Hooker wants a hard facefuck

Hooker wants a hard facefuck
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Ricky eased up his driveway and pulled back on the parking brake of his Subaru. He stared curiously down the hill to the house next door with the moving van in the driveway.

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Finally, someone is moving into Mrs. Martin's house. His elderly neighbor had died six or seven months ago and her son cleaned it up, painted and put it on the market within a month. Home sales sucked in this small town Ohio, and evidently after five months he now had a buyer. He swung open the door, and eased his pudgy body out into the driveway. He grabbed his lunchbox and slammed the door. Making his way to the front door of his modest two-story home, he saw the movers on the front porch talking to a lady.

She was a middle aged white lady, tall, slim and with what appeared to be nice tits. It was hard to tell since she was wearing a baggy t-shirt but her black leggings showed a nice looking ass for a woman of her age.


They didn't notice his presence, so he went inside, set his lunchbox on the kitchen counter, and grabbed a Miller from the fridge. It was his afternoon ritual. Walking up the steps to his bedroom he glanced in the mirror on the landing. Looking back at him was a 58 year old, short, balding and overweight divorcee. He'd been single for the last 18 years and unless he found a similar female loser, he would remain that way. Sure, he'd been out on dates, but they all seemed turned off by his less-than charming personality and, well, his rotundness.

Unbuttoning his work shirt with "Ricky" embroidered above the pocket, he grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser.

Ricky worked dispatching dumptrucks at the local rock quarry. He started as a dispatcher, and after 32 years had not moved up in the company at all. Management liked him because he was such a dick to the independent truck drivers, keeping them in line. Ricky felt powerful in his job, but deep down, he knew he was just another short, overweight loser.

Ricky finished taking a leak, zipped up his pants and glance out of the bathroom window. There was his new neighbor talking to the two movers in her driveway 25' away.

He could make out her face and body a lot better now and he was right. She was late 40's, maybe 50, 5'9" or so, slim, shoulder length brown hair, tight ass and yes, she had nice tits.

To top it off she was a real looker. She shook hands with the movers as they closed the rear doors and headed to the cab of the truck. He watched her turn and walk towards the front door as the truck pulled out of the driveway.

"Damn, what a nice ass," Ricky rubbed at his crotch. He walked to the front room, sat down his beer and headed to the mailbox at the street. "Fucking bills," Ricky mumbled to himself as he heard the car door slam next door. It was new neighbor getting out of her Volvo after backing it into her driveway. "Hello neighbor" shouted Ricky as he walked across his yard in her direction.

His house sat up on a knoll overlooking her house so he carefully made his way down the bank, through the opening in the hedge, to her driveway. "I'm Ricky, and you must be my new neighbor." "Hi Ricky, I'm Melanie, but everyone calls me Mel. And yes, I guess I'm your new neighbor." They exchanged pleasantries for the next few minutes.

She was an RN, had moved here from Kentucky, and had taken a job as a charge nurse at a local nursing home.

Ricky explained he was in "management" at the quarry, loved life, going out and doing new things.

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Inside, he chuckled to himself at his blatant lies. "We should get together sometime." "Sure," said Mel but he could sense her hesitation. "Do you know anyone that does yardwork?

I don't have a mower." Ricky paused knowing that just over his shoulder was his overgrown, unkempt yard. "Not really. I mow mine but as you can see, not often enough," he laughed uncomfortably.

"No problem, I start work on Monday and I'm sure someone there can help me." They exchanged goodbyes, nice to meet you's, hope to see you soon's, and each headed to their respective homes. Ricky cussed as he slammed the front door. "She'll never go out with me, that uppity bitch." He couldn't get his mind off of her as he microwaved a frozen dinner and knocked out his fourth beer.

After dinner and two more beers, he fell asleep on the sofa watching old westerns and woke up just after 9:00 when a loud commercial kicked in. He got up, climbed the stairs, and stumbled to the bathroom to piss. There was no need to turn on the light as the streetlight provided all he needed to see.

Yawning and shaking the last drops of pee from his short little pecker, Ricky glance out and spotted Mel's bedroom light was on. Having just moved in, she hadn't yet put up curtains so she had towel over the curtain rod, partially blocking the view.

Just as he was ready to turn away, she walked into her bedroom. Evidently, she had just finished a shower and was wrapped in a towel and one adorned her head as well. "Oh yeah baby, show me what you got," as he let his pants drop to the floor, followed by his boxers.

