Nasty czech girl stretches her tight pussy to the extreme

Nasty czech girl stretches her tight pussy to the extreme
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Beth cuddled into Liz as they sat watching the television and said, "You know you don't have to don't you?" Liz stroked Beth's hair then trailed her fingers down Beth's arm enjoying the feel of her skin as she said softly with love in her voice, "Beth we have known each other for over seven years, lived together for most of them. We are happy together, we have amazing sex, why the hell wouldn't I want to marry you?" Liz stared into Beth's bright blue eyes that sparkled like twin sapphires, it was those piercing blue eyes that had captured Liz's heart when their eyes first met in a bar all those years ago.

Beth purred happily and turning her head sucked Liz's erect nipple into her mouth and began to gently chew, loving the moans that started to emanate from Liz.

"Don't you ever get enough?" Laughed Liz as she uncoiled her 5'10" frame and moved so that Beth was lying on top of her still suckling on her breast. Beth broke from her sucking and looking up at Beth's pretty face framed by her curly brown hair, her sparkling hazel eyes and her chiselled features that gave her almost a Mediterranean look, "I will never get enough of you my love, you are a veritable feast for my eyes that doth make my heart leap." "Stop trying to show off that you have an A level in English Literature and put your linguistic skills to better use," laughed Liz as she pushed Beth's spiky blonde hair downwards towards her wet again pussy.


They had only finished making love thirty minutes ago but Beth was insatiable that evening, perhaps it had something to do with her shipping out on deployment tomorrow, whatever it was Liz wasn't complaining as Beth was the best pussy licker she had ever met.

Beth wriggled off the sofa and pulling Liz round so she rested one of her long, tanned legs on either shoulder and kneeling forward snaked out a tongue to lick at Liz's still pink and puffy lips from their earlier love making. At 5'4" standing in stocking feet, Beth was much smaller than Liz, but lying down they seemed, as if by magic, to fit together perfectly. Beth felt Liz's hands in her hair urging her closer and Beth began to lap and lick savouring the juices that flowed freely into her mouth.

Liz writhed around the sofa tugging at Beth's hair as she whimpered and moaned, Beth worked her tongue faster across her clit until finally with a scream Liz arched off the sofa and gushed into Beth's mouth. "Oh that was wonderful Beth," purred Liz as she pulled Beth up into her arms. "As good as the first time?" Beth asked coyly. "Yes darling, well a lot drier anyway," Liz giggled as they both remembered how they met.

***** It was freshers week at Manchester University and the bars were packed with people drinking and partying as the students mixed with the locals, the former trying to check out the best places to drink and party, and the latter looking to take advantage of the new influx of men & women.

Liz was standing at a high table near the bar fending off the advances of the various men that kept trying to chat her up when she heard a soft voice beside her say, "So why Manchester?" Liz turned and looked into the most stunning blue eyes she had ever seen and instantly fell in lust, if not love, with the blonde bombshell that stood before her.

Dressed in a pair of jeans that were tatty and ripped in place and a very tight tee-shirt emblazoned with 'I am here to drink and fuck, and I am almost done drinking,' across the front. It had taken Beth nearly an hour to pluck up the courage to talk to the dusky long-legged beauty standing alone in a short tight clingy dress that showed every curve, and Beth knew she was punching way above her weight but just had to give it a try and after a few drinks finally plucked up the courage to say something.

Liz looked at Beth and without blinking said, "I hear the scene is good in Manchester," wondering what sort of response she would get but hoping it would be a good one. When she saw the smile light up Beth's face she felt herself get damp as she had found a kindred spirit.

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"Best we explore Canal Street together," said Beth naming the well known gay area of Manchester and licking her lips as she felt her braless nipples push against the material of her tee-shirt. "Have you finished drinking yet?" said Liz nodding to Beth's tee-shirt and admiring the large nipples that were trying to force their way through the tee-shirt. "Yes," was all Beth could croak and holding out her hand said, "We haven't formally met I am Elizabeth Jones," Liz laughed showing her pearly white teeth, "Well this could be awkward, Elizabeth Samson, pleased to meet you." The two women looked at each other for a moment before bursting into fits of laughter and LIz said, "Call me Liz." "Beth," said Beth in reply, 'And I have definitely finished drinking if you have." Sitting in the corner of one of the many gay bars the two women started to get to know each other as they consumed cocktails.

