Homemade Girlfriend Sucking His Little Dick

Homemade Girlfriend Sucking His Little Dick
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There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find a well-dressed gentleman holding a briefcase. He said "Sir I would like a word with you on behalf of my client".

There seemed to be no malice in the voice and a bit intrigued I invited him in and made him a cup of coffee. "My client would like to meet with you. She is aware that this comes out of the blue so to speak and begs your forgiveness for this. She is prepared to meet any reasonable expenses you may occur. She has very limited movement due to her physical condition. I am required to say no more but to wait for your response". Very strange!

Probably some sort of con. But if it is a con why would they/she pick on me? I could probably come up with 50 quid if I tried hard. He was sitting there with a slight smile on his face and as our eyes met he made a very slight nod. He was almost saying that I should go along with him. I said "I don't know what the hell this is about but I am becoming intrigued.

Okay, for now I will go along with you. Tell me something". He said "it is Friday evening. I assume you have the weekend free?" I replied "correct, and?". "My car is outside. I will drive us to a hotel where a room is already booked for you.

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Tomorrow morning I will collect you at 10 a.m. and take you to my client. From then on she will talk to you alone. Subsequently you have the choice, if you wish, to return home in a paid car". I thought for a minute and since I could not see any way that this could make me poorer or put me in hospital for no reason, I agreed. I quickly packed a small bag and joined the solicitor in his car.

We drove about thirty miles to a hotel where he spoke to the reception and I was booked into a very nice room. We shook hands and he left. I spent the complete night, it seemed, trying to work out some reason for me to be here like this. I must have fallen asleep because I remember waking up still trying to work it out.

And that was after having a few crazy dreams. 10 a.m. as agreed he called up from the desk. And as I agreed I descended in the elevator and met him. Into the car and about half a mile. We went into a house and into what I suppose was the front room. A lady was laying full length with head and shoulders propped up on a pillow.

I had no idea who she was. And now I was beginning, since I could make no sense of any of this, to get a trifle nervous. She introduce herself. "I am Valerie. I am pleased to make your acquaintance" holding out her hand. I took it gently and replied "I am John and I have absolutely no idea what is going on". She said looking up at the solicitor "thank you sir I will call you if I need you". And he left the room. She turned her face to me and said "think back in your life John and try to remember significant events".

Then "please take your time we have all the weekend". And smiled. Logic says that this question means some time in my life I was involved in some way with a member of her family or a good friend. I could think of nothing. She said "it took me an awfully long time to find you. And then only by having two letters from the number plate of a car". I tried to think of being in an accident where somebody would have taken my number.

Nothing. But then if she only had two of the number plate letters it could have been anyone anywhere. Suddenly it hit me! About eight or nine years ago in the Welsh mountains I rounded a corner and saw a group of people on the edge of the ravine. A number of cars parked on the side of the road. I stopped also and got out to see what was happening. The people were praying. A Mercedes was balanced on the edge of a big rock with a huge drop on the other side.

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Somebody was in the back seat. There was an open back truck parked. I ran up to see if there was possibly a rope in the back. There was. I grabbed it and ran back. I threw one end at the group of people and shouted "stop bloody praying and get hold of the rope".

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I quickly slid down the slope and managed to get the rope through the open front windows and back over the top. I was lucky to manage this without sending the car to the bottom of the ravine. I tied it tight and shouted to the people above to take the strain. I opened the door and found a young girl in obvious pain. As I tried to get her out of the car she screamed.

As much as I wanted to leave her alone because of the pain I was causing her I also knew that it was the only possible way for her to survive. The car was slowly but surely slipping away despite the crowd holding onto the rope.

They were holding the top of the car but the bottom was crumbling away. I tried to shut my ears to her screaming and crawled to the top with her in my arms. When I got to the top somebody took her from me and put her into the back seat of the car that had been brought here from the road. Overcome with the intensity of the situation I walked quickly to my car, got in and drove away.

I said "you are the little girl in the Mercedes!" And immediately she broke down and reached her arms towards me. I cuddled her gently and cried with her. Somehow we just stayed like that for the longest time. I was staggered that after all this time we were able to be in this position.

