Sexy BBW jst playin wit my big titts

Sexy BBW jst playin wit my big titts
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Schoolgirl Most Likely To Succeed Ch 1 Originally written by Frankel They say you only get one shot at fame and I knew the day I turned 18 was that day. Each year at my school the teachers voted for the student most likely to succeed.

Normally it was just another entry for the year book and would amount to nothing but another meaningless award. This year, however, was different. This year a major TV network was going to make a reality series on life after school for the student from my small town high school who won that award. A whole TV series, national exposure - the perfect way to start an acting career.

It was the big break. Sure I am very attractive, have a great rack and real acting talent but so do a lot of girls that go on to a career as a waitress in some dive. I was determined that one way or the other those teachers were going to vote for me. I dressed early for school in my uniform of white shirt and red and white checkered skirt with white socks and black leather shoes. I broke off the two top buttons on my shirt to make sure I couldn't be forced to button up and hide my greatest natural advantage, my great set of tits.

"My buttons broke off this morning," I told Ms Hampel the teacher on duty at the school gate when I arrived. She was a Nazi when it came to the dress code and had stopped me the moment she saw my cleavage bouncing towards her.

"How did that happen?" she asked. "I didn't want to say anything," I said. "But Jane Diamond tore them off.

She attacked me on the way to the school bus. She accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend, Michael. But we were just walking together, honest." Honest, of course, was the wrong word.


Dishonest would have been nearer the mark. I had been planning this for a while though and had all my bases covered. I had gotten up early this morning because I had some business to attend to. Jane's boyfriend Michael was my next door neighbour and a complete pervert.

He was six months older than me and I had caught him watching me through my bedroom window on more than one occasion over the years. I also knew that he was a frustrated pervert. Jane was a Christian and did not believe in sex of any kind before marriage. Sometimes at night I would see them kiss outside his house but she would always stop things before they went very far. Jane was the girl who really was most likely to succeed and I needed her out of the way.

That morning I crept over to his bedroom window and looked in. He was lying on his bed jerking off to a porn movie on his mobile phone.

Looked like a blowjob scene from where I was. Now I am no prude but I had never had sex before either. Blowjobs looked pretty easy to me though.

I knocked on his window and saw him just about jump out of his skin. He covered himself with a towel and ran over to the window and pulled up the blind fully. When he saw me he went a bright shade of red. "Open up," I said. "I need to talk to you!" He opened the window and before he could say anything I climbed inside his bedroom.

He backed away from me, clutching the towel for dear life. I didn't have much time so I got straight down to business. "You see these two buttons," I said.

"I need you to tell everyone that Jane tore them off. That she was jealous of me because I was walking to school with you." "Why would I do that?" he said. I stepped over to him and ran my fingers down his chest until they touched the top of the towel covering his groin. "Because if you do I'll suck your cock," I said. "Simple as that. If the teachers believe you I'll come back tomorrow and do it again." "Jane is my girlfriend, I'd never get her in trouble." "That is too bad," I said dropping to my knees before him.

"Because I bet she never lets you put it in her mouth." I opened my mouth and held it inches from his cock, which pushed out hard against the towel. I looked up at him and put one of his fingers in my mouth and sucked it hard.

He was frozen in place, clearly fighting the temptation to take out his cock and fuck my pretty face. I pulled the towel down and put his cock against my open lips but didn't suck it.

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"Just tell me you'll do it and I'll suck it," I said. He grabbed for my head but I pushed his hand away.

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"Uh-uh," I said. "First you have to promise." To sweeten the deal I unbuttoned my shirt all the way down and pulled my left tit out of my bra. "Do it and I might even let you play with these," I said. "Oh fuck it," he said. "OK I'll do it." He grabbed my head and this time I let him shove his cock into my mouth.

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I had no idea until then just how small my mouth was. Even his average sized cock filled it completely when it was only half way in and he was pushing on the back of my head trying to force it down my throat. "Maybe this won't be so easy after all," I thought as he gripped my hair and his cock head touched the walls of my throat.

"Open your throat," he said. I tried to relax my throat but as he pushed it in it triggered my gag reflex. I tried to pull away but he gripped my hair and continued to force it further in as I dry retched around his cock.

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"Keep going," I told myself. "You need to do this. It's good practise for later." I knew the teachers were going to be bigger than him and more important to my plans so this was just the experience I needed right now. Finally he pulled back out and I was able to breathe through my nose before he plunged back in.

