Gay orgy Wrapping a mitt around his semi stiff cock Caleb embarked

Gay orgy Wrapping a mitt around his semi stiff cock  Caleb embarked
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Elena is 30 never married, petite 5' 5" tall with a hot curvy body. She is a over night guest in my spare bedroom. Elena woke to the sharp slap on her ass. " Why are your legs closed, Elena?" My deep throaty question is caught in the spider's web of sleep. Like a fly stuck in the sticky strands, Elena shook her wings, trying to free her mind from the haze of sleep.

Her legs fell open, without thought. My voice brokered no hesitancy.


I rub her clit hard, she moans but my hand covers her mouth. " Do not wake my neighbors with your screams, Elena." Her lungs burned with the craving for oxygen. She battles her natural instincts to fight back.


She reminds her cloudy brainy that she trusted me. They had played this game once. She willed her body to relax, to submit. All resistance left her body as she slumped back against the embracing clouds of the bed. Then I'm on top of her. Filling her with my cock. Thrusting into her as if she were merely a vessel for my pleasure.

It seems to go on forever. Her body climaxing time and time again as she held it all inside. She fought the need to scream out each release as her fingers clutched at my shoulders like a drowning man holding onto a life preserver.

One orgasm flowed seamlessly into the next and the next for eternity. " On your knees," Elena whimpered as she feels my hard cock withdraw from her needy body, but as always she obeyed. I move behind her, suddenly she feels the full weight of me on her back. My arms wrapped around her waist and her mind cringed at what is about to happen, but her pussy aches to be filled again. Once more filling her with my thick cock. Her eyes grew wider and wilder with each thrust, her head thrown back as she once more raced head long over the edge towards another powerful orgasm.

" Mine," I breathed as I surged forward again, burying all of my hard cock deep inside of her. She is starting to revel in this debasement. That is, after all, why she stayed here for the night. She wanted to be used and debased. She wanted to be fucked like a piece of meat and that is exactly what I'm about to do.

Her pussy is so wet now that she feels her juices running down the inside of her thighs.

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My cock is sliding in her pussy lube back and forth across her cunt lips. Elena preyed that I would get bored soon. Then I slam hard into her pussy. She tried to cry out pass her gag.

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My cock is so huge. As soon as I feel my cock slide into her warm, wet pussy again, I thrust forward in one powerful motion and fill her aching cunt. Once I knew her depth I begin to jack hammer my cock into her at an unbelievable pace. Elena has never been fucked so hard in her life. She feels my cock slamming into her virgin cervix. Elena has never had a cock this large in her before.

It feels like my cock is pushing all the way into her stomach. Her pussy is stretched to the limit around my girth exposing her clit and leaving it bare to rub along the length of my hot cock.

Everything is wiped clean from her mind as she feels herself once again building to an incredible orgasm. Elena begins to push back into my thrusts trying to get more of me in her, and she begins to feel the knot swelling at its base. Somewhere in the back of her mind she is aware of what the knot meant.

Elena can't resist, however, the persistent feel of my huge cock or my knot like a metronome as it bounces against her clit.


Each thrust harder than the last. She feels like such a dirty whore. My speed and the power of my thrusts build as I relentlessly fuck her tortured pussy until she finally feels my knot force its way into her pussy. The feeling is incredible. It hurt worse than anything she has ever known, but at the same time she is overwhelmed by its size.

Her whole body convulsing like a large earthquake as she had the greatest orgasm of her life. Her pussy clamps down tight around my cock and with this my knot begins to swell to a size that she hadn't thought possible and then I suddenly begin to spew my cum deep into her pussy. Her orgasm continues for what seems like forever as she feels my hot cum jetting against her cervix. She has never felt so much cum before. It feels like a gallon. My cock is wedged so tight into her pussy, that it allowed none of it to escape.

I slowly begin to stop thrusting until I finally just stood there as I filled her. My new bitch, and that is what she is. My new bitch. She begins to sob uncontrollably at what she has done. I begin to tug at her as I tried to dismount.

The pull of my knot against the inside of her pussy feels like it is going to tear her apart. My cock still locked deep inside her cunt, I run my hands up and down along her sweaty body.

" Your body is amazing." My knot slowly deflates so my cock slides out of her. " That was just the beginning. Now I'll use your ass." What! My ass! She has never had anal sex before. She liked being fucked, not hurt. She hears me spit, and then feels my wet hand as it roughly rubs my saliva around her anus. Suddenly I jam what feels like my thumb into her asshole and crudely work it in and out. It feels strange as my thumb works itself around in her butt.

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My cock in her pussy had made the membrane that separated her pussy from her anus extra sensitive. It feels like a million nerves are responding to my crude exploration. Then she feels the head of my cock rubbing against her wet asshole. Elena cringes and her whole body tensed as she waited for my entry.

Then I begin to push into her. She tried to scream around her gag! She wanted it to stop! It hurt so bad! Then my cock head went in with a pop and I begin to push my length into her. The pain is almost unbearable.

The feel of me entering her pussy is nothing compared to this. It is overwhelming. Then I begin to work myself slowly in and out of her. With each push in she begins to suck in a breath of air in an effort to control the pain, and with each pull out she blew it back out with small relief. She is aware of everything now. The feel my cock moving in and out of her anus.

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My hairy legs rubbing against each of her own with each thrust. The feel of that thin membrane and all of those sensitive nerves sandwiched in between. The men that she was use to fucking had no idea how to give a woman a orgasm.

Despite the pain in her ass, she begins to get aroused again. Slowly her ass begins to loosen up as I continue to work my cock in and out of her.

I worked it in deeper with each thrust, and now that too begins to feel strangely good. A low moan escapes her as a hum around her gag as she begins to get into this fucking once again. She no longer cared that she had been fucked, or even that she is being ass fucked. All she cared about is that it feels good. I begin to pick up my pace and she feels her tits swaying back and forth.

The pressure from my cock in her ass, she feels herself building toward another orgasm. She begins to thrust back into my thrusts, and she hears me moan in ecstasy. My hands run up and down her back and along her sides.

It feels good to be utterly exposed, to have someone looking at her and appreciating the look of her body as much as I enjoyed the feel of it. I gripped her by her hips and begin to pull her into my thrusts, and she pushes harder.

Yes. Yes. Yes, she hears me saying as I slammed her ass harder and harder. I grab her by her hair and pull her head back as I slap her ass with my other hand. Yes she is a dirty whore. She knew it now with conviction, she liked it. Fuck me.

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Fuck me, she thought as I rammed my cock into her ass. Her body racked with wave after wave of convulsions as her orgasm slams through her. Her mind screaming, Yes! Yes! Yes! in unison with my chanting as she feels me cumming in her ass.

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I collapsed onto her back and she feels my chest heaving against her. Her breathing is ragged too. I slowly pull out of her and she exhales with the release of the pressure in her ass. She feels the bed move as I climbed off of her. With the loss of pressure in her ass, she feels my cum run down her legs to form a puddle below her on the bed.

I'm done with you tonight, but don't think that I'm finished with you. I'll see you again soon. She hears me walk away, she lay there for a few minutes as her heartbeat slowed down, and she tried to get control of her breathing.

When she is calmed down she feels every part of both her body and mind is exhausted.