Reina got fucked while her boyfriend was working till late

Reina got fucked while her boyfriend was working till late
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3 BELLA I hated him so much. Nothing about any of this was ok or alright but how was it my fault it felt good. I was packing everything up. Chrissy was finishing off her sandcastle and dad was still standing in the water. After sitting down and crying then getting angry and then crying again I jumped up and grabbed the first esky then headed up towards the car.

It was about 10 minutes to get up the sand and down the path to the car park. I needed this time to think. I knew I could not be near dad while he drank. And what made me pack beers today. Why would I do it. First of all I didn't think anything like this would happen outside in public.


Once I dropped it in the car I headed back to grab the other one. Chrissy was heading into the water towards dad when I got back. I figured she was having a swim cos she knew we were leaving soon. I grabbed the second esky and headed back up to the car muttering to myself how it wouldn't hurt dad to help. I dropped it in the boot and sat down to catch my breath before seeing the shower block. I jumped up and headed over.

I needed to wash this day away. BILL The alcohol was still pumping through me. My cock was hard. Yes I had crossed a line days ago but this was a whole other line. In my mind was a battle right now. Bella wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was on my knees in the water.

It wasn't deep. The water only came up to my belly button. Chrissy was sitting on her bum in the water in front of me. The water came to her chest. She pulled her bathers down her arms then i watched her hand disappear as she pulled them down her belly and over her little bottom. I reached forward and pulled them down her legs faster than I meant. The water was still today but I couldn't see under the water very well. Part of me thought this was probably a good thing but another part of me wanted to see.

My breathing was getting heavy I was trying to calm down before she noticed I was acting strangely. I had to snap out of this. I had to get out of here. "honey maybe daddy should just carry you to the showers and you can wash off there.

Maybe bella can help you" I smiled at her trying to get across how that was a much better idea. "but daddy" she squealed "its hurting now and it takes ages to get back to the shower and car" now she looked like she was going to cry. " okay okay honey show me where it hurts the most then you can go and start washing in all off" She nodded and began the riggle with her hands under the water.

Then she stood and moved forward until the water only came up just above her knees. First she moved her legs apart and pointed to the top of her thighs. "in here daddy" she moved closer " up In here. Right at that moment I had a clear view of her tiny hairless pussy. So small. So delicate. I couldn't turn away. I knew I had to but i couldn't. I started to reach up. I don't know what I was planning on doing. But before I could get anywhere she quickly spun around. "and in here" her hand spread apart her arse cheeks.

I could see the sand. I could wipe it away. My finger would wipe across her tiny arse hole. "ok darlin go sit back down over there in the water and wash it off" I had to get her to move away. My cock was hard. Chrissy nodded and moved back to where she had been and resumed her original position sitting in the water. "I can't daddy. When I move the sand all gets in worse" she stood up completely naked and walked past me again until the water was her waist where he stood. Now standing behind me and shielded by me from the beach.

She started moving around again I just sat there watching I moved back away from her abit until I could sit and still have the water cover the bottom of me so Chrissy wouldnt see my hard on.

She turned back around and yelled back to me "you said you would help me dadddddyy" I knew I couldn't go to her.

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"it's okay darlin you can do it you're a big girl" as I said these words my hand found the waist band of my shorts and i grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly.

I must have closed my eyes because next minutes Chrissy right there "what are you doing daddy" she started at me quizzically. From where she was standing with the help of the murky water all Chrissy could see was my hand in my shorts "do ou have sand stuck tooooo daddy" all I could do was nod but I didn't move my hand.

"look daddy here comes Bella" I turned and saw Bella as she spotted Chrissy standing naked in the water. Then her walked turned to a run. I smiled but didn't remove my hand. Chrissy was safe from this monster I had become for another day. I had already crossed this line with Bella. Yet hadn't crossed the worst yet. I still had enough fucked up reasoning in me. Bella was here to save her sister. I smiled to myself as she stormed towards me.

BELLA I thought once I had gotten out of the shower dad and Chrissy would be at the car waiting but they werent. I didn't want to walk back down the beach after I showered so I waited a few more minutes then realized they weren't coming so I headed back down the path towards the beach to hurry them up. As I got to the edge of the sand I started scanning the beach. There. Dad was still in the water and I could just make out Chrissy standing away from him.