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He looked down at me as I wrapped my red lips around his shaft and I could tell he was already close to cumming. On any other day I would have pulled away then and there. Believe me, even though I had never sucked a cock before, there is nothing about swallowing cum that appeals to me. But today wasn't any other day - it was the most important day of my life and the normal rules did not apply.

I moaned softly and opened my eyes wide like I was desperate for his cum and rapidly licked my tongue around his cock as it penetrated deep into my throat. His cock quivered in my mouth and he let out an almighty groan as he arched his back and came deep in my mouth. "Swallow it slut," he cried thrusting his cock twice as more waves of cum spurted into my mouth.

As I had feared his cum tasted horrible but somehow I managed to look at him with desire in my eyes as I moaned in fake pleasure. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it across my face, small drops of cum dripping onto my nose and cheeks.

I swallowed the cum and smiled up at him. "I'll think about it," he said. "Careful," I said wiping his cum off my face. "If you don't behave it won't be me coming in through your window it will be the cops." "You wouldn't," he said. "I would," I said. "You've seen me in drama. I am one hell of an actor. Do you want to go to college next year or go to jail?" "College," he said. "Then be a good boy and tell the teachers Jane attacked me.

Do it well and I'll suck you tomorrow morning too." I put my shirt back on and climbed out the window, being sure to let my skirt ride up over my panties to tease him with my firm arse. So when Ms Hampel questioned me about my buttons I had a reliable witness to back up my lies. "She hates me," I said crying. "She's been bullying me for years.

She is always trying to make me feel bad about my body. It isn't my fault I have large breasts. Sometimes I have thought about killing myself to make the pain go away." Ms Hampel bought the whole thing, especially when Michael walked past and was able to back up every word I said. "Don't worry," Ms Hampel said. "I'll take care of it. She'll never tease you again, you have my word." "Phase 1 complete," I thought.

"Time for phase 2, Mr Peters." Mr Peters was the school principal. He was also my next easiest target and the most important voice when it came to choosing the student most likely to succeed. A lot of the other teachers were yes men who simply went along with what he said.

Mr Peters was also another pervert. He was the one who had changed the school uniform from a modest long dress to the porn star mini skirt we wore now. There had been a few raised eyebrows (as well as cocks) when it was first brought in but he said it was for budget reasons. These uniforms were cheaper. They had to be, since there was a lot less material.

I had booked an appointment with him for before school - saying I had to talk to him about a student who was bullying me. I said it was sensitive and might take a while - that way I had him alone for a long time.

When I went into his office he was sitting at his desk reading a report. "Take a seat, please," he said looking up at me.

I locked the office door and sat down at a seat opposite him. "Why did you lock the door?" he asked. "Because of Jane," I said. "She never leaves me alone. Even here with you I am scared. Can you please help me I've never been so afraid." I burst into tears and Mr Peters moved around his desk and sat in a seat beside me. He put his arm around me and I let myself fall into his arms, rubbing my tits up against his chest as he held me.

"There, there," he said pulling away and taking a quick peek down my top as we separated. "Tell me what has been happening." "It all started when she stole my boyfriend, Michael," I said through my tears.

"I've always been a good girl but she stole him from me by offering to do all kinds of things for him. Things I had never even heard of." "Jane Diamond!" he exclaimed.

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"But she is a devout Christian. She swore chastity at church!" "She swears a lot of things," I said. "To you teachers she is perfect but in reality she is awful. A horrible bully who steals boyfriends by doing all types of things." "What type of things?" he asked. He crossed his legs and I could tell he was trying to hide an erection. "Something called a blowjob," I said. "I don't even know what it is but she did it to Michael and now he is hers. What is it? What did she do to him?" "A blowjob," said Mr Peters uncrossing his legs and then re-crossing them as his cock turned his pants into a tent.

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"Well you might as well know the truth. It is where a woman sucks a man's penis. Usually until he ejaculates in her mouth." "Eeew," I said.

I paused and started to cry again. "Tell me, is that normal? Do all guys want that?" "Honestly?" he asked. "Yes, please, tell me the truth.

Do guys want that?" "Yes," he said. "A lot of guys do." "Do you want it?" I asked. "Has anyone ever done it to you? Does your wife?" "She used to," he said. "Not any more." "Do you miss it?" I asked. He stood up, his cock straining to be free and he turned his back to me.


"I think that is enough," he said. "You better go now." "I'm sorry," I said. "But it is such a confusing time of life. I am so innocent. I don't know what to do. Jane has made my life a misery. She has bullied me and stolen my boyfriend. It all seems so scary to me." I fell to my knees and sobbed deeply.

