Curvacious body Lexxi Deep kneels down and sucks cock for cash

Curvacious body Lexxi Deep kneels down and sucks cock for cash
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There I was, laying in my bed with another warm body snuggled against me. Who am I? My name's Sarah Delugardin, odd name, eh? I awoke that day with the same fatigue as I slept very little through the night. My blue eyes lost their shine and it was work to keep my hair as it was.

I looked down to the woman whose head was resting against my stomach, ever since I brought her home my life's been turned around and flipped upside down, left, right and inside out. But she was too damn hot to just slip by.

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Pink hair, busty chest, a nice ass and a smooth skinned belly. She had red eyes but god forbid they stayed the same color. I did just then realized she was naked and I wasn't wearing anything on my lower half.

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Come to think of it, didn't I put her on the couch? "Rosalia." I said. She didn't stir, if I said it again it wouldn't do much since she doesn't listen to me anyways. I jumped out of the bed and went over to the dresser where I pulled out my clothes for the day, and slipped them on.

Time for coffee, I thought to myself. At least, if there was any, despite her not needing it, Rosalia just loves to drink coffee. As I stepped off the the last step on the staircase, I noticed the blankets on the couch were thrown about and two pillows were on the floor. Yeah, I put her on the fucking couch. I ignored it and walked to the kitchen where a fresh pot was already made along wih a warm plate of scrambled eggs.

"No bacon, huh?" I said. After eating breakfast, familiar sounding footsteps walked down and Rosalia's cheery but devilish face appeared. "Up so early? I thought we could have messed around in bed." She said. She had the cutest pair of devil wings on her back and a little tail that coiled itself around her waist.

She strutted to the table where I sat down at and leaned on it in front of me. "Coffee first, fuck later." I responded. She turned so her cleavage hung down in front of my vision. I swear I felt an eye twitch but god damnit she was too hot. "So then, Rosalia, what's on the agenda today?" "I was probably going to shower for half an hour then spend the rest of the day lounging around. Hell, I might just use your vibe again." She responded.

I didn't want to spit take my coffee so the hot liquid sat in my mouth until I swallowed it. "I thought I changed the lock on the safe." Rosalia held up the key and winked, I hid that in my cleavage. I'm such a fucking idiot. "You going to work or want to take a sick day?" "Wait, aren't you supposed to like, get a daily fill?

You know." I contradicted. She pulled out a small little vial of white liquid from nowhere, explaining that she had done a bit more work. After the explanation, she opened it and licked up a lot of it in front of me, swirling her tongue around he lip and then using her finger to grab a drop in the very end, sucking on it.

I really wanted to do a spit take, then decided that I should call in sick.


As much as I hate men and anything that comes out of them, seeing Rosalia do something with that stuff just makes me so damn giddy like a school girl getting sugar from the hottest guy around. After I placed the call and put the phone back on the charger, she hugged me from behind and placed her chin on my shoulder. She was exactly my height. I could feel her breasts pressing into my back and she was attempting to give me a hickey.

"So, anything new you want to try?" I asked her. She shook her head, I guess that meant the same thing we did yesterday, I liked yesterday. She stripped off whatever clothing she had on and I was looking at her supple little body. Who the hell am I kidding? Supple didn't explain enough. Frankly I was too captivated by her body to describe it. I pulled off my clothing and tossed it, then sat and layed on the leather couch. Just like a cat she crawled on top of me and layed chest down, kissing me.

Her body was warm and it felt good, the weather was cold for the past few days. I felt her tongue go farther down my throat since it was longer than mine, I really had tamed down my gag reflex. Anywho, it turned me on more. She pulled away and slid a bit past my head to my breasts where she suckled on them, just like a cat wanting milk. Even though I couldn't make milk, Rosalia could. Perk of being a Succubus I guess. I moaned a little as she went to work on my tit, pulling on it wih her lips and licking all around it.

She was amazing at it and she worked on the other one, starting to make me falter a bit on my next moan. After she was done fondling the other, she propped herself up and grabbed them, massaging them in circles or pawing at them. I kept my hands on her sides and noticed I was squeezing just a little and let go, she stopped messaging my breasts and snuck a hand downwards to my wet pussy. She gently caressed the lips and used her other hand to keep working on my breasts. I bit my lip as it went on and she prodded my hole with a finger.

