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Hot teens washing cars and get banged
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The next few days went by in a bit of a blur, as I should think that every guy has a list of fantasies in his head, and that wife and daughter together would be high up that list, as well as wife and her sister or wife and his sister. The problems I now faced was that not only had I been asked for this fantasy to become reality, but it was Karen who had asked for it. Then I have to somehow work out how to convince Susan enough for her to agree.

I am now beginning to think that maybe fucking Karen was not one of my better choices in life but, as they say, life goes on and I don't have any regrets about what I have done. All I need to do is work out how to make it happen.

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I spent a few days thinking about the best way to approach Susan on this. You just can't come out and say "Susan, do you fancy a threesome with our daughter?" then one night while we were watching TV. I had an idea. Like every normal married couple Susan and I liked to watch porn videos, so I went to our local sex shop and bought a couple of new ones for Susan and I to watch.

The following Saturday night Karen was staying over with Lisa so with the place to ourselves Susan and I settled down to watch the videos I had bought. Both of them had the same type of storyline to them, scenes of couples fucking indoors or outdoors but in each one the couple was being watched by another male or female.

In some of the scenes they didn't know that they were being watched and sometimes the person watching joined in. This I thought would give me the perfect opportunity to find out how Susan would react if she thought someone had watched us having sex. While we were watching the videos Susan had got herself so horny and excited and I saw that she had opened her jeans and put her hand into her panties and she was rubbing her pussy. I was not sure if she had meant for me to see but I tried to watch the video while at the same time watch Susan rub herself.

The knowledge that Susan was rubbing herself off while sitting next to me got me all horny as well and I gently moved my hand to touch her leg. I then started to softly and slowly caress her leg moving my hand ever more upwards towards her pussy. By now all interest in the video had gone as we rolled onto the floor.

I pulled her jeans and panties down and quickly put my face to her pussy. As I began to lick her I opened my trousers and pushed them down as far as I could.

Then I quickly moved up her body and pushed my prick into her. We were too worked up and excited for this to be a slow fuck; I just pounded myself into Susan hard and fast. I needed to cum quick and it seemed Susan felt the same way as she bounced herself up and down in time with my thrusts. Very soon it was all over and I felt her orgasm just a few thrusts before I flooded her pussy with cum.

Later, while we were in bed, I asked Susan "what scenes in the videos did you enjoy the most?" She replied "the one's where the woman was blindfolded and handcuffed." I asked her to give more details on how she felt as an idea was forming in my head. Susan told me that she had often fantasised about having that done and not being able to see if there was anyone else watching while we fuck.

Also not being able to see who was playing with her. I realised that this gave me the perfect opportunity to get Karen to watch Susan and I fuck. Then the pervert inside me said that I could bring Susan's fantasy to life, also mine, without Susan knowing about my sex games with Karen. All I had to do was to try and convince Karen to go along with it. I made a promise to myself to talk with Karen about this the next time we were alone and able to play.

This happened much sooner than I had planned as only a week after Susan had planted the idea in my head, she had to attend a business conference and would be away for 2 nights, leaving me enough time alone with Karen for us to work out a plan.

The first night Karen spent at Lisa's, I agreed to this providing we spent the next night together as I needed to talk with her. The second night I discussed with Karen my ideas on how to make the fantasy that Karen had work. We both soon realised that to make it work we would have to practice my ideas, so I said to Karen "shall we?" She smiled and replied "I thought you would never ask." So we went upstairs and into mine and Susan's bedroom.

Karen slowly and seductively undressed, teasing me with every item of clothing she removed. When Karen removed her dark blue lacy thong I could see just how aroused she was, as her pussy lips had puffed up and were shiny with her wetness. She then led on the bed and allowed me to handcuff her to the centre bar of our metal framed headboard.

I then produced a blindfold, but before I put it on Karen I asked "are you sure you want this?" Karen replied "yes dad." So I put the blindfold on her, then I stripped naked.

I started off at the bottom, caressing and licking every inch of Karen's sexy feet, then slowly moving up each leg in turn, doing this I found that Karen was very ticklish behind her knees. I moved up each leg until I reached the top of her thighs. Then I changed ends and started doing the same with her arms, working my way down her body with my tongue, pausing for a time to suck on her firm and erect nipples.

The noises Karen was making as my tongue swept over her body were sounds of sheer pleasure, and they got louder and longer the closer my tongue got to her pussy.

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As soon as my tongue touched her pussy I could tell just how aroused she had got, she was very wet and her clit was very erect. I flicked her clit with my tongue then started to probe deep into her sweet wetness. Her moans and gasps increased in volume as I licked deeper and deeper into her pussy. Then, suddenly, I changed attack and started to lick with long, slow strokes from the bottom to the top of her pussy ending each time with a couple of quick flicks of her clit.

