Fuck Local Women in Rugby

Fuck Local Women in Rugby
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Growing up in Detroit as a small thriteen year old white boy was both difficult and scary. You had to watch where you walked, talked to, and most importantly, who you respected. I followed all of these small rules my entire life until my ignorance got to me, this is where things got interesting.

The class bell rang with a rusty ding as I looked up from my math book to realize that the school day was finally over. "Remember class, tommorrow is our biggest test yet! Study up!" I heard the teacher say loudly. Most likely to try and talk above the kids loud voices and laughs.

As always I slowly put my math book away slowly as well as my other school supplies and trudge out of the class. Being the last one to leave as always. Now, my entire life I've never been involved with stuff such as friends or relationships with girls. I've never been a very social person, plus no one really liked me in anyway. I think its because all of the guys think I'm gay or something because I'm not big and strong like they are. Then you have the girls who don't like me because I'm ugly to them.

Personally, I don't mind not having friends. Too big of a damn bother. I did my routine as I did every other day, I quickly got to my locker, got my bag, stuffed my supplies in there, shut my locker and got out of there. I pushed open the gum covered doors and pushed my way through kids. Aftef that I reached my sidewalk I always take to get home.

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A small rush of shallow happiness goes throughout my body as my feet touched the cracked pavement. Another day passed without any issues from other kids.


I shrug my torn backpack above my coated shoulder and start walking towards my route to my house. As I walked many thoughts came to mind. Much of it being about my test tommorrow but I wasn't too worried about it. I studied and probably know more then ninety percent of all the questions.

I turned back to see my school was nearly invisible in the afternoon fog. My head twisted back to my route and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of a large sign saying CONSTRUCTION AHEAD, NO ONE ALLOWED PASSED THIS POINT. I looked around the sign to see large cranes and steam rollers everywhere.

Digging up the street. My route. This was the only route I could take to get to my house, what now? I groaned with frusteration and turned around to go back the way I came. See if there's any other way to go that leads to my house. I started walking back the street I came, slightly sweating in my thick winter coat and blue jeans.

As I was walking back however, I saw what appeared to be a road leading to the area of my house. I quickly ran across the street and stood at the entrance of it. It did!

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It did look like it would lead me back to my route! I smiled with excitment until I saw the neighborhood around it. The houses looked as if they were abandoned and were nothing but stumps. Windows broken, doors cracked, etc.

I heard about these types of neighborhoods. They were always ran by gangs or mean black people. I heard that a white boy my age walked down this street and was shot on sight. I never knew I was going to have to walk down these streets like he had to.

What happens if I get shot? Beaten? Mugged? The possibilities are endless. I stood there, holding my bag and stared numbly at the street.

I saw no one outside and I saw no activity inside. Maybe it's one of those abandoned neighborhoods. Yeah, that's probably it. Just an old abandoned neighborhood. I laughed quietly towards myself as I realized how stupid I was. I breathed in heavely and started walking through.

The neighborhood seemed even more abandoned as I walked through it. I was half way through this disgusting place and I thought I was home free before the next thing I new, a large black man came walking out of one of the houses in front of me.

And stopped right in front of me. Blocking my way.

"Where are you going little white boy?" The large black man asked. His clothing in a way showed me he meant business. He had a large flat billed hat with it pointed backwards, as well as a large white baggy shirt with large black shorts down to his ankles. Basically an everyday black guy in Detroit. "I was just walking through here to get to my hou-" I was immediatly cut short because the large black man's fist connected with my face.

Knocking me down to the pavement and knocking the wind out of me instantly. I moaned as my head felt like it was going to explode.

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I laid there on the ground as I felt the large black mans hand wrap around my ankle and started dragging me towards the open door of his house. I tried fighting but was still in shock and didn't know what was happening. "I'm gonna show you to walk down our street again." The black man said as he walked through the open door, dragging me with him. I saw as he put my foot down and walked behind me and slammed the door behind me.

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I heard a couple clickings of locks and the next I knew, I felt hands wrap around my shoulders and pick me up to the point where I was facing the man face to face. His brown eyes looked like they had excitment in them. For what? "Get your little ass moving!" He said as he turned me around and pushed me passed the furniture of what I think is the living room, and into a small room with a large bed in the middle of it.

The room looked like shit. Clothes and trash scattered everywhere. Obviously this guy doesn't keep his stuff in check. He shoved me in the room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees to where I was looking eye to eye with his groin.

