Jerking off in the Shower naked masturbate

Jerking off in the Shower naked masturbate
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The World's First Futa Futa's Public Delights Chapter One: Futa's First Wild Ride By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 Before the cheering studio audience, the host interviewing about my life for the last hour, was lost to her lusts. The sexy, caramel-skinned Amelia, pushed me down on the couch we were sitting upon. I didn't fight her, my futa-dick throbbing so hard against my dress. "Oh, Becky," she groaned, her perfectly coiffed, brown hair spilling about the wild passion of her features.

She had that delightful, mixed-raced heritage, a blend of nationalities impossible to guess, that gave her such an exotic cast. "Ooh, my pussy is so wet. I can't take any more." "Mmm, I have been teasing you," I purred as her hands pushed up my skirt, exposing my clit-dick. It thrust out my blonde bush and from the folds of my wet pussy. I was the oldest futa in the world, the first. All the others were my thousands upon thousands of daughters.

I had so many over the last thirty years since I transformed at eighteen. "That was so wicked of you," Adelia moaned, her rich-brown fingers wrapping about my ivory shaft. "It was," my wife, Sharron, called from where she watched off-stage. "Ride her hard." "RIDE HER!" the studio audience cheered. "RIDE HER!" Adelia didn't need to be told twice. With her crew watching on, the delicious talk show host guided my futa-cock in between her dark thighs.

I groaned at shaved feel of her hot pussy. She didn't wear panties, the naughty slut. She shifted with practice ease, lined up perfectly, and slammed her cunt down my huge cock.

Her eyes widened as her pussy engulfed my shaft. Like all my futa-daughters, I was bigger than any human male. "Oh, god, I missed this dick," Adelia moaned, her eyes fluttering. "It's perfect." "RIDE HER! RIDE HER!" My hands squeezed her round breasts through her top, loving the feel of her hard nipples through the cloth.

I groaned as she rose up my shaft, her pussy clenching the entire time. She slammed down me, grunting as she bottomed out on my cock.

Then she rose again and again. She rode me hard, the couch groaning beneath us. She wasted no time in driving herself to her orgasm.

We only had two minutes until the commercial break ended. "Oh, yes, Becky!" she moaned, leaning over me, her hair dancing around her darkening cheeks. "Your cock. Oh, it's the best." I grinned at her, squeezing her hips. "Just work that pussy up and down my cock. It gets better." "Yes!" she squealed. Her pussy clenched about my girl-dick as she rose up me. Her hot sheath sucked at my girl-shaft.

My ovaries boiled with another load of cum. Talking about my first game as a UW Cheerleader had made me so hard. Reliving my wild past before a live audience and streamed out over the internet was so intoxicating.


I loved the cheering. I loved people watching me fuck. The worship of the studio audience, all women or futas, washed over me. I drank it in, fanning my passion. My dick ached and throbbed in Adelia's tight snatch. She worked her cunt faster and faster, fucking me so hard, driving her pussy up and down my cock.

"This is so hot!" she groaned. "Ooh, everyone's watching me." "They're so envious," I panted. "The women all wish they were you." "RIDE HER! RIDE HER!" "They do!" Adelia moaned, her pussy slamming down my shaft again. She clenched down hard as she rose up my cock, stimulating me with that silky delight. She threw her arms over her head, reaching for the stage lights above. Her fingers curled and relaxed as she fucked me. Her breasts bounced and heaved beneath her dress.

Her skirt rustled, stretch taut over her thighs, hiding the union of our flesh. Pleasure crossed her face. Ecstasy that <em>I</em> gave her.

I whimpered, my eyes squeezed shut as I enjoyed this moment. It reminded me so much of my first live interview nearly thirty-years ago. That same ache in the interviewers eyes. That same boiling need to ride my shaft. My futa-dick ached, throbbed. The pressure built and built in my ovaries. Her pussy massaged me with that heavenly silk. I groaned, my hips thrusting up as she slammed down. Her flesh slapped into my flesh. Pleasure jolted through my cunt to my ovaries.

They contracted. I gasped. My futa-cum flooded her pussy. "Becky!" she howled. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" Her pussy writhed about my dick. Her cunt milked my spurting cock. I thrashed on the couch, my face contorting as the rapture hammered my mind. I pumped more and more jizz into her, spilling into her delicious, convulsing snatch.

