Blonde babe gets a brutal pounding

Blonde babe gets a brutal pounding
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Without warning the outpost was overrun and before they were even able to reach their weapons, the five soldiers were surrounded by over a dozen enemy soldiers with rifles pointing at their heads.

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They had no choice but to surrender. Their hands were secured behind their backs and they were marched outside where a truck pulled up and they were loaded aboard and driven away with their heads covered to prevent them from knowing where they were being taken.

After being led into a building, each was injected with a knockout drug and they all passed out. An unknown amount of time later, Sgt. Joyce Danniels, a 30 year old American squad leader slowly regained consciousness. It was a couple of minutes before she was alert enough to realize that she was strapped to a hard surface and that she was naked. There was a strap across her chest just below her breasts and another across her waist. Her hands were strapped down and her legs were tied so that they were spread wide.


Her ass was right at the edge of the wooden table. The Sergeant had always known that if she were captured, it was very likely that she would be sexually abused and tortured. She saw that the four male soldiers that were with her were tied in chairs facing her naked body.

They were going to be forced to watch her assault.

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Now she knew that the worse was about to happen. Joyce lifted her head and looked past her pale white 34-C breasts as the first enemy soldier stepped between her outstretched legs. She saw him unbuckle the belt of his uniform pants and drop them and his undershorts between his ankles. His dark brown cock was already erect.

Joyce shouted out and called her captures every nasty word that she knew. Joyce was far from being a virgin but she feared what was about to happen to her. She was thankful that his equipment was far from being huge. As his cock head touched the entrance to her pussy, she tried to spit in his face but it landed on his uniform shirt. He growled at her and with one hard shove, buried himself full depth in her dry cunt.

Because she was dry, it did cause her pain and she moaned. The soldier penetrating her smiled and the others laughed and cheered. His cock rapidly pistoned in and out of her fuck hole.

Just from a natural reaction, it moistened and the pain stopped but her hatred and humiliation continued and she kept yelling out profanities. It was even worse knowing that her men were there watching her getting raped. She was quite sure that it would not stop after this one soldier had had his way with her body and she was very right. After several minutes the first soldier started making noises that Joyce knew meant that he was close to coming.

He pulled out, walked around till he was near her face and gave his cock a few final strokes.

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In broken English he announced that he did not want to spoil her cunt for his comrades and sprayed his load of cum on her tits and face. Joyce closed her mouth and eyes and turned her head away. She told herself that if he had tried to put his cock in her mouth, she would have let him and then bit the fucking thing off.

As the first man was spraying his seed on her, a second stepped between her legs and took his place. Joyce had been paying attention to the first man so did not know the second was there till she felt him enter her. She could feel that he was larger than the first but still not huge. She thought to herself that she was going to be fucked by every man there and she was right.

She was now moist and loosened up so there was no pain.


Joyce had never had sex with more than two men at the same time but now she knew that she was about to be gang raped by at least a dozen men and she could see that it was being filmed. As the second soldier fucked into her, he reached down and grabbed a handful of her pubic hair and pulled hard, lifting her hips slightly up as much as her restraints would allow.

It was painful but Joyce gritted her teeth and vowed not allow them the pleasure of her crying out in pain. He lifted his hand and showed everyone that he had yanked out a half dozen or more of her curly black hairs. The other enemy soldiers cheered him.

He lasted longer than the first man but when he was close, he also went up to cover her face and tits with his spunk. The third man was in her before the second had finished. Joyce opened her mouth hoping that he would push his cock into it and she could disconnect it from his body but he kept it several inches from what she could reach.

The first stream of his spunk flew into her mouth before she could close it. More landed in her eyes and in her hair as her cunt was being pounded relentlessly. Over the next two hours or more, fifteen men fucked Joyce as her men were forced to watch, unable to help her.

Some had even come back for seconds. Her pussy had not been come in and it and dried out causing it to be raw and in much pain but she had managed to keep from having an orgasm or showing any pleasure to her rapists. Her tits and face and hair were covered with a huge amount of spunk.

Finally she and her men were placed into five makeshift cells. Joyce was not allowed to clean up or dress. One of her men tried to give her his uniform shirt but a gun was quickly aimed at him and he was told not to do it.

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Her men tried not to look at her but every once in a while she could see one of them taking a look at her naked, cum covered body. About an hour later the highest ranked officer opened her cage, took her by the arm and led her over to the corner where there was an unshielded shower head while several armed men guarded them.