Because it was packed they had to sit very close together and as Liz smelt Beth's hair she had to resist the desire to pull her tee-shirt over her head and suck her wonderful nipples. Beth was wondering what it would take to get this gorgeous woman into bed and find out if her wonderfully long legs did indeed go all the way to the top, a journey she would take with her tongue. "So what are you studying?" Beth asked as she wondered if Liz was shaven, trimmed or natural.

"Law," said Liz wondering if those eyes would get even brighter as she made this blonde bombshell cum over and over, "What about you, what are you studying?" Beth snorted her drink as she said, "I am not at University, I am home on leave, my family live in Manchester. Trooper Jones of the Light Dragoons at your service." "Wow you are in the army?" Liz purred, "I have always had a thing about uniforms," flirting outrageously with Beth now the alcohol was starting to take effect. "So have you always been gay?" Beth slurred a little as she looked at LIz.

"I did try boys a few times," giggled Liz, "I like cock but not what it's attached to." The pair roared with laughter as Liz said, "What about you, ever tried cock?" "Yuck," said Beth making mock sick noises, "have always been lesbian for as long as I can remember." "Your family and the Army OK with it?" Liz asked.

"Yeah," Beth replied, "Mum & Dad are cool and so are most of the guys in the regiment, the ones that aren't don't believe there is a place for any women in the army, sexuality aside." The two women walked outside into the cold damp Manchester evening supporting each other as the drizzle started to fall. As they walked their hands touched and it was like an electric shock had passed between them. Liz looked at Beth and literally growled, "I want you now," and dragged her to a dark alley.

The two kissed with a passion that grew as their lips mashed together, and as Liz ran her hands across Beth's 36C breasts tweaking the nipples that strained against the wet tee-shirt Beth reached under Liz's short dress and to her delight found a naked pussy. "Oh how wonderful," Beth moaned as she pushed Liz back against the wall and drove two fingers deep into Liz's pussy causing her to gasp with the sudden invasion.

Beth finger fucked Liz hard causing her to lift up on her toes with each thrust as the brick wall rubbed against her naked ass. As Liz felt her orgasm about to burst suddenly she was empty as Beth withdrew her fingers. Before she could express her disappointment, Beth sank to her knees and lifted Liz's left leg over her shoulder, so Liz was standing on just her right leg, then Beth began to lap at Liz's pussy and reinserted her fingers.


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my. fucking. God," Liz screamed as she felt her pussy explode into Beth's willing mouth and she had to grip Beth's shoulders to stop from falling over. Beth feasted on Liz's juices swallowing every drop she could, before standing and kissing Liz open mouthed their tongue darting into each other mouths.

Liz tore at the waistband of Beth's jeans forcing her hand inside and down into her knickers before she had even had time to remove them. Liz's fingers found Beth's clit and rubbed the slick nub as Beth pushed her jeans and knickers down to allow them to fall to her ankles.

Kicking off her trainer Beth managed to get one leg free of her clothing and then she opened her legs wide allowing Liz's fingers to work their magic. Beth gasped with pleasure as Liz knelt and flicked at her clit with her tongue while finger fucking her to a blinding orgasm. Coming slowly back to earth the two women dressed in their now sodden and soiled clothing that it made it look like they had rolled down a river bank.

As they exchanged numbers and addresses they realised they lived in different directions so called two cabs. As they stood waiting there carried on kissing, not caring about the drizzle soaking them fully. When Liz climbed into the first cab they kissed passionately for a final time and parted with promises to call each other the next day. ***** Over the next few months every time Beth was on leave she would come home to Manchester to see Liz and the two of them would roam the gay quarter drinking in every bar and dancing to the early hours.

If Beth couldn't sneak into the student halls and squeeze into Liz's small bed, then they would either spend the night at Beth's parents or on a friend's sofa somewhere.

