Juicy twink enjoys raw sex session and cum on ass in nature

Juicy twink enjoys raw sex session and cum on ass in nature
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As twins Kale and Jeremy grew up doing everything together; from baseball, school, and sex. The boys had spent their whole lives in a small town with nothing to do, so they spent their time together.

And like any twins they were inseparable. Both the boys, being identical twins, were 14, 5'4 and skinny, semi long blond hair, gorgeous blueish grey eyes, and they were beautiful.

They were the must haves of any girl in school.

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But as summer came around they spent their time messing around the neighbor's farm and swimming in the creek behind their house.

Today was no exception.


As they were approaching the creek Kale took off his shirt and shorts, his brother followed suit. They made it to the bank and dropped their clothes in a pile. Jeremy now slid his briefs down as well and puts them in the pile and is walking into the water naked.

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"What are you doing?" Kale asked as he half looked away from his brother. "Skinny dipping dude, it's not like we don't know what the other has every time we look in a mirror, so why do I care if you see me naked." "Good point." And Kale took off his as well. Both the boys had nice flat stomachs with the V down to the crotch. Both boys were shaved as well, neither of them liking body hair at all.

Both had around two inches limp hanging as the waded into the water. They started to swim and splash each other and wrestle around in the water. About forty five minutes in Jeremy grabbed Kale in a bear hug from behind and leaned back.

As he was about to throw him he noticed that his twin bros dick was standing straight up and about 5 inches.


As he released him into the water he thought, 'did I make him hard'? When Kale emerged from under the water he was laughing and Jeremy looked at him and said "So I guess it's a turn on to see yourself naked?" talking about Kale seeing him (his twin brother). "No. Why you say that?" Kale responded a little embarrassed. "Cause you hard as a rock dude, I saw it." "It's nothing man just being free hanging makes it nice I guess." "No you're turned on by me, it's ok, I would be too.

Oh, wait I am cause I see me right there," as he pointed at Kale. "No your not." "Yeah I am dude," he floated up to show his brother his five inch cock. "See, its just the rubbing up against someone that's doing it for me." "But I am your brother." "So it's like seeing me, and I do get turned on by it.

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Why you think I don't chase pussy like it's going out of style?" "I dunno I just assumed you weren't ready." "You were." "Yeah I guess your right.

But I don't know what you're expecting." "To have you fuck my brains out. But I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do." "Like what, it's like fucking me remember." Kale walked forward and was inches from Jeremy, and Jeremy's heart raced as he felt their dicks start to rub against each others. Kale stopped, looked into Jeremy's eyes and leaned in and started to make out with his brother. They both embraced each other as they rubbed their cocks up and down the others, moving their hips in rhythmic motions.

They tugged hair and finally Jeremy broke the kiss and smiled at his brother.

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He took a deep breath and sank under. Once he found Kale's cock he took it immediately into his warm mouth. Kale instantly felt his brother's mouth on his cock; the water being a lot cooler. He started to push his hips forward driving his cock all the way into his brother's hot mouth. He moaned audibly, and his brother heard it and then Jeremy pulled his brother's cock out and started to like his balls up from the very bottom to the base of his dick.

He loved the tickling sensation it gave him.

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After almost a minute under, Jeremy had to come up for air, and Kale said "Damn bro that was awesome." Jeremy said nothing just grabbed hold of his twin brother's rock hard member and started to lead him out of the water.

He stopped by a downed tree and let go only long enough to put it back into his mouth.


Kale gasped as his brother took him again in his mouth. He lightly place one hand on the top of Jeremy's head and stiffened up feeling his 14 year old balls tighten under the sucking power of his sexy brother.

Jeremy sensing this stopped and stood up for anther kiss. Kale feeling no fear broke the kiss only to kiss down his neck and chest and stopped to pay extra attention to his brother's small little pink nipple. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue, then started down again, kissing down his belly and onto his legs, avoiding his brother's throbbing member to build up more anticipation. Using no hands only his face and mouth played and kissed at his brother's cock.

Finally, being to much Jeremy saw his chance and pushed his five inch cock into the moist warmth that was his twin's mouth. Kale took it in as Jeremy started fucking his face. Kale just sat back on his heals and sucked as Jeremy humped his crotch into his face. Kale slurped and sucked feeling his brother's cock slide in and out of his mouth, on and off of his tongue.

Jeremy would pull almost all the way out and push back in, and Kale would meet his tool with a twirling tongue every time. Kale started to bob his head back and forth making Jeremy's 14 year old cock go in and out faster.

Jeremy, felling his jizz on the brink, grabbed hair with both hands and just stopped and held there while Kale licked causing him to bust his load into his brother's mouth. Kale started to gag with the first shot of boy spunk into his mouth, and pulled it out as Jeremy unloaded four more shots of hot boy juice on his face and glorious chest. Jacking him off, Kale stood up with his brother's cum in his mouth and dove into another passionate kiss sharing Jeremy's jizz.

Kale pulled back and gulped down what he had as Jeremy did too. Then he pushed Jeremy's shoulder turning him around and bent him over on the tree. He kneeled down and spread his brothers bubble butt cheeks apart and dove his tongue into his boy asshole. He licked up and down and pushed his tongue as deep as it would go into his brother's virgin hole. Kale stood up, and took the jizz from his chest and rubbed it on his cock.

He lined his cock up and plunged his throbbing tool deep into his ass. He held it in for a few moments to let his brother relax, feeling him tense up and hearing him gasp in both pain and pleasure. Once Jeremy relaxed he started to slowly pump his cock in and out and back in as deep of his young dick could go.

Then leaned over, kissed his brother's neck again and said, "You ready?" His twin's response wasn't verbal, Jeremy pushed himself back into Kale causing his dick to go the farthest yet. Kale stood up and put his hands on Jeremy's hips and started to pull him back as he trusted forward. He kept this up pushing and pushing; as his legs started to tire he stopped and let his hard dick plop out of his brother's ass. Kale then pulled him up off the tree and laid down on the ground.

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His brother straddled him and lowered his hole directly onto his straight up member and sat down, pushing his cock deep into the darkness. As he started to go up and down, Kale jacked off his brother's new hard on. Jeremy moaned in pleasure and rode his brother's cock hard. Kale furiously pumped away at his brother's cock and Jeremy exclaimed, "Dude I am going to cum again, go faster." Kale, finding the strength, pumped as fast as he could. In the blur of his own climax building he felt the familiar warmth of the pearly white liquid on his chest and hand.

He felt the force of his brother's orgasm in his ass and it sent him over the edge. Playing with the cum on his chest and tasting it off his other hand, he blew the biggest load he ever had directly into his brother's tight asshole. Jeremy felt seven shots of cum splash onto his insides and just sat down letting his brother come down from his orgasm.

Once relaxed Kale looked up, chuckled and said, "We are going to need to do this more often." Jeremy stood up and cum trickled out of his asshole onto his brother.

He reached a hand down and pulled his twin brother up and said "Let's get cleaned up." As the walked into the creek, Jeremy felt the jizz running out of his ass and down his leg. As the approached the water Kale tackled him into the water and they started splash again.