Getting toyed bondage and black bigbreasted blond sweetie cristi ann is on vacation

Getting toyed bondage and black bigbreasted blond sweetie cristi ann is on vacation
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: At the present time, I would remind readers that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Japanese have had their happy sex lives interrupted in unimaginable traumas. Please be as generous as you can in assistance to their relief. For more: or 50555 text REBUILD or 1-800 678 7255. For those readers who would like to go directly to find out how Julie convinces her somewhat older brother to fuck her straight up, scroll down to 2/3 into the the story (after the second ***********) and read later of her inspiration by reading from the beginning.

It was Sunday morning. Stuie heard their mother in the truck drive off to church maybe 20 minutes earlier. Amen! Saturday belonged to her. In the summer months, the 2 siblings learned that they had to be available, willing, and ready to follow instructions and assist with their mother's projects for the whole day. That day they had to inspect all the migrants quarters for any needed repairs. They did not finish and would continue during the upcoming week. It was 10:00 before they had finished cleaning up after dinner and everyone was exhausted.

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Stuie played cards with his sister and watched DVDs until 1:00 AM, all the same. Now he needed coffee. He was going to take advantage of the new regime of "lax standards" and not even bother to select what clothes he would wear for the day. He trudged off to the kitchen in the new fashion of both the day and night - complete nudity.

His sister seemed to be completely asleep as he passed her bedroom. Maybe he could get back to his room with mug in hand before she awoke. His mother's session in church was not that long and they simply were not going to have sufficient time to fool around. "Damn my brother has a sweet ass." Stuie heard her sister's small feet pad across the carpet in the parlor, but he just could not summon the fortitude to turn around to greet her with some restraint and tell her that they really would need to "cool it" for another day.

Her voice was coquettish and soft as she slurred out her endearments. "And the rest of him is pretty damn sweet too." The light caresses to his left ass cheek triggered for him a rush of pleasing goose flesh all over. He simply could not resist leaning back into those soft exploring fingers. While clutching his mound there, she managed to encourage him to step back from the counter, so she could step in front and embrace him with her own nudity just as she pleased: both cheeks of his ass, his strong back, and the massage at the back of his neck.

They kissed open mouthed fully for the first time. She was a remarkably good kisser - not too aggressive with the tongue, but just the right pace of winding tongue exploration. Her little nude body, that just between a girl's and a full-figured young woman was hotly desirable more than he had previously experienced.

It was maddening just how fuckable she was and no doubt she felt the same about him. Instead of grasping at his dick which had come to blossom at the full flower of his straining cock thanks to her embraces, she tickled his nut sack and the underside of the shaft up to the frenulum which anchors some of the skin.

"Julie, we are only going to have time for a quick jerk in the shower." She responded beaming up at him with a chuckle deep enough as if it was vocalized by a knowing woman. "That 's what you would think is reasonable now, but your cock would like more than that." "Yeah, well one day we will have to have a little talk about my cock and the cocks of men in general." She responded with a continuation of that coquettish tone, still grinning all the while.

"I think I will enjoy that talk." "Damn you sis! You horny little cock tease.


I thought my tastes ran to more mature filled-out woman-like girls. But your sweet hawt little bod has grown on me. Your little honey puss, slim hips, and that firm baby doll ass of yours are all just too fucking irresistable." He had thrown her arms off him and scooped her up to carry her into the parlor in the strong arms of a trained wrestler.

Instead of laying her out on the sofa, he slipped her out of his arms to stand next to him. He sat down to stretch out on the sofa. "OK, now you lay out your sweet self on top of me facing my feet to have my cock the way you want." "What happened to the shower?" "This is quicker." She did as instructed. Instinctively she reached for his cock, stroking it at the lower shaft, but this time opening wide to put his sprouting leaking head and 1 or 2 inches of shaft in her wide open mouth.

She slurped greedily with slathering tongue and puckering lips. For his part, the brother being taller and all of her lower torso being completely accessible, he intended to service all her opening orifices and other blossoming teenage girl parts swollen with desire and needs. For a second, Julie released her brother's cock with a popping noise. "Oh bro, you are so fucking sexy, your nuts and cock are yummy beyond belief.

One day I want to sniff your weed bush and taste you like this when you haven't taken a shower for 2 or 3 days." "Funky! Same with your little honey puss.

