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Explicit pounding for a sexy wench
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this is my first story. please post some positive comments so that i may make it better Jamz sighed as he stood before the front doors of the building that would turn his life around. As a young adult dragon hybrid walked through the doors of the Sub-Space Travel Agency for a flight to a space station in the Reptilian Nebula. For he was starting as the Head Chief for a luxurious space cruise ship that was currently in The Reptilian Nebula and was about to dock with a station so that it may pick up and drop off passengers.

The work may seem a little dull to most people but the pay was to good to pass up. As he was walking towards the front desk he was thinking of how proud his mother would be, but with her disaperrence during his juvenile years(a pre-teen according to human standards about 26-50 humans years old) for witch he has always found unsettling since he remembers that his mother told him that when he becomes of age it will be a rather suttle process of him having to leave the nest.

Though he may have to leave the nest, most dragons who leave the nest stay in contact with their mothers. He never met his father, nor did he know what species he was since fate has deemed that hybrids like him-self looked more like thier mothers than their fathers, rarely they have more than just a couple similarities to their fathers, he was not one of them. According to his mother he didn't have simularites of his father. She once explained that he disappeared mysteriously a few days after he was born.

Witch meant that his father didn't leave because of him. Also he remembered the stories of his parents planning to have a child. During his young-ling years(6-25 years old for humans) he remembered the nights he'd wake up to find his mother away from the nest crying. The morning after he would surprise her with a gift to make her feel better.

But he always had a feeling that she was hiding an emotion to protect him. He was snapped out of his flashbacks when the clerk at the front desk asked for him to show some identification and the ticket redemption slip.

When he handed the items over to the clerk he noticed that it was a feline hybrid that he knew many years ago. He noticed it first cause she handed back the ID and ticket redemption slip with out saying anything else other than " Thank you for using the Sub-Space Travel Agency we hope that we see you again soon." He continued to stand there until she looked back at him and said in a rather annoyed voice " Can I help you sir" "Well you can tell me how you've been.

I bet you dont remember me do you, Shara?" he replied. She sat there for a couple of moments and realized whom she was looking at. "JAMZ!!!! O BY THE GODS I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN YEARS!!!" She exclaimed " It has been a while since I have seen anyone from the old group.


Not since Balmung went to Relax-utopia. So how have you and Korek been? I've herd that you two are still together." he asked as he moved to the side so that she can continue helping people." Good, is it alright if we talk later?

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I go on break in a half an hour." she said within the small gaps between customers. "Sure" he replied " I got to go rent a room for the night anyways, my departure isn't until tomorrow and I know how busy this place is on holidays so I wanted to guarantee myself a good seat." "Your telling me.

Meet me in the garden area just out side the food court and we'll catch up." she said quickly while a customer was rumaging through thier bag for the items that Shara had asked for.

He waved as he walked to the hotel part of the building. As he was walking he noticed the many different kinds of species, full-blooded and hybrids. One thing he noticed that there was a low number of reptile species. He spotted only a handful himself included. Which made him think how alone he was in the universe. He never had a temporary mate(Girl Friend).

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Though through his best friend Balmung(a member of the Panda species) was able to find some one that was willing to give him Bliss through the act of "sex" is what he believed the humans called it. Though over the years he hasn't experienced the bliss again since he spent most of his energy to school so he know that he would need to know the experience to get a good paying job. After renting a room for the night he headed off to the food court. He grabbed some food and decided to eat in the garden section that Shara was talking about.

The sunlight that shone through the trees sparkled of his black scaly body sending little reflected light beams onto many surrounding plants. Witch filled with a small spurt of happiness thinking that among all the species he was lucky enough to be among the prettiest of them. Yes he was quite a sight but for some reason he was shunned my most individuals.

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Yea he had a number of friends and but none was suited to be a mate, temporary or not. Again Shara snapped him out of his day dreaming once she called his name. He looked up to see Shara and Korek walking towards him. He stood up and greeted them both. Korek was a member of the Canine species. Their fur shone in the sun light. Thought Shara's light brown, and Korek's red fur where nice enough to seduce a number of individuals of their own species he knew that he had a greater sheen than most species, even many members of his own.

But he always attributed that to him being a young adult to dragon standards(about 51-100 human years yet still quite young by dragon standards) Over the next couple of hours the three of them caught up on the last number of years, including that Korek was now the head mechanic at the ship-docks here at the agency and Shara was accurately the head of accounting of the entire company and was working as the desk clerk as a side job so that she and Korek could house together.

Jamz explained that he had been at the best culinary schools for each species that way he would have the best chance of getting a good paying job. When it was getting late, the weather was getting chilly and they all decided to go inside, though the cold didn't bother Jamz, in fact it was quite invigorating, it reminded him of the winter days in the swamp where his nest was before his mother disappeared.

