Mature Hottie Kinzie Fox Jumping On A Stiff Shaft

Mature Hottie Kinzie Fox Jumping On A Stiff Shaft
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He had been watching her dance for several nights at the seedy strip joint that was a few miles outside of the town that he was sent to work. A small town with a population of under 20000, but the bar always had a large crowd of mostly average looking men who liked to drink and watch the nude girls do their thing.

For some reason this girl had popped out at him the first night he was there and he couldn't resist the urge to come back every night after work. He began to fit right in with the regulars.

The third night she had noticed his intent stares and went to his table after her stage dance. "Hi" she said. Would you like me to dance for you up close?" He couldn't take his eyes off of her beautiful hispanic body with her scantly clad breasts and pussy.

He had always loved to fantasize about young hispanic girls and here was one right now in front of him. She seemed so young and vulnerable, yet very street smart and wise. "Well of course I do, but I don't have a lot of money right now. How much will it cost me?" She smiled at him gently. "Well my going rate is usually twenty bucks, but for you tonight I will give you my introductory dance for ten.

Is that fair?" His smile was all she needed to confirm that indeed it was ok. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten as the next song started. He was totally hypnotized by her body and the way that she moved it at him. Onto him. Against him. The hard on that he had since he first walked in that night was growing harder as she pushed her 34C's to his face and lips. The song ended way too soon for his liking and he tucked the ten into her black G-string that she wore.

She kissed him gently on the cheek and thanked him. As she walked off he knew in his heart that he had to have her and live out all of his fantasies with her and on her. He had found the one.

He returned night after night for the next two weeks to watch her dance and get to know her better and gain her confidence. He knew that a dancer would not be very quick to trust any guy but he played his part well. He was always nice to her, never degraded her and each night he seemed to have more and more money. The second night that she danced for him they talked briefly afterwards.

He discovered that her name was Maria and that she was 19 years old even though her face and the way that she talked told him that she probably wasn't a day over 17 which was just fine with him. His sexual fantasies had always been much younger girls. Girls in their early to mid teens were his ultimate fantasy but he kept these secrets to himself for obvious reasons.

The next night after she had danced twice for him she told him that she was going to take a break and if he minded if she sat with him. "Of course" he said. "Sit down." He just couldn't stop staring at this teenage girls awesome body and conversation was slow in coming. Finally he said "why is it that you feel like you have to show off your body? You seem pretty smart and all.

You could get a regular job anywhere." She started telling him the regular crap about how she was in college and needed the money for school and that she had been on her own for two years, ever since her mom died and her step-dad had tried to rape her one night.

She had no friends that she trusted so she took a bus as far as her little bit of money would take her so here she was. He smiled a sympathetic smile as she told him her story, but inside he was telling himself that he knew this bitch was lying to try to make him feel sorry for her and maybe he would pay her a bit more money.

As he listened to her more he kept thinking about what he was going to do to her when and if he got her alone. She rambled on for another ten minutes and then it was time to go back to work. He watched her for the rest of the nice as she talked to the other guys and told them similar stories about herself.

All lies he thought to himself as he headed for the door that night. The next night was Friday and the place was packed. He knew that getting her to dance for him would be difficult at best but he had made sure that he had plenty of cash to flash at her. He knew all sluts were attracted to cash like a magnet. After almost two hours she spotted him and slowly and seductively walked towards his table.

"Hi baby" she said. They had been referring to each other in cute and sexual terms for a couple of days now.

"Hi sugar. Come and sit down here and talk to me." She sat down and that's when he noticed the different look on her face. A sad look almost. "What's wrong Maria?" He asked. "Oh it's nothing really. I'm three months behind on my rent and the landlord says I have to pay him $750.00 by Sunday night or I have to get out on Monday and I have no where else to go." She began to sniffle a bit now and a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

"There now. Don't cry." He said as he handed her a paper napkin to wipe her tears with. "How much money will you have by Sunday night?" "I only have a hundred now and I have never earned $650.00 in a weekend, ever." He knew that his opportunity had finally come and he wasn't going to throw it away. He had waited all of his sexual life for this. "Maria, I know that we hardly know each other but if you are willing to trust me a bit I think we can work something out." The smile that began to form on her lips turned into a questioning look as he asked her to meet him after hours at an all night bar down the road.

She seemed a bit skeptical but readily agreed. "Oh that would be great if you could help, but I cant promise you that I can pay you back." He shook his head in protest.

"Don't worry about that Maria. What I have in mind is a way for you to earn the money, but you can't tell anyone about us meeting tonight because it will affect my job if anyone there was to find out." She swore to keep their meeting secret and shortly after her shift ended he watched her pull into the parking lot of the bar in her old car.

