Strapsmaus wollte es unbedingt in den Arsch

Strapsmaus wollte es unbedingt in den Arsch
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Chapter 2 If anybody ever told you that running a Ludus was easy well tell them "Fuck you from me.Ten days since i'd arrived in this universe and I think I may be on the verge of collapse.With all the things to take care of, Repairs, Payments, Stocking, and guests, Somembody could have a breakdown.Even with Melitta following me around like a loving and beautiful shadow and helping me out, I think I would have died from exhaustion if I didn't take a break.

Melitta and I kept our relationship secret, sharing passionate kisses and caresses in the safety of my bedroom.We hadn't had sex yet and it seemed to frustrate her to no end that I would not go beyond the kisses.The truth is I didn't want to Fuck her like a common whore, but marry her and make love to her.She put that stupid thought to an end immediately.

"We cannot marry, Lars." My heart almost broke right there and then."Why not? Do you not love me? Is there another?"I asked.She gave a frustrated sigh at this and kissed me quick and deep before breaking the kiss and explaining.

"As a dignitary in Rome, you must marry or have an official child birthed from the daughter of a roman dignitary or a rich and influential woman in society.It is frowned upon to marry a slave of unknown parentage and social significance. You can have as many children outside marriage as you want with slaves or prostitutes but not marry them.Should you take and sleep with the daughter of a lady or man of high standing and she becomes pregnant with your child and is not your wife then she becomes your mistress.She stays in your Ludus just like your wife would, bearing your children and living with you till your or her own death.Though she is not your wife, she still has high standing as you are very wealthy.You may keep me,any other slave girl or prostitutes bought from a brothel as official mistresses so as to legitimise any children born from our union but i can never be your wife." I didn't like it but I had no choice.So many rules on marriage I wonder if they had the Book of Leviticus hidden somewhere.I kissed her gently."To me,you will be my first true love."I told her,holding her close as I stroked her long dark hair as she lay on my chest.She sighed happily but it wasn't long before I felt gentle hand holding my cock through my toga.She looked up at me and whispered huskily."Then I expect to receive this in my body soon.To give you a child born of our love.Only as other see my womb carry your child will they know of my claim to you.As soon as you are married and your night with your wife done, my chambers is where you will be."I nodded as we stayed together in happy silence.

####################################### Soon word had reached Rome that Legatus Claudius glaber had gone off on a campaign against the Gaetae.The prick was obviously going to get the Thracians involved as well as Spartacus himself.It seemed the beginning had come.I now had to move and move quickly.I turned to Melitta who had been quietly straightening our bed.

"Melitta, do I have a Ludus in Capua?" She blinked a little in curiosity before answering. "Yes, Lars. One of the biggest in fact.It even commands a good view of the local colluseum." I smiled happily at this information.Double whammy.

"Then tell all servants and guards to get packed and close down the Ludus.Leave only ten slaves and 50 guards to see that everything is stored in the Ludus before they follow behind us and leave them the best provisions till they do.We are going on a little trip." #################################### We arrived 3 months later in Capua,Italy.Most of the citizens and wealthy citizens and dignitaries stopped their actions just to see us make port.They were amazed at the three giant military ships that carried My slaves, guards, Provisions, me and Melitta plus about 4 million gold pieces kept in Golden chests, though seemingly pocket change to me.I had the Three ships The Augustus, The Apollo and The Melitta.

(She had blushed heavily as I named the ship in her honour as well as blushing even more as I took her hand in mine and walked down the ramp with her,treating her like a great queen and showing off her beauty in the expensive in the wine red dress I had bought her.) A tailor had made new clothing from the best materials at a high cost for all my slaves.I had then ordered new and protective armour made for my guards as well as new swords, spears and shields for them.

They showed great skill asthey made a guard of honour for me and Melitta as well as drawing their swords as one when it was time to protect the gold being taken to the Ludus.Not that anybody tried to steal it.They valued their lives too much. within no time the Ludus had been put to rights in terms of cleanliness,provisions and security. New high breed horses had been stabled and everyone given lodgings.