The French call this 'soixante neuf'. It is up there with about the most intense sex there is when a couple can really get into it." They resumed their attentions and Stuie ran his tongue and sucked at his young sister's quivering and twitching parts from her pucker up to her love button, lapping up a steady flow of teen arousal juices all the while.

He became impatient as he approached his threshold of orgasm more than once only to back away. He started to buck his hips to send inches more cock into her mouth.

He wanted her to feel the head of his cock impact the opening of her throat but not so hard that she would gag or lose her breath. He wanted his neophyte young sister to acquaint herself and even enjoy the sensation of her mouth being fucked by cock that was thrilled by just this kind of sexual contact.

She seemed to have that 6th sense of following her brother's lead. She moaned and squealed her approval. He did not have to thrust his hips for she was riding his shaft in her mouth where she was able take part of his cock head into her throat when she thrust her head down.

On the back strokes she applied pressured sweeps of her tongue to all the throbbing firm flesh that slid by. Stuie was so focused on the sensations on the surface of his organ he lost touch with the urgency of hot tension that was brewing and festering in youthful well conditioned loins. When the young teen thrust her head down with enough force that his whole cock head was pinched in her moist tight throat, her chin embedded itself in his growth of weed, her fingers caressing his nuts or firmly exploring the borders of his bung hole, the band of tightness in his nuts and innards snapped and the almost searing spasms of his male explosion sent bolts of liquid he felt surge all the way through the canal of his enlivened exercised manhood out into a sister's mouth that delighted on feasting on the many thin warm squirts of her brother's load.

He growled his pleasure and one of his fingers lubed by her juices that had been coaxing the young girl's pucker impulsively breeched it. Another finger that had toyed with the puffy lips of her sex about her swollen clit and the opening of her love hole suddenly slipped it in up to her 'G' spot and firmly pressed against it. The teen opened her mouth releasing the male organ in it and squealed for the intensity of erotic sensation. Stuie could feel the light weight of her on him suddenly stiffen up and shudder as waves of delicious heat surged through all of her nude female parts.

He thought to himself women were at their most radiant when they lost control like this. When the spasms and shudders in both of them abated, they briefly kissed and snuggled in warm safe affection. Stuie's eyes suddenly rolled back and he announced "coffee!".

"Oh Stuie, sweetie, I will see that the coffee is brewed. You just relax here while I make breakfast." "Thank you, sweet sis, but please do not cook eggs again for me for breakfast. Too many eggs are not on my training diet." "You don't start practice until November." She handed him a wet sponge from the kitchen to wipe away wet spots that were the residue of their joyful physical rendezvous. "But I am supposed to be in training the whole of the off season.


Only about 8 more months, and I will devote full time to studying for final exams to graduate." When she had toast and coffee ready, her older brother was asleep on the sofa facing out toward her. She noticed it was true what friends and instructors say. Stuie's dick was not slumbering with him but was stiffened up into his impressive straining cock. Human males were so sweetly idiosyncratic.

Just as she witnessed her brother now, boys and men asleep were total angels, but very funny angels. She wanted to be nice to all of them. ******************** Julie kept her brother's coffee hot, but only let him sleep for another 20 minutes.

If she allowed him anymore rest than that, he would become grumpy. In the shower that Stuie likes so hot after the light meal and cleaning up, they washed each other not for erotic effect but sensual exploration.

Julie affected sort of a far off expression. "What is it, sis. Was the sex not intense enough for you? "No it was awesome, as always. I could just about eat and swallow your bursting cock. . But. . well, I have something to tell you, but I am not sure I am ready yet." Her soaking naked brother gave her a smooch on the cheek. "Understood and noted Julie. Don't let me or any other guy pressure you into anything you are not ready for yet.

You can tell me about it on your own time." When they dried off later and the teen was blowing the hair dryer over his wet hair, Julie still had not sustained enough of her kind warm soapy smelling brother's affections.

"Please Stuie, come to my room and lie with me in my bed for awhile. I need you to cuddle with me before we start the day." The brother was going to firmly decline, but thought the better of it. "Not for more than another 20 minutes." Once stretched out naked together in each others's arms in the almost juvenile bed, Stuie's dick started to enliven again.