She bucked a final time on me as ecstasy burned through my mind. I panted, slumped on my back. She leaned over me, gasping for breath as her pussy spasmed a one last time on my dick. Her breasts rose and fell in her dress. "Oh, damn, Becky, I needed that," she groaned. "I can get through more of the interview now." I nodded.

"Good," a producer said, "Because we're back in ten seconds." Adelia gasped. Then she ripped her pussy off my cock. My dick flopped out and smacked wet into my bunched up skirt. A flick of cunt cream splattered my face. My tongue snaked out, gathering up that tart delight. I shivered, sitting up, shoving my dress down over my softening futa-dick.

"And we're live in five. four. three." the spiky-haired producer said. I adjusted my blonde hair while Adelia settled into her pose, looking so calm and poised. If it weren't for her flushed cheeks and glistening forehead, you'd never know she just rode my futa-dick to a screaming orgasm.

"Welcome back," Adelia said, a touch breathless. "Today were celebrating President Becky Woodward's birthday with a thirty year retrospective on how the world's first futa has shifted everyone's paradigm." I smiled at the camera, sucking in breaths through my nose.

My body buzzed in delight. "I'm so glad to be here. What an amazing forty-eighth birthday this has been." "And you don't even look it," laughed Adelia, giving my knee a familiar pat that sent a tingle racing down it.

"Now, we were just talking about your first time cheerleading at the Husky game against the University of Oregon's Ducks. It caused such an uproar in the FCC since NBC showed everything live. The world's reaction was. intense." "That's one word for it," I said, struggling to remember just how overwhelming it was when it finally hit me just what I had done.

"My social media exploded. It was so bad I had to turn off my Facebook, Twitter, and the other ones. They were just bombarded by messages and tweets." "Ah, Twitter, I haven't thought about that one in years," Adelia said, shaking her head. "It was so big when I was in college," I said, a smile on my lips. "That's where you put your hashtags." Adelia giggled. "Ooh, yes, hashtags." She smoothed her face back into the professional mask.

"Okay, that's not what were talking about today. That game launched you into the national spotlight in a way that you hadn't before." "I mean, people were talking about me before," I said. "I had interviews and some programs were produced. Many of those long-dead news outlets would run their vapid commentary about what I was, trying to fill every hour of the day with their blather.

"But the average American mostly ignored me until then. And then I had sex during the Husky game. College football was as big then as it is today. It caught the imagination." "And the paparazzi descended?" I let out a sigh.

"I didn't realize it, but it was about to drown me in attention. I swear, I went hitchhiking just to escape them after college. I had no idea how they would try to invade everything I did, to catch pics of me fucking, to fill tabloids and entertainment shows." "Like this pic?" Adelia asked.

She glanced at the monitor by the stage. Some producer put on a picture of me and an older woman, both of us clearly naked or topless, thrusting out the roof of a limousine.

My hands grabbed her tits, her ass clearly pressed into my crotch. Our were faces contorted in rapture. "It looks like you're both cumming here." "I think we were," I said, smiling.

"That pic went viral, as they called it back then. Shot around the world." "How did <em>that</em> happen?" Adelia asked. I smiled and launched into the story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 15th, 2018 I still buzzed from my orgasms. I couldn't believe I had so many during the game. And all those Duck Cheerleaders I bred.

The Husky's had crushed the University of Oregon Ducks because of my naughty antics. I inspired our team to victory. And flustered the opposing team, especially their quarterback, by fucking all their cheerleaders. On national TV. "It is insane out there," Dona, one of my friends, said. She somehow got into the cheerleader's locker room. "Really?" I asked, changed back into a loose skirt and a tight baby doll t-shirt cupping my braless tits. My dick twitched in the boy short underwear I wore.

"The fans." "The fans," Dona said. "The media." The brunette shook her head, her petite body squirming. Her short, brown hair swayed about her face. "I'm glad I didn't bring Danielle." Dona was one of the first girls to give birth to one of my daughters. She also numbered among the first I fucked. Justine, Mrs.

Albertson, Melany, Katharyn, Professor Rider, my two nurses, and then Dona and Kaelea. I couldn't remember which of the two I fucked first now. It was a year ago. I think it was Dona, but. "How am I getting out of here?" I asked. "Kurt has a plan," Dona said.