As I got down closer to the water i spotted Chrissy walking back over to dad i was just close enough to make them out. I could see most of Chrissy standing up and she was naked. At that moment dad looked up and me and I started to run. Why was Chrissy naked with him.

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What had he done. This was all my fault. I should never have left her alone with him. I was still running as I hit the water "what are you doing" I screamed at him "why are her swimmers off" Chrissy was staring at me. She looked scared. I saw red and stared at our father accusingly then Chrissy tugged on my arm"daddy said I could take it off to wash the sand out because the shower is to far away." I turned back to dad and noticed one of his hands was down his shorts.

His arm was moving slightly in the water, he was jerking off. I looked back up at his face.

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He was smirking at me. "Chrissy" I said smiling at her trying to sound calm and happy. I didn't want to scare her "it's ok you go over and wash off I'll stay here and wait for you" She nodded and started to head away from us into deeper water.

As soon as she wasout of ear shot I grabbed her swimmers from dad and glared at him "what the fuck are you doing. What you did and still do to me is disgusting. Don't you ever ever lay a single fucking finger on her" I screamed in his face.

Chrissy was far enough away with the wind and water she could not hear this.

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I was so angry. When dad spoke he was still slurring a bit. "don't you ever speak to me like that again young lady" he spat at me one hand still in his shorts still moving. Going faster it seemed. "I didn't touch her, I was admiring" he smirked. I felt sick. I was still standing near him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me down into the water.

His expression turned from the smirk to anger. "if your so worried about your baby sister who might I add is as much my property as you, you can get in here and help your daddy out", i pulled away from him "get off me" I squealed. "fine" he pushed me off him but didnt let go i glared at him and his smirk returned "go wait in the car Bella baby.

I'll call Chrissy up and we'll be up once I've helped her get all clean. Like I helped you earlier. If I remember correctly you rather enjoyed that" his hand moved to my thigh and he squeezed hard pulling me back towards him. I looked off over at Chrissy just as she turned and waved all smiling and happy. I forced myself to put on a big smile and waved back.

I couldn't let anything happen to her. I had to be her protector now. I turned back towards dad. I looked at this man who was meant to protect me and care for me. I hoped he could see the hate in my eyes as I sat down. He knew as long as I would protect Chrissy he would win. BILL I was out of control. I knew that.

But to be completely honest if Bella had not come over when she had I don't know what I would have done to Chrissy.

I pulled Bella down to my lap hard. I know she felt my hard cock because I heard her squeal as it stabbed at her pussy hole through her bikini bottoms. I didn't waste any time I started to grind her slowly back and forth over my cock. Not moving too much because I could see Chrissy looking over a little confused to why Bella was on my lap again. I waved and yelled out to her to go a little deeper and wash off like she was meant to be doing. She nodded and moved even further away. That was my queue to moved Bella a little faster.

I pulled at her thighs to spread them apart over my legs. Then leant in close to her ear. I started to kiss along her neck line. "why do you keep doing this daddy" Bella whispered I could hear the tears in her voice. That word, daddy, had the opposite affect on me in my current state than it should have. I moved both hands further up her thighs while still grinding her over my rock hard cockI rubbed one hand over her pussy with only her bikini bottoms between my hand and what I wanted.

I leant in close to her ear to answer her question "daddy does this because he can princess. And because I know there's a part of you that wants this. I've watched you and you love it. And I know you don't want daddy to have to look somewhere else do you, I know you want to protect the ones you love. Don't you Bella" I hadnt stopped moving her back and forth nor had I stopped rubbing her.

I heard her start to cry. It made me push harder. I felt her give up on that small bit of hope she had that kept her fighting against me even when it didn't work. It made me move faster.

I felt her go slack as if saying just do what you want. I guess she just wanted it over with. But it made me want it more. I had seen her enjoy things I had done. And now I needed that to justify what I was doing. I looked up to check where Chrissy was. I caught her quickly turn back away from us. She wasn't looking so I went ahead. I wrapped one arm around Bella's waist holding her arms against her sides pushing her down against me hard and started pushing up into her as I rubbed up against her.

My other hand was still rubbing her pussy but seeing as she wasn't going anywhere I pushed my hand up under her bikini bottoms and rubbed fast and hard at her clit. She was slimy and wet. My finger slipped in between her lips with ease and I felt her draw in a breath i kept it all and rubbed up and down faster and faster.