"You are right, sis. We do need these little moments to nurture each other." He buried his face into her front and sniffed about. The younger sister for her part, tenderly caressed the back of the head and the neck of a youth reminded of needs he had as a little boy. "I can see now. I am no expert, but judging from your sweet nipples that can point so hard with the best of them, I would say your chest will soon blossom into beautiful B-cup boobs." "Do you really think they will be beautiful ?" "Oh sweet sis, they are already off to a great start.

I would just about give my left nut to be there when you are fitted into a full figured bra for the first time. I would be there with you in the fitting room." "Oh I want you there. Why can't you be?" Stuie broke into an amused grin. "Mom would freak if she knew I accompanied you on such a personal function in the growth of your body." "I want you to come with me the next time I have an appointment with the o-b-g-y-n.

I want you to meet her and see how cool she is. I want you to sit next to me if I have to be on the examining table." Stuie picked himself out of the bed reminded that their whole relationship had taken on an air of fantasy.

"This intimacy we share is bizarre and not normal as it is. Let's not push the envelope in a way that could get us both in big trouble. I am going to get dressed. When you are dressed and ready, come to my room while I am starting to get ready to straighten it out. There are some things I would like you to have or to look at. You will need to find a place to hide them." When Julie trotted down to her brother's cramped and cluttered small bedroom, he was gathering up old text books and sporting gear.

He had donned a school tee shirt one size too large and a baggy pair of sports shorts that hung below his knees - still barefoot. She was wearing fashion flip-flops, short-shorts and a loose fitting sun blouse.


"Wow, how are you ever going to get this hovel straightened out?" "Mom said I can store some things in the storage casements in the shack. But I have to sort through everything. I am just hoping I do not find any old jerk socks under the bed.

I think I threw out that crud years ago, but in this place I can't be sure." "Jerk socks?" "Oh come on, Julie. Even if you haven't ever seen them, I am sure some of your friends have watched the AMERICAN PIE movies.

I am 20 years old, which means I have been beating my meat for several years now. I have used worn out tee shirts and towels, bananas, plastic bags filled with lotion packed in the toilet paper rolls, carved out small pumpkins and fruit.

The microwave warms all those things very nicely." Julie winced with the thought that boys really are grotesque. But the growing bond over the last 3 days she was cementing with her brother endeared her all the more for his confiding to her without a hint of embarassment past very personal and almost fetishistic conduct some would regard as disgusting.

She reminded herself that it was she who had said that his sexual function hurt no one else.


"Um, my friends do not always agree on how much they enjoy the AMERICAN PIE movies." "Well I think it would be a good idea if we rented the DVDs. Then you might get some insight on boys and your brother." She was intrigued by the cover on the top magazine of a stack on his bed.

"Are those porno magazines?" "Ahh yes, this is what I wanted to show you. These are my old jerk-zines. This is what I used for inspiration in hopes that when I would cum, it would be really intense. A lot of guys pass on their collection to their younger brothers, but since I don't have one, I wanted to pass on to you whatever you would like to keep.

Many of the pictures here are not just of naked girls, but of guys without clothes who are with them and are in good shape." "Some of these girls look cheap or fake. And some of them have gross big tits or ass." "Well yeah, especially the older stuff can be pretty cheesy.

Probably most of it I will be disposing of when I drive to the land-fill on my own. But I think some of it is still kind of hot and I thought maybe you would like to hold on to it. Check through them and see which ones you may want to set aside to look at them later." Julie focused on one magazine in particular. "You mean you would beat off looking at pictures of this stuff?" Stuie shifted to get a better look.

He smiled. "You 've found a heavy duty BDSM, punishment/reward edition. I can't say I recall whether I actually used this one for jacking, or whether I just acquired it out of curiosity." "I kind of dig all the stuff that goes with it. The whips and dildoes and stuff." "-the toys and paraphernalia." "Yeah, that looks cool" "Would you like me to buy you anything? Would you like me to get you a vibrator?" Julie popped her head back up and looked at her brother bright eyed with excitement.

"Get out of here. You mean you would buy your kid sister a vibrator?" "If she thought it would be fun and make her happy, definitely. I figure I can find a site on the smart phone, and place an order with my VISA check card." She tore at his tee shirt to hug him.