Melitta had set our room in order and I had left her sleeping peacefully in our bed under the silk blankets as I went out with a guard of 5 for a tour of Capua.First thing i did was buy the small estate that was just next to my Ludus and send a slave with a bag of Gold to get Masons to extend my ludus's walls to surround it as well as repair it with finer materials than before.He was to also add some specifications that i wanted.I left twenty slaves beginning cleaning it up from inside and out as i next went to the slave markets.

Capua was as busy as always though many stopped to stare at me and my guards as they whispered rumours of my wealth and influence in Rome. "I hear that he dines with the emperor every night and." "It is said he has his own personal Army.". "Even the emperor asks loans of him and he never even bother asking for repayment." I found this a little disconcerting.In my own universe I didn't like being centre of attention.Here I was the main topic on everyone's tongue.

We arrived at the market and what a surprise I got seeing old Quintus Batiatus looking to buy some slaves. His wife and Oenomaus were beside him and stopped their bargaining as they watched me walk over to the Female slaves.I wasn't getting any male slaves.Haredened and angry at captivity and slavery, they would be a headache than a help.I walked over to the women and looked at them.Their breasts and cunts were open for all to see as they were naked.Looking up and down the line, I say that they were about 300 and what I wanted.With a good bath and some makeup they would look beautiful, lovely and unsuspected.Just what I needed.

"How much for all of them?"I asked the trader loudly and with a mask of arrogance,eliciting a gasp from the crowd of buyers and incredulous looks from Batiatus and Lucrecia.Hades!

Even the slave women themselves looked shocked.The trader did a quick calculation."5,000 gold pieces." I didn't blink.I thrust a bag heavy with gold coins at his shaking hands and told one of my guards to lead them to the Ludus.Among them I saw another familiar face from the series.Kore, slave to the crassus family.What was she doing here? It was said she served that family since Tiberius's birth.I shrugged.Just another difference of this universe.I turned to the trader.

"Any female fighters among them?" He stared a little incredulously at me before pointing to a brunette slave among the ones I had purchased.He said she was from some sort of Amazon tribe from the conquered Isles and well known fighter and Assassin from her land.I smiled.Jackpot!!!! I left the market and gave a Respectable nod towards Batiatus and Lucrecia.( I would have rather stabbed him in the heart at that moment). He returned it with a nod of his own and a Lucrecia gave a small lust filled smile.

(I would have loved to have the bitch suck my cock, Gargle my cum like a whore before I fucked her good and proper, sending her home to her bastard husband with a cunt full of my seed and her womb knocked up to rub it in his face.) I then walked to the most popular brothel and bought every whore I saw.I almost laughed at the managers face when I paid him more money than he could make off of them in years in his hands as I took them all away.At their head,another familiar face.Long wavy black hair and nice tanned skin tone with firms breasts and a shapely ass and soft red lips.The Egyptian beauty, Canthara.My cock stirred just looking at her.

Seemed julius ceasar won't be getting his hands on her this time. My plan for all these women was simple. Give them a nice hot bath,buy them beautiful revealing clothing, bring in beauticians for each girl and get them all dolled up. Sexy and irresistible.The building I had bought will be their home and a high class brothel where they would act as Information gatherers from wealthy clients, spies as well as Assassins which I hoped the Amazon girl would train them in using poisons swords and daggers.Why use women you may ask?

Because men rarely suspect women of anything. Ain't it true? ############################### I sat at my desk after supper and read through some scrolls.Melitta was in our bed asleep and it was too early to turn in anyway.

"Dominus.You have a visitor." I looked up at the scroll and motioned for the slave to go as I sat back and looked down at my crotch.On her knees with my 7 inch cock in her mouth was Canthara,the Egyptian beauty's dark haired head was bobbing up and down my cock and leaving it only a minute to nurse on my heavy seed filled nuts before getting back to her sucking.

