Sunny leone got duck lat 18

Sunny leone got duck lat 18
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This is a story involving children but no adults, If you are not interested turn away, and of course this is all fictional. "That was fun!" said Amy as she and her sister Nicole had walked out of the pool and back upstairs from their basement. Amy was a beautiful 12 year old girl, she had long blond hair and a short, slightly developed body. Her breasts were nothing more then soft rounding buds. Nicole was a 7 year old girl, she had shorter hair then her sister and was just as cute.

They had both gone for a swim because their parents had just installed an indoor pool. For a couple months now Amy had been having strange feelings about boys, sometimes when she saw a cute boy she would feel a little tingle, down there.

She learned in class that it was just her growing up and it was normal for girls to feel like that about boys, she did not however, understand why she felt like that around girls sometimes. Today when her and Nicole were going swimming just seeing her sister in a tight two piece swimsuit gave her that feeling again.

"I'm going to the store Amy why don't you and Nicole get dressed and go play for a bit" said their mom. "okay mom" said Amy. Amy went to her room to change, she put on some pajamas since it was 7pm already.

After putting on her pajamas Amy had to go to the bathroom, so she walked down the hall and opened the the door and much to her surprise her sister Nicole was getting out of the bathtub, completely nude. For a moment Amy just stared at her naked body dripping wet with soap and water, feeling and intense tingle in her cuca, as her siHster always called it. "Geez you should knock next time Amy"Nicole saide as She scurried to grab a towel.

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"uhh sorry, why are you taking a bath anyways sis?" asked Amy asked still taking in what she had just felt. "I dont like how the pool water feels, I'm going to go get dressed in our room, knock if your going to come in this time" said Nicole. After Nicole left Amy sat down to pee, after peeing she started to think about her sister again, her mind filling with images of beautiful Nicole completely naked, her tits hard and her cuca dripping water.

Suddenly Amy felt that same feeling again and moved her hand to her own cuca, feeling moister she began to rub without thinking.


Amy's pink cuca was getting very wet, she stuck 2 finger inside herself as she slid them in and out of her cuca "uuuhhh" she moaned a bit not knowing what she was doing but feeling great pleasure from it.

"Knock knock" said Amy's mom "are you alright in there sweety?

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I got you and nicole a movie to watch. Broken from her trance she quickly said "yes mom everything's fine", standing up and flushing the toilet she headed downstairs to their play room in the basement to watch a movie with Nicole. During the movie Amy couldn't stop thinking about her sister. Nicole had put on just a pajama skirt and not being a lady you could see right up it as she relaxed and watched the movie.

Amy kept glancing at her sister looking up her skirt at her pink panties, through the panties you could see the bump of her cuca's lips. After the movie Amy and Nicole had to get to bed, they shared a bunk bed.

Amy, being the oldest got the top bunk after going to their bedroom Nicole had fallen asleep quite quickly, but Amy however, could not stop thinking about her sister. Finally Amy couldn't take it anymore she got down from her bunk bed and went to her sisters bunk, there, without waking Nicole she took the blanket off her sleeping body and pulled up her skirt.

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Looking at Nicole's panties got Amy wet again, soon Amy had taken her own cloths off except her white panties. She decided to get into the bed with her sister, who is still sleeping.


Amy decided to take Nicole's skirt off. After staring at her sister for a while Amy touched her sister cuca though her panties rubed her sister cuca. Amy felt her sisters nipples and was soon groping her sisters flat breasts while rubing her own soaking wet cuca.

"mmm. Wha-what are you doing Amy??" Nicole yelped as she awoke. "shhh sorry but this really feels good for me" said Amy. " no stop!" said Nicole squirming away from her sister. " shut up" Amy said getting ontop of her sister and pulling her hair she told Nicole "if u don't stop making noise I'm gunna rip your hair out". A fearful Nicole became quite and whispered for her sister to stop. "please Amy stop it".


Amy just ignored her and continued to finger herself. Amy pulled her sisters panties down and made her flip over. Amy started to rub her sisters ass "please please stop Amy I dont like how this feels" Nicole said sobbing tears by now. Nicole put 2 fingers in her cuca and then with her soaking wet fingers slid them into her sisters ass.

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Then rolled her sister over and kissed her passionately. Amy continued to finger herself and rub her sisters naked body. Amy grabbed Nicole's hair once more and told her to lick her cuca, Nicole did as she was told.

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Amy feeling her sisters tounge was enough to put her over the edge, "mmmmmmm. Uuuhhh" moaned Amy as she came all over her sisters face. Nicole sobbing grew louder as her face became a mess of tears and cum. Amy got off Nicole and put her white messy panties back on and said "thanks for being a good sister, you better not tell mom" then she climbed back up to her bunk and fell to sleep.

Thanks for reading my first story, constructive criticism please.

A sequel will be written.