I arched an eyebrow. Kurt was both our ex-boyfriend. I dated him through high school and into our freshman year of college. When I finally made love with him, giving him my virginity, I changed. His cum triggered me into becoming the world's first futa. None of the doctors understood why. Over the last year, I heard a dozen different theories. Any one could be the reason, or it could be none of them. After Kurt and I broke up, what with me suddenly being into girls and they all waiting to be bred by my futa-cock, Kurt hooked up with Dona.

It was a rebound thing and didn't last long. But things were usually tense between them. They could start sniping each other, and it couldn't stand it. "You're talking to Kurt again?" Dona shrugged. "His new girlfriend's okay, I guess. All she could do was talk about you fucking her before the game." I smiled at that. Kurt helped me calm down before I faced the cheering crowds.

"Well, he has a plan to get you out of here," Dona continued, "but it requires the help of your fellow cheerleaders." "What do you need?" Ashlie, the blonde cheer captain, said.

She had a glow about her, partially from having sex during the game, and partially from the start of her baby bump swelling her stomach. Like every girl I had sex with, I bred her. "Were you eavesdropping?" Dona asked. "Yep," Ashlie said, her blue eyes twinkling. She smacked my rump. "Got to protect my team's number-one asset.

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What do you need?" "A distraction," Dona said and explained the plan. It was really simple. It just required the cheer squad to rush out in their uniforms with Ashlie in the center. Since we were both blondes, Kurt hoped that if the squad acted like they were shielding her and trying to get her clear, they would distract the paparazzi and other media trying to see me. It wouldn't last long, but it would give me the time to slip out the side door and hurry to Kurt's car with him, Dona, and his girlfriend.

My cheer squad was eager to do help me out. Fifteen minutes later found me at said side-area with Dona. Kurt waited in his car with his girlfriend. I swallowed a deep breath, my heart thudding fast. This was all so exciting.

It felt all cloak and daggery. I swallowed, eager to burst out there and escape. My phone chirped. "That's the signal," I said, glancing at the text message. "Okay!" Dona grinned and yanked open the door. I could <em>hear</em> the squeals of excitement coming from the front of stadium.

The other people in the parking lot were looking up towards the front.

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Cameras flashed, lighting up the September evening sky. I shuddered, my eyes widening. It was like the Beatles had arrived. I couldn't believe this was all for me. I glanced at Dona. "Just go," she said, "before anyone notices." I nodded, strolling out, trying to act casual.

Though the crowds were focused out front, there were still plenty of people moving around the parking lot, getting to their cars. I hoped the cheerleaders would be fine. Women when they caught the breeding impulse could go wild for my futa-cock. I had a few fights break out in the last year, girls insisting that they got to fuck me next. A limousine pulled up in front of us and stopped as we stepped out of a row of parked cars to cross to the next aisle.

I gasped in shock, squeezing Dona's hand. The door opened and a mature woman, her dark-brown hair pulled up into a tight bun, peered out at me. She had a designer blouse, a soft chartreuse, that gave her an elegant look when combined with her black skirt. "Get in, Becky, we need to talk," she said. I blinked. "President Pope!" gasped Dona beside me. "The college's president?" I asked.

"The same," the woman said, her diction sounding refined and precise. "Now get in. We need to talk about this. debacle." A nervousness rippled through me. Before I could talk to her, I had to give her a chance to avoid getting fucked. "You know we'll just end up fucking if I climb in there." "That's why my secretary is here," President Pope said. A younger woman, a few years older than me, peeked her head out the door, leaning in from a seat facing the university's president.

She had a youthful face, round and naughty, her short, blonde hair giving her a playful vibe. Her green eyes sparkled as she purred, "I've heard so much about you and your cock, Becky." President Pope grimaced, pinching her face, her lips pursed tight. She scooted back saying, "So, as you can see, you can <em>use</em> my secretary while we talk." "It won't work," I said, my girl-dick swelling to full hardness.

"You're going to want my dick, too." "I haven't had sex in twenty years," the woman said. "I never saw the need for it. I think my self-control will hold." Dona gave me a naughty wink and mouthed, "Fuck her hard." I winked back.

Well, I tried to convince the older woman. I would enjoy breeding the president of the University of Washington. She had such delicious legs peeking out of her skirt. But until then, I would enjoy her secretary, too.

I slipped into the back of the limo. The naughty secretary, wearing a beige pencil skirt and blue blouse you'd find in an office, scooted over. She patted the seat beside her, licking her plump lips, her green eyes glowing with lust. The moment I sat down, the secretary was on the floor of the limo before me, her hand shoving up my skirt. President Pope sat across from me, legs crossed, dark eyes intense as she studied me. She didn't flinch as the secretary produced my girl-dick from my boy shorts and engulfed it in a single inhalation.

