Video kiss gay sex emo asian Ian drills miles in his very very first

Video kiss gay sex emo asian Ian drills miles in his very very first
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WARM SPRING EVENING Spring was upon the area; the sap was flowing both in the trees and my veins. It was a warm evening the first of the year that you could go out without a coat. I was feeling very restive that evening, and needed to be out and about as it were.

As I recall didn't have my car that evening, so decided to walk up to the boulevard and see what was going on.


Left my apartment and walked the two blocks up to the main drag. There was your basic friendly neighborhood tavern across the four lanes, so went in to have a beer or two.

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The few times I had been in there had never seen more than two people and the bartender and tonight was no different.

Any kind of companionship here would have to be talking to yourself. Had two drafts and decided there might be something going on up the street, cause it sure wasn't happening here.

Walked out on the street and headed up to the next block.

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Strolling along a new Buick passed me and slowed. The driver circled the block and came up beside me, he rolled down the window and asked: "Do you want a ride." Since that was exactly what I wanted was a ride, said yes and got into the car.

The driver pulled away from the curb and headed up the street. The car was brand new, and the driver was quite young. Say maybe eighteen or nineteen to my twenty-three. He was a good looking young fellow, a bit smaller than I. That of course was unimportant. "Would you like to go to my parents house for a while?" He asked. "Ah, not really." I had immediate visions of irate parents intervening on some act we were performing.


"Don't worry, I have my own apartment, its totally private." "Well in that case okay." What the heck it couldn't hurt to look. He had driven about six blocks up the boulevard, made a couple of lefts and pulled into the driveway of a very double sized raised ranch. There was a large driveway with three cars already parked there and plenty of room for his car.

The driveway even had its own overhead light.

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The house was a huge L shaped affair. He parked and led me towards a screen door in the basement.


Unlocking the main door he invited me in closed and hooked the latch on the screen door. His apartment was one large room. In it was a double bed, dresser, a small sitting area with couch, coffee table and another chair and a tv set. Upon entering he went to the stero and tuned in to an FM station that was playing soft music to fuck by.

He hadn't turned on any lights so the only illumination was from the screen door and the driveway light. "See there is no entrance down here from upstairs, the only way in is through that door." Pointing to the screen. "My parents leave me alone." With that reassurance we embraced and kissed. We kept at it for a couple of minutes then he led me over to the bed and we sat side by side. Continuing to neck and kiss. In one of those how did we do that we were both soon naked.

He had his hand on my cock feeling me up and I was doing the same to him as we continued to kiss. We necked and petted for a few minutes, both of us were hard now. Then I went to his nipples and began to suck him. He was no athlete, and had sort of budding breasts. He must have like what I was doing for he started to moan as I sucked and bit him. His hand on my neck urged me lower and I started to lick and suck his balls and cock. Soon I had his cock in my mouth giving him a blow job. He pushed me back onto the bed climbed up on top and inserted his cock in my mouth again, as he took mine in his mouth.

We sucked each other first he on top then side by side. You can get your lovers cock in so much deeper in this positon, and his was almost down my throat. We lay there side by side slowly sucking each others cock making love with our mouths. The room had a pale yellow cast from the overhead light in the driveway and a warm spring breeze freshened the room. His arms were wrapped around my waist and mine around his ass as we both thrust at each others.

Well all good things must come to an end and these ended when he came. I felt him swallow as I shot off and that must have triggered his response as he emptied his balls in my mouth.

Neither of us made any attempt to move, for a couple more minutes we continued to nurse on the now flaccid cocks. We lay there for a while, catching our breaths. Then I started to lick his cock and balls again, I got his cock in my mouth and began to eat him and soon he was hard. When he felt his erection he withdrew from my mouth and hopped up on the bed.

He spread my cheeks and filled me with his cock. Once he was in, he grabbed my hips and fucked me long and hard. I pushed my ass up in the air to get him in further and he continued to pound it until he came again.

After that there isn't much to say. His balls were empty and so were mine. I had that satisfied feeling of someone that has been well laid. He drove me back to the boulevard.

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We parted with a 'See you.' What can I say I was relaxed now and happy that it was spring.