It didn't really matter where they went because as soon as they were alone, or sometimes almost alone, their hands and tongues would devour each other. After a year Liz got a small flat that she shared with a girl from University called Helen. Helen was straight and very cool with Beth staying when she was home, as she would have her fair share of male friend's home.

One night after a passionate bout of lovemaking Liz and Beth lay in each other's arms listening to Helen and an unknown male friend going at it. With the paper-thin walls of the flat the noises and conversations from the next bedroom were very clear. "Oh yes fuck me with your big cock," Helen moaned and Liz and Beth could feel the wall vibrate as Helen's partner clearly obliged her wishes.

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"We should get one of those," Liz said thoughtfully. "What a bloke?" Said Beth laughing, "Rather you than me pet, not my scene at all." "Don't be silly," Laughed Liz as she poked Beth in the ribs, "A cock I mean, a plastic one.

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I have seen them and it would be fun." "If you are game then so am I," said Beth, "but more importantly do you think your flat mate is totally straight?" "Why do you fancy her then?" Liz said half joking. "I don't but maybe you do, after all I have seen the way she looks at you checking out your lovely ass," said Beth casually but listening intently for Liz's reply. "The only woman I want is you, no others, just you," Liz said, and then mock growled as she went on, "And I am not sharing you either." "Oh fucking hell yes, turn me on all fours like the slut I am and fuck me till my pussy farts," They both heard Helen say loudly and the two women had to grip each other tightly to stop from laughing out loud as they heard Helen's guttural moan as yet again her unknown lover obliged her wishes.

***** A few weeks later Beth & Liz fell into the flat a little the worse for wear having been drinking since lunch time and was now early evening. "I am starving," said Beth, "I can't make up my mind whether to eat you or whether to order a takeaway and eat that first and then eat you." "Order a takeaway while I get your surprise ready." Said Liz disappearing into the bedroom.

The pair had the flat to themselves for the weekend as Helen was away with a guy who she had described as, 'a total pain, boring as shit, but hung like a fucking horse.' Beth was still giggling to herself as she recalled Helen's words while ordering the takeaway, and then as she clicked the phone off she turned as she heard Liz exit the bedroom. Beth stood there open mouthed as she blurted out, "You have grown a cock.

a fucking huge cock." Jutting out from Liz's groin was a very large life like cock attached to her body by a harness that sat round her hips. "What do you think?" Said Liz as she gripped the cock and waved it semi-drunkenly at Beth.

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"I say three things," said Beth her mouth dry, "one it's fucking huge and two I want to use it after you." "And three?" Said Liz as she watched Beth stripping at high speed.

Looking Liz in the eyes Beth said, "Three, fuck me till my pussy farts." They both fell about laughing breaking any tension as Beth turned and knelt on all fours on the sofa, her round ass sticking out towards Liz. "Don't you want to go to the bedroom?" Liz asked and knew the answer as Beth reached between her legs and lewdly splayed her pussy lips with her fingers showing her pink puffy lips covered in wetness.

Liz moved and positioned herself behind Beth lining up the strap on before slowly pushing it deep into Beth. They had used dildo and vibrators on each other before but this was different, Liz thought to herself, she was actually fucking Beth and it made her even more excited.

At first Liz found the movement awkward but as she got into it she became more comfortable and gripping Beth's hips Liz started to fuck Beth harder and deeper. "Does it feel good in your cunt baby?" Liz moaned as she moved in and out and hearing Liz speak in a tone and way she hadn't before turned Beth on even more. "Feels so good you taking me," moaned Beth as she put her head in the sofa and pushed back to meet Liz's thrusts.

"Fuck I am coming," Beth yelled as she felt her orgasm burst. The intensity was heightened as she heard Liz grunting and muttering, "Take it baby. take it deep. cum hard for your Liz." Liz collapsed on Beth's back and lay there panting like a dog as she kissed Beth's neck and Beth twisted her head round and kissed Liz deeply, "That was intense baby," Beth whispered in a husky voice, "I can't wait till it's my turn." Their peace was broken by a ring on the doorbell and they both realised together that it was the takeaway delivery boy.