"Damn," I groaned as the enthusiastic secretary bobbed her mouth up and down my girl-dick. "She's eager for it." "Indeed," President Pope said, something almost sounding like disappointment in her words.

"Jamie has been bouncing with excitement since I asked her to do this." "It was so hot watching you suck your own dick on the field," Jamie moaned, popping her mouth off my futa-cock long enough to say that sentence. Then she slid her lips back over my shaft, her cheeks hollowing as she worshiped me. Wet heat swirled around my dick, her tongue dancing. I groaned, my pussy clenching. The delight shot straight down to my cunt. I faced my college's president.

The blood raced through my veins. Pleasure swelled through me, the secretary's sucking bringing me closer to erupting. So I ripped off my baby doll t-shirt, baring my round breasts. "Is that. necessary, Becky?" President Pope asked as I grabbed my breasts.

"Mmm, so necessary," I moaned, kneading my tits while Jamie sucked and slurped on my girl-dick. My thumbs brushed my pink nipples. "We have a big problem," President Pope said, not even looking at my nineteen-year-old titties as I fondled them.

"Oh?" I asked, my pussy clenching. "I've turned a blind eye to your. activities for the last year. I have never seen the harm in consensual sex and, well, none of your many, many lovers have a single bad word to say about you." "Nope," I gasped then squealed as Jamie shoved a pair of fingers into my juicy pussy.

"Ooh, she's a wicked secretary. You totally should have her crawl beneath your desk. I bet she could make that cunt cum so hard with this mouth." President Pope pursed her lips, her eyes tightening.

"But now your antics are going to cost the school money?" "What?" I asked, heat rippling through my pussy and surging down my cock. My snatch clenched about those probing digits. "How?" "The FCC will level fines for your. inappropriate antics," President Pope said. "NBC never cut their feed. They broadcast every second of your sideline antics to the world.

Every cheerleader you fucked. Every pussy you. bred." Her thighs tightened. My pussy clenched on those delicious fingers while my futa-dick throbbed in Jamie's wonderful mouth. "I had fun breeding those cunts," I said. "I can't control if NBC broadcast it to the world." Jamie's mouth ripped off my cock. "I need to be bred, too!" The B word often set women off. I groaned as she moved up my body, her pencil skirt sliding up her thighs as she straddled me, her fingers ripping out of my snatch.

I should stop her, but my cock ached to be in her pussy. I needed to focus, but.

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Jamie wasn't wearing panties beneath her skirt. I groaned as I felt the kiss of her shaved pussy. Then her cunt slammed down my shaft. Rapture surged through me. I was buried to the hilt in hot, fertile snatch. "I thought I told you just to suck her cock until I was done talking to her, Jamie," President Pope said.

"Sorry!" the girl moaned. "I just need to be bred so badly." "Uh-huh," I groaned. "Don't you want to be bred, President Pope?" "No!" she hissed, her face contorting. I watched her over Jamie's shoulder, enjoying the secretary's pussy sliding up and down my dick, bathing my cock in her silky cream. I grabbed her rump, squeezing her through her skirt as she gasped and moaned, filling the limousine with her passion.

"So what's the problem for the school?" I panted, struggling to focus on the real problem. But it was so hard. Jamie's pussy felt so good on my dick. She squeezed her cunt around my shaft as she rose up, the pressure sucking at my ovaries.

My girl-cock always responded to a woman in need of my futa-seed. And Jamie needed it. I could feel her heat. Her pussy ovulated, her ovaries releasing an egg needing to be fertilized by my girl-cum. I shuddered and groaned, kneading her ass and staring at the president. The older woman recrossed her legs, her arms folded before her. Color spotted her cheeks. Her jaw clenched, her eyes smoldering. "We'll talk when you're. less distracted." I smiled at her and moaned.

"Ooh, yes, yes, yes. Your secretary is so naughty for riding my dick in the middle of our conversation. I'm going to breed her snatch." President Pope recrossed her legs again, shifting. "I'm going to pump so much of my spunk into her pussy," I purred. "I'm going to breed her. She's going to be dripping with all my jizz.

She's going to have my baby. Isn't that so hot?" "Yes, yes, yes, isn't that so hot, President Pope!" Jamie moaned, her snatch squeezing down on me. "I want her baby so badly. Ooh, her cock is so huge. I've never had a dick so big." "Just stretching out your cunt, right?" I asked, my fingers digging into her rump again.