"How cool is a girl's big bro' that he would do that for her. My birthday is in August. You can get me that for my birthday this year." Stuie smiled with amused embarassment. "Somehow I don't think so. I'll have to get you something else for that occasion as well. Mom will be there when we give you gifts. I think she would be awfully suprised if her son graced his sister with that for her birthday.

I don't think she would be able to handle it." Julie put her hands up to her mouth in amused acknowledgement and giggled loudly. She then grabbed his arm in a signal of profound agreement. They laughed before Julie went back to thumbing through the magazine filled with what some might regard as extreme content.

She looked at one full page picture very carefully. "I thought this was supposed to be a str8 magazine. Even though it is a sexy leather lady who is fucking him with that dildo attachment, I always thought guys who like to take it up the ass are gay.

This is a gay picture." "Well sis, this is a very kinky spread. She is wearing what is called a 'strapon'. This act in the past has been called 'pegging'. First, we can't be sure the man in this kind of setting necessarily likes taking it up the ass. It could be that the excitement he gets from the woman treating him like this exceeds the rectal pain she is inflicting on him." "People can get very weird." "Well yes Julie, when it comes to sex, people can get very weird.

But you have to understand that a man's prostate is a critical sex organ more than guys like to admit to. The reason they don't like to admit to it is because of the whole prostate exam thing that I was telling you about on Friday. It 's located just adjacent to the rectum about 2 or 3 inches beyond the puck.

sphincter, facing a guy's front. Even some str8 guys who have gotten used to it, like their women to massage them there. I guess it is an exciting way for them to bust their nut." The young athlete anticipated his kid sister's next question.

"I am just a little too sensitive back there like most guys to ever try it out." Julie just looked at Stuie folding some clothes for a few seconds while contemplating that she would not pursue a line of questioning that might make her brother uncomfortable, at least not for the time being.

It was still early in the summer. But she thumbed through the pages of some of the other magazines of pictures that had caught her attention. She was not entirely going to evade the current topic of discussion.

She found the picture she was looking for to show her brother and practically thrust it in his face. "Do you see that? Did you ever do that to one of your girlfriends?" A full figured woman was naked below the waist with her Rubenesque ass raised by many pillows and her legs up in the air.

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Her butt hole was partly impaled by the big cock of a naked body builder. She wore an expression of profound feeling, her mouth open in a big 'O'. "Yeah, Anita used to enjoy that. I wanted to wear a rubber but she always insisted I fuck her that way bare back. Just after I would cum and pull out, I would practically sprint out of the dorm room into the hall buck naked to get to the bathroom and a shower to clean my dick first thing. Nice tight ass though.

She would get real noisy. She loved it." Julie climbed on to her brother's bed and pulled him on top of her. "Jeez Julie, Mom is going to be driving the truck up the drive any minute now." She whispered loudly into his ear. "That gives me enough time to tell you something that your magazines made me think might be really hot. I don't think I am too sensitive. I think it might feel just heavenly if sometime soon you took that beautiful hard cock of yours and fucked me up my little cherry ass.

I love it the way you finger my little hole and then stick one in." Stuie shot her his devilish smile. "Only if everything fits just right, sis. The finger I got up front might be a little big for you. I'll pull out the first sign it may just hurt too much.

But that doesn't mean we can't have other fun experiments back there. No doubt you are tight, but hopefully not too tight. Just so that it 's sweet. Wait up. Let me check something." He gently slid out from under her and opened the small drawer at his bedside table. He shifted the contents about noisily until he found what he was looking for. He shook the plastic tube at her. This should have just enough lube jelly left for one good fuck." "Nice, but you are going to have to get a few of those in town, next time we go.

We've stlll got most of the summer left." Stuie beamed again at his sister who seemed oddly so petite for all her precociousness. "You really are depending on me to be your reliable fuck buddy, aren't you? I am to be your handy boy toy." Julie winked at him as she slinked herself off her brother's bed. "And don't you love it. You hardly know the half of it, big bro. We have so much more to talk about." Even though they were well beyond such subtlety, Julie seemed so deliciously flirtatious to him.