Beth ran for the bathroom as Liz grabbed a robe and wrapped it tightly round her before answering the door and collecting the takeaway from the young delivery man who just stared at her open mouthed. Liz closed the door and looked at Beth who had pulled on an oversized tee-shirt and was standing with her hands on her hips crying with laughter.

"What?" Liz said looking confused. "You must have given the delivery boy a shock," Beth said between fits of laughter as she pointed at Liz. Liz looked down and went bright red as in her haste she had forgotten that the large strap on was poking out obscenely through the robe. The pair fell about the flat laughing as they started to devour the food.

***** Over the months the two of them would share the strap on taking turns at various positions. They would have games and drinking competitions to decide whose turn it was but if one of them 'needed' to use it to burn off an excess of pent up aggression the other would happily agree.

Liz passed her degree and got a 1:1 with honours and that evening when they were back in their flat Beth lay on her back with the strap on pointing up in the air. Liz straddled her wearing nothing but her gown and mortar board she had worn at the graduation ceremony and looked at Beth with a glint in her eye.

"Beth darling," Liz cooed. "Yes love," Said Beth recognising that tone of voice that Liz took on when she wanted something. "I want you to fuck me in the ass tonight," said Liz reached for a tube of gel by the bed and started rubbing a generous amount on the strap on and also fingering her own ass as she worked it in.

Beth watched her lover work and waited knowing that in this mood Liz would take what she wanted when she wanted and smiled as Liz lifted up and eased herself onto the strap on.

Liz had positioned herself so that her knees were either side of Beth's hips allowing her to sit down onto the strap on as she faced Beth.

As Beth watched Liz rode harder moaning as the dildo penetrated her ass and opened her and Beth reached forward and looking into Liz's eyes, ran a finger down her breast bone, down her tummy and to her pussy lips.

Working her fingertip into the folds Beth found Liz's clit and began to rub as Liz bounced on the dildo. Liz's breathing became more laboured as Beth increased the tempo of her finger on Liz's slippery nub and as Liz slammed down driving the dildo as far into her ass as she could Beth nipped her clit between her fingernails causing Liz to squirt onto Beth's pussy and upper thighs.

Liz slumped forward her breasts mashed against Beth's breasts, the dildo still half in her ass, slowly getting her breathing back to normal. "I love you very much Beth," said Liz as she showered Beth's face with a myriad of tiny kisses. ***** Liz landed herself a plum job with a Leeds based law firm so it seemed only natural for Liz and Beth to get a flat of their own near where Liz worked. This allowed Beth to travel the 50-mile drive from her garrison in Catterick down to Leeds on a frequent and convenient basis, so they spent most weekends together.

They were sitting around in a semi naked state one lazy Sunday morning when Beth turned to Liz and said, "You remember your roommate Helen all those years ago?" Liz nodded before Beth went on, "If she had of been interested would you have gone for a three some?" Liz looked at Beth and considered the question before replying, "In all honesty I think in reality no, but in fantasy yes." Beth smiled at Liz as she ran her fingernail up Liz's thigh and went on, "Well I was thinking about something that I wasn't sure how to raise but now you have mentioned fantasies perhaps this is the time." "What?" Said Liz her curiosity now raised as she wondered what ideas had been running through Beth's wonderfully dirty mind.

"This," said Beth as she laid the strap on and a large cock shaped dildo with a suction cup on the base and a tube of gel on the coffee table. "We have used these before," Liz said recalling the night of her graduation when she had got Beth to fuck her in the ass. "Yes, we have," said Beth in a lust laden voice, "But not all together." "Oh, you are a wonderful dirty little vixen," said Liz as she picked up the strap on and began to buckle it on as Beth attached the suction cup to the table before straddling it and starting to rub the head across her pussy lips.

"That's it baby, I want to see you ride Helen's femme cock like a good little slut." Liz purred as she watched Beth perform. Liz's words made Beth flood inside and her juices began to flow freely along her pussy lips and down her inner thighs. Beth moaned as she closed her eyes imagining Helen beneath her, though in reality the third in the group could have been any fantasy figure, then sighing happily Beth sank down onto the dildo letting it fill her and began to ride it up and down, her ass pointing at Liz.

