Inviting blonde Gina gets nailed

Inviting blonde Gina gets nailed
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'A Little Persuasion' meets the 'Price of Admission' Two Sequels in One The two blonde girls lay side by side on two old double bed mattresses, separated by five or six feet of bare stone floor.

Both girls were similarly bare, their arms tied out over the sides of the mattress and the rope looped under it, using both the strength of the ropes and their the weight of their own slim figures to hold them in place. Their legs were identically bound, spread wide as though they were straddling a horse.

When he led his other pair of captives into the room he let his eyes wander over the blonde girls bare skin, watching as they writhed and strained against their very secure bonds and smiled. He had briefed the new girls upstairs on their newest task, and once they were convinced of his seriousness, he had led them down the steps from the first floor of the cabin to the basement where he kept his other two prisoners.

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The pair before him stared down at the blondes tied spread eagle on the mattresses in disbelief, and shock for a moment before he drew them back to the matter at hand.

He pushed them forward, one toward each of their projects and laughed. "Don't be shy now, girls. You both know the ground rules." The brunette on the left traveled the furthest toward her blonde before stopping. She was one of his favorites. Young and Asian she had a thick accent but had been the most pliable of his last round of captures, that was for sure. The foreign exchange student was from Taiwan, with a lovely shapely figure and stood barely five feet tall.


She had accepted her predicament long before her taller, bigger busted American friend had. He pointed to the reddened skin between the legs of the girl on the left and glanced at the asian girl. "That little blonde rode my saw horse all night before she would suck my cock.

Aren't you glad you did in the trunk of my car?" The foreign girl nodded quickly, wincing at the thought. "I decided to let you work on her, since you rode my fuck machine last night.

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The two of you have a lot in common." He pushed her forward again. "On your hands and knees, start sucking her titties, I want them hard, do I make myself clear?" She nodded just as quickly and knelt beside her blonde counterpart. It was a little difficult to do with her legs chained together by a short piece of heavy log chain, but she managed. A second later and she was slurping a full breast and tweaking the other with her right hand.

Her left hand found its way to the girls vagina and he smiled again. She was an obedient little cunt. The rules of the game were simple, if the two girls from upstairs wanted to shorten their weekend sentence in his backwoods cabin, they were going to have to fuck his two downstairs captives. He had explained to them that they had to get each of the unwilling girls to orgasm or the deal was off.

He also explained that the girls were going to be doing their best to resist the unwanted attention, since if either of the downstairs captives had an orgasm, they would be spending the rest of the week with him. He had described the event as a game of 'cat house survivor', detailing the rules to all four girls, and each knew that the stakes were high.

He glanced at the blonde to his right, who was staring wide eyed as her Asian friend readily began stroking the first blonde tied to the mattress. "You'd best hurry up and help her, you girls are going to need all you've got if you are going to get both of them to cum, party girl." She had spent most of the previous evening ingesting sperm on her knees while he watched the game.

Now, cleaned up and weary from the last few hours, she stood staring down at the girl she would be fucking any moment now. He saw from the look in her eyes that she would do anything he asked if only to shorten her sentence. He smiled again as she bent down and joined in the action. Blindfolded and gagged on the mattress, the blonde he had nicknamed pony girl could do nothing but struggle futilely and shake her head violently.

Neither the china doll or the party girl listened to her muted protests and pleading, each took hold of a full, bare breast and began sucking as hard as they could. Party girl massaged the breast in her mouth with both hands while the china doll teased the edges of pony girls swollen vagina. Even from where he stood he could see pony girls cheeks darken with embarrassment as she was aroused in spite of herself.

Realizing the effect they were having, they worked even harder even as she thrashed more passionately. Straddling the helpless blonde on the mattress, he reached down between the legs of both china doll and party girl, stroking their vaginas slowly. As opposed to the night before, now both girls were cleanly shaven, the lips of their pussies smooth and supple.

Both girls glanced at him in horror as he stroked, but neither made a move to stop him, remembering the terms of their agreement. He would be able to touch or fuck any of the girls at any time during the proceedings, they just weren't allowed to cum or they would forfeit their place in the competition. The blonde pony girls features darkened further still until they were almost crimson with shame, but he could see her body beginning to quiver with rising passion.

"Keep going girls, you've got her on the ropes." He stroked them a little faster, keeping his touches light as he went, delving a little deeper into their most intimate tissue. The pony girl drew in a deep breath and let it out, deciding that she wasn't going to give in to the passion they were forcing on her no matter what.