Her breathing became rapid. Short. I could feel her pushing back on to me and up to meet my fingers. I knew not to say anything. I couldn't break this spell she seemed under. Now I had my reason. I was not in the wrong she wanted this. I became greedy. I wanted more. I pushed my finger inside her tight pussy. Not stopping for a second just going straight for hard fast finger fucking. Her head arched back. She let out a loud moan and I feel her cum over my fingers and hand before feeling it wash away again with the water.

She dropped her head then and the tears really started to come. I looked up. Chrissy was turned looking off to the side. Had she been watching. What did she think was happening. Now Bella was trying to pull her legs back together. My hand was still between them. I use that hand to move her bottoms down a bit and to the side and place my hard cock against her pussy and continue rubbing her back and forth over me.

Bella stops fighting me and shivers occasionally. I get bold and starts to go harder, faster until the head of my cock is starting to try and enter her cunt whole. Just the thought of this makes me cum and as I do I reached up to Bella one hand gripping her hair and pulling her head back to me violently while the other I place in the side of her face and push my fingers in between her lips feeling her tongue brush over it.

I feel the wetness of her cheek. I can still feel the tears falling down her face. I pull her harder back into me and I whisper in her ear as I let out one last groan "daddy loves you" BELLA My entire body shivers with pleasure and cramps up with horrible sickening feelings at the same time. We are in our way home now. Dad is sober and therefore acting strange not really talking or looking at anyone. He looks sad and I start to feel guilt when I realize he does not deserve any sympathy.

Chrissy kept trying to talk to dad but was only getting one word responses. "daddy why was Bella on your knee again. We're you bouncing her again. Cos you never bounce me" I looked up waiting to hear a response to this. He said nothing.

I turned to Chrissy "daddy was just a bit lonely and needed a cuddle. Next time daddy is lonely you can be the one to cuddle him ok." I hoped she didn't ask any more questions. I looked at dad. He had a sad smile on his lips. Though I don't understand what he could be smiling at. After an hour or so of driving Chrissy fell asleep. I kept wanting I try and talk to dad while he was sober but I didn't know how to begin.

"ah dad?" he looked at me. I opened me mouth but he just shook his head. "I'm sorry" he mumbled ad gave my leg a soft squeeze. I couldn't reply. I wanted him to know sorry wasn't enough but I was tired. I fell asleep before I could say anything. And when I woke next dad was laying me onto my bed. I jumped startled at seeing him leaning over me while I slept.


He jumped back mumbled more apologies and left as quick as he could. I guess I fell back asleep. I dreamt that night that dad had come into my room while I slept. And when I woke I found myself naked from the waist down with my legs spread really wide and he was finger fucking me. He kept saying sorry over and over and over again his hand moving faster and faster and faster until I finally woke up sweating breathing heavy.

I sat up turned my lamp on and looked around my room. My door was shut. No light coming from underneath it. I was still in my bathers and sundress I fell asleep in so I got up and stripped off. Grabbing a pair or undies and a singlet I started to get dress again. I slipped the panties up and as I did my hand rubbed against my pussy.

I was wet. Not just a little but dripping. I grabbed some tissues and wiped myself then chucked my clothes on and jumped back into bed. I lay there a while thinking about my dream. My hand drifting back towards my pussy. I was wet again. My fingers slid up and over my clit down around my arse hole with ease. I kicked my blankets off and lay down flat on my bed. Legs as far apart as I can physically manage. One hand down the front of my panties going wild on my pussy.

The other hand squeezing my breast hard. Rubbing the nipple. I was bucking my hips up to my hand and I know I was making a little noise. My fingers swiftly darting over my clit the down my dripping wet pussy lips towards my tight arsehole where I push softly before moving back up and pushing my index finger inside myself as far as u can then back up to my clit.

I arch my back and close my eyes. I become lost in it all. All I can feel is myself. Im so close to orgasm its feels amazing and I feel my panties move down giving me even more access to my own wet pussy lips. It feels like nothing I've ever felt before. I push inside with 2 fingers hard then out and back in faster and faster. I plant my feet firmly on the bed and lift my arse up in the air now rubbing wildly on myself.

I start to really let go. I can feel it coming. I can't even tell if I'm loud or not at the moment. Right as I feel the explosion of pleasure ripple thru me I drop me body back down flat on the bed. Still not opening my eyes. I move my hand back to my clit and touch it lightly.

