Boquete punheta amador colocar xvideos

Boquete punheta amador colocar xvideos
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He invites me over for a night of passionate fun. He tells me he can't wait until to put himself inside me We go into the kitchen and big bunch of beautiful flowers are in a vase with a card.

He gives me warm passionate hug and kiss. We part and as I am smelling the flowers we grabs me from behind and covers my mouth with his hand. I am terrified as I feel the cold blade of a knife against my throat. He tells me not to make a sound and cooperate or it will be over before I know it. My body is trembling with fear, my heart is pounding He drags me upstairs and blindfolds me after he puts tape over my mouth and ties my hands behind my back. He pushes me into the bedroom and yanks me around.

I can't see a thing since I am blindfolded and I feel totally vulnerable with my hands tied behind my back.

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I can feel him running his hands all over my body and groping my breasts with his hands. I can hear him whisper into my ear about how he knows how much I want him and how much he knows I like this. He gently kisses my neck and nibbles on my ear. He keeps kissing my gently as he works he way down my neck. He is a very good kisser and I am feeling very sensual and passionate.

He tells me if I will be a good girl he will remove the tape on my mouth. I nod approvingly. He pulls off the tape on my mouth and starts to kiss me. I am still blindfolded with my hand tied behind me, so this is a strange sensation. Our kissing becomes more passionate and sensual.

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Suddenly he slaps me very hard. My face is stinging from the pain.

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He slaps me on the other side. f my face. The sensation is overwhelming. He grabs a bunch of my hair and pulls my head back.


I can fell the cold sensation of his knife as he draws it across my neck. I am totally terrified at this moment as I do not know what is going to happen to me. He tells me my nightmare has just begun.


He lets go of my hair and as I straighten out my head I can feel him grabbing the top of my satin blouse with both hands and he violently rips my blouse open with both hands. I can feel buttons being ripped off and the satin material being ripped.

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He pulls the blouse out of my pants and rips it all the way open. He pulls my blouse down behind my shoulders and it binds on my arms as they are still tied behind my back. He tells me I am a whore and tells me to get onto my knees.


He pushes me down and I can hear him opening his jeans. He places his hand behind my head and shoves his hard cock into my mouth. I start to suck his hard cock and he takes both hands and places them on my head and starts forcefully moving my head back and forth on his cock, He is really fucking my mouth as he shoves his while cock down my throat.

He tells me to stand up and he takes me over to a desk and bends me over it. He lifts up my skirt and,,, Gently sticking the knife in my pussy, with him hand around my neck pushing my face into the desk he rips the knife out I here a cranking nose as my arms are starting to be pulled up my feet lifted off the ground I'm now hang there as he whips me i scream he stooped i cant here him i cant see anything as i am still blind folded he kiss my lips as he put the tap back over my mouth you broke your promiseyou would be quiet .he start to whipping me again and again I can feel my skin split as warm blood drips down my body he lowers me down just a little as he comes up from behind me grabbing my legtying my ankle to another rope across the room then my other ankle to the other side of the room as I hang there.

all I can fell is his handall over my body his fingers, in my mouth and pussy.

I can here him breathing, once again he starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. i here a door close and a voice said i told you not to start without me !! he saidyou were taking too long !!

still justwalking around me in circles slapping his hard cock all over my body he grabs my face rips the tapeoff and jams his cock in my mouthas his buddy walks by me rubs my head all the way down my body down to my pussy starts fucking me harder and harder! im so wet, as his friend is fucking my face jamming his long hard cock down my throat.I can't breath!!

as he has his cock all the way down my thought.I start to choking I can't breath he takes it out as he cums all over my face as his friend is still pounding that pussy . I hear someone say grab the table . I here wells under me he's under me he takes my blind fold off and i see he's under me laying on the table. his friend pulls out and sticks his cock in my ass slapping my ass.

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the other fucks my pussy in till he comes again. the other pull his long hard cock out of my ass and comes over to my face sticks his dick in my mouth ,slaps my face and cums he said now that's a good girl as the door opens again and the one wife say dinners ready and I'm running her a bath they cut the ropes and drop the chain I'm on the floor they untie me and help me to a bath scrub me down dress me and feed me then drive me home I'm going back tomorrow :)

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