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Bajo la falda de guera
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My name's Tom and I'm 20 years old. I have a close and happy relationship with my family, always have and always will.

We are a tightly knit group of 3 families who often spend a lot of time together. I have 6 cousins and I get along really well with them all. I have one younger brother also named James.

He's 13 now. Back when I was 19, something happened that changed my relationship with one of my older cousins. It was summer, only a few months ago and our families decided to go camping up in the mountains. This wasn't going to be some wild rugged excursion though. There was a resort and water park where other families stayed and we were going to be renting a couple of mountain lodges nearby. We had all gone once before on a day trip so generally knew what to expect.

I was very excited about the trip in the days leading up to it. I drove me and my brother up on Friday morning and four of our cousins followed us in their car.

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The oldest two would come down later along with all the parents. We arrived in the afternoon and were pleased with what we saw. Two big wooden cabins stood before us with a small dug out pool between them. We headed into one of them and all ran to pick out rooms.


I was sharing the three person room with my brothers while my cousins: Laura (13) and Mark (15) shared the bunk bed room and David (20) and Alex (22) took the room with two single beds. Pretty much straight away we all changed and hopped into the pool to catch up and mess around for the day until the others would arrive. It was starting to get dark when my parents were the first to arrive.

They greeted us and after we told them we had taken over one of the cabins, they headed into the other to unpack. Pretty soon afterwards my aunts and uncles arrived together and not far behind were Tony and Shayla.

Tony was 29 and Shayla 27. They joined my parents in their cabin and after we had all settled in we headed down to the lodge and had a family dinner to plan out the week ahead.

I sat between my brother and Shayla at the table.

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I was really happy to be able to catch up with Shayla. I always got on particularly well with her and it had been a long time since I last saw her. I was aware of how good looking she was and deep down I knew I had a little crush on her, but was generally able to repress it because I knew it was so wrong.

There was never really any issue with it. It was only a slight hint of attraction. Tonight she was wearing a black top that that clung to her boobs and complimented her body in general, and black tight pants with matching shoes. Shayla herself is slightly taller than the average girl. In fact she's about the same height as me. She has a bit of a tan, blue eyes and blonde hair that's normally tied up.

We joked around and talked about old memories, what she was doing in work and me in college, and random things we wanted to do in the week ahead. As I listened to her speak about some trail up the mountain she had heard about, I admired her facial features and thought to myself how lucky I'd be if I found a girl just like her to go out with. As if to read my mind the subject suddenly moved from mountain trails to my love life. "So college sounds fun and I'm glad you found some work. What about your friends?

How are they?" She asked "They're all doing great", I replied "Josh is still going out Linda, and they're thinking of moving in together soon" "That's great!" said Shayla with a big smile "What about you? Are you seeing anyone at the moment?" "Nah nothing much happening at the moment. I'd be too busy for a relationship right now anyway" I always felt awkward at these questions, even coming from someone as close to me as Shayla. "Oh well, no need to rush these things.

I know you'll have no problem finding someone" she replied with another warming smile. I felt bad for bringing up my next comment but knew it would be kind of rude not to. "Thanks. And by the way, I'm really sorry to hear that you and John split up" I said in a somewhat timid tone. Her expression didn't change at all. "That's really sweet." she laughed and put her hand on my leg and gave it a squeeze ".and it's ok.

We were both very busy with work and didn't have much time together anymore. It just made sense." We continued to talk for the remainder of dinner and eventually my Uncle got all of our attention and explained tomorrows plan. "We are going to go to Slash and Bash tomorrow if that's ok with everyone?

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It's a 30 minute walk so we may as well just leave the cars behind. We'll get up and go at about nine thirty" he said. Everyone was pretty excited. Splash and Bash was the water park that was built up the mountain on a plateau. I'd been there before and really enjoyed it. We all headed off to bed and as we reached the cabins I watched Shayla head inside. Particularly I watched her hips swaying as she walked and her tight butt wiggle in rhythm.

I realized what I was doing and turned my attention back to our cabin and went to bed. Morning came and I was woken up by James rummaging through his cupboard for his swimming shorts. I stared at the ceiling for a while thinking about the day ahead before finally getting up.

