I love to playing with myself in a jacuzzi

I love to playing with myself in a jacuzzi
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I was ten when i had my first sexual experience. I moved around alot between my mom's place and dad's. Inbetween those times when it got really bad i stayed with my aunt. Sometimes id stay with here for weeks at a time knowing my mom and dad both had their hands full so i didnt complain much to make their lives easier. My aunt didnt mind me over she loved to cook but had nobody to try it besides the homeless folk down the street but they would eat anything so not much of a challange.


My aunt, her name was cathy she was the youngest of my moms siblings being only 28. She had the trademark dark hair blue eyes that the majority of my family carried. Her hair flowed evenly down to the mid of her back, she'd spend hours combing and brushing it, id help her since there wasnt much to do tv never really interested me even as a kid and there werent many kids to play with at my aunts. Since my aunt cooked so much so started to ask me what id like for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Id challenge her sometimes with something big like 30 pancakes or chicken lasagna. She'd smile and always say not a problem.

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She'd wake up early in the morning to cook the meals i ask for so id hear her bustling about in the kitchen. Id sneak down stairs and hide behind the hallway wall that led into the kitchen to watch her. She'd wear her famous "queen cook" apron that she had sewn many years ago. But i didnt watch her for the cooking. She would wear her underwear down to the kitchen with no bra and just her apron to cover up. I did a swell job of covering up that i watched her when she wasnt looking.

Her nipples were perky and her breasts didnt sag, cold mornings were my favorite. When she moved around the kitchen and stop abruptly her butt would jiggly a little and i loved it. Sometimes id jack off around the wall while she cooked, she never noticed so i did it periodically. It was another night at my Aunt Cathy's house and she said " hey kiddo anything in particular u want for breakfast tomarrow?" i looked at her and thought for a moment and said "suprise me, something you havent made before." She smiled wide and said "Not a problem!!" she got up saying "well time to do laundry and bed for you." i smiled, nodded and ran upstairs to brush my teeth and went to bed thinking about what breakfast would hold.

I woke up to the clanging in the kitchen again and crept downstairs. Taking my usual position behind the hallway wall i peeked around the corner. Eyes wide and mouth open i stared watching my aunt cook with no bra and no apron. Her breasts were perfect. Both even with eachother and the nipples poking out, i thanked the heavens that it was winter. I slipped my pants down just below my butt grabbed my penis and went to town.

I could feel the tingly sensation in my balls knowing i was going to blow soon. The worst thing that could happen, happend. I got a little careless of my jerking off that my elbow hit the wall, making a loud thud. The loud thud made my Aunt jump really bad tossing the contents of her mixing bowl into the air and landing on the floor. She spun around to see what the noise was only to slip on the goop that came out of the bowl and falling back hitting her head in the counter and hitting the floor with a heart shattering loudness.

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Eyes wide again and penis still in hand, i peeked more around the corner for a btter look and there was my aunt on the floor face up. I didnt know if she was dead, so i slide closer tucking my penis away to free my hands up.

I got up to her and pushed at her stomach only thing that moved were her breasts side to side. So i did it again to watch her breasts move. I did this until her hand moved and that freaked me out. At least shes not dead i think to myself.

I sat there for what seemed like forever waiting for another response or something.

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But it never came. So i built up the courage and pinched her. She didnt move. I slapped her breast. She didnt move. I pinched her nipple.

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Again she didnt move. I was feeling a bit more confident and started to squeeze her breasts. Oh man they felt good, they were soft and warm in my hands i never touched breasts before so this was a big deal to me.

I looked down at her legs, they were positioned akwardly apart. I scooted down to her legs to fix them thinking it would be more comfortable for her.


Idiot. He had on blue undies with laces around it. I reached out and poked it,withdrawing really fast out of fear. Nothing happend. Started running my finger along the rim of her undies making zig zaggy motions as i went downward more and more. I reached the point where it was a sheer drop down, i continued to zig zag until i got to a really hot part and withdrew my finger agian. I waited a bit then i pulled down at her undies, got them about halfway down her thigh and just stared.

Her vagina was smooth all over. I slowly reached out to touch it. It was hot.


I started strumming my fingers up and down her vagina and i thot my finger was starting to sweat but her vagina was getting wet. I liked the slickness of it so i kept going and it kept getting wetter. I pressed down harder with my strumming and my finger slipped into a hole which scared me so i didnt move. It was wet inside this hole just like the outside, so i wiggled my finger a little and my aunt started breathing heavy for a moment then stopped.

This scared me so i removed my finger and waited. Nothing.

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I went straight back to the hole when i thought the coast was clear and slowly dug my finger in her vagina till all of my finger was in it. I wiggled my finger like i did last time but while looking at my aunts face, her brows scrunched up and she began to breath heavy again.

I removed my finger again with a quikness and pulled her undies completly off so that way i can spead her legs and get better access to her vagina.

After this i go back to work exploring my aunts vagina she would breath heavy here and there and sometimes let out a moan i though this was a good thing so took it as signes of me doing something right. All this vagina play made me horny so i decided to jerk it next to her vagina.

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There was alot of heaton my penis with it being next to my aunts vagina. Then it hit me like a brick wall. Duh idiot you could just put it in her like you did ypu finger. I position myself better and aimed my penis where i first found the hole i did my whole strumming thing but with my penis getting her wet. Slipping my penis slowly inside of her.

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SWEETMOTHEROFJESUS. It felt so good, the heat the wetness everthing. I started pumping in and out of her with my penis being only 4in wasnt much to pump but felt good nontheless. My aunt started moaning and breathing heavy again, slappy wet noises bounced around in the kitchen. I closed my eyes knowing i was about to blow when my aunt said "thats right you can do it baby cum in your Aunt Cathy." This threw me off and i ended up cumming in her some and as i pulled out due to being scared some got on her stomach and boobs.

I sat there beat from cumming scared from my aunts voice and confused at what she said. She rubbed the cum into her skin on her stomach and boobs and smiled.

I was still scared and confused so i didnt say anything. So she spoke first saying " That was better then i expected". I still sat there not saying a word. " You think i didnt know you were jerkin off around the wall this whole time? I figered it out the first time around but it got me kinda wet knowing you were watching me". She sat up and said "I planned it all out i was going to wait till you were in your favorite little spot to "accidently" fall and pretend to be unconcious. Only problem i had was how to make it look real.

But your little wall bang there which accually scared me was the perfect cover". She smilled again. "I'm sorry" i stammer out. She laughes and says "Its ok". She reaches down for me after she stood up and put my hand on her ass, squeezes, and says " Now u ganna just stay here or come join me in the shower". (first story lemme know what u think blah blah blah)