Pleasuring a giant male dong

Pleasuring a giant male dong
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New story. Mom modeling for aspiring son photographer. # Youthful modeling Katherine was 22 when she was asked to do modeling for a fashion magazine that came through her hometown of Chicago.

Being a single mother with a son of 6, she loved being solicited with the idea while making ends meet working at her small coffee shop. She eagerly accepted the photo shoots for of a series of topless poses as well as getting to do artsy poses with male nudes.

She was very proud of the photography work and the chance she got for modeling and threw a party with her friends when the magazine released later that year. She kept the magazine as well as a few nude Polaroids her friend had taken of her before the fashion shoot in her living room bookcase along with a few yearbooks and her regular subscriptions to Esquire. # Son accepted to photo school Growing up with a single mom was not the most fun role in the world for Jason, but he took advantage of all the opportunities that school presented him.

He had always been very interested in photography and had been encouraged by his mothers closer friends who had access to photo labs and equipment to keep him active. In his second year of high school Jason was accepted to the Chicago Art Institute for his black and white photography and artistic nudes work. # Photo set on table Katherine and Jason moved into a new apartment closer to the institute with smaller quarters to accommodate the new costs of going to a more prestigious university.

While unpacking in the new place, Jason uncovered the box Katherine kept with the yearbooks and her magazine with the modeling set. He sat back on the couch barely remembering that he had seen this old magazine in the bookcase when he was a little younger but not ever being interested enough to browse through it. He opened the spine which had a small stack of Polaroids bookmarking the photo spread.

The Polaroids were of his mother topless on a kitchen table, then on a couch. She looked younger, but hadn't changed at all as an older woman. His eyes then fell onto the black and white spread and of his 22 year old mother draped nude across a male models arms. Mostly photos of her being held from behind with the model's groin pressed into hers. Her hands covered her crotch and another shot revealed the placement of her fingers were doing an intentionally weak job of covering the point of penetration for the steamy shots.

She posed in ballet stretches in front of a well built model who held her form with his very large penis extending halfway inside of her, just the fingertips of her hand pointed straight over where the hunky models erection ended and her soft young lips swallowed it.

Her gaze was still, and her face was emotionless, pensive. She was gorgeous and the pictures were beautiful and provocative. # First model session in the new apartment Katherine got home from working as a design consultant for a firm she worked with. "The magazine" was noticeably on the table and the old Polaroids were set out side by side.

Just as she was realizing that she had not set them out to look at. or that she had even unpacked the box, Jason followed her in the front door and had a box of pizza he had managed to haggle his friend out of at the shop nearby. "Jason." she paused. "Hey Mom." he replied, obviously not phased by the tone of her concern. Katherine was an exhibitionist at heart and Jason was no stranger to seeing her topless at the lake when he was younger, or wearing skimpy outfits to go out dancing with her girlfriends in.

But she wasn't sure he remembered him being too interested in her younger sexier pictorial which was clearly now up for discussion. "I see you found my old copy of Chicago Fashion; I didn't realize I had set it out." "You didn't. I was unpacking and it sort of called out for me to look at.

These old pictures you posed in are really fantastic!" Katherine was very intrigued to hear her 17 year old son critiquing something that she had, for all intents and purposes considered to be her foray into soft porn.

In a way she was secretly exhilarated to know he found it, when the revelation struck her, she realized that he had now seen the sex poses. which caused a tiny hot spark to shoot down her spine. She uncorked a bottle of red she had set on top of the fridge earlier in the day and started looking through the photos with her son. It was short work for the conversation to quickly go into Jason asking his mother to model again for a new set of black and white photos.

After a few glasses and some fake protest, she agreed to it. Jason exuberantly got his digital camera ready for an impromptu practice set in the empty apartment living room. Katherine removed her white blouse and stood in the door frame in her bra and a skirt, becoming comfortable enough to start relaxing and smiling with the straps of her lingerie fall past her shoulders and letting the cups of her bra drape down below her nipples. Her hair was in a short bun and the orange pumps she wore during the early afternoon held her ankles high.

