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Herrin klang cum
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Part II. Their next visit came quickly. Clara hadn't expected that she would deny herself as per the Priests instructions but she found herself fearful that he would find out if she did otherwise.

It seemed irrational that he would but she wondered whether he might see her sins through the eyes of God. God was always watching her. She didn't really understand what the other night at the church was really all about. It seemed a conflict of interest for the Priest to stimulate her sexually and then send her out into the world of men.

She wanted answers. She came crashing through the church doors early the next morning. She had been hoping to have the opportunity to confront him and barrage him with questions but she found him meeting with a few members of his parish. She supposed they were discussing church funding or perhaps it was some kind of family counselling.

She didn't care either way. She felt sexed up and wanting. She didn't interrupt the gathering, sinking slowly into a pew at the back of the church.

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She nodded off for a while and was awakened by his hand on her shoulder. The other people were just starting to leave. He had a concerned look on his face "Clara, how can I be of assistance?" She got up from the pew but said nothing, just staring into his eyes and tapping her foot impatiently wishing that everybody would clear out. She whispered "Father, did I dream last night? Because you seem so… so different today. What did you mean by treating me like that?

I'm one of your parishioners?" He was careful. He didn't have much of a sense of humour but a small laugh escaped his lips before he leant forward whispering menacingly into her ear "Clara, I can do whatever I want with you. Whenever I want. You and your sex is mine.

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I speak for God Clara and this is what God wants. You do want to please your Lord don't you?" Suddenly they were properly alone in the church and she didn't want to argue, she wanted him.

She reached out for his penis but he jolted back quickly. She could see his engorgement. "Will you take me Father? In the name of God?" She felt as if she was begging for it.

This seemed to please him.

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"Would you like that girl? Would you like me to fuck you?" "Oh yes please Father. I want you to take me. Take me and use me in the name of God." The Priest reaches out and grabs Clara by the throat; pulling her close to him and whispers "I'll give you what you want Clara. I'm going to fuck you." He relaxes his grip for a minute and gestures towards the alter "Get up there you little slut and bend over" Clara's heart is beating faster and faster.

She is obsessed with the Priest and his big thick penis. She can't wait to feel it inside her. She moves quickly up to the alter, spreads her legs wide and bends over. The Priest follows her up. He places himself behind her ass and lifts up his cassock. He nods appreciatively whilst staring at Clara's ass.

"Not even going to take your panties off first whore? You want to be fucked right as you are don't you. Well that suits me you little slut." Clara is wearing white underwear with no embellishments on it. The Priest grabs her underwear and pulls it down just low enough so that he has access to her ass and pussy. "First thing's first" he utters, putting his finger inside her and feeling for her hymen.

"Well that's one thing slut. You've managed to remain a virgin for one more day despite the pheromones you must be giving off right now." The Priest holds his penis in his right hand and starts to rub it up and down Clara between her pussy and her ass.

He feels her juicy virginal liquid spreading over his cock. Clara moans "Mmmmmmmmm". "You like that you little slut? Like feeling my big thick clergy cock all over your slutty pussy?" "Oh gosh yes, Father" Clara responds, pushing back against his erection. The Priest groans. "Beg me for it Clara.


Beg me for my cock." "Please Father… "Clara moans… she doesn't usually say dirty words like cock, but this seems to be a first time for everything "Please fuck me with you big thick cock Father. Fuck my virgin pussy." He laughs. "Such naughty words Clara. But your pussy?

Whatever gave you the impression I was going to fuck your pussy? It's your tight virginal ass I want to take." Clara's back becomes rigid, she is paralysed with fear. "But, but Father. Your cock… it's too big for my ass. You can't!" "Too fucking late for that Princess. You don't tease me like that just to get what you want.

Your pussy is to remain virginal. Your ass is mine for the taking". With these words he spreads her ass cheeks apart and spits into her perfect rosebud. He takes his cock and places it at the entrance to her asshole and pushes the tip in. Clara is panting furiously. He feels far too wide. There's no way he'll ever get his cock in there she thinks.

"Remember I told you you were going to repent for your sins. Well that starts right now Clara. This is going to hurt" he says as he thrusts his length right inside her tiny asshole. "Aaaaaaaagh. Pleeeease stop" Clara screams. "I can't take it. I really can't take it". She feels this acute pain right in ass.

"It hasn't even begun yet whore. Spread your fucking legs and let me take your asshole. I want it to bleed for me." Clara leans forward trying to get away from the Priest and his dangerous weapon but it just seems to spur him on. "Yes, good slut giving me better access to your tight little asshole when you bend over like that.

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Show you fucking appreciation whore" he sneers, spitting onto her asshole. Clara is stuck; impaled on his thick cock. Tears are flowing down her face onto the alter cloth below her. "Please" she begs. The Priest is merciless; lost in his lust. He grabs Clara by the throat as he lays into her asshole.