I jump at my own touch. It's so sensitive. I move my hand away and smile to myself. Then I feel the weight in the bed change.

My eyes snap open. First thing I notice is my door is now open. Dad is sitting right in between my legs.i can't close them. My undies are in his hand. As if sensing me he lifts them to his nose and inhales deeply. All I can smell is beer. How much has he drunk. "how long have you been there?" I snap at him "this is my room. My private space GET OUT" He grabs at my hair and pulls me close. "shut up before you wake Chrissy. I've been here long enough.

You were so caught up in yourself you didn't noticed me remove you panties or rub your arse hole. Or do you just pretend not to noticed because really you want it" he spat the last words at me and pushes my back down on the bed. "well is that it slut" he whispers in my ear as he leans down over my naked body. I can feel that he is naked as well. His hard cock keeps getting pushed up against me and rubbing on me as he moved around on top of me "do you like daddy watching you. Do you like daddy touching you.

C'mon baby girl tell daddy you love him touching you" he was pressing down on top on me. I could feel his cock against my tummy as he kept talking in my ear. I could feel his hand wrapped around his dick gripping hard stroking back. And forth slowly as he breathed loudly in my ear saying things that made me shiver in both disgust as much as the opposite.

He grabbed onto a chunk of my hair and leant in close again "I said do you like your daddy touching you" he pulled my hair harder and forced me to nod "say yes Bella baby.

Don't lie to daddy. Liars get punished. Tell daddy you want him to touch youtell daddy your a slut that wants it" he laughed but there was no humor in his eyes. Just anger. He moved his hand from my hair onto my throat "tell me slut" with that he started to squeeze. I coughed trying to speak. He let up a little. I used this to try and get out from under him.

"fucking tell me you little Cunt. Stop trying to fucking lie" he grabbed back on harder than before squeezing until I started to see swirling colors. Then he stopped and asked again " what do you have to say to me Bella" I coughed and felt the tears start to fall before I could try to stop them. I looked straight into his eyes and tried to make his see my pain "I … want … you to … touch me … daddy.

" I burst into tears again at this "and " he says calmly but starts to squeeze a little anyway "I'm a slut that wants it" I spit at him like it's venom. He throws his head back laughing "oh well Bella baby if you insist. Spread them legs wide now won't ya" he knew I couldnt shut my legs if I wanted to. He had made sure of that. He was softly rubbing his hand up and along my legs moving higher slowly.

Once he reached my pussy he moved softly he didn't push. His fingers moved down my pussy lips and straight to my arse hole. He pushed softy like I sometimes do. Then a little harder. Then harder again. Now it hurt. A lot. I tried to move up but he just used my movement to flip me onto my stomach. I felt him spread my arse cheeks. His finger started pushing back up against my arse hole. Getting harder and harder until I let out a loud cry. Then I felt something different on my virgin bum hole.

I could still feel dads finger pushing on it a little faster than before but the pain wasn't as bad it was sliding in a little each time. I could still feel something else making everything feel better. It took a while but I realized it was my fathers tongue Moving in and around my arse hole. Dad pushed his hand under the front of me and then His hand rubbing fast as possible I've my clit.

I had my face pushed against my pillows attempting to cover the moans I couldn't control. I tried to move away this was humiliating. But removing the finger from my arsehole he reached up and pushed down on the back head until I started to struggle to get enough of a breath in. Then everything went black. BILL I was out of control. I was laying in my stomach between Bella's long tanned legs. I had one finger deep in her arsehole along with my tongue pushing in on it as well.

She was dripping wet. My other hand making the most of it in her clit. She was breathing hard. Moans escaping as much as I knew she was trying to hide them.

Bella started to try and squirm up away from me. Not ready for this to end I removed my fingers and pushed her head back into her pillows. I had a handful of hair. Still rubbing up in her pussy I moved mouth from her arsehole and pulled myself up pushing my hard cock into gap along her dripping wet crack.

I let go of her hair and head and started to rub against her. After a few minutes I relized she wasn't fighting it. "princess, do you like this?" no answer. I pulled back and rolled her over. She wasn't moving. I freaked. I started shaking her calling her. I felt for a pulse. There. She had obviously blacked out. Now I had my legs either side of her. I pulled her singlet top over her head. Now I had my naked teenage daughter naked, passed out and dripping wet.

