Gay boys pissing tubes xxx Pissing After A Good Stroke

Gay boys pissing tubes xxx Pissing After A Good Stroke
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt3 Have you ever been shopping with 3 kids who are wide eyed at just about everything they see? Let me tell you, it is a definite experience. The twins were dressed in their school uniform skirts with their white button down shirts, knee socks and black loafers. They were not wearing their neck ties or, as I found out in the mall, their panties. A ride up the escalator revealed that little fact.

But that did not seem to hinder them in the least. My fun came by periodically pressing the button for the remote control egg inside Kayko.

Sometimes it would just about stop her in her tracks, but most of the time she would just continue on without so much as a flinch. And the kids never noticed. They pointed and looked at everything in every store with Erin as their guide. Kayko kept them all rounded up together and I carried all of the stuff we purchased. Over the course of the day I made three trips to the car to unload.

An interesting note is that they only got one pair of blue jeans and one pair of shorts each, everything else was skirts. Aside from T-shirts, blouses, new shoes and socks, they only got 1 pair of jeans each and one pair of shorts each. To me that is just weird. But it was some basic necessities that they needed and we got what they 'had' to have. $1154.00 worth! As we left the food court, after having eaten Chinese food, Kayko whispered in my ear that we needed to make one more stop on the way home.

I can't say that I wasn't surprised when she told me to go to our usual adult store so she could pick up a few things.

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We usually stopped there every time we went into the city. But when she told me she was going to be getting items for the kids I raised an eyebrow.

At the store Kayko told me to stay in the car with the girls. Nothing new there. I usually stayed in the car if we had either of our kids with us because the neighborhood was just a little bit rough.

And Kayko did not mind going into the store by herself. Being regulars at the store the employees knew us. Kayko was gone for almost 20 minutes before she returned to the car with a big bag. "What did you get?" I asked while starting up the car. "Just a little something," she replied with a slight hum to her voice. "Am I going to like it?" I asked while the beast began to stir in my pants.

"More than likely," she answered without divulging what the contents were. We rode home in comparative silence except for the girls. Erin had already become best friends with her two new 'sisters' and the three of them were jabbering away about everything.

It was almost distracting they were so loud. Kayko held my hand as we rode home. It felt like a new family in the car. By the time we got home it was 4 in the afternoon and blistering hot. So far this summer we had not had any real appreciable rain and the earth was heating up. So when you looked down the street you could easily see the heat waves rising. Fortunately for us, when I bought the house, I had a large deep well dug with a large capacity pump.

Even though it had not rained for weeks we still had water in abundance allowing me to keep the swimming pool full. As I pulled into the driveway the Fed-Ex man was just getting out of his truck.

"Good afternoon," he said while getting out his clipboard. "Are you Mike?" "Yes I am," I replied while walking up to him. "I have quite a few boxes for you," he said while walking around to the back of his truck. "You might need a little help." I turned and looked at Kayko. "Did you order anything?" "No," she replied with a puzzled look on her face. When the Fed-Ex guy opened the back he pointed to the rack on the right hand side of the truck.

"The bulk of those are yours," he said while climbing into the back. Holy shit! There must have been 10 or 15 boxes of all sizes in there. As he handed me the first box I looked at the address label. Japan. All of these boxes were from Hirito. He must have sent every last possession of the girls. Kayko and the girls headed into the house as I helped to unload the truck. Box after box came out until I was standing in a pile of packages of all sizes. And some of those mothers were heavy! By the time we were done both the truck driver and I were covered in sweat.

As I counted and signed for everything Kayko came out with two glasses of iced cool-aid. "Thanks buddy," I said as I slipped him a 20 during our hand shake. He deserved it. As the truck pulled out of the driveway Kayko began looking at all of the boxes before picking up two. One was a rather long and somewhat skinny box, similar to the kind of box you might send a few golf clubs in, and the other was shorter and fatter.

"Need help?" she asked while cradling the boxes next to her. "I got this," I answered as I opened the garage door to get my hand truck. What was in all of these?

I loaded the hand truck and headed to the house on the first of 5 trips. A bigger question might have been this, where are we going to put all of this stuff?

But it was for the girls, therefore it got the utmost importance. With the last load in and the hand truck put away I sat down with a glass of scotch on the rocks to enjoy the air conditioning.

As soon as I was seated the fashion parade began. First the twins came into the living room modeling their new outfits. As they would leave to change into something else Erin would come in and model her clothes. Everything looked great, especially when they would spin around.

Their skirts would fly out to reveal that none of them was wearing anything underneath. For the next hour I got to see outfits of all shapes and colors along with flashes of young pussy.

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It was quite the display. With the last outfit modeled I clapped my hands. "Good job everyone," I cheered. "Excellent fashion show." The twins bowed in unison. "Thank you Uncle Mike," they said before stepping over and climbing onto me. "Thanks dad," my daughter said before joining in on the pile.