"Shit! You are a well trained slut,aren't you? Take my seed you Egyptian whore!" My thick seed raced out of my nuts shooting into her belly as her lips held fast to my cock.I pulled out of her throat and pointed at her open mouth,filling it up with cum that she swallowed before I pasted her lips face and hair with thick jizz. "Hope you enjoyed your meal slut.Get cleaned up.I ll need more of your service before the night is long over." I left her lapping the cum from her hand as she collected it from her face.Licking her lips, a devious smile formed on her face."With all this wealth and power, you best hope I don't tempt you with my fertile cunt, dear dominus.I may end up a mistress of the house of Alexander yet with your child in my womb."she whispered lustily as she continued lapping his jizz.

##################################### Looking at the visitor i inwardly chuckled. Seppia, sister to Seppius. Another spoiled roman brat. And a slut to boot.Seems I had a reputation to uphold.Ilithya must have been gossiping. She turned to me and I saw she was wearing only a heavy fur coat. No doubt she had nothing on underneath. Her mass of midnight curls spread and fell all over her shoulders. She was a beauty alright. Privately I had agreed to take Ilithya as a wife in public.Get society off my back on my marriage less state and provide an heir for the house I could mold should I be killed off before I could save Spartacus and rid Rome of Batiatus and his ilk.

(I wasn't stupid enough to think everything would go to plan.) I could change Ilithya's personality slowly under my house and if I could do that to one evil bitch, why not the rest of them.Seppia here would be a good start. But to get her to stay here permanently would need some breeding on my part.

I hoped she liked babies. She was about to get a womb full of them. "Lars Alexander, an honour to meet you. My brother sends a gift in hopes of some assistance in the acquiring of some merchant ships." She let the fur coat fall to the ground as her naked for showed. Young and firm tits with jutting nipples, soft red lips, curvaceous figure, shaved pussy and a firm small ass.

Accompanied with her flowing dark hair and brown eyes, she'd make strong, healthy and beautiful babies. Just hoped she had the hips for it.

She'd need them with how many times i would breed that bratty womb and pussy. ############################### The slut was on her knees, and her warm, wet mouth stretched wide around the fat cockhead in front of her, which, for the first time, didn't belong to her brother Seppius.

The spoiled bitch had a look of joy on her face, and she squirmed about slightly, while giving head to me. She couldn't believe how huge and thick my cock was: my giant prick was swinging in front ofher awed and lust filled face.

It was at least 7 inches of wrist-thick cock and my dick's giant mushroom head was prying open her beautiful red lips. My cock was rising like a mast straight toward the ceiling, pre-cum glistening the spongy surface of the crown, contrasting heavily with the slim and fit figure of the slut kneeling in front of me. It was, without doubt, the biggest fuck-rod Seppia had ever seen or sucked in her was even bigger than her brother's, whose prick had been down her throat before, and a little bit thick.

My cock began to harden, and Seppia slowly inched her beautiful face forward.I had never entertained thoughts about fucking another than Melitta and Ilithya when i married her; watching Seppia's tight ass squirm downward into the heels of her legs made me think otherwise. The Whore's jewelled serpent ring and bracelet glinted in the light as she ran her hands up my belly and chest.

Seppia had pulled her head away from my sweaty groin, saliva flowed from her mouth and she fought off the gagging reflex of having my fat cock buried down her throat. As Seppia continued her oral assault on my thick cock, whimpering in pleasure at its thickness and taste, I felt a continuous river of thick pre cum flow out of my cock head. The spoiled slut held my big hardon with both hands and began licking the underside of it.

She continued to lick her tongue up and down the length of my long thick cock. I pulled her to her feet.My thick prick pointed out in front of me like a small flagpole. Seppia was actually scared and massively aroused of the thick veined column of flesh that swayed in front of the her.