"You just stand there with your legs spread and I will clean you." Joyce stood there as a cold shower poured over her. The officer washed her from head to toe, spending more time than needed on her tits and crotch. His finger worked on her clit and Joyce had to fight hard not to show any reaction to the stimulation. Then Joyce was put back in her cell and given a towel. She dried herself and then wrapped the towel around her naked body but the towel was quickly yanked away from her.

It had been dark for several hours when one of the soldiers came to her cell with his cock out in his hand. She had a hard time understanding him but he said that if she would bend over and put her ass against the bars he would fuck her.

A big glob of Joyce's spit promptly hit him in the face.

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He shoved his gun butt thru the bars striking her on the shoulder. She grabbed it and tried to take his gun away from him but he was able to pull it back and he left. The next morning the prisoners were given a bowl of some kind of mush for breakfast.

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The men were taken out of their cells again and strapped back in the chairs. The ranking officer then spent a half hour questioning them but getting nothing.

Finally he said, "Alright, I guess you want to see your Sergeant pleasure me and my men again." Joyce was pulled out of her cell and taken back to the table. This time she was strapped face down with her feet on the floor and spread.

"I ask one more time if anyone would like to answer my questions." The men knew that regardless of what happened they were not to give the enemy military information. This time the man with the biggest cock which was only about seven inches but quite thick, took her first and he took her up the ass. Joyce was dry and it was very painful. She could not help but cry out in pain.

After pounding her ass hole a few times, the soldier pulled his cock out, walked over in front of Joyce's men and showed them his cock covered with blood from her ass. The officer stepped over and asked, "Now would any of you like to talk to me?" The men looked at each other and kept quiet.

Joyce's ass and cunt were again raped by every man there and again it was all filmed. When they came, they lifted her head by her hair and shot their cum in her face. Then the American men were put back in their cells and Joyce was taken back to the shower. This time the officer concentrated on rubbing Joyce's clit until against all that she tried, Joyce orgasmed. She shook and moaned and pressed her pussy against his hand.

The officer smiled and took her back to her cell. "See men, she enjoys it. She likes being our fuck toy. Why do you want to protect a slut like her?" The next day the officer came and said, "I think we will have to try something different." One of the men was taken from his cell. A hood was put over his head. The officer spoke to Joyce, "Unless you tell me what I want to know, one of your men will be killed." Joyce closed her eyes but kept quiet. Three men led the American soldier out of the room.

A few minutes later Joyce and her men heard, "Ready, aim, fire." Then there were three gun shots. The officer and his men came back into the room. "Are you ready to talk, Sergeant or do you want all of your men killed?" Joyce was beaten. She could not see all of her men killed. "I'll tell you what you want." She hung her head. "First you will suck my cock. Then we will do the questioning. Every time I say something you will say Yes Sir.


Now undress me." Joyce was broken. The cameras started filming. "Yes Sir." Tears ran down her face as Joyce removed the officer's clothing. "Put my cock in your mouth and suck it good." "Yes Sir." Joyce leaned forward and slid her lips over the officer's cock head. "Fuck my cock with your mouth." Joyce took her mouth off long enough to say, "Yes Sir." Joyce started running her lips up and down along the officer's shaft.

He grabbed her by the head, pulled her forward and shoved his hard-on down her throat. Joyce was good at deepthroat so she surprised everyone when she did not gag.

His cock was pulled almost all the way out and then shoved back down her throat till his balls bounced off her chin. Joyce sucked hard to get him off as fast as possible and it did not take her long. One of the cameras was getting a good close up shot of her deepthroating him. The other was back filming the full length shot of her sucking and him mauling her tits. The officer stiffened and pulled out. "Open your mouth, Slut." "Yes Sir." Four long ropes of his cum flew into Joyce's mouth." Swallow it." "Yes Sir." Joyce swallowed then took the prick back in her mouth and sucked it clean.

The officer almost collapsed. "Very good, Slut. Now we will go into my office and you will tell me what I want to know." "Yes Sir." They went into his office and Joyce spilled her gusts but everything she said was a lie.

She was put back in her cell. Right then the door and all the windows were smashed out and in seconds all of the enemy soldiers were laying dead or seriously wounded on the floor. Ten US soldiers came into the room. The Major that led the raid looked at Joyce standing naked in front of him and smiled, "You're out of uniform soldier." Joyce's clothing was found and she got dressed.

Her fourth man was brought into the room. "He was not killed, only put in a cell in a different place." Joyce gave her soldier a hug. Over the next several days, Joyce and her men were debriefed and she was allowed to go back to her normal duties.

The Major had the captured cameras brought to his office. He reviewed the films and took care of himself with his right hand. Then he locked the films in his safe for future reference. He wrote to command and suggested that Joyce be taken out of direct combat and given the position of his personal office assistant. His suggestion was approved.