Japanesses son fuck forcefully in bathing mom

Japanesses son fuck forcefully in bathing mom
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I'm a 51 yo male who still enjoy's having sex with my fiance at least once a day and often many times a day. Recently, while traveling with my lover I had an unexpected and thrilling experience.


My lady keeps me very satisfied so I wasn't looking for anything, but sometimes something unexpected can be very exciting. On a cross country trip we stopped for an overnight stay at a friend's house. The couple we visited were very nice and gracious. They had a young college age daughter. The daughter Kelli was in her early 20's and apparently gay.

In a matter of fact tone they talked about their daughter's girlfriend and how much they liked her and were pleased that they had found each other. At first, I was shocked as my background is much more conservative. But, after the initial shock, I forgot about it. She was very young looking.

She was in college, maybe just experimenting. Interesting but, none of my business. In the evening, my fiance decided to go out to eat and catch a chick flick with her friend to reconnect.

The dad had some sort of meeting and so they would all be gone for pretty much the entire evening. My lover left me with some food of my own and I was happy to read and browse on my computer now that I had a reliable Internet connection. I nearly forgot that the daughter was still there.

Nearing dusk, I begin reading a few naughty stories and watch some porn. I became hard enough to be a bit uncomfortable being clothed.

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I was considering masturbating in the living room. Then I remembered that the daughter might still be home. Having just realized how close I came to really making a mess of things, the door bell rang. I jumped out of skin. I heard the daughter running for the door.

I watched as she answered the door and embraced her girlfriend and then gave her a very passionate kiss. Whatever hardness I had lost by being startled with the doorbell, returned.

They broke the kiss and headed hand in hand back into the bedroom. I'm pretty sure that Kelli had forgotten that I was even in the house. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room. I had a view of front door but the angle was such that unless she specifically looked in the room where I was, it was probable that she wouldn't see me. I hadn't turned on any lights as I was reading from the computer screen.

I really enjoyed watching them kiss. It turned me on big time. Kelli was a bit flat for me but she had a nice figure otherwise with a small butt and attractive hips. Her hair had been dyed white with streaks of garish colors. It didn't look punk but it did make her look young. Up until the kiss I hadn't even thought of her in sexual way - just too far removed from what I was already enjoying at home. Her girlfriend was more buxom with generally more curves and was much more my type.

She was brunette and seemed hispanic in nationality. She had a lot of lovely hair that curled around her face. Kelli had grabbed her hair and pulled Jane's head back with it while she kissed her.

I hadn't caught her name, I'm calling her Jane. Jane was sexy, curvy, and smoky hot. I knew that I would have immediately thought of sex had I met her without having an erection and without watching her eagerly kissing Kelli. I tried not to breathe as they quickly walked past. I listened as they talked excitedly and giggled together. I wasn't sure what to do. I was painfully hard now, and knew that I was going to have take care of the situation somehow. I considered simply heading into the bathroom with my laptop watching some porn, and taking care of it.

But I didn't want to alert the girls that I was in the house. I didn't want them to leave. I honestly just wanted to see them kiss more, and figured that perhaps I'd get a chance if Kelli had forgotten I was there.

So I just sat on the couch and grabbed my erection in my slacks and enjoyed the memory of the kiss. A few minutes later their animated talking stopped abruptly. I wondered why? Had Kelli remembered I was there? Or were they doing something else? I easily imagined them kissing again. It is hard to talk while kissing like they did. I froze, hoping that they wouldn't come back out and introduce me to her friend and I'd have to be social and hide my raging boner while doing so.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing. I listened very carefully for a few minutes, hoping that I might hear some indication of what they were doing. Suddenly, I heard a very loud deep throated moan.I couldn't believe it at first and I knew that there was no way that I could avoid attempting to spy on them.

So I put down the computer. I was holding my erection in my slacks, squeezing and rubbing it as I crept to the back of the house. The moaning stopped to my disappointment and again I froze.

Then, I realized that I could hear that Jane was breathing heavily. So I crept closer to the bedroom door. I could tell that it was open from how well I heard Jane.

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She started to whimper and offer encouragement to Kelli and give her instructions. "Ooh yes, like that! Please a little faster if you can" and "Fuck that feels great"!

I was rubbing myself faster now but didn't dare cum my pants. My lover would notice a big cum stain in my pants. It had been a while since I'd had an ejaculation since we had been literally driving for several days. Of course, I was hoping to actually see what they were doing rather than just hear. I crept closer.