I gathered my things together and headed outside to where most of the family was waiting. "Morning Tom", Laura said cheerily as I walked over to the group. "We're just waiting on your mum, Shayla and Alex now" my aunt told me and James. Everyone watched amused as Mark and Laura broke out into a serious debate about which slides were the best. I turned my attention to the other cabin door opening as out came my mum and Shayla.

I found myself staring at Shayla. She looked great. She was wearing white baggy pants and a light blue tight T. They approached the group as Alex came out of our cabin, looking extremely tired.

We headed off. The parents at the front as we all trailed along behind having a laugh along the way. Tony and Alex walked with the parents, discussing the price of renting homes, while James, Mark and Laura ran around the forest near us throwing pine cones at each other. Me, Shayla and David were left at the back. We had taken a different route to the main road up to Splash and Bash. It was a small hiking trail and it was now beginning to narrow. My dad turned and warned everyone about loose footing and typically anything else that could go wrong.

Alongside the narrow trail was a small river stream that kids would often kayak down. A number of them passed us in the next few minutes. The ground beneath us was crumbling underfoot and soon everyone began to trip and slide all over the place. Me, Shayla and David linked arms as we maneuvered up the loose rock, behind the rest of the group. I wasn't sure if it was the heat or something else, but I felt myself begin to sweat as I felt Shayla's grip around my arm, our bodies bumping off each other's as we squeezed our way up the trail.

After a while, Alex turned up ahead and called David for something. He left us to catch up with the others. "Oh that's ok, just ditch us, we'll be fine", I joked.

"Haha, not unlike him to run off on me like that. You better not leave me", she laughed and let go of my arm to give me a friendly thump on the side. Our hands brushed and then interlocked.

She seemed to think nothing of it but I felt my heart begin to speed up. We had held hands tons of times before. Why was this weird for me? I remained silent for a minute or two, sneaking sideways glances at her to reassure myself. She calmly looked around at the scenery. Just as I thought everything was normal.

"So Tom, what's your plan for today? Riding slides, having water fights, or are you just going to lie out in the sun and check out the girls in their bikinis?", she grinned at me. I laughed nervously "I'll have to do a mix.

Get the best of both worlds", I chuckled, but I noticed my voice had sounded sort of shaky. "What about you? Remember last time we were here and that kid went down the slide behind you too soon and you both completely collided at the bottom?" "Don't remind me", said Shayla "I swallowed so much water after that" "I wouldn't blame you for trying the same again to get one of the male lifeguard's attention", I said mockingly She shoved me a little.

"Don't worry, if anything goes wrong I'll be expecting you to come to my rescue." I retaliated by giving her a light push back but I hadn't noticed how tight the trail had really gotten. Shayla's left foot slipped on the rock she was standing on and she began to fall towards the stream. I gripped her hand tightly and pulled her as she screamed in surprise.

I pulled her towards me a little too hard and we collided and fell sideways through a bush on the other side of the path. We tumbled down the hill towards a grassy bank.

I rolled onto my back with a thud. Shayla came toppling down behind me and landed flat on her front, right on top of me. Our hands locked and our faces were only inches apart. "Shit, are you ok?" I quickly asked.

" Oh my god, are you alright?" She said at the exact same time. We burst out laughing now that the initial shock was over. We both stopped and suddenly I realized that my incredibly gorgeous cousin, eight years older than me was resting her hot body on mine, hands held together and noses nearly touching.

I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes and she stared back at me, her face now very serious. My heart was racing. Every beat seemed to shake my body. Urges bubbled to the surface that I couldn't control. I was suddenly longing to touch those luscious lips against my own.

I was brought back to my senses as a pinecone whacked me on the side of the head. Laura, James and Mark burst out of the bushes above and came hurtling down towards us. "Nice hit Laura!" cooed James once they reached us. "We saw you guys fall. It was hilarious", chuckled Mark "Haha I'm sure it was guys. Not so fun for us though", Shayla exclaimed as she quickly clambered off of me.

