Big Titty Blonde Bimbo Humiliates You SPH CEI

Big Titty Blonde Bimbo Humiliates You SPH CEI
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Can't believe how nervous I am. Don't really think I can back out now. The walk through the hotel lobby feels long, really long, as if we were walking in slow motion. I turn to Gordon for reassurance but he just nods his fat ugly head with a smile on his face. He fucking got the account from the client and I am just a complimentary gift.

I met all five of them just hours ago in the most professional set up and now they are waiting in their room to ravage my body in celebration. How the hell did I let this happen? 3 months ago. I remember being pissed about them getting my name misspelled on my office door, Alivia "Marie" Andrews.

It's MARY, my mother's maiden name. Anyways, at least I had an office, most of my batch-mates in B-school were still flipping burgers and I got a permanent job at the town's largest corporate law firm, Gordon and Hudges. I deserved it too; I had worked hard and sacrificed my social life for this internship and now it had paid off.

Breaking up with Geoff was no big deal, he was a sissy in bed, taking care of my needs n all.ughh.just grab me and treat me like a woman is all I ask for and at that time I needed someone to do it soon.

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I was making some copies when Craig crept up behind me and teased, "You starting to look like Kim Kardashian from behind Andrews". "Oh fuck off Craig!" I retaliated. "What? It's a compliment!" he said as he walked away.

It was true, my bum is quite big for a 22 year old but it does get me a lot of attention, especially in these corporate skirts it sticks out like a misfit. I personally hate my body but guys seem to be drooling over it quite literally.

Craig startled me again, "What's wrong Andrews? Nervous about the meeting?" he enquired. "Kinda" I said. "Nah, you'll be alright Andrews, just bat them big blue eyes at them." He had been flirting a whole lot more since he found out I broke up with my boyfriend last month.

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Craig! He sucks up to Gordon so much it isn't even funny, last thing I needed was another cuddler in bed. I had judged him wrong, cos he was always smiling and being friendly. I didn't need a friend, I needed a monster. Should've been careful what I wished for. After college ended I had started dating Geoff who was a total dummy in bed and then in my frustration I had even fantasised about the old pervert, Gordon, having his way with me. I thought I was a mess then, didn't know what was coming.

The meeting went well, but I constantly felt Craig being a bit too forward in his flirting and his remarks. The fact that the client and the boss, Gordon, were present didn't seem to bother him. "Oh well" I thought, "He is a junior partner at the firm after all". In his early thirties he had done well for himself.


In the meeting I decided that if he tries hard enough, I will let him have me since I hadn't had a dick in my mouth in ages, well, at least it had felt like ages. After the meeting I went into the break room and decided to watch some TV.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember Craig waking me up. "Damn! What's the time?" I enquired. "Half past six. You're going to be a star at this firm, I hope you know that" he said.


"Hmm. you are too kind Craig,; I better get home soon" I replied, still sleepy. "Stay for a bit" he urged. "For what? Everyone has left" I stated. "Just suck my dick Andrews. I really want you to" I knew he wasn't joking. He had been flirting with me like a college boy for over a week, I didn't reply. He grabbed my head and gently pulled me towards his crotch. I could feel his erection through his pants.

My hands instinctively undid his pants and there it was, much bigger than I had imagined. I gave it a long passionate smell. It smelt dirty. "Did you just pee?" I asked him. "Just suck it bitch" he demanded as he pushed my mouth toward it. I took it in as my mouth savoured it with all its salty stink and hardness. He kept his hand on my head, guiding me to go deeper and I tried my best. This went on for a while as I even, to my surprise, slurped at his balls. He forced me on to my feet and pulled my skirt down and I helped him get rid of my panties.

Boys tend to do this to me so I wasn't surprised, but Craig shoved his nose up my butthole and started sniffing away.