This soon brought Karen to orgasm and she flooded my face with her cum, and I tried to take as much as I could into my mouth. After Karen had calmed down, I moved up her body and placed my throbbing hardness onto her lips and coated them with my pre-cum. Karen opened her mouth and allowed my prick to slide in. she then closed her mouth around my prick and began to move her head up and down my length.

She had only done this a couple of times before I had to stop her as I was getting those "I'm getting close to cumming" feelings and I so wanted to fuck her. So I quickly moved myself down her body, I parted her legs and positioned my prick at the entrance to her pussy. I wanted to hear Karen ask me to fuck her so I said "Karen; are you sure you want me to carry on?" To which she replied "yes dad, please fuck me." So with one push forwards I sank my prick into her wet pussy.

Karen gasped as my prick penetrated her; her pussy was so wet that I could push my full length into her without stopping. With each push in I sank my full length into Karen's wet and warm pussy, then I pulled back until only the head was left inside, then I pushed in again fucking Karen with long, deep thrusts.


All the time Karen was murmuring and gasping as I continued to fuck her. Soon I was getting close to cumming so, being the responsible father, I warned Karen of this. To which she replied "just keep fucking me dad, I want to feel you cum." So I speeded up my fucking and within a few minutes I could feel myself ready to cum. I warned Karen again, but I got the same response so I just carried on quickly fucking her.

All it took was about another few minutes of fast, hard fucking and I knew I was ready.

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So with a final couple of deep thrusts, the last one being so deep that Karen winced as I bottomed out, I started cumming. About 5 or 6 jets of cum spurted out and splattered Karen's pussy walls. It felt so good as I twitched with each jet of cum that spurted out. When we had calmed down I took the blindfold off Karen and undid the handcuffs, I wanted to know if she thought this could work with her mother.

She told me that it could but only if there was complete trust that no pain would be involved. I told Karen that no pain was going to happen, just a time of sheer pleasure for all of us. We made an agreement that, for the evening to work, Karen would have to be completely silent and go with whatever happened. We also made an arrangement that it would happen quite soon. The ideal opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks later. Susan had been working hard on a contract for one of her major clients, and this was a success.

So I decided to treat her to a night of pure sexual pleasure. I had arranged with Karen that she was not at home. So with the house to ourselves, I got Susan to strip naked but leave her stockings on.


She agreed to be handcuffed to our metal headboard, but she was a little hesitant about the blindfold. But after I assured her there would be no pain she agreed, so I slipped the blindfold on her and started to play with her while waiting for Karen to arrive. When the doorbell rang signalling that Karen was home as we had arranged, I asked Susan if she was happy for the evening to continue as I had a surprise for her.

She replied "Yes darling; but what is this surprise?" I told her to "wait there, while I go and fetch it." As agreed Karen was waiting on the doorstep, her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She quietly went upstairs, stood at the doorway to mine and Susan's bedroom, and stripped naked. I followed upstairs and got onto the bed next to Susan. I gently asked her "do you trust me?" She replied "yes; why?" I motioned Karen into the bedroom and then to kneel down at the side of the bed.

I said to Susan "this is your surprise, tonight is all for you. I have brought something for you to help bring to reality some of your deepest fantasies. Knelt by the bed is a young friend of ours, she is here to help give you a night of total pleasure. All she asks is that you do not know her name. What I can tell you is that we have known her for a few years but have not seen her recently as she has been away.

Are you willing to carry on?" Susan's response was "you horny bastard; why didn't you just say that you wanted a 3'sum with the young girl at the post office. I would have said yes as I fancy her as well.

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God I love you, and if this is my surprise then yes I want you to carry on." So taking this as Susan's consent the fun started. With Karen on one side and me on the other, we both licked and caressed our way all over Susan's body, but deliberately missing out her nipples and pussy. The only sound was Susan's constant gasps as we teased and licked every inch of her body.

After we had done this, it was time to see how far the night could go. I got Susan to open her legs wide and I motioned for Karen to position herself between them so she could give her mother oral. I positioned myself above Susan's face and I touched her lips with my hard prick. Susan gasped and said "yes, that feels so good" and as I pushed my prick into her mouth, I turned my head to watch Karen eagerly licking her mothers pussy.

We stayed like this for a few minutes; Karen was happily licking and fingering her mother's pussy. Then I whispered to Susan "would you like to taste the girl?" Susan nodded her head, so I pulled my prick out of her mouth and moved to one side. I motioned to Karen to position herself above her mother in a 69, then to lower her pussy slowly until her mother could start licking her. I also motioned for Karen to continue licking her mother's pussy while her mother was licking her.