Seppia drank some wine from a goblet, stood up and kissed me all over, I didn't mind the lips that were pasted to my cock moments before were now all over his neck and chest.

I just leaned against a wall, my hands laced behind my head, while the slim slut and spoiled bitch smeared her body against mine. After several moments of heavy kissing from the slut, I started to rub and caress her body, feeling up her firm tits. They were full, round and tipped with half-inch pink nipples that stood erect.

I gently trailed my way to her firm jutting tits, with my hands, and began playing with her hard pointy nipples. I took the cunt's right nipple between my fingers, and she groaned, "Oh fuck that feels so good, Lars." As i worked on her breasts, I began to admire her body.

I looked at her perfect body; she had a flat stomach and narrow hips, and obviously was in great shape. Good enough shape to bear an heir to my name.My firstborn. I bent and lowered my mouth to her right tit, sucking her entire succulent tit. While i was feeding my oral fixation, i slipped my hand down the middle of her legs and located her excited clit.

I traced my fingers over her bare, wet pussy lips, and then slowly pushed two fingers into her soaking, tight hole. As I drove my fingers in and out of her swollen snatch, I clamped my lips over her excited nipple and bit down with my teeth. She grabbed the back of my head, held me tight to her tit and began to thrust her hips on to my fingers like a bitch in heat, trying to get them deeper into her burning hole.

I moved my mouth from nipple to nipple biting and licking and sucking her aching nipples, driving her mad with my teasing, but her main focus was on the two fingers that were sliding in and out of her cunt at a furious rate.

My fingers were slick with the juice pouring out of her slutty hole as they continued to ream her pussy. Her hips were flipping at my hand, trying to drive my fingers deeper into her famished cunt. She started to shake and tremble as I drove my digits into her gushing snatch, Seppia's vibrating pussy went off as she exploded on my thrusting fingers. She screamed aloud as her lover drove her through her climax.


"Oh, Gawds above!" Seppia shouted. "I'm cumming!" As her orgasm crested, I pulled my fingers out of her smoking cunt, and kneeled down in front of her.

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I pulled her trembling legs apart to reveal the wet swollen lips of her leaking pussy. I started to kiss and lick my way from her belly button down between her legs. The smell of her hot pussy was delicious as it filled the air around me.The slut had flavour and lots of juice.

I kissed her inner thighs, slowly working my way up toward her pussy. Her pussy was pink and juicy; and I began to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Slowly, i parted her cunt lips with my tongue. Her taste was deep and delicious. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her boiling cunt, she spread her legs slightly and held my head tight against her burning snatch. "Oh, yesss, lover!, More!, More!" She moaned repeatedly. "Oh, Gawds! Yes, eat me!" I used my hands to caress her legs and thighs as I licked deep into her cunt.

I brought my hands up to her ass and, holding a cheek in each hand, pulled her cunt to my mouth and began sucking her clit. She raised one leg and wrapped it around my neck pulling me tighter to her creaming fuck hole. I worked her clit with my lips and tongue.

I moved my hands from her ass, slid two fingers into her tight pussy, and began to stroke her g-spot. "Lick me, eat me!" The spoiled bitch groaned as she thrust her juicing pussy against my fingers and mouth. "Fuck, yes!" "Oh, Gawds!" She staggered backwards against the wall dazed from her over-powering climax.

"Fuck, yes! That's it!" She slowly slid down the wall to the floor. Her breathing was shallow and labored as she tried to catch her wind.It seemed I had sucked the life out of the roman brunette beauty. We were far from through though. I was going to breed this spoiled brat with a brat of her own. Keep her nice and heavy with child and her mouth full of cock and cum.

That should slow down anyscheme she was cooking up. "Turn around and face the wall slut. Your brother won't be getting those ships cheap. His sister is going to have to pay up like a good slut." The Slut shakily turned her back to me and slightly leaned forward, bending her torso and wiggling her firm, round ass up.