"Uh-huh," she whimpered. President Pope's lips moved. I didn't hear what she said, but it looked like, "Slut." "Yes, yes, yes, slut," I purred, my hands hauling up Jamie's skirt.

I exposed her rump and gave the watching woman a view of Jamie's cunt sliding up and down my futa-cock. "Keep working that fertile pussy on my dick." "So fertile!" Jamie's snatch squeezed down even harder.

My clit-dick twitched inside of her. I whimpered, the pressure building. "Just flood me, Becky! I want your baby so badly." "Every woman does. Every woman wants to be bred!" President Pope squeezed her thighs tight, her skirt riding up her thighs, clad in nylons. I shuddered, loving the sight of them.

She licked her lips, eyes moving down Jamie's body. I felt her gaze arresting on my dick. She leaned forward ever so slightly. "Oh, yes, Jamie," I moaned. "Ooh, you're going to explode on my cock, aren't you, slut? You're just going to erupt." "So hard!" Her voice came out as a throaty hiss. Her pussy slammed down my dick, engulfing every inch of me.

My cunt clenched. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. President Pope watching only swelled my pleasures faster. I hurtled towards my orgasm. I squirmed as my dick ached more and more in Jamie's silky pussy.

I leaned back into the limo seat, my head looking up at the ceiling as my pleasure built and built. I concentrated on it.

I heard a whimper. It didn't come from Jamie. I smiled, my ovaries about to boil over. Jamie slammed down my dick. Then she rose up me, the silky friction caressing my shaft. The pleasure sent a hot rush down my cock and rippled through my ovaries.

"Fuck!" I gasped as my ovaries unloaded my passion. Blast after blast of my fertile cum pumped into Jamie's pussy. I groaned, my futa-seed filling her, my little sperm swimming for her egg. She gasped and impaled her cunt down my shaft, engulfing me in every inch of her hot twat.

She came. "She's breeding me, President Pope!" howled the secretary. Ecstasy crashed through my mind. Her pussy writhed about my cock, milking my dick. I whimpered and groaned. My entire body quivered.

My cum fired into her snatch. Spurt after spurt flooded her. My gaze washed across the limo and. Froze at the sunroof. I shuddered at the sight of it, a wicked idea bursting through my mind, propelled by the rapture pumping out of my futa-cock and washing out of my pussy.

"Oh, yes, President Pope, she bred me," Jamie moaned, slumping against me after the last blast of my cum erupted out of my cock. "I assume you can talk now?" President Pope said, her voice so tight and throaty. "Mmm, can you?" I asked. "Don't you want to be bred?" "No!" she hissed, so much emotion in her voice.


Her cheeks blazed scarlet, an almost maiden's blush contrasting with her matronly bun. She shifted, her breasts swaying in her chartreuse blouse. "We can talk," I said as Jamie climbed off my dick. She sank back to the floor to lick at my wet shaft, cleaning up her pussy juices off of it. I stayed hard, my dick throbbing, and faced the president of my university. "Okay, so why is this bad?" "The FCC won't just fine NBC," she said, her thighs squeezed so tight together. She leaned forward, her breasts swaying.

I had a glimpse of her cleavage, the top button of her blouse undone. "They'll fine the college, too. It will cost the school millions of dollars." I winced. Millions? The school wouldn't let me cheer again. I loved it. Breeding the other team's cheerleaders, making them fuck our school's players, cuckolding the Duck's quarterback. And all while 60,000 or so people cheered me on.

"The school can't afford that," President Pope said. I frowned, looking out the window. We were still in the parking lot working our way out. Everyone was leaving. It caused huge backups. It could take longer than the ten minutes Jamie rode me to get out. There were so many people here. So many people all pumped up by me. Eager to see me. Many came because they knew I would be here and. "You need a way to monetize me," I said, giving her a look. "That's why you're here.

If it was just banning me from cheerleading, the college's athletic department could have done it. No, no, you want to use me to make the school even more money." "Why do you think that?" she asked, her thighs squirming together, nylons whisking. Her hands gripped her skirt, knuckles white. "Because you put me on our school's brochure for the 2018/2019 school year," I said. "Without my permission." "You gave permission when you signed your admission paperwork," she said.

