Sweet sampling of a delectabe ramrod

Sweet sampling of a delectabe ramrod
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A magic lamp. I had found a magic lamp. How did I know? Because the when I rubbed it a genie came out of it, that's how! It all started when my dad the archaeologist brought me back this old, golden lamp from Egypt.

He said it looked like the lamp from "Aladdin", and I liked the ancient feel of it. Well, that night, just before I went to sleep, I was holding the lamp, inspecting the strange signs on it. A small bit of dirt was visible, so I rubbed my fingers against it to clean the mark. As the dirt fell away, a pinkish smoke began to rise out of the lamp. I remember thinking "Holy shit what the fuck?

Is this poisonous?!" and rising out of my bed very quickly. As the smoke began to take shape, I ran over and closed my door. I didn't want any loud noises potentially waking anyone up. Sixteen years old at the time, I was just thinking that it was time to watch some porn on the good old computer, but now something was going on. The smoke formed, slowly, into the shape of a…girl? She was wearing a very light pink outfit…and wow!

With nothing but a few strips of ribbon on her body, I began to get hard just looking at her. She was the definition of sexual desire amazingly seductive face, tanned body, big, round tits, and a perfect ass. I fell back onto my bed, trying meekly to hide my growing erection under my blankets. All I could get out was a tiny "Uh…hello?" "Hello young master!

I am Jayna, genie of the lamp! What are you're desires?" she said, with a very soothing, calming voice. It was beautiful. "My…My desires? What?" "Yes, your desires! Haven't you heard the myths about genies? I travel the world out of my lamp invisibly, so I am aware of all of your stories about us. Do you require me to speak this proper English with you?" "Well No, you can speak comfortably.

I mean are you seriously a genie? Like, you're gonna grant me three wishes and stuff? This can't be a dream…" I said. "Well actually, that's not really how it goes. You see, you're only guaranteed one wish. I can give you more though, depending on how much I like you. Fun, huh?" she said, smiling at me. "I guess so. Wow.

Well, I'm Chris. Nice to meet you…Jeanna was it?" "Jayna. And nice to meet you too Chris. How old are you?" "Sorry, sixteen." "Sixteen, really? I've only been a genie for around 18 years actually, so I'm extremely young for a genie.

Lucky you! Hahaha!" she laughed. "Well why exactly does that make me lucky?" I asked. "Really, I'm not sure. Why exactly are you…staring at me like that?" she inquired. "Oh…sorry. I was…uh…I can't help it. Hormones are out of control I guess," I said, blushing. "No need to be sorry. Hormones? What are those?" "Well&hellip.really I'm not sure. But, you're really beautiful," I said.

"Why thank you, master Chris!

That is a very kind thing to say!" "It's absolutely true though Jayna! You're the hottest girl I've ever seen in real life!" I said, blushing even more now. I saw her eyes dart over to my computer, with a porn site on it. I had completely forgotten. "I see that I disturbed you at a most inappropriate time master Chris…" she trailed off, looking away.

"No no no! I'm sorry Jayna, I just…you know…was going to…relieve myself? Ah, that came out wrong. I'm sorry, please don't go back into the lamp yet!" "Okay then, I will do as you say. Why exactly do you watch this…porn?" she asked, truly curious.

"Well, us young kids need to…you know…let loose every once and a while," I said. "Let loose? Are you referring to ejaculation?" she asked innocently. Very red now, I responded "Well, yes, that's it. Are you like, not embarrassed by that at all?" She smiled. "Embarrassed? Why should I be? Is it not natural?" I nodded my head and let out a little laugh. She started, "Well, do you still have to…do it?" "Well, yea, I think so.

Seeing you all sexy over there isn't helping me really," I said, removing the blanket from my bulge in my pajamas. I don't know WHERE all that boldness came from, but I appreciated it a lot. "If you want, I can help you with that!" she said, whispering softly. "You You'd what?!

Really?" I stuttered. "Have you ever been with a girl before master Chris?" She asked. "Well…no, I haven't. Not yet," I said. "Can I be your first? I'll do whatever you want master." "This is the luckiest day of my life.

