Busty lady gets pussy licked and fucked hard in the taxi

Busty lady gets pussy licked and fucked hard in the taxi
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Finding Her Heart in Portland I sat there on my barstool, twiddling the straw in my drink, a fantastic blend of rum and fruit juices, wondering if I'd find anyone who caught my interest tonight. The hotel concierge had recommended this club, a secluded venue named Jolt, tucked into an out of the way Portland neighborhood.

I loved my new dress, a form fitting bit in a deep and dark purple that clung to ever single curve I have.

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My blond hair tumbled down over my shoulders, straight flows that ended at my ample, braless breasts. I kept my make-up simple, purple eyeliner to make my grey-green eyes stand out.

My stiletto heels, in a striking silver, brought my 5'2 form up to normal people height. I sipped at my drink watching the buff, though likely gay, bartender mix and shake drinks quickly and efficiently.

The music was incredibly soothing, and arousing, changing from slow, sensual rhythms to fast, frantic pieces to keep the many dancers changing pace. I turned a bit on my stool to watch the people press their bodies against one another, and move to the music.


And that is when she walked in. I didn't know it yet, but her name is Leona.


She was with a small group of women, I assumed her friends, as they entered the floor. She strode confidently on her gold heels, in a slinky green dress, high on the thigh that dipped low between her breasts, with a gold belt for adornment. Her dark brown curls sat beautifully upon her shoulders, accenting her lovely face. Her skin was a bit more kissed by the sun than my own, which made her all the more appealing to me.

It seemed she was herding the group along, perhaps as their mother hen, so to speak. They all immediately came to the bar where two of them instantly fell into a fit of giggles as they spit out drink orders.

Leona ordered a vodka tonic and sat down two stools from me, seemingly not noticing my gaze on her. I sipped at my drink as I swiveled back toward the bar, still watching her, waiting for her dark brown eyes to meet mine. When she was handed her drink, she finally noticed my gaze, meeting it with a smile. A hint of concern in her voice, a slight accent that seemed to match that of the natives, "What brings you here all alone?" I considered lying for a moment, but decided against it.

In my own southern drawl, "The concierge recommended this club to me. I'm only in town for the weekend, and I wanted to have some fun." She turned away as she heard her friends squealing at a faster paced song change, as they all fled to the dance floor. I was right; she was definitely the mother hen, the protector of the group.

Turning back to me, a hand now directing my attention to her girlfriends on the floor, "As you can see, I was invited out for some fun too. What brings you to Portland then?" She sipped at her drink, me relishing the feel of her eyes on it as I responded, "Work, as usual.

Let's me travel a decent bit. Why aren't you out there dancing with your friends?" She smiled, chuckling a bit, one of her hands brushing some hair a bit behind her ear, "They aren't quite drunk enough to need my undivided attention, and since you're here alone, I figured you could use the company." I could already feel the beginnings of moistness start between my thighs.

As I watched her drink again, I noticed a faded tan line from where a ring had been, but was no longer. I moved over a bar stool, putting myself directly next to her, "I do appreciate that.

It can often be hard for me to find good people in places like this." I sipped once more, now hearing the rattle of an empty glass. I looked over at the bartender, and asked him for one more for me, as well as another for Leona. I stuck out my hand, "I am Dawn." Much to my surprise, she blushed slightly and took my hand in her own, "And I am Leona.

Thank you for the drink, I'm never the first one in the group to get a free drink." I wondered if that was why she blushed, perhaps her friends were always the ones getting the attention. I broadened my smile, tucking my hair behind my ear just as she had done earlier.

"That's a shame, a woman as beautiful as you should always be the center of attention." And just as I'd hoped, she turned a deep crimson, her eyes flicking from me to her drink, until I solidified my gaze, locking hers to mine. I held it, watching as her gaze shifted a bit from surprised and curious to submissive and nervous. I finally broke the gaze, took a long sip from my own and I stood up, extending my hand.

A little command in my voice, though not too much, "Come dance with me." She meekly nodded, and we grabbed our drinks and made our way to the floor, me tugging her along. The music had shifted back to slower, more sensual music.


