April oaneil is broke college babe who is horny for sugar daddy

April oaneil is broke college babe who is horny for sugar daddy
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First Story hoping for Feedback! Story starts off slow but picks up My Whole Family Needed Me Hi, my name is Zachery; everyone just calls me Zack or Z.

I've never been much of a stand-up guy. I usually just blend in with the crowd and settle for better than most. I'm a normal 15 year old guy standing at 5'9 160lbs.Working out and playing basketball keep my body in an at least somewhat athletic shape. I am one out of 3 kids that my parents had. My older sister Katie is 17; she is gorgeous and gets whatever she wants because of it. And even if she wasn't I'm sure her perky 32B tits or her nice fat ass would get it for her. It's not like I check her out or anything but she's kind of hard to ignore.

Then there is my 12 year old sister Vanessa. She's a cute shy little girl, or so I thought, her tits are just starting to grow in but she's got a nice pert ass to make up for it. Then of course is my very conservative, but classically beautiful 40 year old mother Victoria with her long hair and nice 34C cup tits and let's not forget her big round booty.

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Honestly if you were walking up from behind her you'd think she was black until you saw her face. I would mention my 42 year old father, but I haven't seen him in so long I honestly have no idea. He didn't leave us or anything; he's just never around because he's always off on business trips. I never thought that I could be the type of person that I am today. It was a long metamorphosis, but here is my story.

I woke up at 7am in a daze. It was my first day in high school and the first time I'd be going to school with my sister Katie in a while.


I remember back when I entered Jr. High and she would always try and set me up with her ugly friends who she only hung out with so guys would think she looked so much better by comparison.

I could hear my mother screaming from downstairs for me to get into the shower and get down for breakfast. "Be down in a minute mom", I said groggily as I headed toward the bathroom down the hall.

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As I passed by my sister Nessa's room I saw her laying sound asleep like a baby. "Lucky Bitch" I mumbled as I realized that she wouldn't have to wake up for at least another hour. "What did you just say", I heard a random stern voice demand.

I turned to see my sister Katie staring at me with one eyebrow up. "I said you're a bitch Katie" and smiled as I walked past her. I turned around to close the door behind me and saw her reaching up into the cabinet for a towel and her short skirt had risen just high enough that I could tell she was wearing a tiny black thong that covered none of her smooth ass and disappeared down into her crack. My cock twitched as, for the first time ever, I saw my big sis in a sexual light and I couldn't believe how hot she was.

Throughout my whole shower, all I could think about was her round ass being swallowed by that tiny thong. I imagined that I went to give her a boost and was able to run my hands "accidentally" up her smooth legs and cup one of her round cheeks.

I couldn't help but stroke my cock to the image of her face when I grabbed her ass tight and didn't let go.

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And pulling that thong to the side so I could see her beautiful pussy and asshole. I couldn't hold it in any longer and I blew my load all over the shower wall. I had to aim the shower head and clean it off before I got out and got ready for the day. When I was all dressed and had my breakfast, the image of her ass popped back into my head. But it was quickly removed when I saw my mother bending over to get some yogurt out of the fridge.

My mother has the most amazing ass I have ever seen. When I first started jacking myself off, she was all I would think about, I knew nothing would ever happen but I loved the idea of surprising her by grabbing her ass through her business skirt and running my hands up her smooth legs to her thong-clad pussy.

By the time I got to school, all of the images were gone because I was entering my new school for the first time and I got caught up in it.


I breezed through my classes and hung out with my best friend Jereme for most of the day. I told him about what I saw earlier and he did his best to hide his boner as he told me what horrible unforgivable things he would do to get with my sister.

He told me that I should try to "accidentally" grope my sister and mom and see what they do. I said I would but he didn't believe me. "Bullshit bro you're gonna go home and jerk off to the idea, but you're too much of a pansy to do that".

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"Watch me", I said, and I walked home with a confidence I have never had. I wasn't able to carry out my plan unfortunately because I walked through the door of my house to find my mother crying on the couch with a bottle of gin.

"What's wrong mom", I asked.

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"He's such a liar and a dirt bag", she shouted. "Who?" I asked. She stayed quiet for half a minute and I repeated the question. "Who mom?

Who? I'm sure whoever he is, dad can take him." "He is the dirt bag, your father has been having an affair with your aunt for the past 2 months, and lord knows what else he has done to me. To Us"! She screamed and her face fell into her hands as she sobbed.

