Perfect idol shows off huge butt and gets anal banged

Perfect idol shows off huge butt and gets anal banged
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It's been a while since I've written and a while since Ally and I have started dating, about 3 months. Baseball season is going really well, I'm 5-0 with a .98 era and our team is undefeated.

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To say the least it's been fun, and now that our team is on the radar, more and more women are starting to notice us when we travel to different states. I've never been in this situation before where I have a girlfriend at the same time hundreds of girls are wanting to sleep with me.

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That's probably why I ended up where I am right now, tired and sore. Let me rewind back to last week.

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It was a Friday and we had the day off of school for records day and that night we had a home game against a Florida team, the Hornets I'm pretty sure. I was pitching the first game of the series to start off strong. I drove down to the field and Ally said she'd be there to watch.


As the game went on and we drove the score up, I began to notice this girl sitting on the visitors bleachers when I was pitching. She was about 5'6" to guess, long blonde hair, huge tits, muscular tan legs, and a ridiculously beautiful face, and of course distracting.

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But I finished the game strong and we won 9-0. Now I know I have a girlfriend and before you get all "stop being a perv" on me, remember, before Ally there were NO hot girls here, and technically there still aren't considering this girl is from Florida. Ally was in the home bleachers getting ready to head to her car and I was in the dugout when I feel a finger tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and the beautiful blonde girl was looking me in the eyes smiling and said, "Well you're definitely sexier up close." and like a stupid teenager, I responded "Yeah so are you." "So you were looking at me?" she questioned.

"Well fuck yeah I was you're the sexiest girl I've seen in a while." I said forgetting I have a girlfriend.


Just then Ally came up and saw me talking to her behind the dugout. "Sam, who the fuck is this?" I forgot how sexy Ally was, she was wearing tight spandex shorts, Nike free runs with high white baseball socks with blue stripes at the top (our school colors) and a tight, sleeveless, female version of my baseball jersey with her hair down.

But this other girl was crazy sexy as well, she was wearing extremely short jean shorts, the same free runs as Ally ironically, a belly showing tight green V-Neck without a bra underneath.

Before I had a chance to answer she cut me off and said "Hi, I'm Anna." They stared each other down for a second before Ally said "come on Sam I started the car." Anna spoke up, "Wait, do you guys think I could have a ride to my hotel?" I looked at Ally and she rolled her eyes and said "sure hop in." I got in with Ally in the passenger and Anna in the back.

Ally spoke, "Sam just drop me off at home first, the hotel is pretty far away and I'm tired." "No I need company for ride home." I said.

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As we pulled into the hotel parking lot Anna got out and said "why don't you guys come up for a drink?" Im not much of a drinker myself so I said no, but surprisingly Ally said "I'd love to." So I got out of the car and walked with them to the room.

When we got in the room, I jumped on the bed and lied there before dozing off for I don't know how long. I woke up to my pants being pulled down and my shirt being taken off.

I opened my eyes after my clothes were off to see Ally and Anna sucking each others faces while they were still clothed.

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My cock was fully hard now and Ally stopped kissing Anna and took off her shoes, as I lay there on my back I see her sexy size 5 feet slowly start to massage my cock still in her long baseball socks. Ally kept stroking me with her beautiful feet white Anna slid up my body and started licking the tip of my cock, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed down while her tongue was out creating a slick moving tongue up and down my entire dick.

Ally's feet stopped stroking me as she took off her socks while Anna continued to lick my cock. Ally and Anna simultaneously took off their clothes. As my cock twitched, Anna went back down on me and took my entire cock into her mouth moving her tongue around keeping me inside of her.

As she continued to make love to my cock, Ally moved up my body and positioned her beautiful, shaven, smooth cunt above my mouth and lowered herself down until my tongue was inside of her, as I ate her and moved my tongue, licking every inch of her dripping pussy her body began to twitch and shake, feeling the contractions, I grabbed the back of her ass and pushed her pussy harder into my mouth, with Anna still professionally sucking my cock and Ally starting to cum into my mouth, I felt the pussy juices exit from her and flood my chest and the bed underneath me, as Ally was coming to a stop, I felt my load building and 10 or so amazing movements and sucks of Anna's tongue later the lower half of my body shot up, my upper half still locked down by Ally's moist body, my cock spazzed and Anna got her mouth off just in time and she started stroking watching my thick white load shoot into the air spurt after spurt hitting Ally's back as she sat on top of me hearing her moan with each stream drip down her to her ass.

Anna cleaned my cock off, and ally got up from on top of me. With my cock still hard as a rock Anna straddled me and lowered her dripping pussy onto my cock watching inch by inch enter her, she had the wettest, tightest pussy, I said that out loud, regretting it as Ally slapped me then starting making out with Anna as she bounced up and down on my thick dripping rod.

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This girl was a wild animal the way she rode me, my body coming off the bed on every up thrust. She got off of my cock, I stood up and slammed her against the wall, ally following behind me, I put both of Anna's legs over my shoulder and began fucking her into the wall as her body remained in the air, as I fucked Anna, ally sat there fingering herself having orgasm after orgasm, I could feel her stream of liquid squirt out and mist me on the side, as I was getting ready to bust, I pulled out, slammed Anna against the glass window and I fucked her until I thought It would shatter, seeing people ye room across from ours look at us I opened the window and fucked her harder.

With half of her body out of the window dangling I kept fucking before she screamed "Sam cum on me before my fucking pussy cums again!" That was it for me, I pulled out and the streams began, spurt after spurt shooting out the window landing vertical onto her chest and DD's. I started pulling her back into the room as the cum dripped from her, 3 stories down onto the ground.

I put her on the bed and stood over both of them as Ally licked my cock clean. As I lied back on the bed with both girls resting their heads on my body, Anna's on my cock, ally's on my chest Anna spoke, "It was very nice to meet you two today."