"We better catch up with the others". We hurried up the hill to the rest of the group. Shayla and Laura talked about jewelry and James and Mark about some TV show they both like.

I walked alongside them, completely quiet, thinking about what had just happened. Had it been my mind playing tricks? Why had Shayla just lay there on top of me, staring at me?

Her face had almost looked questioning as she looked into my eyes. Why hadn't she rolled off me straight away? I figured she must have been startled. But the thought kept lingering. The park wasn't too busy when we reached it. After paying in we all got changed in the changing rooms, put our belongings in lockers and split off in different directions. I went down a couple of slides with David and Alex, the events of earlier on still in my mind.

The others pointed out that I was being particularly quiet. I told them I was tired. "I can relate to that", grumbled Alex, who had never fully woken up.

After a while we went to one of the doubles rides and I left the two of them in the queue and headed to where the parents were sunbathing. I lay down and put on my sun glasses. I checked out girls as they passed by. Suddenly, nothing compared to the images of Shayla in my mind.

I wondered where she was. Tony said she had bumped into some old friends and were at the cafe. This annoyed me.


I wanted to spend more time with her but this wouldn't happen if her friends were here. Half of me wanted to sit and stare at her beauty while my other half just wanted to hang out with my cousin, my friend.

"Hey guys". Shayla suddenly appeared and my jaw dropped. She had changed out of her white pants and blue T and was now standing before us in a small hot yellow bikini.


I was so glad to be wearing sunglasses as my eyes raked every inch of her beautifully toned body. She lay down between me and Tony and closed her eyes, sunbathing like the rest of us. I tilted my head slightly and from the safety of my sunglasses I gazed at her smooth lean stomach, glistening long legs and firm and perfect rack.

Almost instantly I had to roll onto my side to hide my quickly growing hard on. This process repeated itself for a while, me getting hard, rolling over until it subsided, and then staring at Shayla until I had to roll over again.

"You are restless Tom. I think it's time you and I hit the slides" said Tony cheerfully. I reluctantly agreed and followed him, leaving the others behind.

We bumped into Alex, David and now Mark, as James and Laura had gone back to the group. We queued up for another group of slides no one had been on yet, but looked like fun. The queue was only a few people long so in no time we were at the ring collection point.

"Oh crap, another doubles ride" groaned David. There were five of us. This would be a problem. "Wait up", called Shayla as she appeared out of nowhere. "That sorts that out" said Tony and without hesitation he and Alex grabbed a ring and set off for one of the slides.

Mark grabbed another ring and dragged David off to the same slide to catch up. "That just leaves us" smiled Shayla.

I grabbed a ring for us and we set off to the top. We decided to take a different slide to the others because our one led straight onto the lazy river, which we were both great fans of.

Shayla sat behind me in the double ring and put her legs forward on either side of me. I became suddenly aware that her thighs were squeezing into me. I was turned on immediately. She put her arms around my upper torso and we both lay back, my head lying against her boobs. I pushed us forward and off we went. We picked up a lot of speed and soon we were hurtling towards the last turn. As we hit it we both became extremely unbalanced and flew off the ring, bouncing along the water like ragdolls, clinging to each other for safety.

We were eventually forced underwater. Shayla's legs were wrapped around my waist in an attempt to stabilize herself and as we thudded against the bottom of the lazy river, my head buried momentarily into her breasts. It was an amazing feeling if only for a split second. The semi-hard on I'd been sporting since the ride began now turned into a full blown one. We both quickly surfaced and gasped for air as Shayla unwrapped herself from my waist. We floated with the current for a few seconds, gasping for our breath.

I calmed down and looked at Shayla who was now staring at me, looking very shocked. "Haha that was crazy", I coughed. "Tom", she gasped, "your shorts are gone". I looked down and realized what had just happened. My swimming short had been ripped clean off as we had hit the water. To make things even worse I was now standing in the water in front of Shayla with a full blown hard on. She quickly looked away as I turned away with embarrassment.

"Shit, shit shit!" I said, now in a panic. I frantically looked around for my shorts and Shayla looked around too, but they were nowhere to be seen. I grabbed the ring and held in in front of me on the surface of the water, to hide as much as possible. Shayla grabbed the ring and put it in front of her, and backed up into me, to block me from view of anyone around. "We're going to have to make a run for it", she said.