Mr Peters came back to me and placed a hand of comfort on my shoulder. I reached my hand out and stroked his cock through his pants. "Won't you help me?" I said looking up at him. "Won't you show me how to please a man?" I could see I was getting to him as his eyes wandered to my cleavage straining against my shirt. "What a push over," I thought. I ran my hand up and down his hard cock with one hand and the other slowly unbuttoned the rest of my shirt. "Will you show me how to do it?" I said.


I kissed his cock through his pants and batted my eyelids at him innocently. "Will you show me how to suck a cock?" "No," he said turning his back. "I can't. I would go to jail." "But I am 18," I said. "And I won't tell." I was worried that I was losing him so I quickly took off my shirt and bra.

"Please," I said. "Please help me. I don't want to lose Michael. You can't let Jane win." He turned and his eyes went straight to my tits.

I took my chance and crawled closer to him. He didn't turn and I took his zip and pulled it down. He had no underwear on and his cock sprang out at full attention. It was smaller than Michael's and I knew it would give me no trouble. Looking him in the eyes I opened my mouth and sucked his cock down to the base.

"Oh," he sighed as I licked my tongue back up the shaft. "Is that how a girl should do it?" I asked. "Yes," he said. He gripped my head and pushed it down, his cock pushing passed my lips and sliding across my tongue.

"Take it deeper," he said giving me no option but to take it all in my mouth again as he pushed down on my head. "Oh that is it. Suck it. Suck on it like a lolly." My lips sucked on his cock like a straw as I kept looking up at him on my knees waiting for more instructions. "Now lick it," he said losing his self-control and starting to fuck my mouth. I held on to his legs to keep my balance as his cock thrust into my face.

His cock reached into my throat but not far enough to trigger my gag reflex so I was able to keep it in my mouth, breathing through my nose as his cock pounded me. "Up on the desk," he said. "I'll show you how I like it!" I climbed on to his desk on all fours but he made me lie down on my back with my head hanging upside down over the edge.

He put his cock back in my mouth and started to fuck it again, now managing to get it further into my throat. With his cock going further into my throat in this position I gagged and my legs kicked up as bile rose in my throat and covered his dick. He gripped both my tits in his hands and his balls slapped into my eyes as I struggled to keep from gagging again.

"That's the best position for you slut," he said. "Take that cock. Tell me you love it!" I tried to take his cock out of my mouth but he slapped my tits as a warning. "Tell me you love it with my cock still in there," he said. "I wuv it," I managed to mumble around his cock. He grew rougher and rougher as time passed. I could tell by how hard his cock was that he had always wanted to have one of his students lying prone over his desk. I started to tickle his balls with my fingers as spit drained from my mouth and covered my eyes.

"Oh Christ," he said. "That is it, worship that cock!" He started to buck wildly as he roared with pleasure. His balls twitched in my hands then cum erupted into my mouth as he held his cock still and waited for the cum to stop spurting. Finally, as my mouth started to overflow with cum he pulled out and turned me over.

"Show it to me," he said. I opened my mouth and showed him the cum. "Now swallow," he said. I swallowed his cum and crawled off the table and put my shirt back on. Now that he had cum he became shy and sat back down at his desk. "Thank you, sir," I said. "I'm sure I can get Michael back now." He said nothing, seemingly waiting for me to leave. "Sir," I said. "Yes," he said not looking up. "Can I ask you something?" "Yes," he said. "Did it feel good?" "It was OK." "I hope so.

Would you mind if we do it again tomorrow?" He looked up at me. "Again?" he said. "Yes, sir. I want to make sure I do it right and you are such a good teacher. I just have one request." "Which is?" he asked. "Well, will you vote for me to be the most likely to succeed? Jane has been tormenting me about it.

Always saying how much better she is than me and how I won't amount to anything. If you voted for me it would be like someone believes in me. I always try my best." He looked me up and down and seemed to stroke himself under the desk. "You know," he said. "If you do want to succeed you need to know how to endure the hard times. Let me show you how to take it up the arse and I'll vote for you. Then I will be sure you will be a success." I tried to smile but my heart sank.

"Anal," I thought. "Wasn't expecting that. Still if it gets me that show it will be worth it." "Sure thing," I said.

"Same time tomorrow?" "No," he said. "I will have voted by then. Third period, straight after the morning break I will call for you. Take it up the arse and my vote is yours." I smiled at him, turned my back and raised my skirt so he could see my butt. "Until then," I said and unlocked his door. "Next up, Mr Saunders," I thought, making my way to the phys-ed teacher's office.