It took maybe half a second before we were in a huge tickle fight. The girls laughed and screamed with joy as they all teamed up on me, tickling me without mercy. Arms and legs flailed in all directions as the girls clambered around on top of me, assaulting me from all directions and pushing me down onto the seat of the couch.

I was starting to lose when an errand swipe with my hand found a pussy. I don't really know who it belonged to because we were just a mass of arms and legs going in all directions.

A quick push of a finger and I had one of the girls by the crotch, producing a squeal of surprise. It was Shiori. Two hands suddenly disappeared from the fray and locked around my forearm as my finger hung on to the soft tight gash. That helped to some degree, but I wasn't done yet. It took a few more seconds of jostling back and forth before I found another pussy with my left hand.

This time it was Erin.

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I stuffed my middle finger in as far as I could before grabbing hold of her pelvic bone just like I do to Kayko. She let out a slight squeal and grabbed my wrist with one hand while continuing her attack with the other.

Somewhere in the mix someone grabbed my dick through my pants. There was no way for me to tell who it was because at that moment Saki's little pussy came down squarely on my face. I don't think she did it on purpose because her tight little gash was directly over my left eye. In any case the battle continued. Shiori managed to get my finger out of her snatch before she began tickling my ribs with a furious assault.

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Erin sat down firmly on my left hand, essentially pinning it in place and disabling my left arm. Now I was in deep shit. They had me pinned back into the couch and I was losing. Mercy finally came at the sound of Kayos' voice. "All right that's enough," she said in a pleasant tone. Then she began speaking in Japanese. (A note to my readers.

From the time my kids were born Kayko has been speaking Japanese to both Erin and Mark, so both are fluent with that language in speech but not in writing.) With a few remnant giggles the girls climbed off me.

Thank goodness! It was fun, but 3 against one is really no match. Granted I could have easily overpowered them and tossed them off to the floor, but that was not the point. We had fun! As they headed up stairs to change again Kayko sat down next to me. "Looks like you had a good time," she smiled.

"Oh yes," I said in between breaths. "That was fun." "Where is Mark?" Kayko asked as she stood up and looked out the window. "It's almost time for his dinner." "I'll go get him," I said as I stood up and gulped down the last of my scotch. "He and Eric are messing around in the back yard somewhere." I knew where they were, but I really didn't want to tell Kayko. Not that I didn't want her to know, it's just that I would be breaking the boys code of silence in reference to its location.

It can't be a secret fort if you don't keep it a secret. And now that he had two more 'sisters', he would probably need a place to get away. When I left the house I purposefully went in the wrong direction, just in case.

Once in the trees I made a big circle until I approached the site from the downstream direction of the creek. I'll tell you this, I was impressed. Where there had been nothing before, now there was a ramshackle of parts and materials sandwiched between the rock and the huge oak tree making a small fortress of about 7 feet around and maybe 6 feet high.

It wasn't the greatest of construction jobs, but it looked solid. The wall most visible to me appeared to be made out of a wooden pallet with various materials added to fill in the gaps between the slats.

Several 2x4s stuck out in erratic directions from the top of the pallet to support the roof which appeared to be a sheet of plywood covered by a dark brown tarp.

The rest of the structure was not very visible because the whole ordeal was built inside the patch of scrub brush under the oak with the rock as its lower wall, making it all but invisible.

As I approached the fort I could hear Eric and Mark talking and paper rustling. I could not tell what was going on because I couldn't see them, but I did pick up little pieces of their conversation as I got closer.

I heard things like, 'ooh look at that,' and 'I like this one.' At about 10 feet away I spoke up. "Hey Mark, are you in there?" Instantly I heard a scramble ensue from inside with things said like, 'hurry up,' and 'hide it over there.' I stopped in the little clearing a few feet from the entrance and waited.

A few seconds later both Mark and Eric emerged from behind the makeshift door closing the entrance. "What's up guys," I said as the pair came out into the open.

"Nothing much," they both replied as they stuck their hands into their pockets in an effort to conceal the boners they were both sporting.

"Looks pretty good," I said as I walked up to the edge of the structure and gave it a little shake. It barely moved at my prodding. "Nice and solid." "Yea," Eric responded as he stepped between me and the door. "We nailed it to the oak tree and stuck the end of a 2x4 into the big crack at the back of the rock so it's not going anywhere." He was right, it was definitely solid, but they were not interested in me going inside under any circumstances so I didn't ask. Both of them were dirty and a little sweaty but none the worse for wear.

"Mark, it's time to head home and get cleaned up," I said while turning around to start back the way I had come. "Your mom is making you dinner." "Can't I stay just a little longer?" he asked with a little bit of a whine to his voice. "Five more minutes," I said as I started off back through the woods. "Why are you going that way dad?" he asked while pointing in the opposite direction, "the house is over there." "You guys made a secret fort, right?" I said while stopping and looking over my shoulder.