This image will be forever with me, the sight of my wife and daughter in a 69 and eagerly licking each other to orgasm. Susan was first to orgasm but Karen was not far behind, I quickly saw that Karen was struggling to keep quiet as her mother plunged her tongue deep into her pussy.

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I solved this by moving in front of Karen and guiding my hard prick into her mouth. It took just a couple of minutes more before Karen orgasmed and I could hear Susan trying to swallow some of Karen's cum. I took my prick out of Karen's mouth and positioned it at the entrance to Susan's very wet pussy; I glanced at Karen and saw that she was smiling. I mouthed the words "shall I?" to Karen, she nodded her head and so with a swift thrust I penetrated my wife's wet pussy.

Susan gasped at the sudden penetration but she was soon jerking her hips up and down as I started fucking her.

Karen soon got in on the action and began rubbing her mother's clit as I was fucking her. Susan's pussy felt very wet and hot as I fucked her, first with really slow thrusts, then I speeded up and after a couple of minutes I was fucking her hard and fast.

All the time I could hear Susan encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. I knew I wouldn't last very long so I gave Susan a few more hard thrusts, and then with a final hard thrust in I felt my cum spurt into Susan's pussy. About 5 jets of cum spurted out and splashed all inside her pussy.

After we had calmed down, Susan asked if we could take a break as she needed a drink. This had not been planned and I had to think quickly. I signalled to Karen to follow me as I went downstairs to find the bottle of wine, I knew was in the kitchen, and some glasses.

Karen stayed downstairs as I returned to the bedroom with a drink for Susan. I released her from the handcuffs and she took the blindfold off. We sat on the bed and chatted on how she was enjoying the evening.

Susan then went to the bathroom to freshen up, on her return she asked "o.k. where have you hidden her?" "Hidden who?" I replied. "The girl who we are playing with, silly" Susan responded. "Oh her; she has just popped out to check everything is o.k. at her place. She will be back in a minute" I said. I handcuffed Susan back on the bed and replaced the blindfold; I took the glasses and wine bottle downstairs and gave Karen the all clear to follow me back to our bedroom.

We resumed our playing with me and Karen led on each side of Susan, stroking and probing her pussy while nibbling and licking her erect nipples.

We did this for a few minutes then I had an idea. I motioned for Karen to kneel above her mothers face and to gently lower her pussy, so that her mother could lick her while I positioned myself between Susan's legs so I could lick her. We did this for some time, Susan gave Karen another orgasm and I moved myself into a position where I could see Karen's wetness on her mothers face. After I had brought Susan to yet another orgasm she surprised me with the comment "I have been getting all the fun; why don't you come up here and fuck this girl while I'm licking her." "Are you sure?" I questioned.

Susan answered "yes I am; now get up here before I change my mind. But make sure you use a condom." "Oh; you mean the ones I didn't use when we were playing with Emma and Kevin" I said. I got off the bed and found one in my bedside cabinet, after putting it on I got back on the bed and positioned myself behind Karen.

I took hold of my prick and gently eased it into Karen's pussy; she let out a soft moan of pleasure as her pussy was attacked by my prick and her mothers tongue.

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Because of the position we were in, I could only do short jabbing thrusts into Karen's pussy, but it was enough to send her into yet another orgasm. Because of the short jabbing thrusts I was able to fuck Karen for longer than I thought I could, in fact I had been fucking Karen for about 20 minutes when I felt myself ready to cum.

I gave a few more short thrusts and I felt myself cum into the condom while inside Karen's pussy. I collapsed on the bed beside Susan and checked she had enjoyed herself while Karen went downstairs as we had arranged. She said she had but wanted to know if the girl had enjoyed the evening as well. I told her that the smile the girl had on her face as she left the bedroom shows that she must have enjoyed the evening.

I released Susan from the handcuffs and took off the blindfold; she then quickly dashed to the bathroom to freshen up before getting back into bed. Susan then asked "why did the girl rush off before I could say thank you to her?" I told her that "we had arranged it this way, so that we could keep to the idea of your fantasy about not knowing who was playing with you." I went to freshen up and, while in the bathroom, I heard the front door shut.

This was Karen's signal to say that everything was back to normal. I waited until Karen had come upstairs then I motioned for her to come into the bathroom, I gently pulled her inside and closed the door. I then told her in a quiet but forceful voice, "I've kept to my side of the deal, now you keep to yours. How soon can you arrange it for you, Lisa and me to play?

Oh and before I forget, I want you both to wear your old school uniforms."