Pulling her in front of me, I directed her around so that her back was to me. Thankfully we were about the same height, and I even made sure she could see her group of friends in the distance, to feel secure.

I stepped forward, pressing my hips against her ass, letting my hand alight on her firm tummy, just above her hip. We moved slow, swaying to the music, me leading her just a bit, but she kept up well. We sipped at our drinks, as we continued to dance, my body pressing ever closer against hers. My nipples were rock hard at this point and my silver thong soaked. A buff Hispanic man saw us and danced his way up in front of her.

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I could feel her pushing back against me, as if to try and escape him just a bit more, so I shot him a fierce glare. He raised an eyebrow, said something in Spanish that I didn't understand, and left.

I learned forward, my nipples digging into her back, my breasts squishing, my breath hot on her neck and I whispered, "No worries.

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You're all mine tonight." As soon as those words left my lips, I felt her body shudder. We danced like this for a while, when the music shifted back to fast and frenzied. Pressing my hand against her tummy, I guided her to turn around and face me. We started with a bit more space between us, as we gyrated and undulated as much as our heels would allow.

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Our drinks were empty now and we simply handed them off to unsuspecting patrons, freeing up our hands. I stepped forward, closing the gap, staggering my legs to hers, pressing my breasts to hers, snaking one arm around her neck, the other around her waist, resting just above her ass.

As we danced, I ground my crotch against her thigh, and pressed my own against hers, feeling her dampness. As the song changed, I grabbed a bit of her hair, and gently brought her face up to meet mine. Holding her gaze for a moment, I then pressed my lips firmly against hers.

I felt that she was a little taken aback for a moment, then relent, her lips matching my own. I teased her lips with the tip of my tongue, and she opened her mouth to allow access.

But I never gave it to her, pulling her head back just a moment, as I kissed at her exposed neck, eliciting a moan from her. As I nibbled and kissed, I looked up and saw her friends staring at us and whispering fiercely. They stared back for a moment as their conversation dwindled, now watching as my hand cupped Leona's ass, gripped and lifted it, winking at them as they watched.

There were a few dropped jaws among them, and a scoff or two, and they all turned away, abandoning their friend. She was all mine now. I pulled back a bit now watching her face, once again crimson. My hand that had originally held her hair now moved down her shoulder and grabbed her hand. I moved back a bit, and guided it between my thighs, outside of my thong. I then started rubbing her hand up and down my lips, and then took my own away, pleased that she continued the motion.

I kept my iron gaze on her eyes the whole time, and knew she was completely in my control now. My other hand moved from her ass, around her thigh, and snaked its way upwards, where I cupped her pussy firmly. Her mouth formed a little o, and she looked a little surprised, but never even stopped her own ministrations of my own.

I matched her for a while, rubbing her covered lips, and wanted to see if she'd follow my lead. My palm slid up her mound finding the band of her own thong, and much to my own pleasure, she followed suit. Slipping beneath the cloth, my fingers slipped down to her soaked pussy, and I immediately dipped my middle and forefinger into her dripping hole. When she hesitated, my gaze grew a little sterner, and she slowly followed suit.

I began pumping my fingers in and out of her hole, her own following suit. We had a few onlookers, but I didn't care, nor did I give her a chance to notice.

I added in little rotations of my palm against her clit, and began feeling her body shudder. I moved faster and deeper, her struggling to keep up, until an orgasm rocked her body violently. She gasped loudly and pressed forward against me as she groaned in my ear.

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"Don't you dare stop with me." And she didn't. I kept going, loving the extra squeezing her pussy was doing right now, as she fervently worked my pussy. I could feel it building up, my free hand moving to her cheek, and guiding her lips back to mine.

Our hips were grinding with one another's fingers, when I felt it explode within me, the power of it felt in our kissing. When our lips parted, I pulled my fingers from her thong, and guided them to her mouth, and she obediently took them in and sucked them clean.

She brought her own to my lips, and I eagerly took them in and sucked my own sweetness from them. When this was finished, I whispered in her ear once more, "We're getting out of here," making sure it was a command and not a question.

She nodded submissively again, as I pulled her to the bar, ordered us two more drinks, had them call a tab, and waited for our ride to my hotel room.