She explained that her back had been badly injured in the accident. For many years she was what she described as, a waste of space. Slowly but surely coming back to a situation where she could manage things mentally even if she was still physically challenged.

Now everything was working normally from the waist up, so to speak. The bottom half looked normal but she had no feeling there. Whilst we were chatting there was a knock on the door and a nurse came in. She said "time for your massage ma'am". I got up to leave but Valerie said "don't go John. Surely you realise that my simply being here is entirely down to you.

If it hadn't been for your bravery many years ago I would have been bones at the bottom of the ravine". I replied "but a massage can get very personal". She said "how more personal can one get than saving a life?" So I remained seated whilst the massage was done.

Valerie kept on looking over at me and smiling. I couldn't help noticing how white her skin was and how thin she was. After the massage and the nurse had gone I asked Valerie why the she thought it was okay for me to sit through it and see her virtually naked body.

Her reply surprised me. She said that the reason that I was allowed to see her completely was because I actually owned her. She went on to explain that in her mind she belonged to me because without me she would not exist. Continuing the explanation she told me that her father had been driving the car and in attempting to climb into the back to assist her he had fallen to his death in the ravine.

This was the first time I knew anything of this. I just remembered being so upset at the screaming that young Valerie was doing that I had to leave the scene as quickly as possible. I asked her about other family members but her reply really backed me into a corner. "I have no other family living.

You John are my only family. The question is, do you want to be family with me?" It just so happened that I also had no family locally. One brother who moved to Canada many years ago otherwise none. When I told her this she said "would you like to come and live with me? I don't expect an answer straight away. Just think about it carefully because if you decide you would like to it would be a full-time occupation, so to speak" it was getting late.

I said "Valerie you have surprised me, no shocked me! Not in a bad way but simply bringing my past back into the present. I really love that you have found me and I think you are an amazing lady.

I want to spend more time with you before I make any decision". "In that case" she said "take your clothes off and climb in beside me for tonight. Let's see how we get on when we are really up close. Not in a sexual way of course" smiling. Once again surprised, I did a quick think and decided "hell why not!" So I took off my clothes and keeping just my underpants I climbed in beside her. We cuddled up obviously enjoying the closeness of each other. For a moment I wondered how it came about that I was cuddling a naked woman who I had really met only today, ignoring of course the journey up the side of the ravine.

I woke up a couple of times during the night very conscious of the naked female body pressed up against mine with her arms around me constantly. In the morning a nurse arrived and showed very little surprise at my being there. I moved off the bed and waited until she had finished washing and massaging.

Valerie thanked her and she left. She said "well John how did you sleep?" I replied "when I did sleep it was good but I woke up many times surprised at the closeness of an attractive woman" she laughed and said "even if I accept the attractive bit it is only half a woman.

The other half didn't feel anything" amazed that she could laugh at her own physical disability but proud of her in a way, I laughed too. We spent quite a few hours on the Sunday talking about our pasts and the possibility of our future. I decided to return home and have a good think.

She was perfectly OK with this and expressed herself as such.


Back at home I weighed up the odds. I had a miserable job that paid little. Rented my flat. I had a car but not a very good one. One brother elsewhere in the world. I decided to wait one-week minimum before making a decision and called Valerie to tell her.

She was happy that I was still contemplating joining her. I must say I found everything about her pleased me. Except of course that she was only half a woman. I think I could happily spend enormous amounts of time in her company.

So, after the week was up I called her and said I would like to join her. She said "I am extremely happy to hear that John. But you have to come to my proper house" and gave the address which was a little closer to me by about a mile than the place I went to before with her solicitor.

Curious as to why I simply accepted and packing my stuff into the car I set off for her place. I couldn't find it. So I asked at the petrol station nearby. "Oh it's the big place just down on the right" he said. No wonder I couldn't find it I wasn't looking for a mansion I was looking for a house.

I pulled into the driveway of the mansion and saw the number which was exactly the one I was looking for. This was her house? Wow!


I knocked on the door and it was opened by a man dressed in the manner of a servant. He said "good morning Sir you must be John" I nodded and looked in astonishment through the door and the surrounds. I was shown into the room where the solicitor was. He greeted me and said that if I was going to live here then he would need to add me to his list of residence with a few rules that I could study later.