Beth arched her back as she rode the dildo her legs stretched round the coffee table, tweaking her own nipples Beth moaned, "Feels so good in my cunt." Liz moved closer to Beth and swatting her hands away gently took over the tweaking of her nipple with one hand as she started to work her gel coated fingers into Beth's ass. "Coat the cock," Liz growled and Beth picked up the tube of gel and spread copious amounts along the dildo poking from Liz's groin. "What do you want me to do?" Liz purred in Beth's ear, "tell me exactly." "I want you to stick your strap on up my ass while I ride Helen's dildo," Beth groaned as she felt Liz using two fingers in her ass.

Liz withdrew her fingers and gripping the base began to push firmly into Beth's ass that was tight from the dildo in her pussy.


Before it was even half way in Beth started to orgasm and putting a hand on each of Beth's shoulders Liz pulled herself in until she was fully buried in Beth's ass. Liz could hardly hold on as Beth bucked and screamed beneath her as she ground herself onto the two plastic cocks filling both her holes.

Liz drove in and out in a frenzy as Beth whimpered and came over and over flooding down the shaft of the dildo and onto the coffee table. Later as they lay in the bath, sitting in tandem with Beth's back pressed onto Liz's breasts, Beth sighed happily as she said, "That was fucking amazing though I think my ass will be sore for a week." "Mmmmmm," murmured Liz, "Sorry about that I did get a little carried away at the thought of you riding another cock as I used your ass, but next time I want to be in the middle." ***** "What does this mean?" Said Liz after hearing Beth explain that she had a six-month posting to Iraq.

"I will be away sun bathing in the desert," laughed Beth concealing her nerves, "Will just be a taxi service job ferrying grunts around from one place to the other. A walk in the park." "You are a bloody liar," Liz said, "So just make sure you come back to me in one piece we have a wedding to plan and you being away means I am going to have to do most of the work." Liz went silent for a moment as she remembered how a few months before they had been out wandering round Leeds town centre when Beth had turned to Liz and said quietly, "How would you feel about getting married?" "Well that's not very romantic, is it?" said Liz giggling as she stopped in the middle of a shopping mall and dropped to one knee.

"Beth Jones will you do me the honour of being my wife?" Beth smiled with joy as she dropped to one knee opposite Liz and said, "Only if you Liz Samson will do me the honour of becoming my wife." Passing shoppers had applauded as the two of them kissed while both still kneeling before rising and walking into the nearest jewellers to buy a pair of matching engagement rings. Liz's was dragged from her reminisces as Beth said, "Awwww I'm sorry baby, let me make it up to you," and pulled Liz onto the sofa and started to unbutton her top.

***** Beth smiled to herself as she looked at her pride and joy, her baby, the Warrior armoured personnel carrier, her first command at 26 she felt she had done well. In addition to the driver Trooper Dave Poole, there was her gunner Lance Corporal Paul Shine and seven infantrymen in the back being transported to the camp just outside Basra in Iraq. Once they had dropped off the men then it was her tour of duty over so home for some rest and serious wedding planning, as well as some wild sex with Liz.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Trooper Poole asking from the driver's seat of the Warrior, "So Corp who will wear the dress at your wedding?" "We both will numbnuts," Beth laughed, "And if we all survive your awful driving then you will get to see in a few month's time, once we get out of this shit hole of course." "I am sure you will both look ." Paul Shine never finished his sentence as his head disintegrated from the heavy calibre bullet that drove through his helmet killing him instantly splattering Beth with the contents of his skull.

"CONTACT," screamed Beth as the Warrior started to weave before hitting a landmine that removed a track and caused the vehicle to crash into the ditch at the side of the road.

The air was suddenly filled with bullets, smoke and noise and through the dust Beth could see a Toyota Land Cruiser approaching at high speed with heavily armed men hanging off it. Bringing the chain gun to bear Beth opened up sending chunks of the Land Cruiser spinning away into the desert as it stopped and started to disintegrate from the heavy calibre fire power. This allowed the soldiers in the back time to exit the Warrior and take up defensive firing positions.