I approached her from behind and pulled her long black hair back, lowering my mouth to hers; her tongue began to welcome mine, licking the underside of it as it wedged itself in her mouth. Her legs were spread and I was between them using my immensely thick prick to rub against the entrance of her pussy.

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Her firm, young and full breasts were smashed against the wall and her ankles wrapped loosely around mine. She was now trying to suck my tongue into her mouth. Long fingernails ran themselves along the skin of my face. My hands were pulling her up and down by the waist. Seppia's world began to unravel, the place was spinning. The bitch's legs stiffened, her stomach grew tight; she released my tongue from her warm mouth and her lips locked on my neck as she gasped for air.

She was vaguely aware of her wet and warm leaking creamy juice when my mammoth 7 inch thick cock slid along the crack of her ass. "I was just gonna rub the head in, tease you and cum all over that face of yours but I can't help but notice from all the juices leaking from you that your womb is ripe and ready to bear young this night.So I'll breed my heirs in your warm cunt instead and give your a belly a nice round shape like a cow, whore." he announced; Seppia heard him, but was somehow unable to do anything to prevent what happened next.

I leaned against her harder, and her cuntlips started to open under the tremendous pressure of my steel rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eased past the tight muscles of her pussy and popped inside.

"I-I can't. T-That wasn't our agreement, please No! Don't make me pregnant. I don't want to be a breeding cow." I ignored her pleas and forced head of my cock inside her, and Seppia thought she would lose consciousness; her outstretched palms were flat against the wall.

"N-No, it's too big!, Too big! I-I. Unnnnnngggghhhh!" Although she begged me to stop, her back was arched and her tight ass was jutted outward. I held her large breasts rotating her hard nipples between my fingers as I slowly began inching my pole inside her. Her forehead was against the wall and she bit her lip as I continued to grind inch after inch insider her.

The brunette began rotating her hips with me, wondering when it would end; it seemed to take forever. "Oh, fuck!" she whimpered. Looking behind her with effort, Seppia saw the Lars's massive balls swelling and tightening; the veins crisscrossed in an angry manner from the mind violation and grew dark purple in color.

His heart appeared to be pounding madly; his entire body grew tighter, veins protruded angrily outward from his chest and arms. The huge head started pushing into Seppia's tiny cunt, and i could see and hear the sharp intake of breath as it popped into her, followed by the loud cry as my enormous cock breached her cuntlips.

Seppia's's head rolled back in bliss; her perfectly rounded breasts heaved upward, crushed against the wall. "Go slow, please," Seppia whimpered, unable to stop the tears rolling from her eyes.

"You're too big! Too thick! Gawdsss above! It's like a horse's!" She screamed; her head flew backwards and the fat cock entered her pussy like a burning rod. Her mind was on the verge of black out and reached for happy thoughts to hold upon and keep her conscious. "Please, go slow with that huge thing!" I ignored her command and pushed my hips forward. I looked down at our connection and could see the walls of the slut's pink vagina spread out painfully.

Her back arched and the pretty brown eyes became dilated through fluttering eyelashes. "Oh, fuck!" She wailed. "It's big! Oh, gods. OhMyGaawwdds above!" With just the head lodged in her overwhelmed cunt, I started to fuck her, slowly. Moving ever so slowly, I managed to work in the first three inches of my giant cock into her tight, pulsating snatch. Seppia felt like a stuffed turkey at a royal feast, her tight cunt was stuffed with so much cock she gasped franticly for air.

She had been fucked by endowed men before; she even used to consider her brother reasonably big. But nothing like this; this man Lars, filled her tight pussy with so much cock the outline could be seen through her firm belly. She had never been fucked by such an immensely thick cock; her nerves were on fire, sending impulses throughout her entire body.

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Her clit was so sensitive a feather could bring her off. Seppia thought it was like a tree trunk was being crammed up her pussy.The sides of Seppia's pussy looked like they were being stretched beyond its limits.