He watched her swing her gorgeous long legs out of the drivers seat and his eyes were instantly drawn to her beautiful breasts that were barely hidden in the tight t-shirt that she wore. He escorted her to a quiet seat in the back of the place and ordered a beer for each of them. When the beers arrived he made it a point to flash a very large wad of bills for her to see. He noticed her staring at it immediately.

After a little small talk he got to the point. "Maria, what are you willingly to do for the $650.00 that you need?" She looked puzzled for a few seconds but quickly realized what he had in mind. "I always promised myself that I wouldn't do that, but you seem very nice and I feel like I can trust you, but for that much money what do you expect?" At this point he was having trouble trying not to smile too much.

He knew that he was going to finally get to live out his long awaited fantasy in real life if he played his cards right. "How do you like sex Maria? Do you like it hard or slow or really rough and impersonal. Almost like a rape you might say?" She looked down at her beer and frowned a bit. "I really don't know" she said. "I've only gone all the way with three guys from back home and they were done so fast that I didn't really get to feel much.

Except it hurt real bad at first." It felt like the mans heart was beating a million beats a minute. Could she really be that inexperienced? He was hoping that what she said was true. He looked at her gently, trying to win that last bit of trust from her before he told her what he wanted.

"Maria" he said. I am willing to pay you a lot of money for one full night of sex, but you have to be willing to do anything and everything I want you to all night." She was looking scared now, as if she were about to turn him down when he pulled the large roll of cash out again and counted out ten one hundred dollar bills.

"Here is one thousand dollars for one night. Are you willing?" There it was. The cards were all on the table now. He knew the answer already by looking at her face as her eyes bulged out of her head at the sight of that much cash. "Yes, I am willing. When and where?" He replied, "tomorrow night at your apartment. I will be there at 8 O'clock and we go until the next morning.

Is that a deal." "Yes" she replied. And she gave him directions to her place. Directions that he didn't need because he had been following her for three days to make sure that she was really alone at night. As he lay in his bed that night, unable to sleep. He couldn't help but think of how her eyes had literally bulged from her head at the sight of the money. Not as much as they will bulge tomorrow night though he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

He slept until after 2PM the next day. He knew that a long night of fantasy in real life was about to happen and he needed his rest. He could barely hold back the excitement all day as he awaited for the time to leave. He hoped that the phone would not ring and she would be on the other end telling him that she had to cancel for some reason or another. It never rang. He spent the late afternoon thinking about how much he was turned on by women who showed off their bodies for money and how much he loathed the beautiful ones like her who were willing to sell it for any price.

He couldn't recall when murder had started to play into his sexual fantasies. All he knew that it turned him on in a major way and he thought about it constantly when he would masturbate or have sex with local girls.

Girls that he couldn't live this out on without getting caught for sure. He thought back to the only time in his life that he had ever hired a hooker. It had been over three years now. He had planned to do it for real that time but things got out of hand when he put his hands to her neck and she started screaming loudly. Her pimp had come running and he barely got out of there intact.

The sex had been good to that point and she wasn't very expensive in money terms, but six months ago his doctor confirmed his worst fears. He had aids.


Now it was up to him to get as many of them off of the streets permanently that he could before his time was up. Finally the appointed time came and he was ready. He double checked that he had what he needed with him. Mainly two pair of handcuffs and a key to fit it was all he felt he needed because she was willing to play. He parked his car three blocks away and quickly walked to her house, looking to make sure that he wasn't seen.

"Hi Maria" he said as she opened the door with a smile. He smiled back at her. "Come on in before someone sees you. I know how scared of that you are." "Thank you" he said as he walked through the door.

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She was wearing a very revealing tank top. The type that showed a lot of tits and had the really thin straps over the shoulder that could be ripped off or cut off on seconds. and it was very obvious that she didn't believe in wearing a bra around the house. She was also wearing a pair of very short shorts. He almost came in his pants from just looking at her gorgeous hispanic body. "Are you ready for this sugar?" She smiled at him hesitantly but quickly replied "Yeah I think so." "Good, lets go sit down and talk about what is going to happen." She led him to the living room area and he sat beside her on the small sofa.

He smiled reassuringly as he started to tell her what was in store. He told her that all of his life he had a fantasy about raping girls, but that he hadn't really ever done it out of fear of being caught and sent to prison. He noticed the scared look she had on her face and they way she was moving about on the couch nervously.

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"Don't worry baby, I won't hurt you, but for the money I am going to give you I want you to play with me. Pretend that we are total strangers and that I have broken into your house while you were at work and I am waiting for you to come home. I will hide somewhere and when you walk past me I will grab you from behind. Just pretend that I am really raping you and do whatever you would do naturally.