You're so hot Jayna, of course you can do anything to me," I said, nervous. "Direct me master," was all she said. She walked closer to my bed and got on top of it. Lowering her head, she lifted my shirt and began to kiss my chest. I began to breathe hard already. She giggled and softly brushed her lips against mine. As she continued, my dick only got stiffer and stiffer. She slid down my body and, grabbing my pajama pants with her fingers, she slid both them and my boxers down slowly.

My cock popped out, sticking straight up in the air, all 8 inches of it. I was quite blessed with such a large dick, and I was proud of it. "What is your wish, master Chris?" she asked playfully, breathing softly on my cock, making it twitch. "Um…as long as I cum I'm good Jayna…I mean, stroke it, suck it, whatever, I'm not going to last long anyway," I said.

"Well, for today, I'll do one thing, and tomorrow's another day," she said. I smiled to myself in bliss and closed my eyes. She grasped my hard cock in one hand and began to stroke me. Her magic made her hands wet, and my dick was instantly lubed. She stroked softly, making sure not to make me cum yet. As her right hand moved up and down, her left explored my body, rubbing my chest, abs, and eventually making its way down to my ass. I shuddered as waves of pleasure shook through my body. Her hand rhythmically pumped my long shaft, and I heard sloppy sounds from the slickness of my cock.

Opening my eyes, I looked down at her jerking me off and saw that her tongue was out and she was softly panting. My hands slowly moved down to the back of her head, and I guided her mouth to my cock. I thought to myself, even if I cum in two seconds, I need to feel a blowjob right now. She moved compliantly, allowing me to move her freely. As I pushed her down on my thick cock, I felt myself slide into her mouth, her tongue licking the underside of my dick.

Pushing herself against me, my cock slid deeper and deeper down her throat, until her lips rubbed my balls and her roaming tongue could lick them.

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I remember thinking "So this is deepthroat oh shit…" and I lost it. As my orgasm began, I bucked my hips wildly and my hands instinctively pushed her head deeper down onto my cock. I began to spray cum into her mouth, but she seemed to not mind at all, even though there was no way she could possibly be breathing. I don't think there is any way that a normal girl could have kept sucking as perfectly as she did as my hands pushed my cock as deep as possible into her seemingly depthless mouth, wet and slippery with spit and cum.

I continued my spasms until my entire cock was empty, and, looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes, she lifted her head off of my softening dick. Cum dribbling out of her mouth all over my shaft and balls, she quickly moved her hand to her mouth and smiled. Breathing hard with my eyes closed, I started laughing softly. "What is it master Chris?" she asked. "Nothing, that was just&hellip.amazing. You're really good at that!" "Well, I aaaam a genie!" she said, also laughing.

Within a few minutes, I had my pants back on and we were talking.

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She seemed like a pretty normal girl except for, you know, the whole "genie-in-a-lamp" thing. I asked her if she could stay outside her lamp, and she said that it was up to me, until I had my wishes granted.

She also said that nobody besides myself could actually see her, unless, of course, I wanted them to. "Well, Jee, can I call you Jee? Jay? Na?" I started. "Any of them sound fine," she said, sitting on my bed as I got up to turn the computer off. "Well, you see, I was wondering if if you could…be my girlfriend?" I asked quickly, blushing.

"Really? Me be master Chris's girlfriend? Sure that'll be fun!" she said very childishly and enthusiastically. "You don't have to keep using the whole 'master' thing, okay? Don't worry about it Jay," I said. I didn't sleep much that night, maybe an hour or two tops. Anyways, the next day was Saturday and I was extremely excited to tell my friends all about this.

Jay had said that she would be happy to meet my friends, and that she'd be even happier to help me pull some tricks on them. She had no problem at all with anything sexual that I told her, and she seemed to actually be more interested in sex than about anything I told her of my life, hobbies, and interests. I told her that she would never have to go into the lamp again unless she wanted to, and I said she was more than welcome to sleep in my bed, provided that she remained invisible to all but myself.