I gave a halfhearted laugh to try and shake away the awkwardness of the moment. Shayla looked very serious however, and was generally sorry for my situation. We swam for one of the stairs off the river where there were changing rooms nearby. As we swam my member kept knocking and rubbing against her ass. I apologized a few times but she was more interested in saving me from the embarrassment of being seen. We ran up the steps, me now wearing the ring around my waist, and into one of the male changing rooms.

It was dark in here and completely empty. We looked around for a towel, for anything. The place was bare. Suddenly I heard voices outside as teenagers approached the door to the small changing room. I forced myself into a cubicle. The ring wouldn't fit so I just left it. Shayla came in too and I quickly locked the door. As we listened to the voices outside I realized that I was still rock hard after all this and Shayla was pressed right up against me.

I felt very ashamed and my breathing increased. "Tom, don't worry about it, it happens, she whispered in my ear, gesturing down below at my cock which was now resting against her hip. She angled her lower half away from me but put her arm around my neck to reassure me.

I gave her a halfhearted smile and tried to cover myself from her. The boys left and straight away Shayla ran out to look for something for me to wear.

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She came back quickly with a towel and hopped back into the cubical. She threw the towel around me. "Thanks", I said and started to cover myself up. Shayla's eyes were fixed on my member as I covered it with the towel. She looked up at me and we held each other's stare momentarily, before Shayla broke the silence. "We should get back to the others" I didn't speak to Shayla again throughout the journey back to the cabins. She seemed a lot more quiet than usual as she half joined in on the conversation as we walked down the trail.

That night, we decided to have a bbq outside the cabins. While we waited for the food, me, James and Mark swam in the pool. I was now wearing an old pair of swim shorts that were slightly too small for me. Everyone else sat beside the pool, drinking wine and talking. I kept sneaking glances at Shayla, who had returned to her usual friendly mood. She paid no attention to us. After dinner, we all sat around a small fire, popping bottle after bottle of wine and singing campfire songs. Me and Laura sat at the edge of the pool, dangling our legs in the water.

One by one, people started to head to bed. Laura was forced off into the cabin by my aunt. Eventually it was just me, floating around in the pool, and Alex who was fast asleep on a recliner by the fire. I lay on my back in the water, remembering the feeling of Shayla's smooth thighs against me, my head in her breasts, her body rubbing against my hard on.

"Mind if I join you?" I jumped at the sound of Shayla's voice behind me. We both laughed and I said "Come on in. It's nice" Shayla dropped her pants to the ground, once again revealing those tight yellow bikini bottoms, and stripped off her turtleneck and T-shirt.

She slid in beside me and let out a giggle when she realized how cool the water was. I swam around her and she splashed me, smiling.

"Listen, thanks a million for the help earlier. Sorry for putting you through that", I said suddenly. "You don't have to be sorry. Nobody saw. We were lucky", She said reassuringly. To my relief, she didn't mention the hard on. She gave me a tight hug and held me there. I found myself feeling very horny all of a sudden and in a desperate attempt to stop any further embarrassment I dunked her head underwater. She came up coughing and spluttering and just stared at me in shock. "I've done it now", I thought but her stare turned into a grin and she pounced on me, forcing me underwater.

We wrestled with each other as I tried to surface for air again. Shayla wouldn't let me though. She wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my arms. I kicked out hard against the bottom and we both broke the surface. ,and knocked into the wall, laughing together. I now had Shayla pinned against the wall, her arms around my neck and legs around my torso. Shayla stopped laughing and just stared at me. I stared right back, looking for anything to say to her. She looked incredibly confused.

All urges suddenly overcame me and I kissed her lips lightly and quickly. "Shit I'm so sorr.", but I was interrupted as Shayla suddenly forced her lips upon mine. We held this kiss for what seemed like a year. Slowly Shayla's lips parted and her tongue ran lightly along my lips. I opened my mouth in response and my tongue entered her warm welcoming mouth. It was an amazing feeling.