She smiled at him now. A bit relieved somehow. "We will play out that scene for a while and then I will set up another scenario. We will play out several scenes throughout the night so be prepared for some really forceful and rough sex." "Can you handle that" he asked as he smiled.

"I think so as long as you swear not to be too rough and stop if I cant handle it." You will do that wont you?" "Of course sweetie" he lied.

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"Well how do we start this?" She asked nervously. He explained to her that he was going to hide in her house and she should wait one minute in the living room before she started walking through the rest of the house.

Maria agreed. He went to her bedroom, which was quite dark and hid behind the door. A few moments later he could hear her walking quietly through the house. First the bathroom and then the other room. He checked his back pockets for the cuffs and smiled to himself as he felt them there.

He couldn't believe that she had been so trusting and hadn't even asked to see the cash again. Finally he heard her at the bedroom door. His heartbeat increased to a million beats a minute again as he thought to himself, "this is really it. No turning back now." As she walked inside the room, her back was to him. He was already so hard that he couldn't stand it, but looking at her scrumptious ass and long firm brown legs only made him go stiffer.

They were only a couple of feet apart but she didn't think to even look behind her. As she stood there in the darkened room she became scared as she thought for the first time about what she was really doing. She walked into the room further and was beginning to think that maybe she really didn't want to do this after all when he made his move. He caught her by such total surprise that she didn't even think to scream. Even if she had it would have been impossible because his left hand was wrapped firmly over her mouth and his right arm was uncomfortably tight around her throat.

Even though she knew that this was only a game for him to get off on, she was still somewhat scared by the force he had used and by how strong he was. She thought to herself that if he wanted to hurt her there was no way she could prevent it. "Do exactly what I tell you to bitch or I will break your little neck. DO you understand me?" He whispered to her as his arm became a bit tighter on her throat. She nodded her head up and down quickly and thought to herself that if she just did what he wanted it would be over sooner.

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He removed his hand from her mouth and warned her against screaming. She started to relax just a bit when she felt something cold and sharp next to her shoulder blade. "Don't panic and don't move. I won't cut you if you are still. I promise." The next thing she felt was the blade of the knife cutting easily through the straps of her tank top.

He had put the knife back into his pocket when she found her voice. "I didn't agree that you could cut up my&hellip." Her words were cut short by his hand clamping roughly over her mouth again. "Shut the fuck up bitch. I can kill you right now if I want to." A point he made clear by the tightening grip he placed on her slim throat. She was now sure that she wanted out of this game.

This was turning out to be more than she had wanted. She started to pull at his hand on her mouth but it didn't even budge. "Put your arms down now or you will regret it." He stated this so believably that she immediately complied. As she stood there topless, with his arm wrapped against her throat and his hand on her mouth she heard him say. "Now Maria, put your arms behind your back." She didn't want to do this but didn't see a way out of it. As she complied she thought to herself, "why did he use my real name if we are playing?" What happened next was so fast that she didn't even realize that she was now handcuffed behind her back.

"What the hell is this pervert doing?" She thought to herself. She didn't wonder long. The man produced a rag and forced to open her mouth so he could shove it in to keep her quiet and so he could use his hands freely. "MMMmmmmmph" she screamed through her gag as he pushed her over her bed onto her chest. Her feet were both still on the floor as she felt his hands ripping her shorts free from her body.

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After she was completely naked he stood her up in front of him and looked at what he had to enjoy. He had her scared he knew and that if she was really as scared s he thought she would mind him easily. What he didn't expect was for Maria's right foot to kick out quickly and forcefully for his balls. Fortunately for him his reaction was good and he caught her leg and pushed her backward onto the bed.

"Maria, that was the dumbest thing you could have done." He stated as his hand swiftly sailed through the air and caught her face. He knew that there was no turning back now. They had both crossed the line. She was crying hard as he pushed her down to her knees and slapped his rock hard dick against her face.

He pulled the rag from her mouth. "Put it in your mouth whore and suck it until I tell you that you can stop." Maria didn't want anything else to do with him now and turned her head. He didn't know if she knew just how much danger she was in yet, but she was about to. He grabbed her throat tightly with both hands and clamped then firmly down.

Maria began to gasp at first, but as his grip tightened the gasping ceased and her face turned dark. "Now are you going to suck me off bitch?" She tried to talk but of course she couldn't even squeak out a sound so she nodded her head furiously.

He waited a few more seconds and let go. Maria fell to the floor in a blackened daze.