The three of them went and had a few drinks at the bar located in the food court. Since he was a dragon hybrid the drinks he ordered where meant for full-blooded dragon's and where strong for him and it wasn't long until his head was spinning. So he headed to his room with the help of Shara and Korek. After they made sure he was going to be fine they headed off to their own room but not before saying their goodbyes and wishes to see him again soon.

A few minutes passed and he began to wash himself, and opened a window to clear his head after he was clean. He soon realized that the room he rented was not to his specifications that he requested to the desk clerk. As if by signal there was a rapping at the door, he looked through the little hole through the door to see who it was.

It was the most beautiful black dragon hybrid female he has ever seen with amazingly bright emreld eye's and in his opinion the most perfect sized breasts, he found the eye's extremely fetching.

Since he has not seen many black dragons full-blooded or hybrid considering for a great number of years they where hunted down for reasons that escaped him and the breed was considered endangered, some believe that full black dragons no longer existed, which he did not believe since he had a strange itching feeling in the back of his head that his mother was out there somewhere.


As he opened the door he noticed a tantalizing aroma coming from the female but dismissed it as soon as he felt a sexual desire arise in his groin so he would not embrace himself.

"Hello I'm Rio, I am here to change your room to your likings." she said as she walked through the doorway. Again, as she walked by the slight breeze of her movement he smelt the same tantalizing aroma and felt the same sexual desire that he felt before when he first opened the door.

She murmured a quick stream of words which meanings escaped him, and then a haze like mist contorted the room yet Rio's outline stayed sharp and crisp. and a moment later the room rematerialized to look just like the swamp where he grew up.

But without the "HOME SWEET HOME" feeling that humans referred to when they got home from long trips. "If there is anything else just call this number." Rio said as she offered him a card with a series of numbers on it. " Its my pager number" she said as she saw the quizzical look upon my face. He's heard of "phones" and "pagers" and all that but never really got into it. As if to get rid of the look of confusion on his face, she strolled over to the phone that was in the room and asked him to come over so that she could show him how to use it.

As he stood next to her again he smelt her tantalizing scent that wafted from her, and couldn't help but to take some in, just to remember the smell.

He noticed that she was staring him in the eye's. "When Dragons, even hybrids, stare at each others eye's they can read the emotions that is running through the other at the moment. But it only works when they are staring at each others eye's. It won't work if one dragon is staring at a scale in between the eye's" he remember his mother telling him not to long before she disappeared.

Now he finally realized why he never know what his mother was feeling even when he gave her a gift to make here feel better. Remembering that he concentrated on a scale in between her eye's so that she could not see what emotions was running through him. At a glance she seemed somewhat disappointed, and for a reason he later came to the fact that it was that he saw the same pain of loneliness that he saw in his face every morning when he looked in the mirror, and looked her in the eye's.

The flood of emotions that he saw was much the same one's he felt when he was around his friends and saw them with their mates(at the time it would have been Girlfriends or Boyfriends, remember its from a dragons point of view) and out of some desire he embraced her in a hug also covering her with his wings, he hoped that the embrace could ease her pain, letting her know that she was not the only one that feels that pain.

Even through his rough chest scales he felt her relax, as if before he hugged her, she was threatened by him for some reason. " I know what is going through you right now" she whispered in his ear " it is the same feeling that is going through me right now. I know that you smell a tantalizing aroma coming from me.

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Because i can smell a just as tantalizing aroma coming from you." " I didn't know how to react, I apologize for what I did. There has never been many females of our species or of any species in my life. There is only one that comes to memory and that was my mother." he said softly.

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Emotions running high he suddenly felt extreme sadness remembering his mother, and the realization that there is no hope of him ever seeing her again, though his heart told him that she was still out there, some where. " I have feel the same pain, but I never knew my mother, she was obvious black dragon for my father was of the Bird species, and he died in my arms while I tried to save him after he was attacked by owl-bear that had that disease that makes hybrids go crazy." When she finished he recognized the same pain that he felt when remembered his mother.

Again as the embrace continued the gaps between their gentile sobbing the both recieved a waft of each others tantalizing aroma's.Through the both of them their emotions and hormones where running wild.

He felt the same sexual desire as from before in his groin, since they where they where still looking at each others eye's he saw that she was feeling the same thing in her groin. A few moments passed and then instinct kicked in the both of them and started to grind each other hips to one another. Slowly his penis slid out of it's sheath hidden underneath a long scale that was like the underbelly scales of full dragons that ran from about his stomach down his tail.

Their tails slowly began wrapping around each other and they slowly moved to his nest. Soon enough she presented herself to him, a sign that said she was willing to become his mate. So the Courtship began.

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He began slowly, moving inside her clit with little resistance and pushed himself as far as her body would allow and then slowly moving back out. Not quite all the way out he thrust his penis back into her. He slowly started trusting faster and faster.