My cock was incredibly close to her sweet snatch, separated by the thin material of our swimsuits, and now it was at full attention, rubbing against her. Shayla sucked on my tongue, letting out a soft moan as I tightened my grip around her thin waist. Her arms further wrapped around my neck until we were in a tight embrace. I wanted to hold onto this moment forever.

I was making out with my hot cousin! I knew it was wrong but it felt so right. We both jumped and Shayla shoved me off of her as Alex suddenly stirred noisily. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. "Fuck, I dozed off?" he grunted. "Right I'm gone, goodnight guys", and with that he plodded off towards our cabin. "I should go too", said Shayla hastily and she hopped out of the pool with a terrified expression on her face, grabbed her clothes and ran for her cabin without looking back.

I cursed to myself at what had just happened and after a while got out of the pool myself. I felt numb. Had that really happened? Back in my room, James was still up and watching TV.

I sat silently and watched with him for a while. I felt my phone vibrate and checked it. I had two messages. One from a friend back home and one from.Shayla? "Hey, can you come to my room so we can talk?", it read. I got up and ignored James asking where I was going. The walk to her cabin seemed like an eternity. I knocked on the door of her single room and she quietly let me in. She was wearing blue short shorts and a matching tank top, ready for bed.

"I am so so sorry", she blurted out. "That was so wrong of me to do to you." Her voice was shaking and she had tears in my eyes. "Shayla, it wasn't your fault. I initiated the kiss. I was acting stupid and now I feel like an idiot" "You're not an idiot. I'm older than you, I should know better. I don't know how this happened but I know it's wrong and was just a misunderstanding. We had a lot of wine tonight." "I'm to blame.

I acted out inappropriately on a stupid old crush." I paused. I was saying too much. Shayla stared at me for a while, her breathing heavy.

"You have a crush on me?" She could barely get the words out of her mouth. "I figured you knew by now from what happened earlier today" I whispered timidly. "I think on some level I did know", she looked up at me and raised her voice "It's WRONG Tom! We can't let anyone know about what happened.

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Whatever feelings there may be for each other, this has to end" "I know. I'm sorry. I just couldn't help thinking about you all day today. The time we spend together is amazing. And when I saw you today these feelings started to take over me. Being so close to you on that waterslide and in the changing room was too much for me to handle." Shayla looked down at my shorts, remembering what she had seen earlier.

Her lower lip quivered. I put my hand on one shoulder and with the other I pulled her chin till our faces were level. "I can't help it Shayla. I'm crazy about you" She looked like she was trying to find the right words to say, but instead she melted into my arms and we held each other, as we fell back onto the bed.

"Tom, you mean the world to me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find you attractive. But you're my little cousin. I used to babysit you", she whispered slowly. "And now I want to take care of you in return", I said softly. I was desperate now. I had to be with her . "Tom", she breathed right before her lips brushed against mine. We looked deep into each other's eyes before Shayla pressed her lips against mine.

Our tongues met and we began to explore each other's mouths. I carefully rolled onto my back and Shayla rolled on top of me. I ran my hands up and down her back as we shared our passionate kiss, which was now becoming more and more animal like. My cock pressed hard against her, bursting to get out of these shorts. Shayla began to grind her hips forward, rubbing herself against my stiff member. I let out a groan of pleasure and Shayla began to speed up.

"Stay with me tonight, Tom" she whispered in my ear before beginning to kiss my neck.

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I looked down at our bodys, intertwined. It was an amazing site. I ran my hands up her back, under her tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra. She stopped kissing me momentarily as I pulled the tank over her head and let it drop as I stared at the goddess before me. Her firm, tanned tits glistened in the dim light. Shayla gave me a sexy smile when she saw the look on my face. She pulled off my T-shirt quickly and put both her arms around my neck.

I watched as her tits, pressed against my skin. We continued to tongue wrestle for a few minutes, savoring the taste of each other.