"Mmmmmm does that feel good you fucking whore? You little sixteen year old whore. What would your Mummy say if she could see you right now? Enjoying my cock in your ass." Clara is breathless, trying to speak to him; reason with him. "But please Father, it hurts so much, I think I'm going to pass out." "Mmmmmmm" the priest groans as he slides his cock in and out of her asshole.

"Please" Clara whimpers. After a few minutes the Priest pulls out his cock. "You want me to stop do you Clara? Turn around and suck my cock. Taste your filth you little whore." Clara's ass is on fire so she decides it's better to do as he instructs then to endure more of this merciless ass fucking.

"Yes, Father" she says as she manages to extract herself off the alter and falls to her knees. She looks at his thick cock. It has ribbons of blood on it, her blood. "I can't. It's got blood on it" she whimpers, tears falling to the ground. "You can and you will. Suck it bitch." Clara reaches out to take his cock in her hands but he moves down and belts her across the face. "No hands Clara.

Hands are cheating. Real whores like you don't need hands. I am in control." Clara whimpers but does as is instructed. She moves upwards so that her mouth is at the height of his cock. She puts her lips around it and starts to lick the tip. He groans in appreciation and starts thrusting in and out of her mouth. Clara can taste the slightly metallic flavour of blood.

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She is disgusted with herself but turned on at the same time. She can feel her pussy juice leaking out down her thighs. She sucks harder. Pursing her lips to create a better vacuum for his cock. He groans "Oh yeaaaah" and grabs her by the ponytail. He violently fucks her mouth for a few seconds before pulling out. "You fucking whore Clara." He seems conflicted. Clara wonders what the problem is. "We are both to remain chaste. If you make me come I will beat you till your black and blue." He takes his cock and rubs it over her pouty lips.

"Purse those slutty lips Clara.

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Yeah, like that. Do you know how many men in my congregation would line up to fuck this sweet throat? I see them lusting for you.

I could arrange it you know. To get your whore mouth abused by the men of my congregation. You could pay off some of my debts for me you little slut. Would you like that Clara?" Clara moans and tries to take the tip of his cock in her mouth. He pulls away and slaps her face again. "Perhaps even your sick fuck of a Father would line up for you Clara. You look so innocent".

Suddenly Clara snaps back to life. "No. He isn't sick and he wouldn't conceive of it.

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I won't either." "Ohh but Clara I was just starting to like the idea. He'd probably be disappointed that the cock that made you wasn't the first one between your lips, but I'm sure he'd still be up for it." Clara starts to sob "No, please… it's not… no".

The priest hoists her up off the ground, turns her around and bends her over the alter. "Now where were we you little slut?" Clara keeps sobbing. She knows what is coming. How did she manage to get herself into this situation in the first place? Clara's ass is dry but the priest doesn't care.

He shoves his cock right inside and fucks her slowly and painfully. Her cries and whimpers don't stop him. He knows he can keep this up for a while without reaching climax.


"Mmmmmm" he groans. "Now Clara. I need you to make a few promises to me." He waits for her to respond. He reaches his hand forward and slaps her right cheek. "Clara.

Are you listening?" "Yes, Father" she whimpers; breathing slowly and purposefully as his thick cock fills her up over and over. "You need to properly feel your denial. I want you to be teased up, horny and unsatisfied at all times.

I don't care how your relationships or study are affected and they will be, believe me. You will only ever refer to your vagina as your pussy or cunt. You will talk about sucking my cock, not my penis.


It will be my thick, fat, clergy cock. You will refer to yourself as a slut or a whore when in my presence -besides during church services. You will come to church one hour early every Sunday and stay back afterwards to assist me in cleaning up.

I expect to see you at minimum one other time a week. It may be on the day of your choosing. I expect you to consult your school schedule and confirm what day suits you.

You will tell your parents that I am assisting you in your study of Catholicism and you will be wearing your school uniform." His body shudders and he withdraws his cock from her ass. "Mmmmm" he groans.

His cock is rock hard and his balls are full of cum. He walks around to the other said of the alter to face Clara. Her face is covered in perspiration and is tear streaked. "Next time you come back I will be fitting you with a chastity belt. I will be the only person with a key". Clara nods in his direction. Exhausted. "After the chastity belt is fitted I will be issuing you with a new assignment every week.

The assignment will be sexual in nature. The purpose of the assignment will be to keep yourself excited and stimulated at all times." Clara nods again.

Lifting her eyes to look at him. He straightens himself up. "Do you promise to agree to my stipulations?" Clara nods. "Yes, Father." "You can go Clara." "Can I… clean myself up first?" she asks. "No. I want you to sit in your own juices at least until you get home. Untie your hair so it covers your face more. Wouldn't want any men taking advantage of you on the way home now would we?" He chuckles. "No, Father". "One last thing Clara." She nods. "I want you to thank me." She looks at him despairingly.

"Thank you?" His gaze is intense. She realises he is serious so she gives in. "Thank you Father. Thank you for fucking my slutty ass hole with your thick, clergy cock". "Good Clara. Now get out of here."