Male Stripper With BigCock Gets Blowjobs At Bachelorette Party

Male Stripper With BigCock Gets Blowjobs At Bachelorette Party
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The Drivers had come and loaded the captive girls into a large wooden cage being pulled by the horses. They threw a thick black tarp over the cage. The girls were never to know the way back to their villages. They would lead new lives now, part of the Demons Harem.

The girls had been taken underground again to a much larger cellar, this time with a concrete floor and proper lighting. Much cleaner, yet still bleak and dreary. Mara, the girl with the short black hair that had been brutally violated at the gathering, was separated from the group. She left with the group of guards the brutish reptilian-like threshers.


The rest of the 7 girls were transferred into new care, a group of creatures with quite different physical attributes. They were tall and thick chested. muscles very defined, they dwarfed the girls they were currently herding into a steel cell. They wore only kilt-like black cloth around their waists and had proportionately large hands and feet.

Their faces were serious and unmoving and they all had different skin tones, some reddish, others more dark green or blue. They didn't seem like ravenous uncontrollable perverts like the threshers.

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After they were all forced into the cage, all but one of the demons stepped back a few feet and the one standing in front smiled at them all. "Welcome, welcome little ones.

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I see we've lost one already haven't we?" He questioned "Where did they take her!?" one of the girls cowardly asked. Her voice sounding demanding but yet as quiet as she could make herself speak. The demon rushed to the cage faster than the girls could blink "You will only speak when your spoken to, do you understand me whore!?" He yelled at them, soaking up their fear as they cowered towards the back of the cold steel bars. No one said a thing.

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"Much better." He whispered. "Trust me you'd rather be here than with that girl. Shes a breeder to them now. Threshers, they breed quickly, and are always wanting more slaves to help the hive as we say.


At least here you will have a nice place to sleep. Well, at least a few of you will, someday." He pointed through the cage at one of the shorter smaller girls, blonde hair curling down to her waist. "Come here girl, if you know whats good for you" He sneered at her.

She shuffled her way towards him. She stood with her hands clasped in front of her, her head down.

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He opened up the cage and swiftly grabbed her by the neck and pulled her out. His fingertips suddenly sprouted claws, and he raked one down the front of her, ripping off her filthy dress.

She was scared still, afraid he had cut her, but the cloth just fell to the floor, he had only cut the fabric. She breathed out in relief but it was short lived. He moved his clawed hand down below her bellybutton and dragged the tip of one claw across her belly. "Soon you will be so fat with a demon child in you, you wont be able to see your toes." He retracted his claws and shoved one finger between her legs as he held her still with his other hand grasping across her chest and shoulder.

She gasped and struggled to keep her legs closed tight as he shoved further, his fingers painfully chafing against her soft white skin.

His fingertip found her opening and just a few inches up he found her little clit and he began to rub his finger against it furiously The girl had no idea what he was doing and was confused about how she started to feel. Her belly twinged and she started to feel hot, her skin felt over sensitive to the touch and she started to feel pressure building in her pussy, in her little swollen clit.

The demon slowed his fingers circling and trailed it down to her slit. Her cheeks turned red as she realized it had started to feel good just as he had stopped.

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He stroked up and down her pussy lips, feeling a little further into her with each stroke. She was getting wet, and he knew she would be. "Oh, that wasn't so bad was it?" he said mockingly, like a mother chiding a toddler.

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She didn't know what to say, she just brought her hands up to her face as if she was trying to hide behind her small delicate hands. He gently guided her over to a wooden table, dark wood, shiny clear gloss coating. He lifted her up onto the table, staring into her eyes the whole time.

She seemed so calm, so peaceful. He put one hand behind her head and the other on her chest between her full round breasts and leaned her back onto the table. He kept one hand under her head, but moved his other hand down to the mound above her little perfect looking pussy. He cupped his hands down over her slit and she shuddered slightly.

He started working at her again with his long thick reddish fingers again, long slower strokes this time, watching her breathing become faster and shorter.The whole time looking in her eyes, never breaking the connection.

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She seemed like she may be under a trance, staring back at him and starting to move her hips against his hand. This continued for a few moments until the girl started to softly moan. He moved his hand from behind her head and cupped her right breast in his large hands.

She moaned as he pinched her nipple between his fingers. He grew his claws out a few inches and dragged them along the mound of her breast down to her ribs. The demon started circling her clit faster and harder, making the girl arch her back and almost lose eye contact with him.

He pushed her down and continued working at her faster and faster until it looked like she was about to come. The girls in the cage started to open their eyes, curious what had made the girl sound so pleased. They watched, confused at the girl bucking her pussy against the demons fingers, her body begging to come. The demon felt her pressure building up, she was about to come. He smiled and pulled his hand away, closed his eyes and immediately drove his middle finger all the way up into her now very slick pussy until he smashed up into the thick ringed muscle protecting her womb.

She screamed so loud all the girls covered their ears, but eyes still wide.they could not look away. The trance had been broken, She felt incredible pain, her virginity ripped so violently. Yet she felt a twinge of pleasure pulsing in her veins, she couldn't describe it.

She then fainted, her head thudding against the cold wooden table. The girls gasped and huddled together again. He pulled his finger out of the incapacitated girl and waved his hand towards the group of other demons.

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One of them walked over and picked the girl up with one hand by the waist and threw her over his shoulder and walked towards the back of the cellar.into the dark and up what sounded like a flight of stairs. "See will learn to associate sexual satisfaction with extreme pain or even humiliation. This way you will become more accustomed to what will be expected of you as one of the Harem."