This was all done so smoothly! He pushed forward some papers and handed me a pen saying "if you could just signed there please sir" without hesitation, and I later wondered why, I signed. He proceeded to sign as well and raising a finger to the servant who had brought me here caused him to sign as well. There was a cough behind me. I turned and saw Valerie sitting comfortably in an electric wheelchair. She said "good morning John and congratulations". I said "good to see you Valerie. What is the congratulations all about?" She replied "well you just became a very rich man".

I smiled. Not understanding what she meant obviously. Then "the paper you just signed? Maybe you should have read it before you signed it." I looked at her in a questioning fashion and she started laughing. I said "would somebody like to tell me what is going on" the solicitor looked at Valerie who nodded. He said "May I congratulate you as well sir, you have just become a millionaire. The document you signed makes you equal with Madame just as if you had married her.

It has been her wish for as long as I can remember to find you and reward you for being such an amazing hero. Which you obviously were in the Welsh mountains that day". And he bowed a little in my direction. Totally gobsmacked. Valerie wheeled herself towards me and reached her arms up to me and pulled my head down for a kiss.

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The others left. She said "at last I am able to return the greatest favour anyone ever did. Which of course was saving my life by risking yours when you dragged me screaming up the side of the ravine in Wales.

There are no ties to me but I wish with all my heart that you will stay with me". I went down on my knees and wrapped my arms around her saying "that day has bothered me more than anything I can imagine. I am so glad to be where I am right now. Which is on my knees to the loveliest lady in the world". We stayed like that for the longest time just feeling the closeness of each other and the obvious bond that had developed between us so quickly.

Over the next couple of hours never being more than six inches apart she told me how her father who had been driving the car and had fallen was a banker and property dealer, extremely rich. Unfortunately due to his passion for making money he had only one heir left. Her. And she, from the moment she regained consciousness properly was determined to find the wonderful man who risked his life to save hers.

Due to the limited information it had taken an awfully long time. But last week when prompted a little I was able to come up with the right words "you are the little girl in the Mercedes". Nobody else could have known or understood that. And she said "you turned out to be not just my hero but I fell in love with you instantly." My reply to that was "it is reciprocated.

I just want to be near you for ever". The house and vehicles had been adapted to make life easier for Valerie. She was almost able to be "normal" doing things in this environment. We spent the next few days getting to know one another better.

One of the things that was bothering me a little was that I found her really physically attractive. There was no deformity in the lower part of her body. Simply no physical feeling on her part. Consequently any sexual feelings on my part had to be put aside. We drove up to the Welsh mountains to the actual place where the accident happened.

Valerie wanted me to carry her to the edge of the ravine where she would throw a bouquet to her deceased father. We effected this without any problem. In fact it felt good carrying her in my arms in that place. It was taking me some time to get used to the idea that I was very rich.

It made no sense to me to buy a second car simply because it was faster or flashy looking. The house, nay the mansion, was more than we needed even with Valerie's needs. More land means more people to look after it. This lifestyle meant no privacy. There was always a servant of some sort almost within arms reach. But locking the money away and not using it made nonsense also.

I created a vehicle in my mind that would take the two of us anywhere and everywhere in comfort. I tried to envisage us being in the middle of the Australian outback in my vehicle. How we could be comfortable in the wildest places.

Maybe later. Right now I just wanted Valerie to be close to me physically.

She seemed to be as anxious for this as me. One of the really good parts of having servants was that we could spend all this time together and not have to keep leaving each other to do the little jobs like cooking. I have to confess. I have taken advantage of Valerie's lack of feeling in the lower half. I have fallen in love with her feet. Nothing special about the feet themselves. Slim trim and pretty but just feet. What I have been doing is massaging them supposedly to see if I could get some feeling back in them.