He just continued to slowly stuff cock deep into her wet burning cunt. "Ahhh! Oh, gods! Fuck! Oh, Yes!" She cried as I pushed deeper and deeper. I met the most resistance at six inches, but that wasn't going to stop me.

I was going to get all Seven thick inches crammed up her hot tight cunt and breed her womb if it took all night. Seppia slid her hand down between her thighs and slowly began to rub her clit. As she worked herself toward an orgasm, her pussy began to relax and the I was able to fuck deeper into her tight snatch. The pressure was building both on her clit, as she rubbed it furiously, and deep inside her burning aching cunt, as I continued my assault on her defenseless pussy.

She started to have orgasms every few thrusts as the great head nudged forward deeper inside her stretched channel. Some were small, others mind-numbing; her whole body was shaking and trembling from the strain.

Seppia's's tight cunt encased my engorged cock so tightly that it seemed like I would split her in half. Her heavy breathing was causing her firm breasts to rise and fall, enticing me more. I inched a little bit more into her quivering body, her eyes closed tightly. I watched as she spread her legs completely apart, alleviating some of the pain while allowing the me to sink more of completely inside her.

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Seppia felt him inch his cock into her tight pussy. Tears burned the slut's eyes as she felt me go inch by inch inside her. The head of my cock made an outline inside the flat of her stomach. She bit the bottom of her lip to keep from screaming, feeling my cock move deeper and deeper inside her twitching belly.

Her orgasms cascaded upon one another with each inch I pushed inside and outside her fertile pussy.

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I paused, letting Seppia adjust to my immensely thick size, holding her by the hips now. In that position, I had a clear view of Seppia's cuntlips stretched around my cock, nearly half of its length still exposed; her clear, sticky wetness oozing out around my virile prick. After only a few seconds, the Seppia groaned deeply and started wiggling her hips slowly from side to side while thrusting herself gently upward, managing to fuck a few more inches of her straining pussy onto my large organ.

She could see at least four inches of his hard cock that had not yet entered her and looked in shock.


"I. I can't take any more, call a prostitute to finish you off.Y- you can't make me your mistress I won't let you breed a baby into my womb.Your cock is as thick and big as a bull.

AAAAAaaagggh!" She screamed as I pushed my hips forward; another inch of my blood engorged cock prying its way inside her stretched pussy. I had finally worked myself firmly between her stretched out thighs. "Oh, gods! Oh, dear roman gods!" Seppia cried; she used all of her abilities as a lithe woman and spread her long legs straight outward allowing me to push more of my throbbing cock into her.

I just couldn't take it anymore. This spoilt roman brat, this fertile little whining daddy's girl was just too fucking tight, and her pussy clung to me like wet leather and soft silk forcing me to use all of my concentration to keep from cumming. I stared down the hot woman and plunged my hips forward. "AAAAAaaaggghhh!" Seppia squealed. "Fuck! OhhhhhGawwwwd!" "Oh, fuck!

Yess," She moaned. "Do me, love! Give it to me! Fuck my pussy deep!" Seppia pleaded. I sank the rest of my rock-hard, oversized cock into the slut's drooling pussy in one smooth stroke, until i could see her straining cuntlips hitting the broad base of my cock, Seppia groaning in pleasure.

"So deep!" She moaned, her words slightly muffled as her mouth met my neck as I lowered himself onto her. "Oh, yesss! So fuckin' good!" "That's so deep, love! gods, you big-dicked stud! Do it, love! Fuck my pussy good! Take it, take my cunt! Fuck me hard! Breed my pussy. Fuck your baby into my empty starving cunt! Feed it your thick virile seed!" Seppia's words were abruptly ended I started slamming my hips downward, launching right into a deep, hard fuck-stroke just as she begged, drawing several inches of my thick, long prick out of her stretching cunt and then pounding it fully back into her, the powerful base of my cock smacking wetly into her oozing pussy as she squealed in pleasure.