I waved my hand, shivering as Jamie's tongue fluttered through the folds of my pussy now, her hand fisting my dick. "You <em>advertised</em> that the world's first futa was here.


You used me to swell attendance. You made this school something that's in demand. I took an economy class. You can increase tuition and people will pay because the supply is so.

small. Me." "To a point," she said. "We're a public university. Washington's congress would have to approve it." "Politicians always love more money," I said. "And the games. you can charge more for tickets for games where I cheer.

You can make all this money, and the FCC fines, well, won't those just be a. a cost. No different than any other?" I smiled. "It'll be perfect. You saw the crowds.

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They loved me. You could double the cost of tickets, and they'd pay to watch me. "I'll make the school so much money." The limo pulled out of the stadium's parking lot and into the streets. I didn't know where we were going. I didn't care. I leaned forward, certain I had her. Certain she would have that mature pussy sliding on my cock soon. I loved fucking older woman. So beautiful and graceful. So passionate. Jamie's tongue jammed deep into my cunt. My pussy clenched on it, my pleasure building in me.

The secretary moaned, her hand fisting my dick faster and faster. A smile played on my lips as President Pope licked her lips. "Just say it," I purred. "Say I can keep cheering. Say I can keep making the University of Washington money. "Just say you want to be br—" "I need more!" she hissed, cutting me off before I could say the B word. "More?" I asked, my dick throbbing as Jordan's tongue fluttered around the crown.

Then her wicked mouth engulfed it, sucking so hard on my cock. My toes curled. "How can I give you more?" "You have to fund-raise for the school," she said, her glasses slipping down her nose as she almost lunged at me. She stayed seated, but she thrust her body forward. Her breasts swayed in her chartreuse blouse.

"I need you to get the boosters to donate more. The alumni." "Gladly," I moaned. "I'll. I'll have those dinners. You know, the ones people pay money to attend to support politicians." I gave a wicked laugh. "$1000 a plate or whatever so some rich dude can watch me bang and breed his wife." I grinned at her.

"I'll get you all the money you need. That will offset these pesky fines." "Good," she moaned, her body shaking.

She licked her lips, her thighs crossed so tight. "Now. why don't we get to what you <em>really</em> need from me." I pushed on Jordan's head. The secretary whimpered as I moved her from my dick. But she didn't object. Not after she already went for a ride on it. After I bred her. "It's time for you to get bred, President Pope." A shiver ran through the woman. Her eyes stared at my cock. "Twenty years." I said.

"I bet your pussy is as tight as a virgin's. Doesn't your naughty hole deserve to have fun?" "I have my toys," she answered. "Toys," I said, rolling my eyes.

I shook my cock at her. "Do you have a toy that will pump you full of my fertile seed? That will breed that hot hole between your thighs." She licked her lips.

"You don't. Nothing comes close. You want <em>this</em>. Just surrender to your lusts. Let your body enjoy something for a change. We're in a <em>limo</em>. Let's have fun, President Pope." "It's so amazing, Cherie, "Jordan said. "You'll cum so hard. You'll feel like a million bucks after she's bred you." The secretary rubbed her belly as she stretched out on the floor, staring up at the roof of the limo. "Mmm, she planted a baby in me.

Don't you want that?" The older woman whispered a single word. I frowned, leaning forward. I didn't hear it over the sound of the limo driving through the streets of Seattle. "What was that?" "Yes." Her eyes hardened as she shot me a blazing look. Then she spat out, "That's what you want to hear?

You want to hear how I'm burning to fuck you? Is that it, Becky? You just want every woman in the world to be your whore?" "I want them to feel the pleasure of my cock," I said, arching an eyebrow. "But if you don't want it, I can get out of the limo." "I. Want. It." She spoke each word so clipped. Her hands went to her blouse. "I want your damned cock in my cunt.

Once a week, you will report to my office and fuck me. If you don't." "Oh, I will," I purred as she peeled off her top, exposing the plain, white bra beneath.

It was so boring. This woman deserved better.

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She reached behind her, freeing her round breasts. They were still so lovely, not as firm as a younger woman, but with plenty of shape. Her nipples dusky and hard. Then she hiked her skirt, drawing up her nylon-clad thighs. A pair of boring, white panties bled through her nylons. I shook my head in disgust. She truly did deserve something better than that. It was disgraceful what she wore. She should embrace her hotness. She was a gorgeous woman.