I would start with her lying on her back looking at her face. Then I would get her to turnover. Now she can't see me and I, knowing that she cannot actually feel it, I fuck her feet. The consequence is that I have fallen in love with her feet.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I told her but I am too embarrassed. I have been talking to people who could possibly advise me about my vehicle. Some of the things quoted seem a little ridiculous. Like a half track which would allow us to get anywhere in rough country but would look a bit stupid driving up the motorway. One idea sounds reasonable. I would need to get into greater detail. A large vehicle to live in with a smaller cross-country vehicle to be carried within the large vehicle somehow.

I think I will look further. It's amazing what money can do. Within a very short time we owned just such a vehicle. Overall it was quite large but very easy to drive and manage. Within a sort of cage at the rear of the vehicle was our overland craft. When we halted for the day this cage would be easily detached waiting to be used.

It would even be possible for Valerie to drive it. But I would personally only allow this in emergency. I don't know whether I was thinking logically but I was happy to be the driver anyway. We took a trip on the cross channel ferry to give it an airing and for us to get used to it. We drove it as far as Paris and drove up the Avenue De la Grande Armee, around the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elysee. I figured if we could manage that we could drive anywhere.

Each night when we stopped and slept I felt so wonderful wrapped in her arms. And it was absolutely reciprocated by Valerie. We enjoyed the physical closeness knowing that nobody else could come within 6 ft.

of us emotionally. On our return we started to plan some journeys for the next few years. The only stipulation we made to each other was that if one of us was in some sort of jeopardy then the other one if unable to get them free would join and we would go as a pair. Strangely, that enabled us to plan some rather outlandish holidays.

Since money was no object we could be transported to any continent to achieve our objectives. I should point out that although Valerie had no feeling in the lower half of her body the normal bodily functions still operated. Sometimes a little bit of a mess because of a lack of local feeling but all in all not a problem.

Obviously we couldn't, or wouldn't? have sex since it just wouldn't be right. I occasionally used her feet in the manner I described previously. Not because of the feet of course but simply because they were part of her and whilst I was "massaging" them I would also be looking at her.

I thought it quite remarkable under the circumstances that her body was virtually perfect in slim shape and texture. Simply admiring her lower limbs could get me an erection. I sometimes considered talking to Valerie about my using her in this way. But half of me said she wouldn't mind and the other half said that I should be sensible and not create unsolvable problems.

At this point I had no idea that Valerie was quite upset with herself because she wanted to "play around" with me but her situation made it impossible to impart this to me. So we loved each other from day-to-day and showed this in the way we were always there for each other in whatever situation. Apparently she saw me once fucking her feet in a mirror she was using looking at her face, or whatever.

I found out a long time later that she was overwhelmed with shame that she was unable to be a normal woman. She wanted to tell John that she was ready to do anything he wanted but was aware that it would simply exacerbate the situation. She had thought about getting hold of his prick and giving him a wank or a blow job. But once again decided not to because it would make him want more.

With her lack of feeling in the lower half he would obviously not enjoy it. So she just ignored the fact that he occasionally used her feet as a wanking machine. Valerie liked to lay out on an air mattress with her head resting on my lap. A slight problem of course that I had to be careful not to let her know that I had an almost continual hard on at these times.

Mind you, I seem to have a hard on almost all the time in her presence. The biggest problem occurred when we both fell asleep and I woke up to find her hand grasping my erect penis.

Through my pants of course. I tried to gently remove the hand but just doing so almost made me come. Stupidly I took advantage and helped the hand to move a little. Valerie was awake. And I didn't know! She told me later that because I obviously was enjoying it she decided to carry on doing it. Then I came. My prick went soft and Valerie, who knew virtually nothing about this sort of thing, thought that I didn't like her doing it.

So she took her hand away and quickly got into her electric chair and disappeared. I didn't know what to do. The following day Valerie had a sheet covering her lower half. She was holding a retractable radio aerial in her hand. Not the usual chromium plated job but this one was covered in plastic. She said "John I am going to ask you to do something that I could not possibly ask anyone else.

And if you don't want to do it then I will completely understand". Handing me the aerial. I was totally intrigued. What the hell could she be possibly contemplating?. She said "because the top half of me works and the bottom half doesn't, there must be a point somewhere dividing the two. I want you to carefully push this inside my vagina to see if we can establish this point." She looked at me imploringly.