I ran my fingers through her hair, then down her face and neck and eventually reached her breasts. I slowly ran my hand along the side of her left breast, lightly squeezing it as I went. I could tell she was enjoying it as her kissing grew more intense. I rolled her onto her back and started kissing both breasts. I started sucking on her nipple and she let out a soft moan. I worked her tits all over before she eventually sat up and looked down at the large bulge in my shorts. "Let's do something about that", she said with a hint of lust in her voice.

"It's been waiting for this all day" She stood up on the bed and sexily pulled down her shorts. I got up and quickly pulled my swim trunks down, letting my cock fly free.

It sprung out and stood to attention. I watched as Shayla gave it the same look she had in the changing room earlier today. I now knew it was a look of desire. She grabbed my waist with one hand and pulled me towards her.

She gave me a long kiss as her other hand took a hold of my shaft. I reached down and clenched her hot, toned ass in my hands. Shayla gave my shaft a few slow strokes before taking her hand away. She lifted one leg and hooked it around me. She leaned back and we slowly fell onto the bed. She wrapped her second leg around me, pulling her hips towards mine.

I could feel the heat coming from her wet cunt as my shaft lightly brushed against it. I rubbed it slowly against her clit and Shayla had to stifle a loud moan. I picked up speed as I slid my rock hard cock along her opening, watching with glee as Shayla began to writhe in ecstasy. It was already soaked in her juices and glided across her slit with ease. I sucked on her hard nipple again as I did this and soon Shayla began to buck violently as she orgasmed.

She could barely contain herself as she struggled not to call out. "Tom, stop teasing me. Please! We'll get caught". In no way did her voice convince me that she wanted me to stop.

I did so anyway and we looked into each other's eyes. "Are you ready for me?", I whispered to her. She gave me her warming smile and nodded. In one smooth motion I slid my cock into her tight opening, pushing it to go deep into her. Shayla threw her head back and opened her mouth slightly. I planted my lips on hers again and kissed her deeply. We both remained completely still for a while, savoring the feeling of each other.

The warm wet feeling of her pussy tightly gripping my cock was almost too much. I had to do everything to stop myself blowing my load then and there.

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I looked at her and she nodded. I slowly raised my hips, withdrawing my cock, before pushing back into her, slightly harder this time. She let out an encouraging moan and I began to rock my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her juicy cunt. Soon Shayla began thrusting her hips upwards, meeting my own as we fucked each other in rhythm.

I began to pick up the pace and Shayla's moaning increased as our hips rocked together. I almost felt dizzy as Shayla's cunt tightened around me at each stroke, milking my cock for all its worth.

"Oh Tom. OH TOM. Yes! Fuck me Tom. Fuck me hard cousin. OH MY GOD!" I was shocked to hear my cousin who I'd known for so long speaking this way. It was a major turn on. I got nervous as her volume increased. Seven other people in the cabin. If anyone left their room they would surely hear us. But this was too good to stop. I had fooled around with a couple of girls in school but it had been awkward and rushed. It'd been nothing like this.

Soon we were ramming our hips together at full force as I continuously jammed my cock deep inside her, getting closer and closer to blowing my load. "Sh.Sh.Shayla. I'm going to cum", I panted. She gripped my neck tighter and looked me hard in the eyes. "Cum inside me", she moaned. That nearly sent me over the edge.

I fucked her even harder and faster than before and soon she let out a loud moan as her body arced and she began to shake violently. We grasped each other's hands tightly as Shayla went over the edge, groaning uncontrollably. The feeling of her hot wet cunt spazming around my cock was too much to handle. I groaned and grunted as my body shuddered and I began to fire hot strings of cum deep into her. I continued to rock into her as I shot everything I had into my cousin.

We both came to a halt and just gazed into each other's eyes. The sheets below us were now soaked in her juices. I slid my member out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Our bodies were glistening with small sweat droplets. "Shayla", I almost wheezed, "That was incredible" She rolled over onto her side and laid one of her legs over my own and her arm on my body. "Tom, this was amazing. You are amazing", she panted, with a soft smile on her face. We lay there for some time, just holding each other saying very little as we stared into each other's eyes. We kissed lightly until we eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

I couldn't believe what had happened. Ever since I could remember she had been my loving cousin who cared for me and been almost like a sister to me. Tonight, she had been my lover. More to come.