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As my vision increased as I rounded the corner. I could see Kelli's bare back and Jane's spread legs. Kelli was licking Jane vigorously. I nearly came in my pants regardless of the consequences that wetting my pants might bring. I stood there in enjoying what I could see. I was got more excited as I heard Jane squeal and obviously enjoy an orgasm. My desire got the better of me and I stepped slowly toward the door. I could see now that Kelli was dressed only in some cute blue little panties.

She had a very nice rear end indeed. How had I missed it? I could also see the side of both girls right breasts. Kelli was obviously fondling Jane's breasts even though I couldn't see much. Kelli's breast was swaying gently as she worked on giving her lover another orgasm with her mouth.

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Jane did come again. I nearly did as well. Having my erection in my pants was becoming unbearable and dangerous. So I stepped back and carefully unzipped my pants, pulled down my underwear a little and pulled my pants back up for easy cover up should the need arise. I stepped back closer.

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This time I was stroking my cock directly. It felt wonderful and I knew I was close to cumming. If I'd been using my brain, I would've known that I was going to get caught. My focus was elsewhere. Kelli stood up and I saw all of her right breast. They were bigger than I thought. I also had a great view of Janes's very wet shaved pussy. Kelli stepped out of view. It was everything I could do to avoid grunting and spraying cum all over the hallway.

Jane stood up at the foot of the bed. As she stood up, she stumbled one step closer to the bedroom door. Now she had a perfect view of an old stranger whacking his dick in the hallway. My legs were spread to hold up my slacks. My tightie whities were bunched in my pants beneath my balls. My erection was red and throbbing. My t-shirt was bunched up over my stomach. I'm sure that I had terrified look on my face. I can't imagine it was all that attractive. At first she looked shocked.

I expected screaming and a series of bad events. But she just broke into a big smile, took an intense look at my erection, put her finger to her lips in the universal sign for quiet, gave her awesome D cups a jiggle, and turned around and bent over the bed where Kelli had spread wide to take her turn at being eaten.

Jane spread her legs giving me complete view of her literally dripping pussy. I watched as a drip ran down the inside of her leg. That caused me to lose it, I shot a huge spurt of cum onto the wall and door jam. I heard the rest plop down on the shag carpet. Without thinking I sighed loudly. Kelli exclaimed "what the fuck"! There was a flurry of activity and suddenly there were two naked young ladies standing in front of me. I was in the same position as when Jane found me but now I was dripping cum.

The rest of cum was dripping down the wall and all over the place. Jane had a huge grin on her face, and Kelli looked furious.


Jane came to my rescue. She said, "I encouraged him, so don't be mad sugar. I wanted him to watch, and he's a guy so he couldn't help himself anyway. What guy would resist watching two sexy young vixens giving each other orgasms? Come to think of it that excites me too"! Kelli's expression softened. She sighed heavily and then said "Well, I haven't had an orgasm yet"!

And she walked back into the bedroom. Jane beckoned me into the room. I just took off my pants off to avoid waddling around. I stepped over the wet spots on the carpet. I stood beside the bed and fondled my limp cock which rose to the occasion by the time Jane had Kelli cumming.

Kelli's upper, chest, neck and faced turned red and then she seemed to be crying as she came. It look like it felt amazing and was incredibly sexy. Then they switched positions and Kelli took a dildo to Jane. I moved to where I could watch the dildo go in and out. The smells, sights and sounds were incredible. Both girls watched me jerk off as Jane enjoyed Kelli's work with the dildo. Pretty soon Jane begged for me to cum on her tits.

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She didn't have to ask me twice and I was able to fondle her tits until I made a smaller mess on her tits than I made in hall. Jane seemed to enjoy being sprayed and seemed to have another orgasm.

Kelli didn't look so pleased. I heard a noise which I thought meant that everyone was returning and I hurried into my pants and out into the living room because I realized that I might have left some compromising material on the laptop screen. I hadn't but I turned it off anyway. When I returned to the bedroom, Jane met me at the bedroom door with my cum still dripping off her breasts.

"Thanks, that was fun, but. well. you're really not our type. Well, not Kelli's anyway," she smiled and winked. "Sorry". She gave me quick kiss on the lips, I felt her breasts and my own cum on the side of my chest. She give my cock and balls a squeeze and ducked back into the bedrooom. Then she shut the door. I cleaned up the hallway as best I could. I listened as I cleaned but I didn't hear anything. They must have been cuddling. I didn't mind. Very shortly after that my lovely lady came home and I screwed her brains out that night.

I found out that Jeane was Jane's real name.

Kelli hasn't mentioned the incident since that I know of. That was okay with me. It was all worth it.