I slapped her face a few times seeing if she was indeed out cold. Her lips were parted and I couldn't resist. I moved up her body and rubbed my cock along her lips, it was dripping with pre cum all over her lips and down her chin. I was squeezing it out as I moved my hand along my penis. I pushed my cock in slightly between her lips. I felt it touch her tongue, I shivered I was close to cumming. But I knew I had to make the most of this situation. I moved back down til I was back between her legs.

Running my hands from the top of her thighs slowly down towards her ankles, I lifted them up onto my shower and positioned myself ready to fuck my Bella's virgin cunt hole. I rubbed my cock over and around her pussy lips which were still wet.

I paused. What the fuck was I doing? Was I really about to cross this line. I pushed the head of my cock carefully into her Pussy. At the she wasn't awake. She doesn't have to know. I pushed in a tiny bit deeper and exploded. I wanted to ram my cock into that tight hole so hard but I pulled out and let the cum flow onto her stomach. I collapsed next to her completely exhausted. I cleaned her up and tucked her up in bed still naked.

Then I fell asleep in my own bed naked as well. BELLA I woke confused. Bits came back slowly. Dad in my room. Choking me. I blacked out. Woke up alone. I felt ok. I walked to the mirror. There were bruises on my neck and legs.

I covered them pretty well with make up. I headed to the kitchen only to find Chrissy. "Daddy said he was working in his office all day" she smiled and bounced off back to her bedroom to play. I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen and doing washing. A friend of Chrissys had come over and they were playing quietly in the bedroom. I had seen dad twice both times her was grabbing beer from the fridge. A nasty smile played on his lips when he looked me over.

It made me feel sick. I needed to stay busy and not think about him. Just keep my distance and keep an eye on Chrissy. I grabbed te vacuum cleaner and turned towards the hallway.

Chrissy and her friend came running my way giggling. I asked what was so funny but they both giggled harder and ran back to Chrissy's room. I was vacuuming the hall when the plug pulled from the wall and stopped me right outside dads office door. I could hear little girl talking. Oh god. Had Chrissy and Ruth gone back into the office.

I opened the door as silently as possible. I could see dad sitting at the computer and after a quick scan I realized the voices were coming from the computer.

What I saw on the screen stopped me in my tracks. 3 little girls, 2 of them looked maybe 7 the other about 12. One younger girl lay naked on a bed where the older girl rubs softy at her little fanny. The older girl is straddled over a pillow grinding on it. The second younger girl is doing the same. Dad has one hand on his desk, leaning closer I the screen as it zooms I in on the young girl rubbing herself on this pillow. His only hand is rubbing hard on his cock.

And he is breathing heavy. I go to pull The door shut before he notices me but it hits my foot and dad spins around still rubbing his cock.

"were you enjoying the show" he sneers at me.

"sorry I'm um going to check the girls" I stammer out and turn to retreat. "wait baby come here" he shouts after me but I pull the door shut and move as quick towards my room. I pause outside Chrissy's. I can her the girl laughing and playing. I stop and listen.

It doesn't sound like dad is following me. So for the second time today I open the door quietly just a quick peek to make sure all is good. And I wonder if what I see now is worse than before. Ruth who is only a year or so older than Chrissy is naked legs either side of a pillow. Chrissy is naked also but has blankets pulled across her lap. "those girls on your dads computer were doing it like this" Ruth said seriously Chrissy nodded and watched on while Ruth started rubbing her fanny in this pillow.

"move the blankets Chrissy ill do the other thing" Ruth pulled at the blanket as she said this. Chrissy looked unsure then nodded and pushed the completely off. I could not believe what I was seeing. Chrissy had her legs spread apart, Ruth rubbed and poked at Chrissy's fanny. Chrissy mainly only laughed. Then Ruth pulled Chrissy up and had her sitting on the pillow in the same fashion in front of her.

They both laughed and tickled each other as the moved together on this pillow. They didn't know what they were doing. How long had they watched dads movie. Did he know? Did he let them? I was lost in thought when I went to leave and I heard Chrissy say my name the same time as dad did.

I froze. I looked at Chrissy. The look on her face looked as though she didn't think anything was wrong. But Ruth looked scared embarrassed and guilty. Did she know what she was doing. I tried to pull the door shut but dad pulled against it. I stumbled back. Ruth and Chrissy both squealed. Then dad let out an almighty laugh. "well well girls what do we have here" he chuckled. Stumbling slightly.