She happily complied. As she laid next to me, my mind filled with many thoughts of sex for the first time with such an amazingly hot girl, but I restrained myself as best I could. As she said goodnight and turned over, her ass rubbing against my leg, she calmly stated, "I hope you don't mind Master, but in my lamp I never sleep with clothes…" and 'poof', they were gone. I thought to myself, "Shit&hellip.I wanna cry…", and pushed myself to not try and have sex with her.

That would have to wait. I turned over to her, put an arm over her, pulled in close, my cock in my boxers rubbing her ass gently, and went to sleep. SATURDAY The next morning I rose to find myself in bed alone. I got extremely nervous at the idea of everything being a dream, but as I saw the lamp on my bed-table, I hoped for the best.

Going downstairs, I saw a note on my bedroom door: "Chris, We'll be home at around 5:00. Went out to do errands.

Love, Mom, Dad, Chrissy" "Okay, so they were out of the house until much later," I thought. Walking down the steps, I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Jay! Oh my god you scared me!" I said, almost tripping. "Silly, why did you get scared? You knew I was here!" she said, smiling. "Ugh, I need some breakfast.

Do you know how to cook, almighty geniess?" I asked, praising her. "Cook?


Jeez, you forget about magic really quickly, don't you? I'm a genie, why would I have to cook?" she said, pointing out a finger to the table. "What do you want? I can make it." "Uhm…hmmmmm&hellip.Lemme get……a chocolate- chocolate chip muffin with some nicely sliced pinapple pieces on the side, and also let me have some hot chocolate, just the way I like it, if you can read my mind. It's hard to explain," I said, thinking hard. "Hm.

Okay," she said, and 'poof', it was there. I was amazed. Everything I had asked for was there, on the table. It had come from nowhere, but it was most definitely there now. "Jay! You're amazing! Holy crap!" I shouted, giving her a hug. "Well, what can I say?

I aaaam pretty amazing," she said, smiling. As I ate we talked about what we were going to do today with my friends. We had a bunch of plan's laid out, and I was so excited to get out of the house that we got to my friend Ryan's house by 10:30. "Okay Jay, now you make yourself look like who?" I asked, making sure she remembered. "House number one&hellip.friend is Ryan right?

Okay I turn into&hellip.Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret Model!" she said, becoming her before my eyes. I looked at her in the clothes she had 'poofed', a tight tank-top and jeans that showed plenty of belly and drooled. "Don't stare silly," she giggled, positioning my mouth and head back to normal positions.

I rang the doorbell, shaking my head at Ryan's reaction in my mind. As he came to the door, yawning, I saw him do a double-take, and then, stuttering, he got out, "What the Chris, are you shitting me right now or are you standing there with Adriana Lima?" I laughed and we went up to his room, Ryan walking in the back and staring helplessly. When we got to his room, I introduced them. "Jay, this is Ryan. Ryan, Jay," I said, pointing.

"Hm, Jay? Where does Jay come from?" he asked, frowning. "Shi oh uhm…that's the nickname she likes," I said, looking at her. She smiled and began talking to Ryan. We explained how she was crazy about me, and how we had gotten to know each other. Ryan's eyes must have tripled in size as she spoke, and I couldn't hold back all my laughter.

"Chris…uh, well, you have any friends for me?" Ryan asked playfully. "Very nice to meet you also, Adri I mean, Jay." "Nope, sorry buddy, I'm sold out," I said, laughing again.

After a short while, we told Ryan the truth, and Jayna went back to her real form. Ryan pretty much bugged out even more at this, seeing how she was even hotter now. He had a lot of trouble believing that she was a genie, but after a few short magic tricks, she had him convinced.

He pulled me out of the room for a minute to fiercely interrogate me. "Dude what the fuck?! A GENIE!?!!" he yelled in amazement. "This shit is crazy man!" "I know," I said.

"But man, she's really cool. Besides the fact that she sucked me off last night, I think I'm actually really starting to like her," I told him. "Whoa, whoa, she did what?!

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If she's your genie, can't you get her to like, you know, suck me off?" "Dude, didn't I just say that I was really starting to like her?" I asked impatiently. "Well…how about just this once? Pleeease?" he begged me. "Well let's see what she thinks," I said, opening the door. Jay was sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, flipping through channels on the TV.