"Yea," they both replied. "I'm just trying to help out by keeping it a secret," I said before resuming my walk through the scrub. "Thanks dad," I heard from behind me. "Five minutes," I reiterated as I retraced my steps. As I got close to the house I could hear Erin and the twins splashing around and laughing in the pool.

I could not blame them because it was about fifty million degrees outside and the sun was out in crystal clear skies. As I walked into the back yard I saw the three girls playing in the shallow end of the pool with a ball.

They looked to be having fun. As I approached the edge of the pool it became evident that all three were naked without a swimsuit or towel to be seen. "Where is your mother?" I asked as I watched the three playing without a care in the world. Erin spoke up, "She's in there," she said while pointing to Kaykos' exercise room.

"Ok. You guys be careful," I said as I started off in the direction of the building at the back of the yard. "And Erin, make sure you guys stay in the shallow end." "Ok," she replied while chasing the ball over by the side.

I walked to the building and stepped in through the door. As my eyes adjusted to the dimmer light Kayko came into view. She was standing with her feet on either side of the low table with the mid-sized dumbbell hanging from her pussy.

I sat down in the chair in the corner and watched Kayko finish her set of repetitions before going to get the next larger one. When she returned with the next to the largest one I just sat and marveled at the control she displayed. "That truly is amazing," I commented as I watched my wife work her way up the table.


"It's all for you," she replied as she finished her last squat before returning for the largest of the 5 weights. "Did you find Mark?" she asked while starting her last trek up the table.

I watched intently as Kayko lowered the weight down onto the table, released it, stood up, and then lowered herself back down onto it before standing up and lifting the weight again. "Yes. He'll be up in just a few minutes." I answered her. "His food is on the counter," she replied as she walked back over to the rest of the weights with the largest one hanging between her legs.

As she set it down and prepared to go over to the hanging bar I called out to her. "Come here," I said as I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard dick out. Kayko got this pleasant smile on her face and sauntered across the room, adding a little wiggle to her walk. "Does somebody want in my pussy?" she asked in an extremely sexy voice.

When she got to where I was sitting she placed her hands on my shoulders and very casually spread her legs.

Taking a step forward she straddled my waist before lowering herself down onto me, impaling herself on my engorged dick. Her mouth opened as I entered her pussy and a slight sigh came across her lips as she slid all the way down to my nuts.

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"Oh yes," she whispered as her ass came to rest on my lap. A sultry smile spread across her face as she looked down at me and said, "That's what I'm talking about." I placed both of my hands on her hips and held her firmly in place before I looked back into her eyes and said, "Milk me.

I want to cum in you." Ever been attacked by a woman? That is about the only way I can describe what happened next. Kayko shifted from sexy and sultry to sex starved nymphomaniac in a flash, literally throwing herself against my chest.

Instantly her pussy went into hyper drive as she kissed and sucked on my face like she was trying to eat me. She ground her crotch back and forth against my pelvic bone and moaned and whined like she was a starving animal as she did her best to crawl into my skin with me.

Her fingers continually clawed and scratched at my back in a vain attempt to get a better grip as her breath started coming in short labored gasps. I was in hog heaven as her talented pussy sucked on my cock like I had stuck it in a milking machine. It was fantastic! For the next 5 or 10 minutes it felt like Kayko was trying to rip my dick off with her pussy. As my orgasm began to take form and the pressure began to build up in my shaft I grasp onto Kaykos' hips and pulled her down hard onto me.

"Oh god, oh god," I gasped as the first surge was about to let fly. "Here it comes," I groaned as I thrust my hips up as far as I could and froze in place, holding Kayko firmly down on my erupting shaft. Kayko threw her head back, spread her legs out wide to either side of us and sat with all of her weight on my dick as I blasted a huge load of cum up into her.

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Her feet were not even touching the floor as I sent the first shot downrange and into my target. "That's it baby, that's it, ooh yes," she moaned while still looking at the ceiling, "cum in me!" It felt like I shot out a gallon. That's all I can say about that. The volume was to such a degree that it made my nuts hurt. Kayko just moaned and hissed as my hot seed filled up her insides while her pussy continued to suck on my cock like a baby teething on a binky. It was, undeniably, the most complete and satisfying orgasms I have had in a few months.

Kayko shook and shuddered with her own orgasm as my man meat finished making its deposit, filling every last inch of space inside my wife with a torrent of cum. Kayko looked down at me as I panted to try and catch my breath. The sexy look on her face, at that moment, is burned into my permanent memory. How can I describe it? Guys, you have seen that look before if you have done your job in the sack. It's that look she gives you that tells you she is completely satisfied.