Mel grabbed the lotion off of the dresser and put one foot on the bed. She was exhausted and the long, hot shower had felt so good. Now she'd rub on some lotion and hit the bed. As she rubbed her left leg, the towel she had wrapped around her slipped off and fell to the floor. She glanced over at the makeshift towel covering the window, and seeing no lights on at Ricky's, knew she was unseen and kept rubbing.

Finishing with left leg, she switched to her right to repeat the process. Ricky's mouth was hanging open as he hammered away, stroking his little pecker for all it was worth. There, just 10 yards away and 10 feet below his window was his beautiful new neighbor, buck naked and rubbing her long tanned legs. He watched her turn away from him and, looking sideways in the mirror, rub lotion on her ass-cheeks.

She turned 180 degrees, admiring herself in the mirror and stood facing him.

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Another squirt of lotion into her hand and she started massaging her breasts. Ricky could take no more and grabbed for a towel. He groaned as he milked his load into the towel, emptying his balls. Although Ricky was finished, Mel wasn't. She stood in front of the mirror, pulled the towel from around her head, and began to dry her hair. Ricky ran into his office and grabbed the binoculars from his desk. He liked to watch the birds at the feeder in his back yard but now he had a better subject.

He ran back to the bathroom window and dialed in his 8X Nikons. He bit his lips and he admired her beauty. She had a dark tan except for a small bikini and bra area that were snow white. He glassed over her stiff nipples, then as she turned, he spotted the small patch of brown hair above her cunt. Ricky was almost drooling at the point and his 5" cock was again rising at attention.

She turned sideways again to view the other side as she worked her brush in front of the blowdryer. She then bent 90 degrees at the waist, hair flipping forward, to dry the back.

Her feet, a foot apart, gave Ricky a birdseye view of her asshole and shaved cunt.

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Once again, he stroked at his cock. Mel flipped off the hairdryer and laid it on the dresser. Opening her dresser drawer, she pulled out a t-shirt and tossed it on over her head, covering her naked body.

Ricky continued to pound away at his little dick with his right hand, binoculars in his left, watching every move she made. Mel threw back the covers, crawled into bed and reached over to turn off the lights. Ricky stroked hard at his cock but there was no more cum available.

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He made his way to his bedroom, not turning on the light, and crawled into bed. Sleep would not come easy as he fucked Mel, in every imaginable position, in his mind all night. Ricky was even a bigger asshole at work on Monday morning. He couldn't get the tall brunette out of his mind. He clocked out at 4:00 and almost ran to his car. Two miles from his house, he whipped into the shopping center and made a beeline to the big electronics store.

Ten minutes later he walked briskly to his Subaru, brand new video camera under his arm. Turning into the driveway he spotted Mel in the front yard, t-shirt and shorts, working in the shrubs in front of her house. He sat the bag with the video camera on his front steps. "Hi Mel," he yelled out as he headed down the bank to her driveway. "How was your first day on the job?" "Oh hi, Ricky," she replied, standing and shaking the dirt from her rubber-gloved hands.

It was a good day, not much work other than paperwork, but I think I'll like it." They continued the small talk and every time he looked at Mel, he saw her naked. It was hard for him to make eye contact but he struggled to do so, knowing failure to do so would make her curious.

"Ricky, do you know of any good Catholic churches nearby?" asked Mel. "I was very active in my church back in Kentucky and really want to find one quickly." "Un no, I don't really consider myself religious, to be perfectly honest, but there should be one somewhere close. Are you a big church-goer?" "Oh yes, I rarely miss a Sunday and after missing yesterday, I need to find one this week.

Oh and by the way, a girl at work recommended a yard man. She said he was fabulous. OK, well good to talk with you, but I better get back to work here." "Ummm, yeah, ummm sure.

Hey, if you're interested, ummm, maybe we could grab a bite to eat one evening after work," inquired Ricky. "That's very nice of you Ricky, but I have so much I need to do, plus I'm not really into the dating thing at this point in my life." Ricky could feel his face turning red.

"Oh, no problem, just thought I'd be neighborly." "Please don't take it personally, Ricky. It's just where I am in my life right now." "Oh, no problem at all. I understand. Well, I better get, I go to bed by 8:00." Ricky just had to throw that in there so she'd think he was tucked away in bed when she was preparing for bed.