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She too began to trust her hips in to his to match his thrusts to gain the most pleasure out of it. This continued until he felt the growing orgasm approach and at a slight glance he saw into her eye's and saw she was feeling the same.

He began trusting as fast as he could and she quickly matched the speed. Then it was unbearable and the thrust hard into her and she back at him and he released his load at the same time she was orgasming. Her slick warm vaginal walls clamped down on his penis milking all that he had. This lasted for a few moments and then as his penis softened and withdrew back in to its sheath they laid there until it was back in it's sheath.

They fell asleep in a lover's embrace, forever now bonded in the most intimate way dragons could be. In the back of his head he knew that she was his mate. When he awoke she was still asleep, but it wasn't long until she was up. she turned her head, and through the reflection of her jewel like eye's he saw his reflection.

"You know that you can leave with me. I am the new Head Chef on the Galactic Cruise Ship that is currently in The Reptilian Nebula. I will be making enough money for the both of us." Jamz told Rio as he was preparing his possessions for the trip later today. "But I don't have the money for a ticket.

Most of my income goes towards my room here. I use my tips to buy my self food. How can I go with you?" she said as she was sitting in the nest watching him. "Don't worry about that I have more than enough money to buy you a ticket. Besides, you know Shara?" he said as he was preparing to getting ready to bathe himself "The front desk clerk?" she inquired "Yes, she is an old friend of mine.


I am sure she can squeeze you in on the same flight as me. She is the head of accounting for the entire company. She uses the desk clerk for a little extra cash and so she can be here with her husband Korek, the head mechanic for the docks here." "Well. let me finish some business and I'll find you when I'm done." she said as she joined him in the shower.

After showering he grabbed his things and they left the room before they parted in the hall way they embraced each other and kissed and parted. He headed towards the desk clerk for the hotel and turned in his key.

He inquired about the mechanic bay so that he could inquire Korek about Shara, since he noticed she was not at the front desk. The doe cheerfully answered his question and pointed in the general direction.

A few minutes later he reached the repair bay and inquired for Korek. A min later he came walking up. "What's up?" he asked wiping the grease from his paw's "I need to talk to Shara. I need to get another ticket." Jamz said while simultaneously taking in the sights "She's up in our house unit. Here." he gabbed a piece of paper and wrote the house number down." She should be there. If she's not it won't be long until she's back.

She does all her accounting crap in the house." So with a quick handshake and a pat on the back they said their goodbyes and Jamz when towards the housing unit wing. A few minutes later he made it to the right room.

He knocked a couple times and waited for a few seconds and knocked again. Just as he was about to knock again the door opened. Shara was standing in the door way looking extremely tired. "Are you alright? You look as if you just ran a marathon." he asked with a hint of worry in his voice "Yea I'm fine, I had a lot of paper work last night and finished a few minutes ago.

I was about to give myself a bath" she replied with a sound of extreme exhaustion in her voice. She invited him in and asked him to take a seat. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked as she stood up looking over the fridge door "No thank you, I am fine." he replied "So Jamz, what do you need?" she asked "Korek just called and said you needed something." "I need another ticket for the same flight that I am scheduled to take later on this evening.' "If I may ask, y?" she said walking back in to the den and taking a seat across the coffee table.

If he had skin or another color of scales she would have seen him blush."If you don't mind I would like to keep that to myself for a while and reveal it when I am comfortable with revealing it. If you catch my meaning." "Then don't bother, say something when your good and ready." she said with what looked like to him a smirk. She then got up and grabbed a laptop from a desk and brought it back to the chair and began typing.

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A few minutes later she printed something. "All you have to do is hand this to the boarding clerk." she said as she signed it and handed him the slip of paper "With my signature its as good as a ticket. Your lucky you know me cause there was only one more open spot in your class." With that he got up and gave her a hug goodbye. He then left and when he turned around after she closed the door he saw Rio walking up hall with a few bags in hand.

Jamz walked over and grabbed a couple of them and they started heading down to the boarding bay to wait for thier flight. The whole time his tale was wrapped around her waist and her's around his waist. When they arrived at the bay they still had a number of hours till boarding time and they decided to go over to the food court and grab some food. They did so and once finished took a short stroll through the garden until it was announced that thier flight was boarding and headed off for their flight.

While waiting for take off they fell asleep and then felt the flight take off and in a half sleep dreams he know that his life would no longer be the same. When he woke up he noticed that they were getting close their destination and kissed Rio to let her know that they where almost there.

"I love you, and by the gods may we never part" he said to her as the ship was docking. "Same here my love, I hope for the same thing" she replied After departing the vessel and leaving the terminal they kissed and headed off towards the cruise liner, and with the blessings of the gods, a long and wonderful relationship.

To Be Continued.