Girl is fucked by twboys and breast feeding

Girl is fucked by twboys and breast feeding
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In the darkness of his house caused by the low 3 a.m.

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light and his own secrecy, Cole sat alone in his basement making sure everything was perfect for his "date" later that day. Cole was a man of about 30, though he looked to be in his early 20's. He was about 6'2, had an average build, and was very handsome. He had been married once, although it was short lived as his wife had recently divorced him because of his abusive personality.

Cole checked his basement once more to make certain that everything was ready, as soon as he was satisfied he decided to get some sleep, after all he had a big day ahead of him. At 9 a.m. Cole awoke to the sound of his alarm beeping loudly, he stretched and shut off the alarm as he got of his bed and made his way towards the bathroom.

He turned on the faucet of his small, cozy shower and striped naked.

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He got into the shower and shivered as the cold water hit him, he reached down and turned the hot water up a little and let out a content sigh as he felt the warm water hitting his limp penis. Cole began to think about the day ahead of him and slowly his penis grew erect, it grew until it reached it's full 7 inches.

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He looked down at his cock and smiled, he grabbed his member and began to slowly jerk himself off. He was thinking of that hot bitch that always jogged past his house around 11 a.m., he had been fantasizing about her for months and now it was time to make his fantasies reality.

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He suddenly stopped pleasing himself and decided that he would save himself for later, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to dry himself off. He toweled himself off, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen. He looked at the clock above his seldom used stove, it read 10:30, he poured himself some coffee and walked carefully into the living room and sat on his time worn sofa.


Cole picked up his cheap watch from the table and fastened it to his left wrist, he then picked up the t.v. remote and pressed the power button. He surfed around for about 15 minutes and settled on the news, he watched for a good 5 minutes and turned of the t.v.

He got of the sofa and put on his new sneakers, he opened the front door and was greeted by the morning sun. He looked at his watch, he had ten minutes before she would arrive, "that's enough time" he thought to himself. He walked briskly down the driveway and hid behind his tree, he wasn't at all worried as he had been planing this for over a month.

He made sure he was well hidden, if she saw him crouching down it would spook her. Several minutes passed and his watch beeped, 11o'clocksure enough she was jogging steadily towards him. She was a beautiful woman, had about a c cup, and was wearing gray sweat pants and a blue sweatshirt.

He stepped out from behind the tree and grabbed her in a choke hold as she passed by, he covered her mouth with his hand and drug her back towards his house. He opened the door and she took advantage of her uncovered mouth and tried to scream, she had barley let out a sound before the door was open and he had her mouth covered again.

He forced her down into the basement and he shut and locked the door behind him, she managed to get an arm free and hit his cock. He raised his hand and slapped the bitch hard enough to knock her down the stairs and to the basement floor.


He was soon down the stairs and grabbed her by her beautiful red hair brought her to her feet, he drug her by her hair over to a bed with restraints. Cole threw the bitch on the bed and hit her again as she tried to fight, he soon had her arms and legs restrained and she was helpless before him.

He tore off her clothes and looked at her slim 19 year old frame, her breasts were perky and her cunt was shaved. He quickly stripped himself and was now naked before his prize, his cock was at full attention and he sat on her chest and forced his cock into her mouth.

He pushed until he heard her gagging and began to skull fuck the bitch, he soon came in her mouth and told her"swallow my cum you little bitch, or this is going to be very bad for you." He pulled his cock from her mouth and she spit his cum at him, he smiled and said" I see how you want it, now I'm going rape your ass even harder than i planned" as he spoke these words he shoved 2 fingers into her pussy and she began to cry.

"please let me go, I'm a virgin" she said. A smile came upon his lips and he withdrew his fingers and he aligned his body with hers and pressed his cock at her cunt opening.

" Well I didn't know you were a virgin, now I'm going to take advantage of that" he said as he began to force his cock into her. He was very forceful and the way she cried made him an animal.

He began to pound her virgin cunt, he twisted her nipples and slapped her ass a few times. She was crying harder than ever now, she begged him to stop but he wasn't listening to her. Soon he felt himself getting close so he began to fuck her very roughly, and then he shot his load in her.


She was broken, she had been deflowered by a rapist. He grabbed her hair and made her look at his cock in her, the sight made her cry ever more, he pulled out of her and got off the bed.

He kissed her and laughed, then he walked up the stairs and unlocked the door. He left the basement and went to his bedroom. He walked to his dresser and pulled out a short skirt and a tight top.

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He soon returned to the basement and dressed her in the ensemble, then he told her"don't look so sad we are having guests over soon, don't you want to look pretty?"