She looked just like a normal teenage girl. But she was so much more than that… "Hey Jay?" I walked up to her. "Ryan has a favor to ask of you." Blushing fiercely, Ryan stammered, "Well Well I, uh…I was wondering if, you know, you could…like, make me cum? Any way you want? Please?" He was stuttering. She smiled.

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"What do you think Chris?" I looked at her. "I…It's up to you really." I don't know why, but after being with this girl for one day, I was already starting to feel extremely protective of her. The thing I wanted most in the world right now was for her to say no to Ryan and to come back home with me.

It may have been my teenage hormones causing me to have a huge crush on her, but they were really affecting me. "Well then, I think I'll do this for you Ryan," she said, smiling at me with a twinkle in her eyes. She pointed to his closet, snapped her fingers, and stood up. "Well Chris, I think we should go now," she said, grabbing my hand and leading me out. "Check your closet when we leave Ryan. Nice meeting you, and have fun," she said, winking.

When we got outside, I barraged Jay with questions, and she told me that she had created a one-time look-alike of some supermodel that would do whatever Ryan told her to, but she only lasted for 24 hours. I knew he'd have fun with that. "So Jay, just wondering, why didn't you, you know, do whatever to Ryan yourself? I mean, you were pretty amazing to me…" I asked her, walking along the sidewalk on a very quiet road.

She looked at me with a serious look. "Did you want me to?" she asked. I looked up. "Actually, the thing I wanted least in the world was for you to do that for him or any guy, I mean and I'm not sure why. I know I just met you, but you know, I kinda like you Jay," I said, blushing now. "Really? My master is falling for me. How cute!" she exclaimed, her eyes beaming. I just smiled as we walked back home.

It was 2:30 and I wanted to watch some football. Sitting on the couch and turning on the TV, I asked Jay if she liked sports. "I do, actually. I like to play basketball, you know," she said, walking over to me and sitting down on the couch. "Really?

I'll have to play you later then," I told her. "Of course, I'll have to go easy on you," I said, tauntingly. "You think so, huh macho-man?" she said, pointing at me. Instantly, I had a huge erection which propped up my shorts. My dick was so hard that it was hurting me. "Ahh please stop, its hurting me!" I told her. Instantly she stopped. "Oh my gosh I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, you know that right Chris?" she apologized, massaging my now soft dick with her hand through my shorts.

"Feel better?" "Uh…" I moaned softly. "Much." "We will have to play later then," she said, sticking her hand in my shorts. "You want me to help you get off?" she asked innocently. I looked at her.

"You know I would Jay. I just want you to know though, it's not that I like you just because you're so great at sexual stuff. I really like you for you. Just thought I'd throw that out there," I said, turning red. "Chris, that's the best thing anyone's ever said to me.

Thanks," she said, really meaning it. Her hand grabbed around in my shorts, eventually grasping my shaft. To lube me up this time she actually took her hand out of my shorts and licked it slowly, making sure I could watch her. She lowered my shorts so my cock could pop out, and pulled them to the floor.

Rearranging herself on the couch, she calmly asked "So who's playing?" as she poofed off her shirt. As I got a glimpse of her perfect chest, I got out a quick "Kansas-Missouri" as her now wet hand grabbed my hardening dick.

She smiled and said "Oh, good game," as she began to stroke me. Still sitting on the couch with her to my right, I slouched down as I felt her cool, wet hand go up and down my 8 inch cock. As she increased her speed, she slightly twisted her wrist, making my orgasm build slowly. She stopped for a second, this time sitting on my lap, facing me, wrapping her legs around my back.

Her tits were inches from my face, and she continued to jerk me off. "You like that?" she asked. "Hell yea I like that! I love those," I said, nodding towards her chest. She smiled. "Play with them silly! That's why I moved." I gaped. Moving my hands slowly, I slowly squeezed her breasts, very gently. As my hands moved, Jay closed her eyes and moaned softly, her left hand putting a finger in her mouth. She then moved both hands to my dick, stroking me with two hands.