How many had he had? "dad" I started but Chrissy cut me off "we were just copying the little girls on your movies.

They looked like they were having fun" "and you Ruthy, are you having fun?"he purred at Ruth. "um yes I guess so. It feels nice here" Ruth pointed to her fanny. I watched dads eyes go wide He smiled and inched forward "really Ruthy, show me where?" she pointed again.

He moved closer again "so it just feels good on the top there does it" she grinned at her. Ruth shook her head. "um no kinda in there a little bit" she shoulder shy. "so point for me Ruth so I understand" Ruth moved her other hand down and pulled her fanny lips slightly apart then put her finger in a little. "there" she smiled. Dad moved in and went to touch. "dad no" I half yelled "dad can I I'm talk to you outside.

He stared at me as if remember who I was or where I came from. "in a minute Bella." he grinned and turned back to the girls. I was frozen. So scared.

Dad leans in and touches Ruth on the edge of her fanny lips then smiles at her proudly making her beam. " you girls haven't done anything wrong or naughty, now Chrissy baby did it feel nice in the for you too?" He inched towards Chrissy as she nodded shyly. His smile was huge. "dad, talk now.

Outside" I grabbed his arm he smacked me away. "do you want to show daddy where too" she hesitated and dad quickly added "be a really good girl like Ruthy here" Chrissy sat up straighter and moved her legs apart.

"in here" she pushed in at her fanny and whispered. Dad moved in to touch and I grabbed him harder than before. "girls gets dressed. Dad needs to talk to me now. Just go play normal. Don't do that again please." dad was grinning as I pulled him from Chrissy's room and into his. I slammed the door and turned on him. "are you mental" I screamed "what are you going to do if Ruth goes home to re tells this story, and how dare you lay your hands on them." I could not control my self, I stepped forward and slapped his face hard.

He just stood there and stared at me before calmly saying "Bella, I would like you to remove your pants and undies please" he was calm but that look in his eye was dangerous.

I was scared. I started to shake me head. "do as I say or go tell Chrissy to come here or better yet save Chrissy and send me Ruth." he layed back in his bed and closed his eyes "make up your mind Bella" I pulled my pants down then my undies and was left standing there in only a thin singlet top. Dad opened his eyes and sat up grinning eagerly.

He picked up a pillow and threw it over to me. "you know what to do"he laughed. I started at the pillow then up at him. "are you serious" He got up and walked over to me, grabbing me by the hair he pushed me down onto my knees using his free hand to position the pillow under me. My pussy was pushed up hard against the pillow dad was on his knees behind me.

Forcing me to keep grinding back and forth. At first it rubbed and hurt but as my pussy grew wet it felt better. Dad was fully clothed at least. But he was grunting as he Pushed into the back of me.

"moan baby, moan for daddy baby" he grunted in my eyes. I did nothing. He grabbed my hair harder. "moan now bitch" I moaned a little just trying to get him to stop hurting me. His free had now rubbed my moist pussy. "louder" I got a bit louder. Noticing my moaning was turning me in more. "a lot louder than that" he pulled back hard "dad the girls are next door" I snapped back.

He wasn't discouraged. "I told you I wanted louder." I moaned out really loud. His hand got faster in my pussy and I let out another before u realized what was happening.

The pillow below me was wet all down the side. "that's it girl, keep it up, maybe a little more" I did what I was told before he felt the need to inflict pain. My moans came out louder and faster and he started to join in with me. A knock at the door sent me into silence. I tried to scramble up and cover myself but dad pulled me back into him "did I say stop moving" he whispered at me and started forcing me back and forth again. Still rubbing me. "or tell you that you could stop moaning" I started rubbing back and forth and moaning a little not like before but he seemed satisfied.

"who's there" he sing song answered the knock. "it's us" Chrissy and Ruth replied in unison. "oh good girl come in I want to show you something" I tried to turn and look at him he pushed me back. I stopped moaning he pushed at me til I started again. I looked up and was met with but Chrissy and Ruth watching me in this pillow with dad behind me still grunting. Not ashamed at all. My moans were now sounding more like whimpers.