Beth never saw the rocket propelled grenade launcher fire, but she saw it strike the front of the Warrior killing Dave Poole instantly, and the blinding white glow of the phosphorus burned intensely. All Beth could hear was the pitiful high pitched screaming in the distance and then as the pain ripped through her she realised it was her own voice.

She felt herself hauled from the turret by her harness and then the jab in her thigh of the needle as the morphine was injected and then the whole world went black. ***** Liz heard the doorbell and could see the uniforms through the spyhole and her heart leapt as she wondered if by some miracle Beth had got home early.

Liz looked at the young army officer standing there accompanied by a female soldier and her heart started to race as the officer said, "Are you Elizabeth Samson, named as next of kin for Corporal Elizabeth Jones of The Light Dragoons?" Liz couldn't help herself and turned and vomited her breakfast onto the floor of her hallway as she slumped down the wall sobbing saying over and over, "No.

please God no." The female soldier knelt and wrapped her arms round Liz, "It's OK love she isn't dead just injured." Liz didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she heard the words and the female soldier helped through to the lounge and sat her on the sofa listening in shock as the officer explained what had happened.

The words were mainly white noise to Liz and she only caught snippets every so often, "Fire fight. she is very brave. citation for a medal. blind." It was the last word that caused Liz to jerk her head up"Blind, did you say my Beth is blind?" "Yes Ma'am," said the officer, "The phosphorus burnt her eyeballs out, but she is almost unscathed apart from that." ***** It was four weeks later that Beth was released from hospital and allowed back to the flat with Liz.

The past month hadn't been easy as although Liz had visited every day, Beth was sullen and withdrawn and kept muttering about being useless now, and being a burden. At one-point Liz raised the idea about getting a guide dog and Beth bit her head off in anger as she yelled, "I don't want a fucking dog, I don't like fucking dogs." As they walked through the door Beth knocked against the hall way table and sent the bowl with the keys in flying, smashing the bowl into tiny shards.

Beth just slumped to the ground and sat with her back against the wall and sobbed, "I am fucking useless, you might as well leave me now." Liz slid down the wall next to her and put her arm round her and pulled Beth close, "We can either give up or do this together, what do you want you to do?" Beth turned her head in the direction of Liz and said softly with sadness in her voice, "I won't blame you if you leave me Liz, I will understand." Liz turned to Beth and said quietly but firmly, "Now you listen to me Elizabeth Jones, you and I are getting married and you aren't going to jilt me at the altar, and if you try it then I will kick your white stick away." Beth laughed a little as Liz went on, "The only thing I have been thinking about over the last four weeks is getting you into bed and feasting on that lovely body of yours.

So let's go to bed, I don't care if it's the middle of the afternoon or not." Pulling Beth to her feet she led her to the bedroom and started to strip as Beth sat on the edge of the bed, "It's OK for you," said Beth sadly, "You can see me, what am I supposed to do?" "Right that's it," said Liz in a huff and stood up and started to search through the drawers.

Beth heard the sounds of things being hurled out of drawers, then she heard and almighty crash followed by Liz going, "Fucking hell that hurt." "Are you alright love, " Beth said trying to move towards the sound in a blind panic thinking Liz had fallen. "Of course I am, just some idiot put that table in my way," said Liz as she sat next to Beth on the bed and took Beth's hands and held them to her face.

Beth felt the scarf wrapped round Liz's eyes and her heart jumped as Liz said, "Now it is truly a case of the blind leading the blind." The two women fell onto the bed and by touch removed each other's clothing until they were both naked. Beth traced a finger across Liz's breast and her fingertip came to rest on her nipple, "Tell me what it looks like," Liz said as she felt her nipple harden.

"I can't see, in case you have forgotten," Beth said controlling her hurt. "You must remember Beth, you sucked them enough times, so tell me," Said Liz arching her back blindly to Beth's finger. "It's darker brown round the outside," said Beth as she traced a finger round the areola, "And there are those lovely little bumpy bits, and your nipple gets so hard when I do this," and as she said it Beth squeezed Liz nipple between her nails gently, but firm enough to make Liz moan.