Was this really happening she asked herself as she felt his hands lifting her up to her knees again. She had caught her breath by now and began to beg. "Please leave. I promise not to tell and you don't have to pay me. Just go away please." Her scared eyes almost made him give in, but then the thought of what would happen if she did tell the cops came to him. There was no way out now. He looked down at her and shoved his cock back to her mouth. "Suck it now." Was all that he said.

She knew that she didn't have a choice and slowly she opened her lips and her mouth accepted his cock. She heard him moan in pleasure as his cock slipped between her warm lips and into her mouth. He made her lick it hard with her tongue for several minutes before moving on. He took the back of her head and began to slowly but firmly push her head down onto his dick.

As he pushed her head further down she felt his cock pushing up even harder. "Oh no" she thought. "He is going to deep throat me." She barely had thought it when she began to feel his cock touching the back of her throat. Instead of slowing down or pulling back he took his other hand and forcefully shoved his cock the rest of the way into her unwilling mouth.

Maria was in a full panic now. She barely heard him warn her not to even think about biting it or he would end her life in a horribly painful way. She believed him. She heard his groans of pleasure as his hands held her unwilling head firmly in place, gagging her. She was only gagging a bit at first but now she really needed to breathe and the need to cough was really bad. She could hear herself even over his moans. Grrrgh…ggrrrggg…Mmmmpgh. The need to breathe was really bad now and he showed no intention of letting up.

She felt his cock begin to spasm and pump up and down in her mouth. "Nooooo, he is going to shoot that shit into my throat" she thought to herself as suddenly she felt his hot liquid slamming the back of her throat.

He was telling her to swallow it all or else. Maria swallowed faster and faster. She didn't want to see what "or else" meant. Finally after what seemed like forever he withdrew from her mouth and she collapsed to the floor again, panting for air. She prayed that he was finished, but to her horror she discovered that this was only an intermission. Several minutes passed as she caught her breath and laid on the floor, but suddenly he was picking her up and laying her on her bed on her back.

She dared to speak. "You promised not to hurt me. Why are you doing this to me?" He shoved the rag back into her mouth as he laughed an evil laugh and replied, "You stupid bitch, men don't ever tell girls the truth. You have just learned this the hard way." Maria moaned and screamed through her rag but of course nobody could hear. She was totally at his mercy. "If I take these cuffs from behind your back can I trust you not to do something stupid?" He asked.

She thought seriously about trying to make a run at it, but knew that she had little chance to win and if he caught her, the pain would be terrible. She regretfully nodded her head. He took the cuff from her left wrist and cuffed her arm to her bedpost. She felt that she had passed on her last chance for freedom when she heard the metal click that held her to the bed.

He then pulled out the other set of cuffs and quickly cuffed the other hand to the other bedpost. He looked at her in that positon and felt his hard on quickly returning. He knew it wouldn't take much but wanted to wait a bit longer. "Why don't you lay here and relax for a bit" he told her. "Don't go anywhere" he laughed as he walked out of the room and back to the living room.

He decided to find out as much about this girl as he could. The first thing was her purse. He spotted it next to the couch. Inside he found a few pictures and scrap papers with numbers and names.

He found her billfold and opened it up. The first thing was her ID card. Her full name was Maria Valguera. He looked at the picture and was amazed at how beautiful of a shot she took.

As he went to put the ID down he noticed her birth date. He was right. The little bitch had lied to him. His hard on came back in full force as he realized that Maria wasn't quite 17 years old.

He dug deeper and found another ID card. This one said that she was 19 but it was an obvious fake. The letters and numbers were off center and the picture wasn't even hers.

It was close. Maybe an older sister or aunt, but not hers. It had to be what she had used to get her dancing job with. The job that she had already worked her last day at. He scrounged deeper and found the hundred dollars that she claimed to have. "At least the bitch didn't lie about everything", he said to himself. He looked around for a few more minutes before returning to her. As he walked in to the room she started to plead through her rag. He knew what she wanted, but he wasn't going to give it to her.

"Just shut up before you piss me off really bad bitch" he told her and instantly she was quiet. He walked up to her and pushed her legs apart and began to rub her little cunt. He noticed that she flinched and tried to pull away at first but the look he gave her calmed that idea. He rubbed her clit for several minutes until she began to get wet.

The harder he rubbed, the more she moaned through her gag. It was obvious that she was getting pleasure from this. He thought to himself that she should get a little pleasure from this since he was going to get the ultimate pleasure from her. He moved both hands to her tits now and began rubbing her already hard nipples in circles. Her moans of pleasure were louder than ever and his hard on was growing harder by the minute.