"Okay, party girl, she isn't responding to that, go ahead and tongue fuck her." Party girl looked at him in surprise and started to say something, but instead she moved obediently around in front of the hapless girl.

He rose and watched as she stooped down and began licking the young girls bared skin, spreading the lips of the vagina with her fingers. At first party girl hesitated but when his left hand found its way into her pussy she began to lick and slurp harder and faster. China doll took over working the other hard, proud nipple and he watched as pony girl fought valiantly for another minute against the rising climax within her.

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Jerking his fingers out of her suddenly he left the room and returned with a handful of sex toys. Dropping them onto the mattress beside the girls he pulled a vibrator out of the jumble and handed it to party girl.

"Here, use this." He ordered, unwinding a strapon dildo from the mess while she pressed the vibrator against the helpless pony girls reddened, juicy pussy and turned it on.

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Pony girl tensed in surprise and her hips bucked in shock and undeniable, unwanted pleasure. Her pelvis arched upwards and then shook as she was flung into a powerful orgasm that left her quivering on the bed beneath her reluctant tormenters. Both girls smiled in relief, but they too were blushing in shame.

China doll turned immediately to the other girl, whom he had nicknamed lollipop because of her skills at giving blow jobs. He stopped party girl as she started to get up and shook his head. "No, we aren't done with her just yet. You are going to fuck her with this." He handed her the strap on and nodded when she glanced up at him in horror.

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"She lost, and now she is going to have to be punished. Unless you want to trade her places?" Party girl grabbed the dildo and began tightening the straps immediately, letting him know that it wasn't the first time she had seen one of the toys. With the dildo in place, and the straps cinched up tight, she guided the broad head of the molded rubber penis to the edge of victims swollen vagina and hesitated only a moment before she thrust it in deep.

Pony girl screamed into her gag and party girl pulled back immediately, but thrust again when she saw the look on his face. "Fuck her, or you will be disqualified yourself." He admonished and she threw her hips into it, pumping the young girl as hard and fast as she could.

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Eyes closed, she sobbed as she worked, big tears streaming down her face and onto the chest of the girl below her. "Now, now, we can't have that, now can we?

I like my pussies happy, not sad." He thrust the vibrator she had dropped into party girls pussy, pushing her hips forward and pinning her against pony girls tensed, writhing anatomy.

"I guess I will have to work on you with this." Plunging it all the way in he cranked the tiny motor all the way up and propped her knee against the base of her vagina to keep it in place. It was her turn to tense and rock forward at the sudden intrusion, trying to pull herself up and away when she realized that he was trying to force her to orgasm.

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Grabbing a hold of her jiggling breasts he pinched and twisted them fast and hard as she bucked, the girl beneath her all but forgotten as she struggled against her own rising pleasure. Pushing her down onto the semiconscious pony girl with one hand he removed the vibrator and thrust his large, very hard cock into her with surprising speed.

Keeping her pinned to the now unconscious girl below he pressed the very wet vibrator against the tiny hole that was her anus and pushed, forcing it inside slowly. She instantly retreated from the erect penis and painful vibrator, which became a powerful thrust into the girl on the bottom of the pile. With the vibrator now fully inside of her anus, he grabbed at both of her flailing arms and pinned them behind her, laughing as she screamed with his every thrust.

He glanced at china doll, who had stopped stroking the pitiful blonde tied to the other mattress and was staring at him open mouthed.


His expression was enough to get her to return her attention to the hapless lollipop and broaden his grin even further. Party girls painful orgasm shook her like a leaf and he jerked himself free immediately, rolling her off her pony girl and tying her wrists behind her immediately. Leaving both girls on the floor he moved over to china doll, lifting her bare ass and thrusting immediately, causing her to scream in surprise and pain.

Holding her to him he pumped her as fast and hard as he could, slapping her hands away when she tried to fend him off without thinking. "You just lost your time off for good behavior.

Now lick her pussy or I'm going to put this thing in your ass!" The young Asian girl whimpered as she bent over the remaining blonde and began licking her exposed vagina. "Faster, harder, like a dog!

I'm going to fuck you as hard as I can until she cums, so you had better get her off quick!" "Don't worry, he can't go much longer without cumming himself." Party girl encouraged her friend weakly from across the room. "Don't count on it, girls. I took an erection enhancer just before we started our little party here, so I am going to have plenty left for each of you." The blonde sagged against the floor in defeat and her oriental friend began licking the imprisoned pussy before her as though she were starving and this were her first meal in days.

"At the risk of repeating myself, ladies, I told you the rules before we started, and so far, none of you whores has been able to keep your little cunts dry. Looks like you'll all be spending the week with me."