its toll. Eyes half-lidded in near sleep, I trudged out of the bathroom, heading toward my bed.

Sleep would be a real treat tonight, I thought. But something was wrong. I gazed in stupor at my bed. There, on my bed, against the bed frame, was my dad, totally naked, stroking himself. I looked dumbly at the scene before me. This couldn't be happening. He should be downstairs drinking. But no, there he was, right in front of me, staring at me silently.

His hands pumped slowly up and down on his monstrous cock. Even from the doorway of the bathroom, I could make out the bulging veins and angry purple color of its massive head. "Janey, did you think Daddy forgot your birthday present? I've got it right here in my hand. He gripped his heavy cock by the base, waving it me. "I call it the 'gift of womanhood'," he chuckled. My heart was pounding in fear. I felt the edge of my door against my back.

All I needed to was turn around and run downstairs. But my legs wouldn't move. I just stood there, my body swaying. For some reason, the room was spinning around and around. Even the chuckling from my dad sounded like it was coming from far away. The vision of my father's leering wide grin seem to spin around and around before me.

What was happening to me? In my haziness, I was dimly aware of my father, slowly getting up off the bed, moving toward me. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. "No.gotta get away." That was my last thought, before I slipped into unconsciousness.