Hot tits and shaved pussy underwater

Hot tits and shaved pussy underwater
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This is the continuing story of an older married man's obsession with his next door neighbour and how it develops into more than both of them bargain for. Please feel free to comment on my stories and all comments, both positive and negative are welcome. Or feel free to email me comments or thoughts or ideas about stories on [email protected] Stacey Part 2 Stacey smiled as she came out of her house and walked over to her silver sports car where I was waiting for her.

"Morning Pete!" She smiled and I smiled back. I watched as her short skirt rode up her slender tanned thighs as she sat down into the driver's seat. I got in and fastened my seat belt. Stacey started the car and we started to move she was looking as gorgeous as usual in a tight vest top and short tan skirt.

"Can I ask your advice?" She looked at me slightly nervously as we waited in the traffic. "Of course!" I smiled. "Well, there is a guy that has been working, um a builder, on the house at the back………………!" "Yes?" I offered. "I've seen him there.

What about him?" "Well I think he's been looking at me in the garden when I was lying out!" Who wouldn't! I thought to myself as my eyes trailed down her legs but I didn't say that.

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"Oh right……………& you have a problem with that?" "Yes, well no, not really!" She started. "In fact I think he looks quite hot!" I immediately felt my cock start to harden in my trousers as my imagination went into overdrive thinking of the builder with Stacey.

"Oh, well that's okay then.


But you wanted to ask my advice?" The traffic in the queue started to move. "Yes!" Said Stacey. "Well I was going to ask him if he wanted a coffee or something and was just wondering if you thought that might be a good idea. What do you think?" My mind was telling me what I thought and my cock was agreeing with it but again I opened my mouth a told a lie to my sexy young neighbour who clearly only saw me as a Father figure.

"Well you could try…………&hellip.but be careful!" "Awe thanks Pete!" Stacey smiled a delicious smile through her pink painted lips and her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. It had been 3 weeks since the event in the bedroom when I had put a drunken Stacey to bed and I still couldn't get the image of her lying practically naked out of my mind. I still had her panties that had been filled with my cum as I wanked into them and had hidden them in my garden shed. And more appropriately, in my garden shed I had set up a viewing zone for my hobby of bird watching.

And it wasn't the birds that my wife thought I watched. The only bird that had my full attention was Stacey whom I could see from my shed into her living room, bathroom and back bedroom. It was Friday and I kissed my wife goodbye and watched as she drove out of the driveway and onto the road. She was meeting up with some friends and didn't expect to be home until the early hours and I knew that Stacey was also out as she had asked me to go in and walk her dog.


Smiling I entered her house and glanced around looking for anything that might excite me. I quickly found her washing basket and fished out a pair of pink panties and held them to my face sniffing deeply.

Knowing I was doing wrong I quickly slipped them into my pocket and having walked Stacey's small dog went back to my own house. I was determined to enjoy my wank session with my pretty neighbour's panties that night and slipped on my bath robe before stepping into her stained panties and sliding the soft silky material up over my bulging cock.


I ran my fingers down over my bulge feeling the shaft thickening as I did at the excitement of wearing her panties and feeling the need to cum quickly. But I stopped as I heard a car outside and quickly glanced out to see Stacey walking up her driver and entering her house.

I quickly tied the gown at the front and went out into the garden and up to the shed. Unlocking the door I entered and took a seat at the window and lifted my binoculars in the direction of Stacey's house. There was no sign of her in the living room then I saw the light go on in the bathroom and felt my cock start to stiffen again. Stacey duly opened her bathroom window and I watched as she reached up to switch on the shower.

Moments passed and then she appeared again, naked and beautiful as she stepped up into her shower and I watched in awe as the warm water cascaded down over her head and beautiful body and my cock was straining inside her panties to be released and played with.


I resisted the temptation to touch myself but instead just watched as she washed herself. As Stacey finished washing and soaping herself I watched as she stood still in the shower as she slid her hands up the sides of her gorgeously perfect body. Her nails lightly grazed against her tanned skin. I could feel my body tingle as if those were my hand on her instead of her own. I could feel my fingertips travelling slowly up across her soft skin.

My cock jumped inside her panties and a large wet patch appeared as precum leaked out of my swollen cock head. I watched intently through the binoculars as her hands moved upward to her perky breasts and began to roll her fingers around her pink nipples.

I wanted to feel them in my mouth, to taste them and suckle them. I watched in sheer lust as Stacey pulled on her nipples, pinching them and massaging her breasts. I could almost hear her moans from where I was and was now completely hooked on the show she was giving me and I was also now hard as a rock which formed a large tent in her pink panties.

I'd never watched a woman masturbate so openly before and here she was, my gorgeous sexy young neighbour, alone (or so she thought) and she was doing it for the simple reason of pleasing herself. As she continued to knead her perky breasts with one hand, she brought the other hand up to her mouth. She slowly inserted her index finger into her mouth and sucked on it like a little cock!

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As if I wasn't horny enough this sight almost put me over the edge imagining that she was sucking my cock now! I knew I wouldn't be able to watch much more without having to satisfy my own needs. I slid my hand down onto the silky material of her panties that covered my leaking manhood.

She let her fingers wander back down her body to her pussy. My mouth was salivating as she slipped her finger in between her luscious lips. She slowly rubbed her clit, back and forth, in slow fluid movements.

After a few moments she leaned back onto a small shelf giving me an even better voyeuristic view as she spread her legs further apart. I could see her pussy, all pink, wet and absolutely inviting clearly through the binoculars.

She inserted her finger into her hole and arched her back. I could tell she was moaning but couldn't hear her.

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In my mind I could hear her soft moans as her fingers danced in and around her wetness. Her movements became jerkier as she continued to play. My hand slid inside the tight waistband of her panties I was wearing and I slid my hand around my rock hard cock shaft and began stroking my cock. I knew that I could have cum at any point but I wanted to wait for my sexy neighbour, to share her climax, even if she didn't know.

Steadily faster her fingers moved and she began to squirm in her seated position on the shelf as her legs began to shake. I knew she was about to cum and I couldn't wait to see it. I watched intently as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge. My hand had pulled my cock from the confines of her panties and I was now pumping hard on my raging manhood. Finally with a few more jerks of her hand and her body becoming tense she came.

Her hand slowed down and rubbed her clit in a slow but firm circle as she worked her climax to its peak.

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At the same time I felt the warmth begin to flow up the shaft of my throbbing cock. Before I knew it, my cock exploded with my thick cum, covering my thighs and the chair. My stroking slowed and I tried to match her.

As her climax began to subside so did mine.

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She relaxed her body and I could see her chest heaving as she struggled to regain her breath. She brought her fingers up to her nose and inhaled.

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She then slipped her fingers one at a time into her mouth, sucking off her sweet juices. I watched her let out a giggle and watched her breasts bounce as she did.

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She leaned over to her bathroom window and looking out in the direction of the new building, still wet from her shower and totally naked she smiled before closing the window. I knew now that I wanted Stacey so badly and would have her at some point in the future, but it would just be a matter of time before I could no longer control myself.