Jason asked her to keep the pumps on and continue framing herself in the front door way.

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Katherine was immediately 22 again. She sat on the floor and arched her back to let the bra fall to her waist and pulled her skirt higher up above her hips. Exhilarated, she was topless in her own living room and had what essentially was her best friend taking serious photos of her smiling and being playful.

Jason couldn't believe how great it felt to have his mom doing work with him. She was easy to work with and her body was incredible. He complimented her frame, and openly admired her topless form. He was more impressed by his own sense of ease telling his mom that her breasts were perfect and how hot she looked just in a short skirt and heels.

After a few more compliments and moving away from the door frame, Katherine walked over to the couch in her pumps and posed on her hands and knees, smiling at her photographer and easing her skirt off over her hips and kicking it onto the floor.

He asked her to curl her back, then to extend her legs give him more of her snarky personalty while she rocked her heels. Jason was enamored. His mother was an incredible fox, topless and sexy with amazing curves and the naughtiest smile.

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He looked towards the table and grabbed a slice of pizza, smiled and fed it to her. She burst out laughing and sat down on the couch.

They stopped for the pizza break and sat looking through the new set on the camera.

The rest of the hour was spent hanging out with her son the photographer in only her panties and heels, talking about being young and sexy in her photos.

then about what it felt like to stand in ballet positions with two different males models on different sets pumping their cocks slowly into her while a photographer barked out to be more taught, or have less expressive faces.

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While she talked it she started perking up and getting a little flushed. Katherine held her shoulders back and double checked that her son was subtly checking out her pert breasts and flat stomach. Her legs were draped over his lap and she began reveling in the sense of her very naked presence and giggled thinking about being the "hot naked model" on the couch in the ubiquity of her sons more noticeable erection.

Being the center of attention was her absolute favorite activity, and now that she had adopted the role for the evening of being a sexy model, she wanted to drive the attention further.

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"Does your camera have a remote?" She asked. "It does" he motioned towards his key-chain with a small silver device looking more like an unconventional garage door opener. "Let's do some nude poses, together. It'll be really fun for us to both go for it." Jason, a little nervous about having an erection pulled his shirt off and got into his boxers which looked ridiculous tented and not hiding anything at all.

His mother, being a little less inhibited, chirped to take them off, pulled her panties over her pumps and twirling them in her hand.

She was completely trimmed save for the small patch above her lips. He pulled his boxers off while facing his mom, while his erection pointed up like a banana. Katherine LOVED the feeling this must be giving him and wanted to continue letting it develop for the sake of her own thrill. "C'mon." She motioned for him to stand behind her while he finished fixing the camera in his tripod.

She stood in front of him and gushed at the her chance to be sexy and in control in her own living room with her naked son modeling with her.

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She reached down and fit her hand around the soft skin of his hard cock and fit him nicely between her squeezed thighs. His penis was a little too big to hide even standing behind his mom.

He had his hands on her hips and his cock pushed out past her legs and against her lips, into her gaze. "Ok, don't be shy all the sudden, Mr compliment. You're a model too now, so use your hands to cover me." With Jasons cock squeezed in his mothers thighs, he slid his hands up her body from her hips and cupped her breasts, with her nipples between his first two fingers on either hand.

He took no small step making sure that he was physically letting her know he was appreciating this opportunity to feel his mom up in this hot compromising position.

She had the remote in her left hand with her right was cupped over her crotch, which happened to be fitting softly right around the protruding inch or so of his erect cock.

She asked him to show her the shutter button on the remote and as soon as he reached to put his finger on it, she motioned his hand right back up to its place cupping her right breast. They stood for a few shots with his hands cupping her, her left hand hovering over her crotch and her right reached behind them clicking the remote. She wiggled her hips just enough to know her lips were very alert touching the veins and shaft of her son behind her.

