Bigtit tranny anally fucks her lover

Bigtit tranny anally fucks her lover
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Mummy's true passion- part seven Half an hour later mum and I arrived in our cozy hotel room. Mum had held my hand on the long way though the hotel and I had enjoyed having my sexy mother by my side. We were exhausted like hell after that day we had left behind us. So I didn't wonder that mum let herself fall on the bed as soon as the door had fallen in its lock.

I watched mum laying there in the big and soft bad in her brand new dress which already had this phenomenal mark on its front side. I let my thoughts moving around for a couple of moments.

I let them fly like eagles in the dimmed light of this hotel room and let them go back to the situation only hours ago when all this had started in this dirty and filthy dinner somewhere between New York and New England's Roads. The eagles caught nasty thoughts on what had happened with their claws like they would catch a escaping rabbit on the field for dinner and brought them to my inner cinema.

I pictured the scenes and like the cutter of a huge motion picture I turned the view and tried to get the best possible one. I hang behind my feelings and let the short but certain doubts I had had about all this passage review in my mind and turned them again.

I didn't feel my hands getting in my pockets and I didn't feel my nails forcing though the soft cotton into my red and bloody flesh.


I was intoxicated by the rare clearness of my thoughts and compared them in my trancelike circumstance with the strong feelings I had for mummy and for sure with the animal like passion I had for all the stuff she loved as much as I did.

Feelings blew up from my chest like bubbles in the warm summer and got into my mind. I swear I could feel my synapses dashing out the flashes of information and hitting those centers of the necessary elements. I felt blinded by the flashlight of knowledge and once again knew I wasn't doing wrong. "Honey, what are you thinking about?" mummy asked as she lifted her head from the blanket.

"Nothing mum" I answered as I felt my body getting part of the world again and felt my nails in my flesh. "So, darling I'm so tired. Won't you help mummy getting off this dress?" She didn't need to ask me twice.


How could I say ever "no" to this breathtaking beautiful women there on the bed who was my mother who had given my life? I got over to the bed and helped mum striping out of the tight shiny material. I pulled it over her shoulders as she just lay there and watched my with this certain irresistible look. I loved mum's green eyes and I loved the way she used her eyes to give me the feeling she loved me with all her heart.

The dress slipped over her breasts and exposed them to me. Mum giggled in a sexy way. So I kissed each of her nipples once with a short touch of my lips and tongue. Mum still tasted like silk and honey. I stripped the soft cotton deeper mum's tight body. I passed the navel and kissed it, too. Then I reached the point where you can smell a woman's pussy. And finally the shiny dress sank over mum's nice mons. I saw her slit being exposed the lower I pulled the black dress.

Finally I found her vagina in front of me. She giggled again. I think she was a little drunk by that time.

I didn't hesitate and gave mum's vagina a long kiss. It was not really wet but mum liked me visiting her pussy hole obviously, I heard her moaning. I stripped the black in my hands deeper till I reached mum's perfect feet.

I smelled my own cum between her toes and saw little marks of it on her shoes. "Won't you honor mummy's feet?" she asked with another sexy grin. I didn't think one moment of not doing what I had been begged for. I stack my tongue out and lowered to mum's foot.

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I felt her French nails touching my tongue tip. And I tasted the salty cum my mum had milked out of me a couple of minutes ago. I licked it and enjoyed being used by um that way. I licked all the little spaces between the toes and slid my tongue muscle up mum's foot. "You dirty boy came on mummy's new shoes. Now clean them all up and don't think of stopping till mummy is all satisfied" mum used her a little herder voice I knew from my childhood. But I had never realized it could sound that sexy.

So I slid down the side of mum's high heels and managed to lick every inch of those sexy shoes of her. Finally I reached mummy's heel and this of the shoetoo. "Clean it all my little sex slave son" mum remembered me on what I had to do. My mouth moved down her long heel and kissed it every few centimeters.

I completed my honor work ship with a couple of little licks. Soon the end of the heel was reached and I heard mum moaning. I licked the shoe sole and managed to get in a position where I could get the whole heel in my mouth and sucked on it.

"Enough, baby" mum said "now take care of mummy's feet". I undid the pumps but managed my tongue never to lose the contact to mum's skin. Mum moved her toes and grind at me. I stack them in my mouth and sucked the rest of my cum off each of them. While I was servicing mum's feet she herself had started fingering herself. She obviously really was a woman who got turned on being a mistress.

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How I loved her! After what seemed like quarter an hour of licking mum's feet clean from all sides and in all varies one can think of she decided that I had done a good job and gracefully allowed me to lick her into a final orgasm for that day. "Baby, stick your tongue deep in mummy's pussy and make me cum again today&hellip.yeah my good boy that's what mummy likes" Finally she robbed up the bed and smiled at my with the most satisfied face I ever saw on her.

"Let's sleep baby" she said and her voice sounded the usual way again. I undressed and joined her in the bed.

We crawled under the soft blanket and got close to each other. My boner touched her stomach. It had grown again from the feet session I had been giving mum. "Oh, honey you are edacious" mum said." "Guess where I might have got this from"I gave back.