"After this, can we try anal?" She asked before penatrating, I wanted to shout shortly after but kept it to a gasp so none of my neighbors in their other fucking apartments would try and spy on us. The apartment complex was huge and I owned a two floor suite, do did everyone else in the living floor, they were so fucking proud of owning one.

"I hate a-anal remember?" I said. Rosalia gave a playful frown and giggled, she then moved her finger in and out, soon joined by another. The fingers surely weren't as thick as my vibe but she knew how to work a woman's body as well as a man's. She brought he face closer to mine and kissed me again, practically tongue fucking my tonsils.

I moaned into her mouth and just felt the most pleasure I ever had. Except the last couple times where we were so exhausted the we kinda sat in the shower together for a while.

You know, after his, maybe a nice bath with Rosalia would feel nice.

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She put in another finger and used her thumb and pinky to rub the lips, I was close to climax and she could tell, going faster and faster. Then it happened and I squirted, all over the couch while I was breathing in and out through my nose. Rosalia pulled away with her tongue out that was just coated and dripping with saliva, some which dripped along the strands and back into my mouth. She stepped off the couch and started licking my thighs and cunt for whatever juice she could find.

I swear she just purrs to turn me on more. I sat up and turned, smirking as she sat next to me and hugged. "You wanna take a bath?" I asked. She nodded and ran up the stairs, I followed and wobbled a little from the climax, she turned on the water and I could already hear it.

When I got up, she had already filled the tub halfway and turned the water off. She added the soap and mixed it until there were substantial bubbles. "After you." She offered. I stepped in the warm water and then layed in the tub. She stepped over me and snuggled to my left side. She straddled my leg and used a hand to grope my breasts under the water. I felt her take my hand and have it brushed over her cunt. Of course Rosalia wanted me to return the favor.

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So I gladly obliged and inserted a finger, she smiled and giggled a bit, hugging my arm that she was closest to. As I sat there, I wondered again how long we've been having sex. I mean, it happened almost every day, whether I wanted to or not. I put in another finger like she did and she still quietly took it. I know the walls are paper thin and you could hear anything, however, I guess she can control her moans better than me.

Her legs shifted a touch to where as I could go faster, but with as much hell as she caused me, I'd let her wait until I felt like going on. "Sarah," She whined, "Just go already! I took care of you faster." I know, and then I thought a bit of what I could do. Then it hit me.

"Alright then, get on all fours in front of me, you're face looking at the wall with the shower head on it." I commanded. She followed the directions and soon I had her cunt in front of my face. God damn, she was perfect! I brought my lips closer and kissed gently at first. Then slowly licked up and down.

I had her, she moaned softly, and I felt like I was in control. However, she tasted just so fucking good, like strawberries. Or peaches, I don't know, but I don't care. "Th-That feels really good." She said. And I knew it felt good because it's been done to me before. And I then licked deeper, pushing my tongue flat so I could get more of it.

She moaned again and started to breathe in more shuttered. He pressed her pussy against my mouth harder and I knew she wanted me to speed things up, so I opened my mouth more and started sucking just like she did my tits, prodding with my tongue. She moaned louder then quieted down, don't want the neighbor fuckhead to come by again.

He's okay, he had looked out for me a few times before I had Rosalia. He even saved me from a couple of robbers that broke in.

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We shared a laugh once the police came by to grab the guys, he didn't load any bullets into the shotgun. I inserted my tongue and moved it around and she began whining a bit, like a little puppy.


I loved it when she did that. I pulled away and rubbed with my hand until she climaxed, hitting my face with the sweet tasting fluid. I greedily lapped it up and out of her pussy, then she climaxed again giving me more to drink. I didn't want to tire out the poor girl, so I stopped and let her swing around. Only, she kissed me again, getting a taste of her own self.

We drained the water, then turned on the shower head and we rinsed ourselves off, with a little more kissing. Once all the soap was rinsed off us, we pulled out some towels and dried off. I remembered that I left my clothes downstairs and frowned a bit, eh, I'll just change into some other ones. After I dried off, I went to my room to put on a pair of panties and nothing else.

Then I layed back on my bed and pulled out my phone. "Hey Sarah." Rosalia started, I didn't t have time before she snuggled back up to me like this morning, "Is it alright if I could just. Get you off a little more?" I sighed and gave her a go ahead. She then pulled away my panties and sucked on my cunt. I liked it. It was nice.

Besides, I didn't care if I soaked the bed. Because Rosalia is kinda good when it comes to drinking.