Chrissy looked on at us with curiosity in her eyes. But Ruth's eyes went straight to my fathers hand on my pussy. She smiled. BILL Today was turning out ok. Right now I had Bella half naked straddling a pillow pushed up against me. Her pussy was so wet my fingers kept slipping in. Now Chrissy and Ruth and walked in. Both so innocent. I going to show them that Bella was wrong before. It's ok from the girls to do stuff like this. As long as daddy can watch.

I felt on top of the world. Chrissy was watching us both. But Ruth was watching my hand rub furiously over Bellas pussy and she was smiling.

I leant in close to Bella's ear. "moan louder, and fucking smile" she did as she was told and Chrissy spoke up. "what are you doing with Bella daddy" "it looks fun" Ruth added before I'd answered Chrissy. "I was helping Bella get that nice feeling in here" I pushed my fingers in between Bella pussy lips and Chrissy looked down for the first time. "why is Bella cryng" Chrissy asked. "maybe you can hop out just until Bella feels all happy again Then maybe you can come back in" Chrissy nodded and walked towards the door.

"c'mon Ruthy let's go back to my room " Chrissy asked. "Ina minute Chrissy. I'll catch up." Bella hung her head.

"what can I help you with Ruthy" I asked smiling at her. My hand was still rubbing Bella and small moans were escaping. Ruthy just kept watching. "can I um maybe touch it" she asked shyly. "what" Bella asked alarmed. "if that's ok. Ive never touched one with hair." Now I could help but smile.

Ruth was maybe 8 tops. Where was this coming from. "of course, Bella doesn't mind do you Bella?" I placed my hand under her throat as I said this all she did was shake her head, I nodded at Ruth to continue. She got down on her knees and pushed one fingers into the hair then pulled down Bella's lips. She was smiling when she looked up at me.

"it's all warm and gooey" Then her finger found its way down to mine and she pushed inside Bella along my finger. She never took her eyes off me. At that moment I realized I was being seduced by a child. And to be honest I wanted that girl alone with me but I knew I should just get rid of her for a while. "okay sweetheart. Back to Chrissy." I'll come see you once I'm finished here" she nodded and stood but didn't move.

I wondered how far this little girl would go. I stood and told Bella to lay in the bed. She stood and walk over knowing by now there was no point in defying me. Ruth never took her eyes off me as I positioned Bella how I wanted and spread open her legs wide. "off you go princess. This is grown up stuff now. Your just a little girl" she turned and headed towards the door looking rather upset.

Then stopped and turned back. I locked eyes with her as I removed my top then my shorts. Leaving me completely naked with they hard cock sticking straight up in front of me. I walked towards the bed. Bella tended. I checked to make sure Ruth seen the next bit. Ruth was captivated. I leant down and licked softly between Bella's pussy lips. I heard both Bella's and Ruth's breath catch in their throats.

Bella moaned as Chrissy asked "what does that feel like" "it feels wonderful for a girl Ruthy baby" I got up from the bed and walked towards Ruth naked. She was wearing a top and a short little frilly skirt. She smiled up at me as I stopped I front of her "now darling I told you this was adult time. Your not an adult yet princess" I took a risk and reached down to her thigh. Her smile didn't waver. I moved up further until my hand was sliding under the hem of her skirt, she moved forward a little and lifted onto her toes.

I ran my fingers lightly up the inside of her thigh then took a deep breath moved over to feel her tiny fanny covered in little knickers.

But there wasn't any knickers to feel. She mustn't have put them back on or maybe hadn't worn any. So My hand rubbed up on her child sized fanny making her giggle and me start to sweat. "you'll be a big girl like Bella soon sweetheart just go play with Chrissy for a while so I can finish playing with Bella. Then maybe we can play" She smiled and left. I closed the door behind her. "wow Bella, you may have some competition" I laughed.


Bella just stared past me. I couldn't be fucked with her bullshit right now I needed a beer. BELLA It was a new disgusting low. And what was wrong with ruth. Dad just got up and left. I can't move. I'm tired. I'm scared. And I'm over it all. I roll over and look for dads old stash of alcohol under the bed. There. Vodka. I unscrew the top and take a long drink. God what was Ruth teaching my sister. Why was this happening. Another long skull. I can feel it going to my head fast.

I sit up. The pillow dad had me on is lying at the end of the end. I pick it up. It's still wet. I glance at the closed door then rise up onto my knees and stuff the pillow between my legs pushing my pussy into the side. I start riding it slowly at first until I feel the wetness return to my pussy. Then i get faster riding it more like a cowboy now. My nearly full bottle of vodka is now nearly empty but I'm happy.