He knew that he wasn't going to last long inside of her and that he had to do what he planned to quickly. As he massaged her breasts he prepared to mount her. He pushed his hips forward until his cock was pushing against her wet cunt. She protested against her gag loudly. "Shhhhh Maria. Do you want the rag out of your mouth?" She quickly nodded several times. "Are you going to scream or yell or make any noise if I take it out?" She shook her head no. He took the rag slowly out of her mouth and placed it beside her pillow.

"Now I am going to ask you something Maria and if you lie I will punish you. Do you understand?" "Yes" she replied. "Good. How old are you really?" She looked at him and knew instantly that he knew.

"I'm only 16" she sobbed. "Good answer Maria. Why did you lie to me?" She thought carefully before answering. "I was afraid that you would tell my boss." She replied. "Well now you know that you can't lie to me because I will find the truth. Tell me how many guys that you have really fucked?" Maria studied him carefully. Could he really know this she wondered. "I didn't lie about that, I have had sex with three guys." He knew she was lying but couldn't really prove it.

That pussy was the cleanest cunt he had ever seen. He doubted seriously if it had ever been fucked, but he let it go. "Well Maria, you are about to get the fuck of your life. I hope you're ready." And with that he pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock into the entrance of her cunt. She moaned in pain as it ripped into her flesh and tore it in two.

He smiled at the realization that she had been a virgin and pushed even harder. He felt and saw the blood spurting from her hole as he pushed deeper and deeper. Her back arched stiffly in a futile attempt to stop him from going further. Finally all 9 inches was inside of her and he began to work it slowly. Her muffled sobs was all that he heard as he picked the rhythm up to a faster pace.

He slowly laid his naked body on top of hers and forced her to take his tongue into her mouth as he fucked her harder and harder and pinched and squeezed her tits. After fifteen minutes of hard fucking he felt her cunt loosen some and her body relaxed. She was kissing him back and was even moving her hips with his. It seemed that she was enjoying this, but he knew that the time had come.

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As he continued to kiss her, he moved his hands from her tits to her shoulders and began massaging them. This relaxed her even more and she began grinding her hips harder with his. She was trying to cum. He took his mouth from hers and began to kiss her breasts. He knew that he was trying to build up the courage to start and once he started it would be ok. His hands slowly inched from her shoulders inward but she was too into the sex to notice.

She was even thinking that this was all part of his game and now she was getting the pleasure that she wanted. Slowly his hands crept toward her slim, pretty neck. "I can do it, I can do it" he kept saying to himself as he slid his hands toward her throat He heard a hard moan escape her throat as the first wave of her orgasm shook her. The time had finally come. He slid both hands all the way around her neck from both sides and clamped them down tight.

The startled look she gave scared him because he knew that it was real this time. Her head shook violently back and forth at first as she tried to shake his hands loose. He pushed his cock as deep as he could into her and kept his tight grip on her neck. At first some sort of strange cough-gagging noise escaped her throat but now all he heard was a loud wheezing.

Her head was still shaking and now her hips and chest began thrashing wildly in an unsuccessful attempt to throw him off of her. He squeezed her pretty neck even harder now, looking into her soft but wildly scared brown eyes as he did.

The sounds that she had made earlier were gone now. He was over one minute into it but he knew it wasn't over yet. He continued moving in and out of her cunt. Her body was semi still now except for a few jerks and convulsions. He looked into her wide open eyes but he didn't think that she saw him. Her tongue hung loosely out of her mouth. He kept his stranglehold tight for another minute. Suddenly her whole body seemed to come to life in a hard, back arching convulsion that seemed to last for thirty seconds.

Every muscle in her body, including her pussy muscle, was quivering and jerking spasmodically. Finally the convulsion was over. Her back laid down gently onto the bed and every muscle in her body went limp. He suddenly felt a warm rush of liquid against his cock.

Thinking he had cum without knowing it he looked down and saw that she had pissed herself. He knew then that she was dead and he suddenly came harder than he had ever cum before.

Wad after wad shot into her dead pussy until he fell on top of her totally exhausted. He let go of her neck. The first thing he saw was the purple black ring his hands had caused. Then he saw her staring up at him with that death glaze.

He closed her eyes for her and pushed her tongue back into her mouth with his. He finally climbed off of her and went to her bathroom. He filled her tub up with scalding hot water and went back to get her.

He placed her into the tub and made sure all of his cum stains were washed clean. He then took her clothes, sheets and everything that he touched and put them into one bag. He took over two hours cleaning up every possible print that he could have left and then silently exited her house through the back door with the bag in hand.

He burned it later that night as he left to go back home and search for his next Maria.