"Ohhhh!" She groaned loudly as my hands gripped tightly to her slim waist as my dick began to pound her hard. "Oh, Fucking Venus! Seppia, your pussy is so tight.Just perfect for breeding like a brood mare!

I'm going to fuck and breed you for the rest of your life. When I'm not fucking your pussy I'll put your mouth to work sucking by cock, cleaning and nursing my balls and drinking my thick seed slut! I groaned, as my dick continued to slam into her hard. "Oh, fuck! Oh, this is so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm!" She groaned loudly as she pushed herself back onto his rod using her hands and knees for support.

"Do me hard! Fuck me just like your going to fuck Ilithya!


Show me how you'll breed that blonde daddy's girl! How you'll fuck that bitchy manipulative slut!" "Oh, yessss!" I groaned as I pulled her hard back onto my dick, and reached under her to grab hold of her tits roughly.

I spat on the face of my little fuck toy before slamming my ass downward. Seppia's head flew backward, and, for a moment, the beautiful brunette saw stars. Seppia did not see anything, though, as her pupils disappeared in the back of her skull and her mouth opened wide in a breathless scream; i had knocked the wind out of her with that fat cock.

"Oh! Ram your big dick into me! OH! UMMM! Yesss! Fucking get me pregnant!" Seppia groaned loudly as my hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to my invading rod. The slutty Seppia looked like her senses were slipping away, as the dick continuously burying itself within her tight hole brought her closer and closer to her massive orgasm.

The words pouring from her mouth came without thought. The thought pushed her closer to the edge. "Oh, gods!" Seppia moaned as the pounding continued. "You're fucking me so good!" "I cannot believe you shoved this entire thing inside me!" Seppia cried, referring to the large mushroom head and dark blue veined cock shoved into her. "Neither can I," I silently agreed. I grabbed her hips and pulled slowly all the way out.

I watched as the lips of her pussy stretched tight like a seal around my giant prick, as if it needed a hot thick fertile load before it released me. Then suddenly, I rammed his my thick fat lengthy, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head bounced off her cervix.

"Argggh!!" she cried in surprise. I started to pound her pussy with everything I had, giving this scheming cunt a good fucking till she stopped being such a spoil evil bitch. I held on to her waist and drilled 7 and a quarter inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt, repeatedly.

I would breed the bitchiness out of her as well as her spoilt and incestuous ways.Make her a loyal and good breeding cow and cum slut, making her ready to spread her pussy and legs or mouth at a moments notice. She started to cum on the tenth thrust, and her orgasms continued non-stop.

I was hitting her in places that no cock had ever been before, nothing compared to such an impaling tool. I was like a monster. In and out, in and out, as I relentlessly drove my immense cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one cum to another in a long stream of orgasms that never seemed to end. "Oh, Gawds! Fuck me with your giant cock! Breed me! Make me your breeding cow!" I drilled into her time and time, repeatedly. Seppia screamed and still i fucked her tight cunt.

She swore at me and still I drilled deep into her inner core. She begged me to stop, but I just went on plunging my giant cock up her creaming pussy. When she begged me to fuck her harder, I grabbed her silky long raven hair and thrust faster and harder into her hot exploding snatch. "Oh, yess, love! Oh, that's it! Oh, yeah! You're doing me so good!

Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Just go ahead and ram it right up my pussy! Breed that tight snatch! It's begging for your virile seed!

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I'm most fertile now! Sow your seed in me now! Force to bear your babies like a slave girl! I'll be your breeding slut for life! Make me mistress Alexander! Just fuck me and pour your seed into my womb! Fuck me hard! Split me open with your big, fat cock!" As we fucked, I reached under her to grab her swinging tits.

Taking one in each hand, I used them like handles and pulled her onto my cock as thrust deep into her molten center. I pinched and twisted her hard swollen nipples. She exploded around my cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at my invading member. She was exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of my savage thrusts as I drove my plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt.