I sighed, knowing I would make her feel like such a woman. So I slipped off my seat before her. I slid my hands up her thighs. She froze, staring down at me. Her eyes widened at my touch sliding up her pantyhose-clad thighs.

I gave her such a wanton smile as I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her nylons. I pulled them down until I found her panties, then I drew those off, too. I exposed her dark-brown bush, an untamed jungle hiding her pussy. I leaned down, breathing in, caching her tart musk, that scent of womanly passion.

Her breasts shivered as she sucked in a deep breath. Her thighs tensed along side me. Then I nuzzled into her silky bush. Her strands caressed my lips and cheeks. I savored that wonderful kiss as I explored. My tongue lashed out, brushing her vulva and the edge of her slit. I adjusted and found her petals. I lapped again, gathering her tart musk.

"Becky," she said, something like awe in her voice. Her hard expression melted. "Oh, Becky, that's." "Nice?" I asked her, arching an eyebrow. Then I licked again, dragging my tongue up through her folds to find her clit.

I brushed it, making her gasp. She shuddered on the seat, her hips squirming. "Mmm, I'm glad it's nice. Because you taste good." I licked again, reveling in the wondrous delight of her pussy. Her hot flesh stained my tongue. I fluttered through her, her heat spilling over me. She let out such womanly sounds as she squirmed. The limo seat creaked as the pleasure moved her body.

My futa-dick ached and throbbed. My own pussy grew so hot. My juices ran down my thighs and shaft, the teasing trickle making my skin feel so alive. I lapped again through her pussy. And again. I parted her folds. Then I dove into her hot flesh. She shuddered, her breasts jiggling as I probed into her tight cunt. Twenty years without anything but her fingers or dildos sliding in here. No one else had touched her since. since she was my age. This poor pussy. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, my hands clutching her silky flesh as I fluttered my tongue through her depths.

I stimulated her flesh. I teased and caressed her labia, loving her pussy. She whimpered, making sounds that almost sounded foreign like she had never made them. But she wanted to know. She gasped and groaned, humping against me. Her ticklish bush caressed my lips as I concentrated on pleasing her. I danced my tongue through her folds. I made her shiver and gasp. Her delight rippled out of her and poured into my mouth.

I drank it down as I licked and lapped. "Oh, Becky," she said, eyes so wide. "Oh, Becky. That's. That's so good. Ooh, yes. Ooh, that's nice. I. I." "You're going to cum," I purred before I sucked on her clit. She gasped and bucked. Her hands seized her breasts as shock exploded across her face. Than her juices bathed my mouth. This wondrous flood of tart passion flowed out of her. Her cream poured into my mouth as her gasps filled the limousine.

She shuddered, her thighs squeezing so tight about my face. Her passion squeaked out of her. She squirmed so hard on the seat. It was so incredible. It made my futa-dick ache so much. She whimpered through her first real orgasm in two decades. I wasn't even born the last time she felt this.

If ever. "Oh, Becky!" she groaned. "Oh, fuck me!" "Mmm, I will," I purred and then stood up. I couldn't reach my full height, not anywhere close. I pushed a button and the sunroof opened.

I stretched out through it, baring my tits to Seattle. The cool, autumn air kissed my hot flesh. "Come on and let me fuck you." "What?" she gasped, trembling.

"But. but. People will see us." "Uh-huh," I said, staring at the street. "They will. That's what makes it so hot. They're going to see us and envy us. Lust after us. And you need to be lusted after. You are a gorgeous woman, President Pope. Be <em>proud</em> of your body." "Just come and fuck me in the limo," she moaned.

"Come breed me." "You want a baby, then you join me," I said. "I'm not coming down. This is <em>my</em> condition. If you want me fundraising, I need to fuck you where people can see." "You are such a wicked thing," she moaned.

"Uh-huh," I purred, my pussy clenching. The limo stopped at a light. I looked at the pedestrians on the sidewalk. I winked at one, my round breasts swaying before me. "Evening." A guy gave me a shocked wave. His girlfriend's jaw dropped. President Pope stood up before me, my futa-dick rubbing down her back to her rump. I shuddered at the feel as she joined me, her shoulders hung. I hugged her, rubbing my tits into her supple skin, my nipple throbbing. Her butt-cheeks clenched about my girl-dick, holding it like a hot dog in a naughty bun.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she whimpered, her hips wiggling from side to side. "This is why I'm going to fund-raise <em>billions</em> for the university," I said, moving my hips.