I couldn't believe my father would do this to my mom! It honestly made no sense because my mother is a model compared to my aunt. "You don't need him mom, and aunt Lucy is a tramp for doing that to you" I declared and she said "don't you talk that way about anyone Zack, even if they clearly deserve it!

I want you to learn from this, don't ever treat a woman the way your father does, never giving them any time and seeking the comfort of other women. You need to satisfy you're woman's needs". I said ok mom I will and I looked deep into her blue eyes and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek followed by a deep hug. I got the urge to hold her waist and let my hands slip down but I contained myself. Having her tits mashed against me was satisfying enough. "I'll go tell Katie and Nessa mom just try and relax and not hit the booze to hard".

She said no promises with the slightest chuckle. First stop was Katie's room. She was laying down relaxing and listening to Tupac for some reason.

I told her I needed to talk to her. She said "Can this wait Zack I'm kinda busy relaxing" with a sly smile and stretched so that her nice B cups jutted out and her perfectly flat stomach was exposed by her rising tiny shirt. I contained my thoughts of pouncing her and making her mine right there and told her the bad news.

She said "I knew there was no way he could have this many business trips, what an asshole. How is mom"? She's ok, she's hitting the gin already, is there anything you need. Her eyes almost watered up but she held the tears back so I assumed she'd be ok. I gave her a big hug and left the room. Now I had to tell Nessa and it wasn't going to be easy. "Nessa, I said as I cracked her door open. Can I talk to you for a minute? There is something important that I have to tell you." "If it's about dad and Aunt Lucy." she began "wait how do you know about that already?" I asked and she said she heard mom screaming at dad about it over the phone this morning before she went to school.

How do you feel about it? I asked. "Well I don't really feel much I guess" she said and her eyes got watery. Come on Nessa talk to me. She wailed and began sobbing incoherently.

All I heard was how could he do that to our family and Aunt Lucy is a whore. "It's ok Nessa, people who do bad stuff always have it come back to them, it's the way the world works". "I don't feel good" she said. How about a massage? Yay she screamed and took off her shirt and short shorts to reveal her tiny training bra and her surprisingly slutty panties that hugged her developing plump ass.

I laid her down on her tummy and I started kneading and rubbing her all over. I went to the bathroom to get some lotion and I was about to pour it on her when she said "wait I don't want my bra to get covered in lotion Zack hold on" She unclasped her bra and threw it to the floor. My cock began to twitch and grow. She had to have felt it as it was right on top of her ass almost pushing into her panty-clad mound.

I rubbed her back all over and her shoulders and neck. I slowly got closer and closer to her sweet ass until I started rubbing the top of her lower back. She said "I don't want my panties wet either these are my favorite" She peeled them off and lay before me completely naked! My cock was hard as a rock and nothing was gonna make it go down.

I tried to position myself so it wouldn't push into her but it was futile. I started working all over her legs and thighs and I slowly crept up to her ass.

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I wanted to massage it so bad but I didn't know what she would say. Just a little higher she said, I have a lot of tension here, and she pointed directly at those lovely mounds. I needed no further invitation as I kneaded and grasped and grabbed at her pert ass. It kind of seemed wrong so after 10 minutes I said ok I hope I helped a little. She winked at me and said yeah me too! I looked down the tent in my shorts and left the room to relieve some tension of my own.

All I could think about was if I had been bolder, I might have even been able to slip my virgin cock into her tight virgin pussy or at least have her play with it. I'm 15 and I've never had any real action except for my own hand! After I blew my load all over my shirt I washed it up and changed into a new one.

I walked past Katie's room and above the rap tunes I could faintly hear her cries. My mother was still downstairs in distress and as I passed by Nessa's room and heard her wailing I remembered what my mother had said.

I needed to take care of my woman's needs. Well right now I had three women and they all had needs. So I came to a decision for both them and me. I stormed into Nessa's room. She was laying there under the cover and I could tell she hadn't bothered putting her clothes back on. I rubbed her through the blanket and she screamed "get away I hate you"!! I couldn't believe what I heard from my shy little sister.

Oh it's just you Zack I thought you were dad. "It's ok, dad's not gonna hurt us anymore I won't let him I promise. I'm gonna take care of you now ok"? "Well what do you mean Zach? You already gave me a massage and made me feel all warm inside." "This is gonna be different. I'm gonna take care of your womanly needs. I can't let you mom and Katie be crushed by our asshole of a father.