But she couldn't stop cumming, somehow I managed to keep her on the edge even when her pussy was creaming and flowing like a faucet. Streams of pussy juice ran down her thighs to her ankles. My big thrusting cock and large swinging balls were covered with her juice. Still, I continued to nail her with my endless thrusts. But, underneath all the electric currents flowing through and around her, she felt something deep inside progressively gathering; with every thrust of my massive cock that drove up her overworked cunt, the pressure built and built.

I continued to fuck her hard, sending my cock deep into her juicy pussy as I bottomed out on each thrust. I was impaling her on my giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt. "Ram it all the way in, lover!" Seppia gasped, and spread her legs further, as far as she could.

"Fuck my pussy deep! Pound that big fat prick all the way in and out! I'm going to make illithya so jealous when she hears I'm having your children first! The blonde slut wanted to bear your first child! Fat chance of that happening now! " Suddenly, the pressure exploded throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light.

Her pussy clamped down on my plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabbed at my thrusting prick and tried to milk all the fertile thick sperm from it. Her sleeve tightened on my iron hard tool as I pushed in and pulled out, demanding to be bred.Demanding his fertile cum for her waiting eggs and womb.

She heard a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realized it was herself crying out in final release. "Unnngghhh! Your prick is enormous! Oh, I had no idea it could be this good! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby! Breed my womb! Venus bless my womb with child!

Just fucking cum and give me your baby! " Seppia was but a toy in my arms; her juices flowed down her legs as I continued moving her up and down on my ravaging cock. My hips smashed painfully into her buttocks as I slammed her unmercifully against the wall. Suddenly, I pulled all the way out letting just the head of my magnificent member remain inside the trembling young woman, and then I plunged my entire cock into her. My orgasmic scream was like that of a lion the bellow coming from deep inside my throat.

Seppia lifted her head back, the pupils of her eyes disappearing into the back of her head; she bucked, thrust, and rocked in front of me in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on forever. I plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and began to fire rope after rope of fertile burning hot cum into her climaxing and fertile womb. I unleashed what seemed like a gallon of thick sperm into her fertile body.

Her face was deeply flushed and her raven hair matted to her face in a pool of sweat. My cock twitched and jerked as I held her hips tight allowing every ounce of his sperm to empty inside her, claiming her womb for my heirs and myself only. It was like a geyser going off in her cunt; my cum poured out of me in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and flooding her fertile eggs, letting none escape and not leaving her impregnation to chance and then squeezing out around the base of my rampaging cock as I continued to thrust into her pussy again and again.

Their co-mingled juices flowed down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the floor at her feet. Finally, I stopped thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumped in my arms passed out from the exertion and the endless climaxes.

I gently lowered her to the floor with trembling arms; Seppia was sprawled out on the floor face up and her legs spread wide apart. She was half conscious and her breathing rapid and shallow, globs of sticky cum oozing from her swollen fertilised womb.

She was pregnant now but I wasn't done with the bitch just yet. She breathed heavily from her raw fucking as I approached her." Your my mistress now Seppia.

I own you and you aren't leaving my side till death. You'll have all the power band status that will come from bearing my child, but for now it's time I teach you loyalty and obedience. Open your mouth whore." Too tired to fight back she did as told. With a groan I began pissing in her mouth, face and hair. It was a long hot yellow stream that she drank from.Holding my cock tightly I then pushed her onto her back and entered her sperm filled pussy and pissed straight into her womb till it overflowed out her pussy.

"I'll send a slave to clean you up.Welcome to house Alexander, Seppia." I placed my cock at her soft lips which she opened and cleaned my cock before I left for the bath.

I would send a letter to Ilithya's home soon for a marriage between us but not for now. I entered the bath to find Canthara also having a bath.My cock twitched as i remembered her warm mouth engulfing me.A blow job in the bath and before bed didn't seem a bad idea To be continued.