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Long, passionate, dirty sniffs. I remembered at that moment when my elder sister, Lisa, warned me about guys doing that to her. She and I used to masturbate a lot together and she would share all her dirty stories with me. We had grown too close for sisters until she got married two years ago, but that's a different story.

Craig was licking my asshole like an ice cream and I was getting really, really wet. Even though the TV was on I could hear his slurps and sniffs. He then turned me around and ate my pussy like a thirsty pilgrim. I was ready to cum all over his face when he pushed me away. I fell on the ground, I figured then that Craig was no Geoff and was going treat me like a whore. I was right. "Clean my ass!" he commanded as he turned around to offer me his stinking shithole.

The feminist in me resisted, but my submissive instincts took over and I buried my face in his ass. Last time I had licked ass like that was when I was trying to make sure that this douche I used to date, Pat, doesn't break up with me.

Craig was shoving his butt onto my face and with his hand pushing my face into it more. I knew what he wanted and I was horny enough to give to him. I stuck out my tongue and fucked his butthole with it, stopping only to lick it and kiss it in intervals. He turned around and kissed me deep like a gentleman and I stroked his dick like a lady as we made out.

We were both still dressed from the waist up and I thought maybe I should remove my jacket. I wanted him suck on my boobs really bad. But he had other plans. "Bend over" he whispered in my ear.

"Huh" was all that came out of my mouth as I obediently got on all fours on the couch. He rubbed my pussy and used the juices to lube my tight little pink asshole. I knew what was coming so I pushed my ass up in the air more as I closed my eyes.

My sister used to tell me that she squeezed her ass muscles to make the guy feel good when he is inside her, but I could never do that, especially not with a big dick like Craig's. He slowly pushed his whole length in my butthole and started fucking it.

Anal always throws me into a trance, I mostly revisit old memories; sexual and non-sexual too. It's a strange fantastic feeling. Craig was letting me have it, I could feel the pain during my trance; what a wonderful feeling it was.I had visions of my past and saw some of my future ambitions taking shape and I realised how much I loved being treated like a fuck-doll as I worked my pussy in a frenzy. My eyes were closed and my body stiffened; I was ready to come when Craig pulled out of my ass.

I remember pushing back in the hope to find it, but no luck. I turned to him in confusion and lust and he said, "I want to see you finish yourself off", I wanted to plead but didn't have the patience. I rolled my eyes back and made myself come hard. When I opened my eyes I saw Craig's dick next to my face. He was jerking it hard. I quickly went to lick his balls. As he was about to come, he pulled my hair back and jerked hi cock harder; I opened my mouth in anticipation and he blew his hot load all over my face.

I was lost in the smell of his spunk when he slapped me on the face. I looked up at him with confusion and he said, "Nice work Andrews, always knew you were like that. Get yourself cleaned up." He threw a box of tissue at me as he put on his pants and walked away. Only when he opened the locked door of the break room I realised where I was. I panicked and put on my clothes in a hurry and rushed back home. I remember getting emotional and teary when Craig didn't reply to my text later that night.

I called my sister, Lisa, just for a chat as I had a glass of wine in the bath. It's always a normal chat with her, but something about the way she says, "miss you", still gets me wondering.

The next day I wondered how Craig would act around me. Normal was my best guess, like nothing happened. He walked in to my office around 11am and said hi.

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"Hi", I replied trying to sound normal. "How does that ass feel?" he shamelessly asked. I looked up at him in shock. He continued, "God I love those big beautiful eyes." I didn't know how to respond. He snickered as he began to leave my office, turned around and said, "Oh yeah, you made quite an impression.Gordon wants to see you in his office. Ciao." He left.

.Room 1707 I am really going to do this. I am standing at the door of the five men who were extremely polite and professional just hours ago. Gordon is still here. "Take care honey" He kisses me full on the lips like he likes to and rings the bell. He leaves before the door is even answered.

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I hate him, but he satisfies me in a weird powerful way. I can hear someone opening the door. I don't feel ready at all. To be continued.