I leaned forward, slowly putting my tongue on her tits and licking them. Acting on all the porn I had ever watched, I began to slowly suck her perfectly formed nipples, using very little force. I hugged her and licked her cleavage, making her chest wet. "You know Chris, you're pretty good at that mmm oh yea," she moaned as she jerked my cock. I was getting really turned on by both my first time seeing naked breasts in real life and by her moaning. She slowly drooled, allowing her spit to fall on my cock and quickly lubing up my shaft with quick jerks.

"Ahhh…Jay I'm gonna cum…mmmmm" I moaned as she jerked faster and faster. After I spoke, she let go instantly, and my orgasm subdued. "Wha Huh?" I didn't know what she was doing. "Hold on, you got my tits all wet I want you to try something," she said, smiling and getting on her knees in front of the couch.

She slowly wrapped my dick in her tits and began stroking me like that. The soft wetness of her tits around my shaft was sensational. "Jay…ohh yeaa that's amazing…" I moaned.

She began to lick the head of my dick as it popped up and continued titty fucking me. I jerked my hips into her. "Cumming!" I moaned, as I began to shoot. She kept bouncing up and down, and my first spurt of cum hit her chin. My cock still squirted, covering her cleavage with cum as she soldierly continued her task. When my cock stopped, she backed off, stroked it a few times, and sat back down on the couch. My cock softened onto my leg. "Chris, your dick is really great!" she said.

"So, did you like that?" "I freakin loved it!" I said, still breathing hard. "I loved it." I leaned towards her and kissed her. I don't know what gave me the courage, but I kissed her. We must have been like that for a minute, and I caressed her body in a loving way, enjoying being near her. As she backed off, she giggled. "So I think you kinda like me," she played. "Me, the genie!" I laughed. "A genie…two days ago I woulda laughed at the thought of a genie…but now…I'm in love with one!" "Chris, it's been a day.

You really don't know me yet," she said. "I'm going to try to know you. I really am," I said. "I'm crazy about you. I don't know what I'm going to do on Monday…how can I go through school without thinking about you?" "Maybe I'll pay you a little visit," she said, winking at me. I laughed. "That would be very nice," I laughed. We watched the football game together, her leaning on me in my arms.

Within an hour, she had fallen asleep. I looked at her and glanced up. "Thank you." MONDAY Brriiiiiiiiiiiiiinngg!! The weekend had been amazing, but now was my first school day with my own personal genie! As my 7:00AM alarm rang, I grumpily rose from my bed, only to see Jay there in a really hot school uniform. "Uhm…Jay, you know that I don't wear a uniform, right? And you also know that you kinda have to stay invisible, right?" I said "Yup, of course I know that!

But I can still try this on, can't I? I think it looks nice!" she said, clearly wide awake. "It looks more than nice, I can tell you that. By the way, what time do you wake up?" "Well…whenever I want to really. I mean, I'm not even sure what time I woke up this morning," she said, looking curious now. "Well, we're off. Let's go, the bus ride is pretty long," I said, leading her out.

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As I stepped out the front door, my mom watering the grass waved a "Good bye Chris have a good day at school" and I was off. On the bus, I had a seat to myself so Jay sat near me, even though no one else could see her. She was blasting me with questions, asking about my teachers, classes, other friends, and everything pertaining to school.

I told her that she'd be seeing all of it. It was first period, Math class. Pre-calculus is just a subject that I don't like, I don't see a point for it. I sat near my friend Matt and we worked on drawing a comic that we had been making.

It was over 10 pages long now, and if I do say so myself, it was pretty funny and action-packed. "What are you guys doing?" Jay asked while she watched us draw. "Making a comic," I said, not looking up. Matt looked at me quizzically, and continued drawing. I looked at Jay and shook my head, indicating that I'd have to talk to her later.

At lunch, as I was waiting on line, a kid who I really don't like, Tom, walked up to me and decided that today he'd want me to buy his lunch for him. Well, I don't know where he got this idea from, seeing as how I am around 5'10", 180 lbs and am the starting running back for my high school football team.