She scooted up the magazines she selected into her arms and turned back to him before she hurriedly exited the bedroom. With her free hand, she grabbed one of Stuie's bare feet and bent over first to lick and then kiss his big toe. He watched as she giggled and hastily shuffled out of his room and down the hallway, her adorable little ass wiggling and her little flip flops flapping against the floor.

"Later!" His man part had come alive and was pressed against the fabric of his loose shorts. "Sexy beyond belief," he thought. "She is going to be quite the formidable little goddess for so many years." Within 5 minutes after he grudgingly poured himself out of his bed to resume his cleaning and organization effort, his mother walked through the kitchen door. "You two do not seem to have made much progress on your bedrooms." "I intend to work on it all afternoon Mom." "Well Julie, I want you to help me get our afternoon dinner ready." After dinner, her two children insisted their mother relax for the rest of the day, they washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

Julie finished straightening out her bedroom and went to assist Stuie who was still struggling with his. She helped him pack things into boxes and then load them on to the hand truck to cart them out to the supply shack. Their mother could not help but supervise some.

"Now Stuie, I want you to wear something on your feet. It would be more dignified if you did not join us for family meals barefoot. Some of the floors in that shack are dirty and it would be a hindrance for you and the rest of us if you were to cut yourself. The ground is still damp from all the rain last week and who knows what you would track into the house. I want you both to wipe your shoes or sandals off everytime before you come back into the house.

Stuie, I would hope that you are aspiring to be a conscientious businessman or take up a position in a field of distinction, so you ought to grow up some and finally stop this summer sluming Huck Finn act." Julie could not help herself from tittering in amusement.

Stuie said nothing, casting her an annoyed look before sauntering back to his room to find a pair of his sandals. He brooded. "The old bag probably has a repressed foot fetish." ******************** Stuie awoke startled by someone in his room moving past his bed up to his head level.

He was exhausted after a very trying weekend. It was Julie who turned on his bedside night lamp, now. "Oh Julie sweets, climb into my bed and we will cuddle for a while before I have to get up and go to the bathroom to pee." "I have something I need to tell you, first." Her brother groaned. "Oh please my sweet beautiful sister, can't it wait until morning?" "Thanks to you giving me those raunchy magazines, no it can't wait." Squinting as much as ever, the brother sat up some.

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"What's wrong, sis? I didn't mean to offend you so much. Did you really think they are that sexist?" "No, that is not what I am here for, even though those pictures and articles are sexist, although in some the women get back. I need to start to talk to you about something you missed about me the last couple of days." Her brother was squinting less now and looked mystified. "All this poking and exploring with your pawing man fingers my little hootch and everywhere else, we have had fun because you were able to find my 'G' region spot, or whatever it is.

Well, if you know so much about girls, you should have figured out what was missing." Stuie's sense of cognition suddenly fired up despite his dogged fatigue and he adjusted a pillow so that he could sit up even straighter.

"You mean you already lost your virginity to another boy?" "No, but we are going to talk about my virginity in the strict sense of the word. First, I told you I went to Dr. Chia after I had my first period. Well Mom took me back again a week later.

Among other things in the first appointment, Mom decided, as the nice doctor put it, that I should have 'the sentry guarding the fort taken out'." "What?!! Why would Mom want you to have a hymendectomy after you just started menstruating? Was the 'sentry' blocking things too much, or something." "Not exactly! But listen up before you start asking questions." Stuie could tell his fast maturing sister was earnestly serious. He slid to the other edge of the bed and tried to prompt her to sit at the side of his bed next to him, but she chose to continue standing.

"It did have something to do with Mom confiding to me that when she was my age she had just the problem you spoke about now. It remained a problem until she decided she was going to marry your dad. The little operation was easier and not nearly as gross as you might think. Dr. Chia told me when she first looked me over that in my case 'the sentry wasn't such a big tough guy, anyway.' She said it may have been genes or I may have been been battered in gym or field hockey and I just hadn't noticed.

But she told me she wouldn't tell Mom that my 'sentry' had turned out to be such a puny guy. That would be a secret between girls. So what do you think my next appointment was about after everything healed up and the soreness went away?" The brother just sat and looked baffled. Why would she have the need to tell him this in the middle of the night? "Um, I guess to check to make sure everything healed up alright, but also to make sure everything was shaping up the way it is supposed to be in your vagina.