You know the one? Her eyes are half closed, her mouth is partially open, her hair is a mess but she does not care, her nipples are trying to jump off her chest and it feels like your dick is stuck in a furnace.

The look that also says she does not want you to withdraw from inside her even though you are both hot and sweaty. THAT look! That wonton, sex filled, look of lust covered my wife's face just before she dove back in for another intense round of tongue tag. Tears began pouring down her face as she switched back and forth from facing one side of my face to the other.

I threw my arms around her back and held her close as she finally threw her face into my shoulder, hugged me like I was leaving the planet, and began crying her eyes out like I was gone forever. I could not help but feel her love radiating out of every last spot on her body. It was like being hit with a bright light that shown clean through you. As Kayko gasped and sniffed I finally asked, "Are you ok sweetie?" When she pulled her head away and looked me directly in the face, her expression was priceless.

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A huge smile came across her face before she replied. "Yes honey. I just love you so much." And with that the water works started up again. I hugged Kayko against me for several more minutes before we heard a little creak by the door.

We both turned to look and saw Erin, Saki, and Shiori looking in through the window at us with big smiles on their faces. When they saw us spot them they all took off running across the yard for the safety of the pool. "Let's join them," I said as I started to get up with Kayko still wrapped around my waist and my cock still buried inside her.

Kayko protest a little when she grabbed the pit of her stomach and said, "But honey, I'm full and it will mess up the pool." She was right, and it is a pain in the ass to clean cum out of the pool. But I wanted to go for a swim and cool off a bit before going inside for the evening. "I've got an idea," I said as I stood up from the chair and carried Kayko over to the storage closets at the far side of the room.

Opening one of the doors I said, "We'll use this," and I picked up a plastic tangerine from one of her fruit displays she uses on the dining room table. Kayko is a real trooper when it comes to some of my hair brained ideas, and this is a case point right here. She looked at the hard piece of fake fruit and just shrugged her shoulders before saying, "Ok." I laid her down on the long low table before pulling out of her.

Instantly my cum began flowing from inside her as my dick vacated its home. But with a considerable amount of ease, mainly due to the abundance of natural lube, I was able to quickly and easily push the tangerine inside her, effectively plugging her pussy. "Let's go!" I said enthusiastically as I ripped my shirt off over my head.

Kayko hopped up from the table and ran across the room as I tugged my pants off. "Last one in the pool has to do the dishes," she said as she flung the door open and bolted across the back yard. Erin and the twins were about halfway across the yard when Kayko swung the door open. I guess they figured the danger was over and wanted to take another look when both of us came bolting out the door. All three of the girls screamed as we ran out across the yard in their direction naked as the day we were born.


The twins turned around, screaming with delight, and headed back in the direction of the pool while Erin just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She was mesmerized at the sight of my dick swinging back and forth as I ran across the yard and she froze like a deer in headlights.

Kayko slowed down and corralled the twins back to the pools edge before jumping in with them. In one fail swoop I scooped Erin up in my arms, carried her the remaining way across the yard before jumping head first into the pool while still carrying her. The water felt delicious! We splashed and swam, the girls screamed and we all had a really good time. It took several minutes for everyone to calm down before we were all easily floating around and relaxing in the cool water. Even with the sun out like it was the water was so refreshing.

Kayko and I slowly worked our way to the shallow end of the pool where we both reclined on the steps. Kayko has to sit one step higher than me but the effect is the same, we are both just below the water with only our heads sticking up. The girls splashed around and swam back and forth as Kayko and I watched with smiles on our faces. Every now and then one of the girls would look over our way and check out my shaft bobbing up and down beneath the surface. It was alright.

Kayko and I had not really been that private about our bodies in front of our kids. After all, it is a natural thing. So if they wanted to take a look, more power to them.

After a while their play got closer and closer. They were jabbering about something when one of the twins swam up to me and Kayko. "Uncle Mike," she asked while floating right up to us, "What's in that building?" I looked over at Kayko before I replied to her.

"You will have to ask your aunt about that," I said. "That is her place and all of the stuff in it is hers. So if she feels like telling you or showing you it is completely up to her." By now the other two girls had joined in the circle.

Erin was to my right, Saki or Shiori (I'm not sure which) was floating over my legs, and the other twin was to my left at Kaykos' feet. Kayko looked at the trio and then at me before replying to them in Japanese. I was not sure of what she said exactly but I could tell it was not what they wanted to hear because of the sigh of disappointment that emanated from them all.

I guess Kayko said it was off limits though I never bothered to ask about it because it was right about now that Mark appeared from the woods behind the garage.

He sauntered across the yard heading to the house when he spotted all of us in the pool butt naked. "What are you guys doing," he exclaimed in a somewhat exasperated voice. Kayko and I were about to say something when one of the twins spoke up, "We're swimming," she said, "Want to join us?" End Pt3