I'm gonna make everything all better" I said as my hand crept up her leg and started gently massaging her inner thigh. Ok she said but are you sure this is ok? Nothing could be more right I said. I'm the man of the house now and I need to take care of the women. As I made that statement I boldly dipped my hand between her legs and she let out a sigh.

I dropped my head to her chest and gently licked on her hard nipples. "Careful, they are sensitive", she said as I rubbed my finger down her slit then all the way up to her tiny clit. I circled her clit and soft moans started escaping from her lips.

I lowered my head to her clit and stuck my tongue out to tease her tiny lips. I ran my hands up her small body while I started lapping at her tiny little cunt. I licked at her clit until she couldn't take it any longer. "OH, Oh my God Zack what are you doing"! How are you doing that Uhh what's happening to me? OHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHH DON'T STOP PLEASE UHHHHHHHHHH. Her first orgasm racked over her as she bucked her hips in a wild frenzy.


It finally subsided after a minute or two and I was ready to claim her. Something inside me snapped and I felt the need to dominate over her and protect her. I climbed on top of her and said this might hurt a little. She said no it won't don't worry I popped my cherry by accident with Katie's toys. With no qualms about it any longer I ripped my shorts and boxers off and pulled my shirt up.

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I mounted her and told her she was now mine. I will take care of you Nessa, do you trust me? Of course Zach you've always been there for me I'm so happy you're gonna be my fi. She couldn't finish her sentence as I plunged all 5 ½ of my inches inside of her extremely tight pussy. She yelped out in surprise.

I wondered why no one had come up here yet but then I remembered that Katie was blasting music and mom was probably passed out by now. I didn't care either way as my entire cock was engulfed by this tight teen pussy.

I started to hump slowly so I could gain a rhythm "thank god for porn' I thought as she whispered "fuck me Zack" into my ear. I started to pound away at her pussy with no remorse. "Oh Zack yes big brother, harder oh my god you're soo big and good. Deeper, yeah fuck me deeper with your cock Zack make me yours I want to be yours forever. I love this feeling I'm so fu—ahhhhh uhhhhhh Zaaaaaack!!!!!

She came all over my cock and I could hold it no longer. I pulled out and spurted the biggest load I've ever seen all over her flat tummy until I had none left. "Oh my god Zack where the hell did you learn to do all that? That was the best I've ever felt in my life"!

I guess some people just have the gift, I lied and then asked "do you know what to do now baby?" She responded no and I told her. You need to get down here and clean me up. She reached for a dirty shirt and I said no not like that. "Well how then Zack"?

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"Do you remember what I first did to your clit with my tongue"? "Eww that's gross Zack I don't want to lick it up! I thought you said you trusted me and wanted me to take care of you. Trust me this is what you should do. She looked at me quizzically and then got on her knees in front of me on the bad and started to lick it all up and take my head into her mouth. You're a natural I said as she swirled her tongue around my still raging hard cock.

She slurped and sucked away until I had an idea. "I bet you can't get the whole thing into your mouth Nessa!" I challenged "Watch me Zack" she accepted as she tried to take the whole thing in at once and choked at about 3 inches.

"It's too big" she coughed as she tried to catch her breath. Trust me I said I'm not that big all you have to do is relax and take it little by little. She complied and slowly but surely my length started to disappear into her mouth. Up and down her head bobbed until my cock had completely disappeared into her throat!

The action alone was too much for me and I started to squirt precum right down her newly fucked throat. She gagged on it then swallowed. I was still hard so it was time to teach her how to ride my cock. "Get up on top of me Nessa and let it slide in".

She listened and within 10 seconds she was slowly gaining speed as she bounced on my hard cock. I like this one a lot better Zack your cock feels so big inside me I feel so full and taken care of.

Are you gonna be our new daddy she asked. I replied no Nessa I'll always be your big brother but I'm gonna be here for you now all the time. She smiled and then gave me a devilish grin as she started to really work her hips on my cock. I needed to cum so I grabbed her round ass and helped her pound her pussy over my cock until I couldn't hold my load any longer. I spurted it all deep inside my sister without thinking.

It just felt so right for it to be inside her. We laid there in her cum soaked bed sweating and breathing hard until she fell asleep in my arms. I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was the fact that I now had the responsibility to take care of all of the women in my house. I couldn't wait!