I can't remember why I was angry. This feels good. I lean back over the side of the bed swapping my now empty bottle for a half full one that was there. Then I mount my pillow again and away I go. My bottle gets lighter and so do I. My free hand finds my clit. It's feels great. My vision is a little blurred but I can still see. I can feel myself getting closer. I bucked and moan. Then collapse back Ina heap on my fathers bed.

After a few minutes I decide to get up and wind up landing on my face in the floor. I notice my nearly empty bottle and finish that off before attempting to stand again. I didn't think I'd make it to the door. I lay there on the floor for a while thinking. Then I suddenly remembered Chrissy. I stood slowly. I had to go make sure she was ok. I passed my own room. Empty. Then Chrissy's room. Also empty. Whe I got the kitchen I found Chrissy up at the bench. She looked upset.

I could tell she had been crying. I froze. What if dad had hurt her. It would be all my fault. I decided there and then that I would whatever I had to to protect Chrissy.

I moved toward her slowly. Then realised I was still only wearing a singlet top. I pulled it down enough to cover my pussy. "Chrissysweetie what's wrong?" "it doesn't matter" she snapped at me. "Chrissy you can tell me anything." "dad cares about you more, loved you more" she choked up a bit.

"no he doesn't bub. I promise. He loves you more than anything." "no he doesn't he even likes Ruthy more!" she screamed at me. Ruthy. Shit I forgot about her. Where was she. Where was dad?

"what do u mean, where are they anyway" "they are in the den, daddy took us in there so we could watch some more movies with him. And then Ruth asked if she could sit on his knee" she was sobbing now "and daddy said yes but when I asked he told me to wait. When I asked again he yelled at me and told me to come inside" She ran over and gave me a cuddle.

I know There was a thousand other questions I should have asked, but the first thing that came to my head came out "what was on the movies Chrissy?" " lots of stuff. Mainly movies about little girls who are really good and help there daddy'sdaddy said the girls were all having lots of fun, I liked the movies" she looked at me with tears in her eyes. "oh sweetheart. They aren't movies for kids.

You shouldn't be watching them. Why don't you go play in your room and I'll go get Ruth" I asked. "I don't want to play with Ruth anymore. I want her to go home!" Chrissy yelled back as he stomped to her room.

I heard the door slam. I was just happy she was safe. BILL I took both girls to the den so they could see some more movies. The first one was of 2 little girls playing with each other while a man sat and watched.

And yes I was trying to make it a reality. I kept making comment but it seemed only Ruthy got the hint. I watched her try and put her hand between Chrissy's legs. But Chrissy moved. Ruth tried 3 more times each time kooky at me after Chrissy moved away I nodded trying to tell her to try again.

Then Ruth asked to sit on my knee. I remembered the no panties thing and quickly agreed to it. She got straight up and I didn't have to do a thing she started grinding. Chrissy kept asking to get up and I kept telling her to wait then I snapped. I told her to go inside and wait there. Now It was just me and Ruthy. It was strange though. I was used to having to force Bella and part of me enjoyed that. But I didn't need that with Ruth. "can you please put your hand on there again please" she half turned to ask.

How could I say no to that. "oh of course I will sweetheart, you can call me daddy if you want" She jumped off and for a second I thought I blew it but all she did was squeal "daddy really that's so cool I don't have a daddy, but now I do" she climbed back up this time facing me and started back up running on me.

I moved my thumb to her fanny and rubbed lightly. "Ruthy baby" "yes daddy" "do you want to try something new with your new daddy" She nodded eagerly "ok daddy" I slid her off me, and yes sold was the right word she was bloody wet for an eight year old. "put your mouth around daddys cock" She nodded and got staright to it. Oh my fucking god. She was sucking like a pro.

Keep a romantic dinner with a good fuck

It took all my willpower not to ram her head down my cock but I knew she wouldn't be able to. O and on she went getting new in her mouth than I thought possible. When I finally blew my load I pulled her back and shot it all over her face. "baby have you don't that before" She smiled shyly and replied "lots of times. Mummy's boyfriend showed me how" I was gob smacked.

"what?" "um yea I do it for Danny sometimes" "does your mother know" "yes she watches"