I don't know, sis. I am sorry for being so fucking stupid as to have not figured out your 'sentry' was gone." "Don't apologize! You're partly right. I had my first pap smear when I went back." Julie sighed as if she was finally going to communicate the most important information. "The doctor explained to Mom and me all the methods of birth control now, and Mom and I both agreed that I should be fitted with a diaphragm. " Stuie just looked at his sister slightly aghast into silence.

She started to become impatient with his lack of communication and his seeming lack of comprehension about the circumstances in her life. "Stuie, I was a little flirt even when I was a little girl. You of all people should have known that." The brother had to hush his sister in late night urgent confidence. The last thing he wanted was for their mother to get out of bed and come to his room to investigate loud noises.

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"Mom was paranoid for years that my friendly and curious ways would attract a boy to get me pregnant. I think she thinks it is none of your business that I am being protected with my own birth control. . But I have decided that it is your business, alright. Didn't you see the plastic box and this tube of gel I put on your bedside table?

" Stuie hadn't noticed. He also had not noticed how Julie had inched the bed covers over him away so that now his nudity was completely exposed to her for the first time since they had cuddled in the morning. Now she was seated next to him and softly caressing his warm and toned pectorals and abs. "Well I have been spending half the night looking at a couple of your nasty magazines.

There are so many pictures of hot down and dirty couples having such a stupendous time fucking each other silly, I think to myself what the fuck are we waiting for?" By now the younger sister had grazed her hand through her brother's fulsome tuft of soft weed and was confidently caressing and stroking his wakened cock pulsing with new excitement and energy. "Oh sis, my guy meat you are so expertly stroking down there would be thrilled beyond measure to crash into what is no doubt your awesomely snatching tight little honey puss, but we have to fuck quietly." Julie tugged at her oversized tee shirt.

"Well, while I am getting ready to cram in my diaphragm, get this thing off me and get your big pawing hands on my tits and on the rest of me." Julie climbed over the naked aroused youth facing his upper torso to straddle him seated at his midsection. He was easily able to shift her tee shirt up over her head and peel it off. He started to fondle her tits and tug at her fast hardening nipples. With one hand, Julie held the tube of spermicide gel and in the other, the latex birth control device.

She squeezed out a healthy portion of the gel on to the concaved side of the rubber barrier and leaned over to rest the tube back on the night side table. With the first two fingers of her free hand, she spread the gel all around and even some on the other side.

She suddenly propped herself up, her legs open even a little more still straddling him. For all his youthful experience with the opposite sex, the handsome youth had never seen a mate handle the personal detail of birth control application. He watched with an expression of interested fascination as the naked young teen folded the coated little device so that the rubber rim looked like two compressed lips and squeeze carefully into what seemed to him a tiny tight opening about her always appealing and lovely labia.

"That's right, watch carefully because in the future I may need you to help me insert and extract." Stuie had reached up to steady his sister so that she would not need to exert any energy to stay upright, but to apply all her focus on using her little fingers to open a tight passage and stuff the foreign object so that it lined up at the end to her best feeling. It was obvious she had practiced this before.

Perhaps it served as a fantasy prelude to some of her satisfying finger diddling sessions. Still propped, she shuffled back a little and reached for her brother's now desperately throbbing pulsing warm cock. She nearly sneered at him. "OK, stud, this is what my empty cunt wants so bad.

I am going to stuff it in there and I hope your thick meat makes me feel as though I am going to split in 2." "You horny little tease, I am going to fuck your tight snatching girl cunt so hard, you will be reaching to get into my pants and get at my big cock until your dying breath." The petite young sister squealed with delight when she impaled herself on his cock head and the first 2 inches of his shaft.

Reclining against the headboard to hush the girl who was losing her cherry, Stuie pulled her head and her mouth into his warm chest and held it there.

She heard his heart pound so hard, she thought she could make it explode even before he started to cum. By now she was riding him frantically and Stuie was grunting with the pleasure of his excited manhood being gripped by juicy and hot feminine flesh with more intensity than he had experienced to date. He had moved his skillful hand and fingers beyond the teen's slender abdomen, through the soft new fuzzy hairs of her mons to shifting lips in the squishy commotion and about the enthralled love button so extended beyond its hood.