"Now I'm really tired. So what would you think if we just put this hard cock of yours in my pussy so you can fuck mummy over the night whenever you feel like you should fuck her?" mum said as she almost whispered ad kissed my lips gently. "I would love to do that mum" I replied. So mum didn't use any further word and reached down the blanket.

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Her soft French nailed hand wrapped around my hard cock and I felt her leading it to her front entrance. My top stroke over her bare hairs and touched her pussy lips.

Then mum pushed herself forward and came even closer to me. I felt my shaft passing her vagina and her still swollen clitoris. Then she stopped the movement and I was as deep inside my mum's pussy as I could be. "Now, do you feel prepared for the night?" mum asked and moved her hips a little to erect me even more.

"I think so mummy" I replied and pushed my cock a little deeper into her. Then I started kissing her. My lips hit hers and my tongue broke though them. That way kissing and with smooth little moves forward and backward somehow we managed to fall asleep.

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Deep in the night after hours of sleeping and fucking mum while doing that and cumming inside her a lot I was ripped out of my sleep. Mum used her inner muscles and shook me, too to get me into awareness. I opened my eyes as if fog was ripped though by the first kiss of the rising sun on a day in spring.

First I didn't know where I was and I needed a few seconds till I had orientated. I kisses mum whose beautiful face was the first thing I saw sharp in front of me before my brain had rebooted fully.

I felt my cock still in her pussy and her pussy being wrapped tight around it. "What's the matter, mum? Why do you wake me up?" I asked and was a little surprised how clear the words came out. "Baby it's just that I need to take another shit so badly and I don't want to get up and I thought you might be interested in helping your mummy" she said and gave me a nice shy little girly look. I know I shouldn't have been surprised but I was and at the same time I wanted to kiss mum because she simply was the hottest woman I could imagine.

My eyes must have lighted as I thought of that situation because mum said I obviously liked her idea.


So I nodded and mum turned herself to the other side. I took away the blanket and mum switched on the glossy light on her side. Then I crawled down to her ass. "You better help me a little" mum said. I lowered a little more to her ass and finally reached mummy's brownish butthole. I smelled the loads of my cum streaming from her pussy and saw them glittering in the semi bright light on the inside of mum's legs. I licked over my lips first. Then I stack my tongue out and lowered it to mum's asshole.

As I felt the contact I immediately could taste the same I had tasted a few hours earlier when I had emptied that bowl. I remembered the sexy taste of mummy's ass crap and got in the right mood for eating it.

I circled around her asshole and made it all wet with my saliva and cleaned it at the same time. "Baby, yeah you're doing this so great. Make mummy shit" I heard mum saying. I slid my tongue tip into her ass as I had reached the center. The taste immediately became more intensive. As I forced my tongue deeper into mum's backdoor I could feel the top of the load which she hold there in her intestinal for me. She pressed a little and I felt the whole load being forced against me.

I had the feeling that I could control mums pressing moves with the movement of my tongue. Inside her I circled the piece of brown joy with my tongue tip and got used to the certain taste. The dark odor filled my nose.

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And as I allowed the brown soft snake to escape its lightless prison I heard mum moaning. I was fascinated how this brown tail grew from mummy's asshole and got longer and longer. But this time I couldn't watch it all the time because we didn't have this bowl or anything.

So I held my mouth upon mum's asshole and used my tongue to lead the sausage where it belonged. "You are such a good son slave helping your mummy with her shit" mum moaned. I couldn't answer her as the snake grew in my mouth and I felt it touching my throat. I wrapped my lips around it and enjoyed the fine and certain taste floating though my mouth and nose. As she had pressed out another quarter inch I knew I necessarily had to bite though it. I forced my teeth though the soft material and enjoyed and tried to catch and memorize every new and special note of taste the bit offered to my tongue.

"You enjoy eating mummy's shit right from mummy's little asshole, don't you?" mummy kept talking to me. I knew it was time to swallow the piece I just had in my mouth and concentrate on the next one. So I chewed it and swallowed it down. Then I took the next piece of mummy's nice shit tail and did the same routine. I made six parts off the mainstream till it was all inside me and outside mum.

Then the smaller parts followed and I ate them all like a hungry dog before they fell out of mum. Finally the shitting process was over. "Will you lick your mummy clean, baby?" mum said. And she didn't need to beg me twice. I again managed to get my covered tongue onto mummy's asshole and licked everything I could find up and swallowed it.

Then I forced it into mum's anus and cleaned her inside. I did this till I was satisfied and smelled mum's bitter sweet pussy juice and knew I had made her cum again while licking her asshole clean from the warm tasty shit I just had eaten from it.

As we both were done mum turned around and asked me if I wanted to shoot another load into her ass as long as it was wide so I didn't hesitate and put my cock which I wondered where it took the energy for all this fucking and cumming from into mum's ass. Then I really had a final mind blowing shoot into mummy's tight ass. "You liked eating mummy's shit and shooting your load in mummy's asshole again, baby, didn't you" mum whispered as she turned back and switched off the light.

But I think I didn't hear any of the sexy things she might have said after that because I had fallen into a deep sleep immediately. End of part seven. Please let me know how you liked it.