They exchanged goodbyes and Ricky headed home to his beer&hellip.and hopefully another evening show. Dinner was a bowl of ramen noodles, washed down by four Millers. Ricky read through the instructions to his new camera and charged the battery. He woke in his easychair at 9:15. He flipped off the TV and raced upstairs, again careful not to dare turn on the light. Looking out his bathroom window, Mel's house next door was completely dark.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Ricky fussed at himself for falling asleep. Ricky was restless all day at work. All day long the only thought that occupied his mind was Mel, naked in her bedroom next door.

4 o'clock and he was almost running to his car. Thirty minutes later he pulled in his driveway and spotted Mel in her driveway. She was leaning against the side of an older model pickup talking to a tall young black man. A push mower sat in the driveway and Ricky could see a weed-whacker and assorted tools on the back of the truck.

Not to interrupt he threw up his hand when he saw her glance over. Ricky grabbed a Miller from the fridge and went upstairs to peek out the window. Mel and her new Yardman were walking the edge of her lawn. She'd stop, point out a shrub or flower, then move on.

They disappeared to the other side of the house and then twenty minutes later, Ricky heard the mower fire up. He popped a frozen dinner in the microwave, grabbed another Miller, and surfed a little porn on his laptop. The sun was going down, and he heard the weedwhacker stop, then the truck tailgate slam shut.

"Good, he's leaving, maybe it's show time," Ricky wished to himself. He grabbed his new video camera and waddled upstairs to the bathroom. Mel and Yardman were in the driveway, talking and laughing.

He didn't know what they were talking about but he could tell Yardman was flirting with Mel, 20 years his senior. Mel turned, pointed towards the house, and was talking non-stop. Yardman looked down and checked out her ass when she turned. Ricky's jealousy burned in his stomach. He watched as they laughed and continued their conversation. Yardman turned, went to his truck and grabbed what looked like a tape measure. He followed Mel to the front door and they disappeared inside. Ricky cussed them both under his breath.


Thirty minutes passed and it was now dark. Ricky hadn't seen any sign of them and was getting more aggravated as the minutes clicked by. Suddenly the bedroom light came on and he watched Mel come to the window, and take down the temporary towel curtain. Yardman eased beside her and measured the window then wrote on his pad.

Yardman turned from the window and came face to face with Mel. Ricky watched her hand ease up onto his shoulder, then she kissed him. Yardman leaned over and set the tape measure and pad on the dresser, and grabbed Mel in his arms. "You BITCH, what the fuck are you doing, you fucking whore?" yelled Ricky. Furious, he turned on his cam and zoomed in to film this nightmare he was witnessing. Video rolled as he watched Yardman pull off her t-shirt, her bra, then his tanktop.

She unbuckled his pants and they dropped to the floor, followed by his boxers.

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Dropping to his knees, yardman yanked down her gym shorts and panties. When she raised her leg to step out of her panties, Yardman pulled her leg over his shoulder and buried his face in her crotch. Although he was livid, Ricky's little pecker was getting exciting. With his one hand he worked loose his belt, then his zipper and his pants fell to the floor.

"Hold the camera still, Ricky, hold it still," he whispered. Yardman stood and eased Mel back onto the bed.

Broadside now, Ricky could see Yardman's huge black spear. Mel raised her knees and spread her legs as Yardman eased forward and pushed his manhood deep inside.

30X, 40X, Ricky zoomed. He could see the juices from her cunt lathered on his black cock as he pumped his long thick rod in and out. He zoomed out and panned up as Mel massaged both of her tits. Her mouth was open and Ricky could tell she was loving every minute of the fucking Yardman was putting on her. Yardman picked up the pace. He pounded away and Mel continued writhing on the bed, pushing back against his every stroke, and clawing at his back.

Suddenly, Yardman arched up and Ricky knew he was dumping his load deep inside of Mel.


They both collapsed side by side on the bed. Ricky was trembling. He was enraged, jealous and turned on all at the same time. The video camera was shaking badly so his hit the stop button and laid it on the back on the toilet. He grabbed a towel and yanked at his pecker, cussing Mel under his breath.

Two minutes later, Ricky soiled another towel, threw it on the floor, and headed to bed. Ricky lay on his bed, naked, mind racing. He hadn't been laid in over twenty years, since before his divorce. His sex life had consisted of porn and jerking off his little pecker. And now there's a gorgeous whore next door that's too good to go to dinner with him, but she'll fuck the Yardman on his first visit.

"You cunt. I'll make you pay. Some fucking church-lady you are! I'll be seeing my cum on your pretty little face soon. Just you wait, BITCH! Nobody fucks with Ricky! Nobody!"