More people watched us, gathering on the sidewalk. I loved it. Phones came out. Cameras flashed as my clit-dick slid out of her crack and nuzzled at her jungle bush. When I found her hot pussy, I thrust my arm up into the air and rammed forward. "I'm fucking her with my futa-dick!" I howled as the limo pulled forward through the intersection. President Pope's pussy clamped down on my girl-dick. She groaned, leaning over. Her cunt felt so tight on my girl-dick, hot like a virgin's sheath.

My eyes widened at the delicious feel of her wrapped about me. It was incredible. I shuddered as her hips wiggled, stirring my cock around. The watchers shouted as we left them behind, but new people saw us. Traffic flowed slowed through Seattle. I fucked the president of my college with hard, slow strokes. She leaned forward, arms braced on the roof of the limo, her tight cunt clenching on my cock.

My tits bounced before me, heaving with my passion, exposed to the world. I waved at the pedestrians as I pumped my hips. Pleasure rippled through me as I drank in the attention. It was so amazing. Our gasps and moans echoed down the street, mixing with the sound of cars.

Some honked. A black car kept pace with us, the driver staring out the window, his eyes so dark as he watched. "Holy shit, that's hot!" he groaned as I fucked her. "You got a strap-on or something?" "Futa-cock!" I answered. "I'm going to breed her." "Yes!" gasped President Pope, her pussy clenching down so hard on my thrusting dick. Her hips rotated. "Oh, yes, she's going to breed me." Saying those words changed something about her. Her pussy grew hotter. She didn't just let me fuck her.

She fucked me back. She worked her hips, slamming her cunt back into my thrusts. My crotch smacked her rump, an echoing sound rising around us. I loved it. I stroked her sleek back, my tits bouncing before me as I worked my girl-dick in and out of her cunt, moaning out the city of Seattle. Pussy juices ran down my thighs, my twat growing so hot as my cock drank in the silky embrace of the older woman's snatch.

Then Jordan's head pressed between my legs from behind. Her hands stroked my thighs as she nuzzled into my blond bush. Her tongue fluttered through me, stimulating me, adding to the delight rushing through my body. "Oh, god," I moaned as the naughty secretary's tongue worked deep into my cunt.

She swirled it around, making me quiver. "Oh, that's so naughty. Ooh, you wicked minx, yes, yes! Just keep doing that! Stir me up!" Her tongue fluttered through me. She gave me so much delight. She wiggled her tongue through me as I fucked her boss so hard. I pounded the president of my university with hard thrusts as she bared her tits to the world. She screamed out her passion. "Fuck me!

Breed me! Yes, yes, ram that dick into me! Ooh, you futa-slut!" Streetlights and traffic signals bathed her supple back in amber, greens, and reds. I stroked her skin, loving the feel of her skin beneath my fingertips. Her pussy squeezed tight about my clit-dick, adding delight to Jordan's tongue dancing through my folds. My hands found the president's tits.

I squeezed them. I buried into her pussy and groaned. My back arched. My pussy convulsed. Cum fired out of my dick. It spurted into the older woman's fertile pussy. The pleasure screamed through my mind. I cried out to the streets of Seattle, groping her breasts. "I breeding her!" "Yes, yes, yes!" she gasped, her back arching. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. I shuddered, my juices pouring out of my cunt while hers milked my futa-cock dry. I whimpered, Jordan lapping at my folds, stimulating me.

Drunken delight surged through me. I shook and swayed. I never wanted this to end. I just wanted to cum forever. Cameras flashed, recording this moment forever. The moment I bred President Pope. I loved it, my tits heaving, the last drops of my cum spurting into her pussy. I swayed out the top of the limousine, my body buzzing with rapture.

I loved being a futa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "That photo went viral," I said. "it was after that that my phone blew up. Social media almost drowned me in notifications." "I can only imagine," Adelia said. "I have a team to manage mine. I couldn't keep up." "Yeah, I had to turn them all off for a while." I shook my head. "It was also the beginning of the paparazzi.

They were following me around. I was forever in the public life after that." I smiled, staring out at the studio audience. "But it has its perks." They all gave a fond laugh.

"I bet it has," Adelia said. "And it wasn't long after that picture was taken that you had your first live interview with Amelia McCreery." "Yep, she went to work for CNN almost immediately after NBC fired her for letting the Husky game broadcast live to America." I smiled, my futa-dick throbbing. "Now that was a shocking experience." "I bet it was," Adelia purred. To be continued.