Latin gay piss and hairy drinking After unwrapping down he starts

Latin gay piss and hairy drinking After unwrapping down he starts
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I am Jeremy, I live with my mother and step dad. My other brothers have moved out and I am her favorite. Mom is a sex bomb she has 36Ds and they are firm. She has a 36" waist stands at 5'7". She is blonde and I found out early that she favors me the most, since I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My brothers have brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyways, I have always gotten in trouble at school so much that she has me enrolled at the school she works at. She is an English teacher with a degree in Bible Study. Don't ask, because I don't know why. Sometimes she can be real spacey and gullible and I once I realized that, I was going to take advantage of this. I just didn't know how to, yet.

It usually would take us 45 minutes to get back to the house. The van had no air conditioning for the moment and traffic would sometimes keep us on the road for another 30 minutes. Well today it was hot and traffic really sucked and I couldn't help to notice that my mom was beginning to sweat a lot. I sat there wondering how I could turn this some way where I could talk into taking off her bra. There was a rest stop about 2 miles up the road.

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No one really uses it, because there aren't any services there. For the most part it was used during the night by truckers.

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Once I realized where I was going to try this at, I had to work fast. Mom, I said, you know the van needs to cool down because the a/c also cools down the engine too. Well there was some truth there because I could feel the heat coming from the dog house, normally; you don't feel the heat because we run the a/c all the time.

Here mom, put your handover here. You feel the heat there? She responded, your dad didn't tell me that. I do feel the heat there. Mom, dad probably didn't tell you because I would be in the van with when we go to school. Oh, I guess Jeremy, I didn't think of that. I am glad that you are with me. I am glad that you are my favorite son otherwise I would be driving alone right now.

Mom, I said that isn't why I am going to school with you and you know that! Honey, she said, I didn't mean to get you upset like that. Mom, pull off the road so we can park the van at the rest stop, I interrupted, okay? She pulled over and we parked.

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Mom, you know it is going to be awhile so you might as well get comfortable. It is very hot; I can feel the heat from the van. Do you feel that? She I replied, I can feel it too. I am beginning to sweat now" Well, here goes nothing I thought to myself.

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Mom, why did you remind me that I screw up a lot and that is the reason I go to the same school you work at, I really feel bad now. Mom always gets emotional when I act this way and she always wants to hug me.

This time I am going to use it to my advantage. I started the feel bad routine, she was still seated and swiveled the seat in my direction. I had already had unbuckled and was waiting for her to give the signal that she wanted me to come to her so she could hold me.


Like on q, honey give me a hug, mom said. Well, that was all I needed, I got to her seat and put myself over her knee so I could fall short of putting my head on her heart, instead my goal was to place my head on her tits without it seeming that way to her.


I put my hinge part of my jaw smack on the middle of her bra. I was looking at right at her huge nipples, and they are about the size of a quarter. To distract her, I immediately started to babble, why do you always say things like that?

I really feel bad now! Why mom? Why? She tighten her hug on me, normally her arms would be on my lower back but because she was on the van seat they were on shoulder blades. She hugged me tighter and swayed me back and forth, I took small and gradual movements to get my face smack on her right nipple. Bingo, my mouth was in position! Here goes I thought to myself.

Open wide and start sucking it, it didn't matter if she had her blouse on I was going to do it. I put my mouth right on her nipple and started to suck!

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Oh my gosh, I didn't know how bad you are, you would always suck on my boob when you were small and were upset, I just didn't how bad you were off. Here honey let me get my boob out so you can nurse. Sweetie, mommy doesn't have milk right now but it is okay, maybe this will help you feel better. Feel better, hell my dick was standing at full mast. I was going out of my mind, started sucking like that movie where this cop is Mr.

Straight, and there is a mother that would breast feed her little baby at the park, these guys at some shop would say, I wish I was that baby. The cop would tell them to knock it off; it was only natural for her to feed her baby like that.

But one day he loses it and he replaces the baby and sucks on her tits so hard it takes her breath away. She looks down and there he is sucking and pumping his face into her tits. He sucks so much milk; she keeps losing her breath as he draws the milk out. Well, that was how I was sucking on her tits and my dick was about to explode.

She must have to like it because her left nipple started to stand out. I jumped my mouth to her left tit and mom gasped, slow down sweetie, you don't have any idea what this does to mommy honey. She kept gasping as I sucked. Honey slow down, I am… uh getting warm sweetie. You have to slow down because it is making mommy, feel ahhh… really horney&hellip. Sweetie, you wouldn't know what to do with mommy, okay.

Needles to say, I did and now I reach up her dress and pulled off her thong! She quivered, and moaned more loudly. She screamed when I put three fingers into her pussy. Oh my god, she screamed, honey you shouldn't because I will want more and your daddy is the only one who is supposed to give me his dick.


I slide my fingers in and out of her now wet pussy. It was really getting hot! Sweetie, I am getting real horny, you have no idea!

Your daddy would put his dick in me when I would be nursing you and it would drive me crazy. Your dad isn't here and I really need him very badly. I felt like this was so natural that I hadn't even notice when I had unbuckled her, but I remember so well when I picked her off the seat and carried her on to the back of the van and put her back with her legs on my shoulders. Her pussy was now mine and I was going to fuck it as many times as I could. As I looked down at her pussy and where my dick was I could see her mound swell up and I could almost hear it say, fuck me baby!

Mommy yelp, "Oh my god, I haven't felt this way in years, baby fuck me slowly, I want to enjoy this as long as I can. When you nursed, I would wonder how you would feel about screwing me. Sweetie, how do you feel about screwing me? I want to know? Tell me baby.

Mom, it feels natural! I could screw you always. Oh baby, she replied. How about every day after school? "Even on your period" I asked. Especially on my period. I get really horny when I am on my period. I put my dick on her lips and she grabbed it and guided it into her pussy.

Oh yea she cried, fuck me baby, fuck me baby. I had my dick to the hilt and pumping her wildly, she would scream fuck me harder, baby. Fuck me harder. I kept pumping her and she kept screaming for more. She was hot, she kept wanting more! I could see her ass hole after I pulled out and she was still wanting more.

Well her ass hole was in full view and I didn't know if she had been butt fucked but I was going to find out. I grabbed my dick and put it on top of her butt hole, as I did, she raised her hips like she wanted it. So without hesitation I push the head of my dick into asshole, she moaned and push her ass into my crotch. I pushed hard and in it went.

She had a very tight ass hole. She screamed, baby, fuck me baby, fuck me. At first she was shaking as I pushed in and then out. I kept pumping her ass and she would keep screaming for more. She was a nymph. Well, I pulled out and turned her around and got her on her fours. She was like my toy! I grab her hair by her ears and pulled back and she kneeled, she did this without any questions. This was mind boggling, so put my hands on her tits and playing with them and she kept bouncing my dick.

She was going crazy, like she had lost her mind. I felt like I was about to erupt when she cried out don't pull out baby, I want you to fill me up with your cum. Well that settled that I found a home to cum in and did I. We laid side by side for a while in silence, until I finally broke the silence. Mom, you can fuck like that all the time. Yes baby, I can, you just have to suck on my tits and I am yours. I have never understood that nor will I ever try. This will be are secret, k?

Well, since dad don't tap you enough, guess I will have to, his loss.

Yes baby, it is his loss.