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I saw a big ass bulge in the pants and then I knew what was coming. He pulled down his pants and the next thing I knew a 10 inch cock came swooping out and smacking me right in the face. A large pair of black balls fell down behind this monster of a dick. Even the balls were huge.

The size of baseballs they seemed. "Please no. I don't wanna!" I said as I tried pulling away, but the black mans hands were kept firmly on my head. Making me look into the eye of his massive cock. "Now you're gonna find out how black cock tastes white bitch!" He said as he pushed my mouth around his prick. My mouth was suddenly ingulfed with large cock and a very salty taste.

His pre-cum. The texture of his cock was actually.good. I tried to get free but the man had a nice grip on me as he literally started to fuck my face against my will. Shoving his large cock in and out of mouth. I could only take about 4 inches into my mouth. "Take that cock in yo mouth bitch!" He said as I started to actually get into it. Within a couple minutes of pure mouth fucking I enjoyed it. I took ahold of his cock with both of my small white hands and started wrapping my tounge around his dick head.

He let out a big moan as he let go of my head and let me finish him off. My mouth ran across his dick like a runner at the olympics. Large slurping sounds filled the room as my saliva lubricated his large dick. I pulled my mouth out and in pure ectasy I moved and put one of his large balls into my mouth and started blowing his long ass member.

"Damn. White boy likes black dick don't he?" He moaned as I went to work on his dick. His balls tasted amazing.

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The texture of his ballsack was like that of a twisted lolipop. Nice, smooth, and bumpy. I went back to his dick and this time took 7 inches of the beast down my throat. Only for a second before choking.

My tounge wrapped around his shaft and I kept on sucking for another couple minutes until I heard him moan even louder and his cock twitch inside my mouth.

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The next thing I knew he grabbed my head and pulled me off his cock and instead put my face right in front of it. His cock twitched once more and the next I knew, warm white black man cum came leaping out and covering my entire white boy face.

It was like taking a shower. Cum just dressed me in itself and my entire face was soon covered with nothing but cum. I couldn't even open my eyes or mouth. I heard him panting as the last drop of cum left his cock and landed right on my forehead. "We ain't done yet white boy." He said as he picked my cum covered body up and dragged me over to the bed and bent me over.


I felt his large strong hands wrap around around my jeans and he started to unbutton them. He pulled them down in a n instant and the next thing I knew, I felt his large cock rubbing up against my asshole. "This is gonna show you white boys to never come around here again." He said, and with a mighty shove, I felt around four inches go into my body.

I screamed and tasted the cum on my face as it dripped down into my mouth. Within a couple seconds his shoved the reast of it in. Making my asshole feel like it was going to ripped apart. I felt his curly pubic hairs as they touched my ass so I knew I took it all in.

He satyed inside of me like that so my asshole would get used to his size. A minute later when my ass finally opened up. He immediatly started fucking me. His large shaft going in and out of my body. "Uh.uh.ahhh.uhhhh." I moaned as his large balls smacked up against my ass, making a smacking noise. Like you would hear in a high five. Eventually he satrted fucking me faster and faster until the bed I was being fucked on started to shake violently.

It was as if an eathquake was happening. I gave in at last and collaspased onto the bed as he fell onto me as well like a dog would while mating. It must of been a funny sight if someone was watching. A big black man on top of a small white boy. Haha. The cum on face was flying from my face and onto the bed because of the speed I was being fucked at.

Eventually I raised my ass into the air so he can get a better position. He did alright. "Here it cums white bitch! Here it cooooomes!" He shouted as I felt his cock twitch and felt what felt like a gallon of cum going into my ass. My ass jerked as he kept on cumming. He stayed ontop of me for a good couple minutes cumming inside me.


Making me his white boy toy. With the last couple humps he did, he eventually got off. His dick left my ass with a large POP and SLOP as a waterfall of cum left my asshole and drenched the carpet underneath. A pool of cum started to form a couple seconds later. "Now." the black man said. "How do you like the black cock?" I couldn't respond. I was panting hard as my cum left me. I sat in that position even after the black man left the room. Most likely to clean up.

I looked down and between my legs was the largest boner I've ever had. I got a boner.from being fucked? Thank you for reading my story, I do hope you enjoy this as this was my first story. So please be nice in the comments and ratings.

Thank you. P.S. If you want another story, just comment below.

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