He is bigger than me at around 6'0" 200 lbs, but by no means stronger. "Fuck off Tom, I'm not giving you anything," I said, brushing him aside. "Whoa whoa, tough guy! I just asked for a few bucks. How about you help a guy in need? Whaddya say? I don't wanna have to make you," he started. All of a sudden, Jayna ran behind a wall and walked out from behind it, visible to everyone! I opened my mouth, but she walked over to me and slung her arm around my neck, greeting me.

As Tom as his posse stared on, I laughed and walked up on the line. Tom started, "Hey babe, what are you hangin around with this loser for? If you want a real good time, come with us," he began. "Tom, last chance. First my money, now my girl? Get the fuck outta here man," I said quite calmly. As he reached for Jay's shoulder to pull her towards him, instinct kicked in and I pushed him back.

Hard. As hard as I possibly could. He reeled backwards into a vending machine and fell on his ass, clearly embarrassed. Getting up, another big kid tried to hold me as Tom wound up a punch, which connected with my stomach. I was used to getting hit from football. The kid behind me let go, thinking I would fall, but I hit Tom once across the face, a full punch, and he was down. Teachers ran over, and I knew I was in trouble. When the principal walked over, he calmly placed his hand on my shoulder, said a quick "Good work, son" and walked on.

I was in shock. Then I looked at a once-again invisible Jay and saw her laughing. "Wow" I thought. "That was a good one." Last class of the day, Art History. Who's ever heard of Art History? Well, we sit in a really dark room and watch extremely boring slideshows of ancient paintings. Boring. "Jay, can you like…get us out of here?" I begged her, putting my head in my arms. "Well, that wouldn't be good! You need your schooling mister," she said sarcastically.

"Well, I can at least make it better for you," she said, softly moving under my deck. "Jay! Here?!" I whispered loudly. "Are you crazy?" "Maybe a little," she said, unzipping my pants. "Relax silly, I'll mute myself out so nobody can hear me. But" she laughed, "I'll keep your volume on, so everyone can hear you. Don't make too much noise!" she warned, as her hand quickly pulled my cock out. "Man are you serious Jay? In school?!" I slammed my head into my folded arms and looked down at her.

"Jeez, you're so crazy," I said, laughing softly. She smiled up and began to stroke me. Suddenly, she popped me into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast.

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"Jay uhh are you tryin to make me blow as fast as possible?!" I whispered down to her. She nodded and continued. She deepthroated my shaft until she could lick my balls, and she swallowed so her throat would squeeze my cock. I involuntarily jerked my dick deeper into her, but there was no gag.


Jay backed off and looked up at me again. "What girl in here do you like the best?" she asked curiously. "You baby," I panted. "Without a doubt!" "Besides me silly!" "Right there Amber. Her, yea that one," I said, pointing very inconspicuously. "Okay then, look at her while I do this," she said, snapping her fingers.

Instantly, Amber's clothes disappeared to me. I saw her dark tanned body and great shape. All I could really think though was "Wow, that's great…but it just can't beat Jay's body".

Jay must have sensed something, and asked me what was wrong. "Nothing, really uh…it's nothing," I said, looking away from Amber and down at Jay. "I know it's not nothing Chris, I know you a little better than that, don't you think?" she said, stopping. "Really, it's nothing Jay. Please," I said, trying to avoid it. "I'm not gonna continue until you tell me what's up, big boy," she said, resting on her calves and looking up at me under the desk.

"It's just I mean…Jay. It's just that now, every time I see anything, I mean, ugh. I used to really like Amber. I used to want to see her naked more than any girl before. But you know what I thought when you let that wish come true for me? 'She's really nothing compared to Jay'. That's what," I blurted out. "I see," she said, looking deep into my eyes. "I know we've just met Jay, but…I don't know.

I like you.

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More than I've ever liked anyone before. If you weren't here…I don't know what I'd do," I said, really feeling sad. "You know I'll always be here for you, Chris! We're friends, and friends stick together!" she said. "You know, I've decided. Jay, you know the one wish that I get? I know what I want. What I want more than anything in the world. I want you to be free of your genie responsibilities. I mean like, you know, you don't have to do anything you don't want and you can leave me if you want, but I mean you aren't held back by that lamp any more.