She leaned forward with him and kept her hand over her his head, letting her fingers feel more of his circumcised foreskin. He pressed his pelvis firmly against her from behind and felt her lips form around the top of his shaft while slid his hands from her breasts to her shoulders and placed his hand on the back of her neck.

She leaned further down to the floor and placed her palms on front of her. "Almost forgot!" She reached her arm back up behind her with the remote and handed it up. He held his arms behind his back and triggered the camera while looking down on the nude form of his mother his entire waist was leaned into his erection, with his head pushing into her navel. Jason took the opportunity to adjust himself and enjoy the unreal feeling of his mother's wet lips dragging against against the top of his shaft.

She went with it too and bent her knees just slightly in with his movement. She pulled her arms to her waist and lifted herself slowly up. She pushed against him and his cock ached forward just enough that his head pushed into her wet lips, barely penetrating into her. Standing still, she clicked the shutter again and reached his hand down to cover her.

The situation was entirely in her control and Katherine knew she wanted to press the tension of this sexy modeling session she was doing with her son. Katherine grabbed her sons hand and pulled him to the couch where she pushed him down to sit.


She sat again facing away from him and positioned over his erection while her legs were draped over his legs. His penis still pointing straight up was pretty un-hidable. She reached down to cover him with both of her hands and wasn't able to hide much. She squeezed her hand around his erection and slowly stroked up his shaft. "Ok, time to hide this guy if we want to keep being artistic for photos. Are you ok with that?" she smiled. Jason pushed his hips slightly forward enough to feel him penis pushing headfirst inside his mom who was coyly positioned just enough to let only his tip push into her lips at first.

She moved a little more and started to feel the sexy tingle of his fat head pushed in and making its way slowly deeper. Jason was really rigid and incredibly horny on top of being tense.

He didn't want to do anything to end the session or to stop his incredibly sexy mom from sliding her cunt further onto his cock, or say anything that would fuck up this.

maybe the only chance he might ever have to get to actually screw his long lustful feelings into the very body he was now worshiping. "OK model, you have to get into our pose.

you're supposed to relax for our pictures to be real and completely sexy." With that, his mother lowered her hips, and engulfed more then half of his length.

She was so turned on by how kinky she was letting her self be, and letting her son get to be her stand in male model. She relaxed her legs, still wearing her hot orange pumps and moved further down his erection until she sat completely on him, grinding her hips in very tiny movements, just enough to pretend she wasn't completely enjoying the thrill she was giving her teenage son. How many other photographers get to shoot their moms like this? How many other son's actually get to live out trying sex with their mom like this?

Jason slid his hands up and started feeling him mother up while grinding his cock slowly into her. "Mmm. This looks so good right now on your screen" she said looking straight into the lcd of the camera and reaching forward to position it on her mounted hips. The camera beeped, and the battery monitor started making its familiar red blink.

There wouldn't be energy for long. She posed leaning forward and grabbed her ankles, did another with her feet pulled up and Jason's hands grabbing her hair and holding her head down by his side while he kept his cock slowly pumping into her. "Want to get my lips really puffy and red for a shot?" She raised her hips up until his tip was just barely in, giving Jason license to start slamming his cock in while she hid tiny yelps and furiously rubbed her clit.

She abruptly reached her hands down, raised off of her son, who had been playing the role of the male model and lifted off of his huge wet hard on and grabbed the camera to take pictures of her very red puffy vagina hovering over his rigid phallus.

With another flash and a beep. the camera died and she ended the practice shoot. Her son sat on the couch with a raging erection, stroking himself with his mother's wetness on him and her amazing sexy body walking around naked in front of him picking up her things. Her hair was tussled from the half minute or so she allowed herself to just go for it and give herself a chance to get fucked by her aspiring son.

Katherine asked, "Go charge your battery, I want try posing a little more in a few of my skimpier outfits." .


to be continued?