In the fervor of all the physical delights, she was not even conscious that she was sucking and love biting into her young lover's chest and shoulder. It seemed to go on for hours, but in less than 5 minutes, the womanish girl reached many soft climaxes and her partner's low pitched growl heralded the first splash of soothing slither that accompanied the mighty masculine expansions against feminine embrace. They held each other for a few minutes, Julie immersed in the splendor of a post-coital softening that so senuously slipped from her natural affections.

When it escaped her now-experienced cavity altogether, the sensation of the mix of sexual fluids flowing out on to the warm flesh of her partner seated underneath her was an added bonus of genuinely erotic intercourse. She could only raise herself and eyes cast to the ceiling, express her elation simply. "That was so fucking great!" "Julie, you have become a little goddess of fucking. I can't think when I last bust my nut so good." She dived her head into her brother's broad chest again.

"You are my sweet brother who is always so kind to say things like that to me. Why was I beginning to feel a little jealous and resentful of you?

What was I thinking?" She reveled in the sensation of Stuie's warm hand sweeps up and down her back and firmly against her ass cheeks. She giggled. "OK, I know your athletic stud nuts have not been milked dry yet, one hole down and another to go." The older exhausted partner shook his head in weary reluctance. "Oh please, my dearest sex goddess, take pity. I ssoooo need rest and sleep. Tomorrow!" Julied laughed softly in loving response.

"OK, my sexy tired human. But pleeezz, please come back with me to my room and sleep with me in my bed tonight until Mom goes into the bathroom when she gets up in the morning." She had been sensible and brought individually wrapped baby wipes with her in the plastic container holding the diaphragm. She sat on the side of her brother's bed, her legs spread wide open and cleaned the ample excess fluids from her sex and its general region.

She opened a new one to cheerfully clean her brother's pubes, dick, nuts, and thighs while he dozed. She felt heartwarmed and that it was fun to baby him like this. She thought she would like to return the many kind favors to a little girl's joyous bath time, and help him into the tub herself to gently wash him from head to toe, careful to run plenty of fresh soothing hot water from the bath spout all the while.

She grabbed up the effects and her tee shirt she brought with her into his bedroom. "Ready to go?" He slinked out of his bed and the 2 naked siblings slowly stepped down the hallway. She knew she would be following him into the bathroom.

They chatted in a whisper barely audible to each other. "Couldn't you see me squirming in my seat at the table during dinner. Mom noticed. I thought she was going to tell me to get the tube of hemorrhoid creme right then and there. All I could think about was your gorgeous cock stroking me back there in one sensational fuck.

. I pounded your big cock into my horny cunt just so mean tonight. It was sensational and it was just what it needed so bad. But now the back hole in my ass needs it just as bad." Stuie was still squinting with fatigue.

"Tomorrow. And don't be disappointed if it does not fit in there according to your fantasies." The teen buried her head affectionately into her brother's side and then his chest as they turned the corner into the bathroom. "I just know things will be so cool no matter how it turns out.

I know that now." She suddenly looked up and shot him a devilish look. "But none of those rubbers. If bareback was good enough for Rachel, it is good enough for me." "Anita!" "Don't worry, I will help you clean your dick after your sweet load of cum comes dripping out of my bumped around little hole." She watched intently as he lifted the toilet seat, straightened up to take his dick in his fingers to take careful aim, and peed into the toilet bowl. The relief in his face for draining his bladder was funny but sweet.

Even the odor of his piss did not seem so noxious to her now. His shaking it at the end was worth the show in its own right. She wanted to see everything he did for himself that pleased him. In the meantime she had thoughtfully turned on the water in the sink so that it would run just the right temperature when he washed his hands and laid out a fresh hand towel for him.

Consequently flushing and cleaning were in short order. It was 2:00 AM. They turned off the bathroom light, stepped across the hall. arms wrapped around their bare waists, into Julie's vaguely feminine bedroom and the big exhausted naked brother dropped himself into his kid sister's bed.

Julie giggled softly and she gently pushed her partner over to one side to stake a claim for some matress surface for herself, climbed in to adjust bed clothes so that they were both tucked in warmly, smooched him loudly on the cheek, and they both slumbered in each others arms peacefully through the night.

"Zzzzzzzzz !!" Does Julie get what she wants in the next chapter?