Old rod rams young wet crack and mouth

Old rod rams young wet crack and mouth
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So my little girl needs to do some shopping? Guessing we should get ready then. Let's start with a warm shower. Soaping up that sweet little body of yours. mmmmmmmm Your soft warm little titties getting their nipples so hard, pinching.squeezing.holding them. Caressing every line of them. Dropping to my knees to wash your lil cunny. Damn, it's so cute.

Those little lips swelling, quivering, wanting attention. Dada gets so hard thinking about everything he wants to do to you. Turn around little girl, I need to wash that sweet ass of yours too.

Soaping those cheeks up, filling my hands with them. So sweet. Slipping a finger across that tight little butt. mmmmmmmm I feel it.so tight, I feel you backing to my finger. I let it slip just inside. So hot and wet and tight. I hear you moan and try to force it deeper. "Not yet, it's too early. We're saving orgasms for now. It's tease time." I sit back and tell you to wash me.

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Feel my cock so hard. Watch it grow harder as you touch me. Your hands are all over my cock, my balls, teasing my ass. "Sit on my cock little lady. Let's see just how wet your cunny is for me." Damn girl, did you forget to rinse the soap off? You are so wet. Turning you around so I can stick my cock deep in your from behind. I love watching my cock slip in and out of you. Feel my balls bouncing off that sweet ass.

Need to stop now or I'm gonna shoot all over. And I'm saving this load for you for later. You'll see. What to wear? See-thru panties, short-short shirt, silk tee, bobbie socks and heels.

That's it. We are off. First stop is for fuck-me shoes. "You like those? Good, let's try them on." Having a seat, the shoe girl slips between your legs and places a shoe on you.

At first she seems to be all business.


You know what I want you to do. Open your legs, a little more, more.there you are. See, she's now able to notice your invitation to look. She's peeking through her hair as she adjusts your shoes. She's flushed. I look at you, and so are you.

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She's cute. Tell her. Tell her you like the way her hands feel on your feet. Now she's looking right into your eyes. Now you need to inform her as to why these shoes are called fuck-me pumps.

Tell her to take one off, and slip the long slender heel into your wet pussy. She's not sure, so you do it for her. Take her hand and guide it so that your pussy gets wetter, slipping that long shaft in and out of your cunny.

Now don't cum, or dada will be very upset.

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This is to tease your juices even more. For now. I lean down to our shoe girl and ask if she wants to make this sale.Oh yes, she replies. Well then, we need these heels nice and clean before we can leave, so lick them off. You just sit and watch as she slowly licks your sweet sticky juices from the shaft. You can see she wants to suck, lick and fuck you right here. But maybe someother time. We are shopping today. Off to find some new undies. "Pick out lots, and I'll watch each and every change." My cock is so hard wrapped tight in my jeans.

Waiting for release. Off to the dressing room. Our sales lady doesn't seem to care that we are here, but you need to make her.

I hear you ask if you can try all these wonderful things on, the only reply is, "Yeah, whatever." You need to try harder. Make me proud little one. You slip in the dressing room, and quickly return, beautiful matching bra and thong. I love it.

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Do you? How about the sales girl? You slip up along side of her and ask her opinion. She seems mad.a detailed discussion breaks out. I'm wondering why. She comes over to me with you and states that we have to buy this outfit. The store rules are, no panties are tried on without another pair under.


I inform her that she should make sure that you obey the rules and suggest she joins you in changing. So, you did do as I wanted.you got her attention. You are such a good girl. It's time to show my litle girl how much I appreciate her. I open the door, and there's the two of you.naked, looking at what to put on next. But when you see me, you know that it's finally time for fun.

Time for pleasure. You grab her and sit her down. Dropping to your knees, your tongue finds her wet pussy so quickly. Her hands force you deeper between her legs. I can hear you lapping up all of her juices.

Your muffeled slurppy sounds are so sexy.

I need relief. My cock is so hard. You naked. Her naked. Your mouth on her. Her hands, full of your hair, pushing your tongue deeper into her.

Her moans. And your sweet little ass pointing my way. Dropping my jeans and stroking my cock.trying to get it harder. wanting to split your little box in two. I rub my cock over your wet opening. And without warning. I bury it to my balls into you.

Looking down, my cock is so wet.

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it's covered with your pussy juices as I stroke in and out. I grab it. It slips so easily through my fingers, then back deeper into your pussy. I feel you fingers playing with your clit. They are teasing my balls at the same time. My cock's swelling even more. "You need to suck her good. Make her cum. NOW!!!!" I tell you. You slip three fingers deep in her pussy, stroking, stroking. then the strokes become fucks. Your fingers fucking her so fast.

So hard. So deep. Your tongue, hard against her clit. she wails out, "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" Her juices flood your mouth as you suck her dry. I can't wait much longer. My cock is so hard, so blood-engorged. Turn around and kneel down. Now suck dada's cock and finger your pussy til you cum too.

That's a good girl, fuck your pussy with those fingers with her sticky juices all over them. She tastes so good I bet.

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But never as sweet as my favorite little girl. You're ready to explode? Me too. CUM FOR ME! I pull my cock free of your mouth and stroke it til my cum juices are squirting all over. They hit your face, your lips, you hair, I shoot cum over your shoulder and they hit our sales girl, the last drops fall on your tits.

We are all spent. "Take all you want. They are on the house." the sales girl says. So you slip into the thong that started it all, and we all finish dressing.

DO NOT WIPE MY CUM OFF OF YOU. I want you to walk out of this store, all the way to the car, and into the house with my cum spray all over you. I want everyone to know exactly what we just did. I want you to show everyone just how much you love my cum. And how you are willing to do anything and everything for me.as I will for you. See anything else you want? Maybe our sales girl wants to play more??????

I'm letting my little girl decide that one. You want dada all to yourself, or do you think a playtoy for the both of us is in order? Your pick babygirl.

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Make dada proud.