Free teen gay boys porn tube and gallery small penis first time Josh

Free teen gay boys porn tube and gallery small penis first time Josh
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My name is Karin kurosaki and I have problem. Lately I have been having strange feelings for my twin sister. Her name is Yuzu. We are both 11 years old. It scares me, cause everytime I look at her my heart skips a beat.

I get these strange feelings between my legs. I don't understand it. It gets worse! Every night I go to sleep, I have dreams about her. We are naked and doing naughty stuff! I wake up feeling hot and my panties are wet and sticky. I can't even look at her in the face anymore without blushing.

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I woke up this morning after another naughty dream where I am licking her between her legs!! I head downstairs after brushing my teeth and washing my face. I can already hear my 15 year old brother Ichigo and our dad fighting. "Dammit dad! Why is it every fucking morning you come running into my room and attack me when I'm just waking up?!" Yelled Ichigo. Dad replies smiling, "It's all a part of training son! I have to know my boy is strong!!

He has a shit-eating grin on his face and it's only 6:30. It's going to be a long day. Ichigo red-faced yells, "This isn't a dojo! It's a fucking hospital!! "Watch your language in front of your sisters!" Dad replied. I rolled my eyes & said "Like a care what you say, it's too early in the morning for you guys to be acting stupid." Dad gasps in horror and turns to a life size poster of our dead mother.

"Honey our sweet little girl has turned on her father! Tears run down his face. Will you take that stupid poster down?!!

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I yell, and stop your fake tears!" A voice of an angel comes from the kitchen. Yuzu walks in and says "Now all of you stop fighting or no one gets breakfast!" Everyone obeys.

Yuzu rules the kitchen. I can't look at her. I look down blushing. Thinking of my dream again.

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Yuzu looks at me with a worried expression. "Karin, are you OK? Your face is all red." "I-I'm fine!" I manage to stammer, The day goes by as normal as you can get in our house, School was boring until I broke a punks nose for lifting my sisters skirt. But the view of her tight little arese with the cute pink panties made me wet! At home Yuzu is in the bath, dad is busy on the computer.

And I just saw Ichigo run out the back dressed in a black robe carrying a huge sword. And running by his side is a short girl with black hair dressed the same. "Strange", I think. "Is he into cosplay?" I head for the bath to take Yuzu's dirty clothes to the wash, when I see those same panties lying on top. I notice a stain in the front. I pick them up and see that it is sticky. I look around and sniff them. "OH GODS!" It smells so good" I thought to myself.

I lick the wet spot and it taste even better! I quickly grab them and run into our room. I run to my bed and pull down my shorts and soaked panties. I am lost in her scent and start rubbing myself.

I cry out in passion, as my fingers rub over my sensitive slit.


I hold Yuzu's wet panties to my face, licking them as I rub my pussy faster. My nipples are so hard! I pull up my shirt and pinch them." AHH !" I cry out. As my orgasm builds. I feel it getting closer. My pussy juices running down my legs as I pinch my nipples and stick my little finger in my pussy.

I arch my back as I squirt my cum out.


I cry out in a fit of passion "YUZU!!" I hear a knock at the door and I'm startled out of my trance. "Karin?" "Shit! It's Yuzu!" I think quickly as she comes in. I grab my sheet and pull it over me covering myself. "Y-yes?" I stutter still breathing heavy. "Are you OK?" She asks. "Your face is flushed and your sweating. I think you have a fever. Let me see" "NO NO!

I mean I'm fine Yuzu. Just fell asleep and had a bad dream." I say. "Are you sure?" She asks. "Yes I'm fine. Don't worry." Later that night I'm lying on my side pretending to be asleep, but actually berating myself for my dirty thoughts. "She's my sister! Not to mention a girl! I-I'm not a l-lesbian. I sigh and try to get some sleep.

I close my eyes and start drifting off. My mind a confusing jumble of thoughts. When suddenly I hear my sister making strange moaning sounds in her sleep. "Karin". I sit upright at hearing her moan my name. "she isn't! Is she?" About me? My mind thinks back to her panties and the wet spot on them. Maybe I should check on her. She might be having a nightmare. I try to reason with myself. I tip-toe over to her and see her rubbing her little pussy between the sheets!

"Karin, yes right there!" she moans. I can't believe it! She wants me too! No longer scared of my feelings I pull the sheet off of her. Startling her. "Karin!" I look down at her nearly naked body.

Her shirt is pulled up over her small breasts and her hand is inside her panties. Before she can say anything else I kiss her deeply. My tounge is in her mouth and we are both moaning.

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This is no dream, This is happening! I pull her shirt off and strip myself. I suck on her budding breasts and she arches her back moaning. She starts rubbing her pussy against mine as we start humping each other. We are both crying out in lust as our orgasms build, Our nipples rub against each other just like our pussies as we keeps kissing.

She grabs my arse pulling me closer as we both cum. Crying out our new love for each other. Unkown to us we are being watched. By a teenage looking girl with black hair. The same one I saw running off with my brother. She is pinching her nipples and rubbing her soaked pussy. But that is a story for another time. OK everyone. That was my first story.

Hope you enjoyed it. Constuctive critisism is OK. NO FLAMES!!