You're free. I love you," I said, extremely embarrassed. "Chris…" she said, really shocked. "That's…that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…" Jay closed her eyes. A tear dropped down her cheek, and I brushed it away. Time froze. Everything around us stopped, and Jay stood up. I looked at her, and I got the same feeling I always got from looking at her. I was just happy all over. Jayne opened her eyes and stepped close to me as I stood up.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close as we embraced in a passionate kiss. I never knew this feeling before, but it was incredible. My senses were dulled, but I felt like we were spinning, and as I opened my eyes we were in my room. Jayne pushed me onto my bed as we continued to embrace.

"Jay I…Can I make love to you?" I asked timidly. "I love you too Chris," she said. It was finality. My ultimate wish. The thing I had wanted more than anything ever. I put my arms on Jay's shoulders, and slowly pulled her shirt down. Her bare shoulders and the loving grin she gave me made me shudder.

As her clothes fell away, I stared at perfection in its utmost beauty. Jay began to undress me, and before long we were completely free. Gently pushing me onto my back on the bed, she seductively climbed on top of me and laid on my body. Her breasts pushed against my chest, and my quickly hardening cock rubbed against her legs, searching for her pussy. We didn't speak, but our breaths mixed as I hugged her to me.

She sat up and turned around, going into a 69 position.

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I looked at her pussy as my heart raced. I wanted nothing more than to make her feel good. As my hands moved to her ass, I felt my cock enveloped by a warm, wet sensation and I knew that she was sucking me. Moaning, I quickly pulled her down and began licking away at her pussy. This was my first time licking a girl's pussy. Moving my tongue very gently, I sucked and licked, trying to find her clit. As my tongue neared the top of her, she moaned and I knew I had found it.

I continued as she continued, and I knew that she would be able to last ages longer than me. She was now using her tits, lubed with spit, to rub my cock while sucking hard on the head. I was out of control, and in a few more strokes I erupted. The first shot hit her mouth and the rest smeared between her tits. I kept licking her as I moaned in ecstasy, my hands now pushing down on her head. She knew how I liked it and deepthroated my still-cumming cock.

As she swallowed repeatedly, I only had the urge to erupt more. Not feeling any sense of "the end", I knew that she was keeping me going using her magic. My cock was still rock hard and full of cum. As she sucked me for a bit more, I began to finger her deep, making her moan and making her extremely wet. With a few slow licks of my cock, she rose again, turning around to her original position. She grabbed my cock, stroked it a few times, and without warning sat on it, my entire cock entering her wet pussy.

My eyes closed, as I instantly came at the feeling of being inside her. She sighed in pleasure as my cum flowed inside her. I didn't bust that much, and she began to ride my dick. Swaying back and forth, bouncing up and down, her pussy shaped to the contours of my dick. Every couple of jerks I spurted a bit of cum into her. For a long while she did this, her magic keeping me feeling the intense pleasure of my orgasm.

It didn't stop. Slowly getting off me, my cock completely drenched in sticky cum, her pussy apparently empty, she motioned for me to get on top of her. As she lay on her back I gently put the head of my dick inside of her pussy and pushed. She hugged me tightly as I pleased her. I rested my head on her chest and licked her tits as I fucked her.

The lube of her pussy and my cum felt amazing, and I kept cumming. With each thrust into her I began to go deeper. I felt like my dick just wanted to penetrate her as deep as possible, and my thrusts started causing me to have a small orgasm each time.

As she squeezed my head into her chest and moaned with her orgasm, I sighed once again in ecstasy. I slowly pulled my dick out, as she began to rub it with her feet. My hands moved away as I blasted cum all over her body, my cock being jerked by her feet. I had trouble breathing the pleasure was so intense.

My eyes closed tight and I held my breath. I thrusted involuntarily as she lifted a gentle hand to jerk the rest of the cum out of me. By the time she finished her stroking, cum covered her entire body, as well as most of my bed.

Sitting up, she smiled at me and licked her hand. "I love you, Chris. Sex like that with a genie like me can only be felt if both partners truly love one another," she said softly. Pulling her to sit on my lap, I kissed her. "Jay, I love you."