"Now you," said Beth starting to build a picture of Liz in her mind. Liz reached out for Beth breasts that were fuller than her own and husked, "Your nipples are bigger than mine and stand out so wonderfully when you are excited." As she said it she found Beth's nipple and leant forward and sucked it into her mouth, "And now they are standing proud and a beautiful dark pink red as your blood flows." "Fuck describing them just carry on sucking them," Beth croaked pulling Liz's head to her chest and moaning as Liz sucked a nipple into her mouth.

Beth moaned loudly as she felt Liz's sharp teeth nip her left nipple and then her tongue travelled between the two breasts until her mouth found her right nipple. "I love you," Beth moaned as Liz clamped her teeth down on her right nipple sending waves of pleasure through her body. The two touched and kissed every inch of skin on the other's body that they could find, tasting every spot, using their tongues to explore places they had taken for granted when they could see. The inside of an arm, the back of a knee, the full length of the spine.

The two were writhing round the bed as their touches and tongues started to center around one place. Tracing her tongue along Liz's groin Beth smiled with pleasure as she heard Liz moan and grip her hair urging her towards her pussy. At the same time Liz kissed every inch on Beth's lower tummy feeling the heat emanating from between her legs. Finally they settled on a sideways 69 position with one leg up so they could both access each other's pussy at the same time.

"I have dreamt of this every time I tasted the desert sand in my mouth, the cool oasis of calm," purred Beth as she bent and plunged her head between Liz's thighs lapping at her soaking pussy. Liz plunged her mouth onto Beth's pussy lapping with equal fervor as she licking and lapped wanting to take every drop of nectar form Beth's body and swallow it.

Fingers joined tongues probing and delving inside, driving them both higher and higher, a finger would be pushed into the other's anal star only to be replaced by a tongue pushing and demanding entry.

The heat between their bodies mounted as the sweat made them slick allowing them to slide across each other's skin as they touched. Then a little whimper from Beth set Liz's heart racing as she felt her own orgasm teeter on the brink, and then as two souls meeting and becoming one they both came together flooding into each other's mouths.

A while later as they lay in each other's arms, Beth said softly, "This blindfold thing is going to be useless when you make me a cup of tea you know." Liz laughed as Beth went on, "I want to make this work Liz and I am sorry now for all the wearing and shitty things I will say as I get used to this." "I love you Beth and yes I may take this blindfold off to make your tea, lazy mare, but in bed we will be equal in all things so I will get a proper blindfold and will always wear it when we make love." Liz said.

"What about when we fuck rather than make love, will you wear it then," Beth laughed. "Yes even then," said Liz happy to see her old Beth starting to come back as she went on, "Tomorrow we will start mapping the flat and planning the wedding, unless you have cold feet." ***** Over the next few weeks the two women worked together moving things around the flat so Beth knew where every thing was and Liz put little chalk marks and bits of tape on the floor so if something got moved it could be returned to the right spot.

The plans carried on and suddenly the 'big day' was upon them and they stood hand in hand at the doorway to the wedding room in the posh country hotel. Their fathers, who would be walking their respective daughter down the aisle, stood outside the room waiting for them as Liz made the final arrangements to their dresses. When someone had mentioned the night before about not seeing the bride on the night before the wedding it was Beth who had piped up with, "Chance would be a fine thing." "So how do we look then?" Said Beth as Liz fussed.

"You look as beautiful as you imagined you would look, as I imagined you would." Liz said her voice brimming with emotion. "Wait," Beth said suddenly, "Lift up your dress." Liz gathered up her skirts and pulled them up to her waist as Beth reached out and touched Liz's bare pussy, "Just wanted to check you weren't chickening out." "Never going to happen," Liz said, and then just before she opened the door, "Bagsie me first with the strap on tonight." As the music began to play the two women gripped each other's hands and Beth said softly, "You are my eyes to the world." "And you are my life, and together we can achieve anything," said Liz as they stepped forward to face the world together.