Then "would you do that for me please John?" I nodded, swallowing, thinking about the sexual side of what I was about to do. Already getting an erection and trying to hide it from Valerie. She certainly won't be thinking about sex right now. She threw off the sheet and indicated to me to move her legs apart.

This was the first time I had seen her lower half in such detail. Pure cream skin with a light mat of pale ginger hair. I swallowed trying to gather myself and stop my hand from shaking.

I knelt in front of her and carefully pulled the lips of her vagina apart. I was aware of a pair of eyes scrutinising my every move. A very faint smell came from the vagina. It made me want to bury my head in it. However I was required to perform the task. I extended the aerial somewhat and slowly and accurately fed it through a very obvious hymen. I had not doubted that Valerie was a virgin but here was proof anyway.

I kept moving it very slowly and gently forward until after about six inches or so she winced.

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We had obviously found the point between feeling and not. She smiled at me and said "only you could have done that for me John. I thank you so much for being such a nice person. If there's anything I can do for you however difficult, just ask". At this point I decided to be a little selfish and said "Valerie you drive me crazy just looking at you. I have held back from a request that I am about to make because of my feelings for you.

So, it's this, I was happy to insert the car aerial but there's something else I would dearly love to insert". With a very loud intake of breath Valerie said "John, I know what you are talking about and I thought you didn't want to do it because of my situation". Then reaching her hands forward to unbuckle my belt she said "please my handsome lover, fuck me" and carried on until she had my very hard prick in her hand.

I didn't get to fuck her because the sexuality of the situation caused me to shoot all over her lower half. I started laughing and she joined in saying "you obviously really wanted to fuck me all the time didn't you John" I laid myself beside her and cuddled her up to me. She was laughing and crying at the same time. After a considerable length of time we were relaxed and staring into each other's eyes. I said "Valerie, just to test to see if everything "down there" is normal I want to try something.

She replied "my darling John you can try anything you want. But you will need to open my legs again" and laughed. I took hold of her slim bony ankles and pulled her legs apart revealing again that jewel in the crown.

I moved my head forward and poked my tongue a little into her vagina. There was no reaction from her so obviously there was no feeling there. But for me it was like an electric shock on the end of my tongue. She certainly was very feminine and operating beautifully. I pushed my tongue in and out sharply hoping to get some reaction. There was none. Except from me of course. She said "if you want to fuck me now John I would be very happy to accommodate you even if I cannot feel it myself.

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Even if I can't feel the sex bit I can get a lot of pleasure from seeing you getting your bit". I thought "why not" so I eased myself forward and placed the tip of my prick just inside the vagina. It was obvious that she was still a virgin and I somehow expected a pain reaction from her as I pushed my way gently inside.

There was no reaction from her but now actually inside this woman I adored I decided to pleasure myself at least. I moved my prick backwards and forwards inside this very tight vagina and looked into Valerie's eyes as I did so. The look in her eyes told me that even if she couldn't feel me inside her she was getting great pleasure from seeing me enjoying myself so much. Suddenly things went haywire! She started screaming louder and louder. And as I went to pull my prick out she shouted "no John, no John keep it in there and fuck the arse off me" taking her at her word I pushed harder and deeper whilst she screamed louder and louder.

As I thrust as deep as possible and came. At the same time her scream reached crisis level! I started to withdraw but she held me firm with her arms. I just relaxed on top of her with my prick still inside but slowly getting limp.

As we pulled away from one another a little she said, with a very broad smile on her face, "look at my toes".

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A bit bemused I turned my head and looked. She wiggled her toes. So what! And then it hit me. She shouldn't be able to wiggle anything below the waist. She grabbed me around the neck and half sobbing and half laughing said "I didn't feel it. Then I did. It was lovely. Then I climaxed. That's when I started making a lot of noise. Then I realised I could move my lower half. That's when I screamed". So it seems that climaxing had activated whatever had been failing in the connection between her brain and her lower half.

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Almost beyond belief that my lovely Valerie will be normal. Able to walk. Be like everyone else. Then she said "you rescued me from death. And now you rescued me from an unbelievable disability. You have to accept that I belong to you now".

And she cuddled me close and deliberately moved one leg across mine to show both of us that she was normal again.